wxlanyone interested in helping release team this cycle for alpha, beta? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseTaskSignup19:18
wxlianorlyn: ?19:18
ahoneybunwhat would be needed?19:19
Unit193wxl: Also, no.  No objections from me, LXLE is already not supported in the channels, and we've told them to find other methods.19:19
wxlahoneybun: basically herding cats, updating wiki, release announcements, and coordinating people together19:24
wxlahoneybun: if you're interested head over to #ubuntu-release and have a chat :)19:24
wxlUnit193: come on, you know you want to. :) seriously, when you say "we" and "them" you mean?19:24
Unit193we = locals, you me and ianorlyn, them = LXLE users.19:26
wxlyeah unfortunately that's the wrong tree to bark up19:26
wxli want to find mr. lxle himself19:26
Unit193Of course.19:26
* ahoneybun joins19:26
wxlahoneybun: infinity is probably your best bet19:27
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