wgrantsergio-br2: The default quota is 2GiB, and it can be increased where the space usage is reasonable.00:03
sergio-br2hum, is there any limit?00:04
mwhudsonwhen i build a package in my ppa, do you need to wait for publication before you can build something else that build-deps on it?00:13
wgrantmwhudson: Yes.00:13
StevenKBut the PPA publisher is faster and runs more often than the main archive publisher00:14
wgrantsergio-br2: There is no specific limit. It is judged on a case-by-case basis.00:14
wgrantStevenK: That's actually not true any more.00:14
wgrantThey are often around the same frequency nowadays.00:14
StevenKIt was when I left. :-)00:14
mwhudsonis that just because there are so many ppas now?00:15
wgrantThe per-archive stuff has been optimised, so the primary archive publisher is much faster, but there are a lot of PPAs considered in every run.00:15
mwhudsoni guess i really really should use pbuilder more to make sure my build deps are right :-)00:17
wgrantsbuild, but yes.00:17
mwhudson"something local"00:17
sergio-br2"It is judged on a case-by-case basis." oh, so maybe a PPA using 5 GB can be cut off?00:18
wgrantsergio-br2: A PPA can't use 5GiB without being previously approved to do so.00:19
wgrantWe approve quota increases on a case-by-case basis, judging whether the PPA is making good use of our resources.00:19
sergio-br2good use == many downloads?00:19
wgrantThat's one major criterion, yes.00:20
sergio-br2my libretro ppa has 2.800:20
sergio-br2those mame cores occupies lot of space00:21
sergio-br2wgrant, how can I see how many downloads a ppa had?00:27
wgrantsergio-br2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/296197/how-to-find-out-the-package-download-count-from-a-ppa00:29
sergio-br2that python script right?00:32
sergio-br2nice, it's working00:34
sergio-br2meh, nobody downloading dolphin-emu-master, and it's since february00:35
sergio-br2is it possible to ask i386 & amd64 together in this script?00:43
wgrantNot directly.00:46
sergio-br2wgrant, that python script shows what? per month?00:46
wgrantsergio-br2: It shows the total number of downloads for each currently published version.00:47
sergio-br2each counts twice if I download from the same IP ?00:49
sergio-br2nobody uses my ppas :(00:58
sergio-br2only libretro and ppsspp00:58
DalekSecSo, can one delete a git repo? :P01:01
blrDalekSec: why would you want to do something so rash? :) (that's coming)01:03
DalekSecAh, good to know.  And, because some idiot pushed it to the wrong place (yes, this idiot is talking now...)01:03
wgrantDalekSec: You can move/rename a git repo using the API01:06
wgrantDeletion is very close.01:07
mwhudsonhow long do you have to wait for a depwait build to be retried in a ppa?02:03
wgrantmwhudson: Up to two hours after the dependencies are satisfiable.02:21
wgrantmwhudson: But you can always retry it manually.02:24
mwhudsonyeah, that's what i did02:24
mwhudsonwas just curious02:24
mwhudsonheh is it possible to disable 386 builds for a ppa? :)02:25
wgrantmwhudson: http://lpqateam.canonical.com/qa-reports/deployment-stable.html02:27
wgrantSo call again in 2-3 hours.02:27
mwhudsonhah, timing02:28
wgrantmwhudson: Which PPA did you want x86 disabled on?06:07
metallicHello, I wanted to translate the program "SoundConverter" to Catalan and Spanish since I realized the translation is not complete. The odd thing comes here, at Launchpad it says they do are complete...09:26
metallicHow comes that?09:26
metallicMaybe the packaged version in the repositories is not updated?09:27
wgrantmetallic: SoundConverter is in universe, so it doesn't go through normal translation mechanisms -- translations are just taken from the upstream project.09:41
wgrantIf there are new translations in Launchpad that upstream should include, you should talk to the upstream maintainer.09:41
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cjwatsonDalekSec,wgrant: um, deletion should be there already.  There's a "Delete repository" link in the top right of the code page for the repository.10:00
cjwatsonThat rolled out yesterday.10:00
wgrantYeah, I realised that when I requested today's deployment!10:01
blrah nice cjwatson10:01
cjwatson(also .lp_delete() or so on the API)10:03
cjwatsonright, time to go :)10:03
Odd_Blokehttps://launchpad.net/~cloud-images-release-managers/+livefs/ubuntu/wily/docker-ubuntu-core/+build/28138 isn't getting built; any ideas why?10:10
Odd_BlokeBuilds for all the other architectures are fine.10:10
Odd_BlokeBut the last ppc64el one also got stuck in limbo for a few days.10:11
metallicwgrant: sorry, I was out. So are you telling me to pick up the translations from the project's site?10:13
metallicThat's not possible since the project's homepage redirects to launchpad10:14
wgrantOh, I didn't realise they'd moved to Launchpad.10:14
wgrantI used to maintain soundconverter in Ubuntu and Debian many years ago, and it wasn't on LP back then.10:14
wgrantmetallic: Ubuntu's package just uses the translations that were included in the upstream release.10:15
metallicwgrant: forgive my ignorance but... By "upstream" what do you mean?10:16
wgrantmetallic: Ah, it's common distribution terminology. "Upstream" means the soundconverter project itself.10:17
clivejometallic: this might help - https://help.launchpad.net/Translations10:17
wgrantThe code then flows "downstream" to Debian, and from there further downstream to Ubuntu.10:17
wgrantSo Ubuntu 15.04 has SoundConverter 2.1.5, and whichever translations that release included.10:18
metallicmmm... Ok, I get it now10:18
wgrantThe translations will only be updated when the package is updated to eg. SoundConverter 2.210:18
metallicwgrant: Therefore it is a matter of the package in the repository?10:20
clivejometallic: have you a LP account?10:21
metallicyes :)10:21
clivejohave you set your prefered language?10:21
clivejotry this page10:21
metallicclivejo: I think you missed part of the conversation :/10:21
wgrantThe Catalan and Spanish translations are complete in Launchpad.10:22
wgrantTwo things need to happen for Ubuntu users to see the complete translations:10:22
metallicexactly, they are complete in Launchpad but the program shows incomplete translations10:22
wgrant 1) kassoulet (the SoundConverter developer) needs to incorporate them into a SoundConverter release.10:22
wgrant 2) The Debian maintainer or an Ubuntu developer needs to incorporate that SoundConverter release into a package.10:23
wgrantIf you're running Ubuntu 15.04, #2 hasn't happened yet. #1 may have.10:23
metallic2) is what I was talking about :)10:23
metallic1) may be harder since a release depends on many other factors of the software, but yes I was thinking of a package issue10:24
wgrantIt is also possible for the package maintainer to directly incorporate the new translations, but that's unlikely with an active upstream project.10:26
metallicwgrant: the latest version is 2.1.5 and the version I have in the repositories of Trisquel is 2.0.410:26
metallicthat figures10:26
wgrantAh, so you'll want to talk to the Trisquel package maintainers in that case.10:27
metallicTrisquel repositories are supposed to be made up of ubuntu's without non-free10:28
wgrantRight, as I recall the latest Trisquel release is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.10:28
wgrantWhich matches https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/soundconverter10:28
wgrant14.04 == trusty, which has 2.0.410:28
metallicSo I should talk to someone of Trisquel and package the latest version?10:29
metallicOk ok... Everything is clearer now, thank you very much wgrant for the kind explanation :)10:30
metallicI am a very new contributor, I don't even dare to contribute with code yet10:30
Odd_Blokewgrant: Any idea about the stuckness of https://launchpad.net/~cloud-images-release-managers/+livefs/ubuntu/wily/docker-ubuntu-core/+build/28138 ?10:32
wgrantOdd_Bloke: That LiveFS isn't configured to use non-virtual builders. So it's trying to build on a ppc64el OpenStack instance, which doesn't exist.10:33
Odd_BlokeAha, that explains it.10:33
wgrantOdd_Bloke: I've fixed the configuration and cancelled the build. Request a new one and it should work.10:33
wgrant(and the armhf and arm64 ones should stop failing)10:33
wgrantOdd_Bloke: Success.10:38
Odd_Blokewgrant: Thanks! :)10:45
Odd_Blokewgrant: ubuntu/wily/docker-ubuntu-core is a separate livefs from (the notional) ubuntu/xylophone/docker-ubuntu-core, right?  Or, put another way, will we need to get an admin to modify that every time we open a new series?10:47
wgrantOdd_Bloke: Yes, but that hopefully won't be an issue again -- we expect to have powerpc, ppc64el, armhf and arm64 virtualised builds before xenophobic.10:50
ricotzhi, is there some scheduled "cleaning" or is there something wrong? https://launchpad.net/builders14:12
psivaai'm seeing some issues in viewing MP's, able to browse the code though16:06
rpadovanime too, it says 'Technically, the load balancer took too long to connect to an application server.'16:08
rpadovaninp on all other pages of code.launchpad.net16:08
vilasame here on code.launchpad.net16:12
vila504 Gateway Time-out just popped up (instead of the "Uh oh !" page16:13
rpadovanicjwatson, wgrant are you aware of that? ^^16:13
roadmrmerge request pages are timing/erroring out for me :( example: https://code.launchpad.net/~roadmr/checkbox/image-info-parsers/+merge/260068 everything else in launchpad seems OK (bugs, projects, etc)16:17
vilathe issue is inside the data center, lp suffers but is not the cause (AIUI)16:22
roadmrvila: oh thanks! I'll wait then, I guess16:23
stubInfrastructure Launchpad depends on is down. Some things will work, but I expect most components of Launchpad to be failing right about now.16:28
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mptA cheer for whoever changed “CANONICAL GROUP LTD” to “Canonical Group Ltd” in Launchpad’s EV certificate. Details. :-)17:05
jpdsWhat, no . after Ltd?17:06
* pmjdebruijn guesses the caps thing17:07
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jderoseis there currently an outage with the ppa build service, or are things just really slow today? :)21:34
wgrantjderose: /topic21:34
jderosewgrant: ah, oops... read the topic, didn't digest it i guess. thanks!21:35
aarowHi, folks on my project (https://launchpad.net/mahara) are getting "404 Resource not found" when trying to download our release files22:23
aarowfor example https://launchpadlibrarian.net/187796035/mahara-1.10.0.zip22:23
aarowit seems to be semi-intermittent. One team member reported being able to download a release that gave me a 404 seconds earlier.22:24
wgrantaarow: Yes, see /topic. Our file serving infrastructure has run into a bit of trouble, and older files aren't currently accessible.22:24
wgrantExcept if you happen to access then in the same browser as someone who accessed them recently, and manage to hit a cached version.22:24
wgrantWe hope to have it all back in a few hours.22:24
aarowah, cheers wgrant. I guess I skimmed the topic too quickly. I thought it meant this was the place to talk about file server issues. ;)22:25
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xnoxwgrant: i have a car these days, but i'm not driving to be remote hands again =)))))23:54
wgrantxnox: Heh, it's all back now, fortunately.23:55
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xnoxwgrant: ;-) cool, just catching up on the jokes. and librarian lives on ;-)23:56

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