sparkymy distro upgrade got interrupted, it acually boots and i tried to run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" but i get an error in parsing some of the files00:59
holsteinsparky: ouch01:03
holsteini know what i would do.. i dont like distro upgrades, anyways.. so, i would just backup, and fresh install.. i consider that the shortest path to a "clean" system01:03
holsteinotherwise, what file isnt "parsing?01:04
Unit193sparky: Pastebin?01:04
sparkyyea just a sec01:06
Unit193Welp.  Not seen that before.01:07
Unit193I'd hesitate to blindly tell you to delete that file and try again, however it does appear corrupt.01:08
sparkyhm, ok... i guess ill do that01:09
sparkyseems to be finishing the installation, thanks for the suggestion. should've tried that :P01:12
Unit193Heh, I'd have hesitated too.01:13
sparkyworks great. thanks again, :)01:48
Unit193Sure thing, glad to help.01:56
christinehello everyone10:01
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Guest19263i have a issue with my battery indicator icon not showing on system tray anyone know what could be happening ?10:02
snellejongen23hey guys13:00
snellejongen23i'm having an odd problem, i have 2 pc's both the same intel extreme graphics13:01
snellejongen23the first is a laptop with lubuntu, the second a desktop celeron with lubuntu13:01
snellejongen23the laptop has no intel graphics drivers installed and the desktop has intel graphics drivers for linux13:01
snellejongen23the laptop runs youtube fine, the desktop runs it choppy13:02
snellejongen23alptop: pentium centrino 1,4gzh 512 MB,  desktop: 2.2 Ghz celeron 1GB Ram13:04
snellejongen23could it be that it has nothing todo with the intel graphics, as the laptop has no graphics drivers installed?13:06
snellejongen23and that the flash, movies run on the cpu as instead on the gpu for decoding13:06
hateballsnellejongen23: Flash is CPU intensive yes13:08
hateballsnellejongen23: What browser are you using to watch it in?13:08
hateballFirefox uses an old Adobe npapi flash, chromium/chrome uses a newer flash that might have better performance13:09
hateballsnellejongen23: also you can go to youtube.com/html5 to make sure you're using that instead of flash13:09
snellejongen23i use firefox for both13:10
snellejongen23no flash addons13:11
snellejongen23the desktop with the intel graphi drivers also had pepper flash installed13:11
snellejongen23because i wanted to improve youtube decoding13:12
snellejongen23i find it strange that the laptop with no intel graphics drivers, no pepepr flash install13:12
snellejongen23runs it ok, and desktop with drivers, choppy flash , drivers + pepper flash, still choppy13:13
snellejongen23for being clear, the desktop from the fresh lubuntu install has had no good youtube playback13:14
snellejongen23both are newly installed13:14
snellejongen23so my conslusion is : the laptop with no drivers, has no gpu playback, therefore relies on the cpu,13:18
snellejongen23the desktop with drivers, tries to rely on the gpu but can't , therefor choppy playback13:18
hateballI dont use firefox myself so I dont know if it tries to use hardware acceleration13:22
hateballif it does, perhaps there is a switch to turn off to force it to use cpu only13:23
hateballfor tests sake13:23
snellejongen23you can in flash disable hardware acceleration13:23
snellejongen23uncheck it13:23
snellejongen23i'm going to test that now in firefox with flash on the desktop, uncheck the hardware acc. and check youtube13:25
snellejongen23one moment13:25
hateballwell, make sure it's actually using flash and not html5 also...13:26
snellejongen23yeah i right it to see if i see if it's using flash13:26
snellejongen23*right click13:26
snellejongen23awful playback :D13:29
snellejongen23blocky and everything13:30
snellejongen23i'm beginning to suspect gpu drivers13:30
snellejongen23audio is ok tho13:30
snellejongen23i think  my best bet is to just copy the laptop conditions and check from there13:35
snellejongen23remove intel graphics drivers, flash and chrome13:35
snellejongen23because if someone with a pentium 3 700 mhz and integrated graphics can watch youtube13:44
snellejongen23surely i can13:45
snellejongen23ive been making some progress15:00
snellejongen23uninstalled graphics drivers, and now i'm getting video in minitube15:00
snellejongen23and smooth playback15:00
snellejongen23in it15:00
snellejongen23so at least i can watch something15:00
snellejongen23thank you all mighty linus15:16
belal122I wonder if anyone has a fix for this:  Everytime I boot into Lubuntu, right after the nvidia splash screen, I get a black screen with dots on the top part of my screen.  I can see the mouse, but no desktop17:07
belal122I have to press alt + ctrl + f7, to get to tty7 and then I'm able to log on with userID n password17:08
snellejongen23have you reinstalled the nvidia drivers?17:08
snellejongen23with the nvidia current17:08
belal122it's a fresh install with the updated drivers17:08
snellejongen23then i don't know17:09
belal122:(  it's annoying as hell.  I wonder if there's a way to have it automatically go to TTY7 upon boot?17:09
wxlno clue either, belal122, but you might want to check your logs, especially /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:12
snellejongen23if you could paste it in pastebin for us to see17:15
belal122that pc is not connected to internet.  :(17:19
belal122I was trying to use it as a gaming pc for emulators.17:20
wxlis that relevant?17:20
belal122no i meant, i couldnt paste it into pastebin17:20
belal122because it has no net connection17:20
wxlthat's what usb's are for :)17:20
belal122brb then17:20
snellejongen23and alto it isn't connected , i do recommed getting the latest packages because of bugfixes17:21
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belal122that's the xorg.0.log , do u also want xorg.1.log?17:27
wxlbelal122: it's an older loger17:34
wxlanyways nice xbox 360 wireless receiver :)17:35
wxlso which nvidia driver is this?17:36
snellejongen23NVIDIA GLX Module  304.125  Mon Dec  1 20:21:57 PST 201417:38
snellejongen23as stated in the log17:39
wxlnot a nvidia whiz here but is that the appropriate one?17:40
wxli especially have no clue about proprietary drivers17:40
belal122thanks.  Yeah the system is old: AMD64 Chip with nvidia 6150SE graphics, but couple that with the wireless 360 reciever, and it plays sega genesis games like a charm.17:40
belal122I don't remember, but I had it installed some time ago and I remember getting the latest one at the time.17:41
belal122just a few months ago17:41
wxlwell you can figure it out with lspci17:42
belal122that will tell me the nvidia version?17:42
wxllspci -nnk | grep -iA 3 vga | grep driver17:42
snellejongen23you can always try to reinstall the xserver-zorg17:43
snellejongen23sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg17:43
snellejongen23because right now i'm trouble shooting my intel graphics17:44
wxlmy guess is that you're NOT using nouveau17:45
wxlas that version seems to match the latest version for that series on nvidia's site http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html17:45
wxlmore specifically http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/80133/en-us17:46
wxlseems that there are such drivers are also provided in our own repos https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-update17:47
wxlit seems that a bug similar to yours is awaiting a fix in those drivers https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-updates/+bug/136569517:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 1365695 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates (Ubuntu Trusty) "No longer able to use GUI after update" [Critical,Triaged]17:48
wxllooks like nouveau has no such problems17:48
wxlto answer your question, belal122, click the button next to This bug affects 55 people. Does this bug affect you?  Edit17:49
wxlalso make sure to subscribe yourself to the bug17:50
wxlyou'll get the update when it's finally fixed17:50
wxlbut ultimately you're waiting on upstream (nvidia)17:50
wxlwhich is to say you may be waiting a good long time :)17:50
snellejongen23maybe you can search for a way you get into tty7 automaticly17:59
belal122yeah, i have the same problem!18:00
belal122by the way, i figured out one thing:  by purging the nvidia driver out, I can boot into lubuntu just fine with the free driver.  but trying to open Kega (the emulator), crashes the system.  I'm going to try to re-install the drivers and see if I get any result18:01
snellejongen23i think purging is not the safest option18:05
snellejongen23can anyone confirm?18:06
wxlwon't hurt18:06
snellejongen23especially dealing with drivers , you want to use the safest method possible18:06
wxlat least for that, because noveau is there by default18:07
nonyabI am running Version-Kernel: Linux 3.2.0-83-generic (i686)18:16
nonyabCompiled: #120-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 29 15:36:33 UTC 201518:16
nonyab C Library: Unknown18:16
nonyab Default C Compiler: GNU C Compiler version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) Distribution: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS :Desktop Environment: LXDE (Lubuntu) and it does not mount andriod sd card and so in file manager i have installed gmtp and all the other mtp tools yet all that comes up in file manager is the phone and tools for windows installer no sd card how can i make it do like ubuntu out of the box mount the sd card unless i take it out and put it in18:16
nonyab an adaptor18:16
wxlnonyab: this may sound laughable, but try the original usb cord and/or different usb ports.18:18
nonyabI have they all work the same but if i boot up live ubuntu it all works i like Lxle everything elese works even wireless18:21
wxlnonyab: you have lxle?18:22
wxlnonyab: then i would suggest support at #lxle18:23
nonyabThere is none18:23
wxl1123 [Users #lxle]18:23
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nonyabyet they have on thier web site18:23
wxlthere *IS* one18:23
wxlnot many people there, admittedly18:23
wxli would suggest other avenues of support other than those related to lubuntu as it has been said time and time again that lxle is not lubuntu18:24
wxlif they are going to provide the distro, they should provide support. otherwise, i'm not sure i see the value in it.18:24
nonyabFree Live Help: Lubuntu IRC, LXLE IRC, Screencasts18:25
wxlthat's their assertion, not ours18:25
belal122i found the solution!18:27
wxlwhat 'twas?18:27
nonyaboh well so much for finding a distro that provides everything I tried lubuntu and almost every othe distro and they all provide one thing or the other but  wireless18:27
belal122ok, so the last thing i did was purge "nvidia *"  , then i went to ubuntuupdates.org and downloaded nvidia-346 i386 package...installed that and voila!18:28
wxlnonyab: i have never had a device with wireless that didn't work in lubuntu18:28
belal122when i rebooted, it worked18:28
wxlgreat belal12218:28
belal122thankx wxl!18:28
belal122nonyab... lubuntu works.  probably nm-applet didn't load?18:28
belal122i had the same problem when I borrowed a wifi dongle some months ago18:28
belal122i inserted the wifi usb stick and i didn't get anything.  turns out, u have to go to the start up manager, and load "nm-applet"  to start by default18:29
belal122once u do that...it will always boot up lubuntu with the network/wifi manager, so u can connect to net18:29
nonyabMy wireless is a bcw431118:29
wxl!broadcom | nonyab18:30
ubottunonyab: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:30
nonyabI know18:30
wxlnonyab: …and?18:31
snellejongen23i think i solved my intel extreme graphics problem18:31
snellejongen23i installed all graphics drivers i don't need, ati radeon, matrox etc18:31
snellejongen23vmware stuff, even tho i am not using vmware18:31
nonyabI have used it  but lxle is so fast on load up and easy to do eye candy like to customize from boot up to shutdown18:31
wxlnonyab: then why don't you figure out what customizations are needed to make it like that in lubuntu?18:32
snellejongen23i mean i uninstalled lol18:32
belal122new question:  is there anyway to boot up ubuntu/lubuntu without having it ask for userID/password?  i checked "never ask for password" in the users and group18:32
wxlright makes sense nonyab18:32
snellejongen23belal yes automatic login18:32
wxlbelal122: yeah, lightdm settings, which were, last time i checked, relatively undocumented (an ubuntu problem, not lubuntu)18:33
wxlsorry i meant makes sense snellejongen23 :)18:33
wxl!lightdm | belal12218:33
nonyabjust let me think about that i think last time i did live lubuntu no wireless18:33
wxlnonyab: broadcom stuff doesn't install by default. blame broadcom.18:33
belal122thanks! gonna look it up now18:34
snellejongen23for broadcom issues ---> http://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers18:35
snellejongen23second answer18:35
snellejongen23also fixed my wireless today with dropouts18:36
snellejongen23realtek chipset18:36
snellejongen23first diables dnsmaq18:36
snellejongen23and compiled a new driver, now no more issues18:37
snellejongen23been working all day to get lubuntu working xD18:40
snellejongen23so graphics working.check..wireless no more dropouts18:43
snellejongen23only thing now is when i enable automatic connecting to wireless in networkmanager18:43
belal122success number 2!!!  this worked, number 8: http://askubuntu.com/questions/51086/how-do-i-enable-auto-login-in-lightdm18:43
snellejongen23i need to enter my password after login...18:43
belal122lol i'm on a roll!18:43
snellejongen23keyring is the culpit18:56
snellejongen23found a big :d18:58
wxl!bugs | snellejongen2318:59
ubottusnellejongen23: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:59
snellejongen23i'm going to try and duplicate it with live cd18:59
snellejongen23and some with the same version18:59
snellejongen23keyring keeps asking for password with aumatic wireless19:00
snellejongen23even when i check everyone can use this connection19:00
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