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dholbachgood morning07:03
dholbachsalut davi07:45
dholbachsalut davidcalle07:45
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Amnesty International Day! 😃09:21
tbrJamesTait: happy Pungenday, 2nd day of Confusion in the YOLD 318109:29
JamesTaitOnly the second day of confusion? That can't be right!09:29
tbrrun ddate and check for yourself (depending on your distro release you might need to install the ddate package nowadays)09:34
JamesTaitI'm sure I've been confused for more than just a day. 😉09:35
Chipacasergiusens: morning!11:07
Chipacasergiusens: mvo: do you think https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/snappy/clickety/+merge/260456 is reviewable, or should i split it?11:07
sergiusensChipaca: I can spend my day on it :-P11:07
sergiusensChipaca: might need a repeat for mvo_11:08
Chipacamvo_ and his fancy underscore11:08
Chipacamvo_: do you think https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/snappy/clickety/+merge/260456 is reviewable, or should i split it?11:08
Chipacaas it stands, it's splittable fairly easily11:08
Chipacalet me do that11:08
Chipaca* famous last words11:08
* sergiusens can spend his day on it :-P11:08
sergiusensChipaca: if it were that way, you would of done it though11:09
Chipacasergiusens: well, maybe11:09
Chipacasergiusens: the first commit, and the last commit, are a set11:09
sergiusensChipaca: do one that gets rid of EnsureDir11:09
Chipacasergiusens: the junk in the middle are splittable11:09
sergiusensChipaca: that is splittable at least11:09
* Chipaca nods11:09
Chipacathis feels like shuffling things around still; less than happy with it, but if i go on it gets massive11:10
Chipacaso, small steps11:10
Chipacaanyway, to split11:10
Chipacamvo__: we get it. you like underscores.11:10
sergiusensChipaca: well I already added a comment fwiw11:12
sergiusensheh, mvo__ is on a connection rampage11:13
Chipacasergiusens: answered11:14
sergiusensChipaca: great answer ;-)11:15
Chipacaoh dear11:30
Chipacathere are more than a few places where we use path.Join instead of filepath.Join11:30
sergiusensChipaca: aren't any legit? like urls?11:31
Chipacasergiusens: i don't think so11:31
Chipacasergiusens: egrep --exclude \*_test.go -r '\bpath\.[A-Z]'11:32
Chipacanone of it seems to be on build, so that should still work on non-/-systems11:32
sergiusensChipaca: partition was mostly unreviewed in the beginning of time11:33
Chipacain whoever-it-was's defence, path vs filepath is stupid/silly/asking for trouble11:34
sergiusensChipaca: indexURL := systemImageServer + "/" + path.Join(channel, device, "index.json") might be better as a url.Parse11:34
sergiusensChipaca: avoiding the escaping problem we had already11:34
nothalhttps://code.launchpad.net/~stephen-stewart/webdm/remote-and-local-collections-with-sorting-and-filtering/+merge/260305 | No reviews (less than a day old)11:37
nothalhttps://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/webdm/godepsForBuilding/+merge/260156 | No reviews (1 day old)11:37
nothalhttps://code.launchpad.net/~stephen-stewart/webdm/repent-harlequin-said-the-ticktockman/+merge/260120 | No reviews (1 day old)11:37
nothalhttps://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/snappy/snappy-more-errors-15.04/+merge/260112 | No reviews (1 day old)11:37
nothalhttps://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/snappy/use-skipdir/+merge/260465 | No reviews (less than a day old)11:37
Chipacait's weird what nothal chose to not report11:39
sergiusensChipaca: can you get the webdm one for building?11:41
sergiusensthere are indeed some missing things there11:41
Chipacasergiusens: i can't get it any more than it's already gotten11:42
sergiusensChipaca: thanks!11:42
mvo_Chipaca: let me look at the branch now (re reviable>)11:43
mvo_Chipaca: looks reviewable to me :) I see sergiusens already started(?)11:44
Chipacamvo_: too late :)11:47
Chipacamvo_: i've split out the unrelated bits, which are up for review now11:47
Chipacamvo_: then i need to merge those back and get it going11:48
mvo_Chipaca: heh, ok11:48
Chipacasergiusens: mvo_: thanks for the reviews! all landed now. https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/snappy/clickety/+merge/260472 merged those.12:15
Chipacasergiusens: if an oem install fails, we don't clean up udev12:15
* Chipaca files a bug12:16
Chipacabeuno: no, those are fine12:16
beunoChipaca, what's an oem install?12:17
mvo_Chipaca: cool, looking now12:18
Chipacabeuno: there's no such thing, what are you talking about12:18
Chipacabeuno: bug 1459642 is what i was talking about12:18
ubottubug 1459642 in Snappy "If a gadget install fails, udev is not cleaned up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145964212:18
* sergiusens watches how Chipaca plays beuno 12:19
beunoChipaca, you get points for confusing me in my pedantic correction12:19
* Chipaca wins12:19
beunoI also now realise I'm not 100% awake12:19
* Chipaca wins *double*12:19
Chipacaok, i'm off to find lunch before the zomg backlog thing12:20
* sergiusens goes for breakfast12:20
kyrofasergiusens, ping12:32
kyrofasergiusens, got a question when you get back from breakfast :)12:32
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sergiusenskyrofa: I'm back13:03
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kyrofasergiusens, haha sorry, I was in a meeting. Still there? :P13:35
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beowulfclurrrr: o/13:41
beowulfclurrrr: do you have Vagrant installed?13:49
clurrrrno, will i need it?13:49
mterrytedg, can you flesh out the "What a buildenv looks like inside" section of the snappy doc to include your latest chats with the sdk team?13:51
beowulfclurrrr: well, it's even easier than building a vm of snappy13:51
tedgmterry, Sure13:52
beowulfclurrrr: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#vagrant13:52
tedgTrying to deal with this scalingstack build failure right now though :-/13:52
beowulfclurrrr: and is free13:52
clurrrrbeowulf: thanks :)13:52
beowulfclurrrr: after step 4 in that guide, you can 'sudo snappy install webdm' and you'll get the current webdm13:55
beowulfbut i think i should probably start something in a public cloud where people can see webdm trunk13:57
clurrrri can't speak to whether anyone else would need that, but it would help me13:58
elopiogood morning.14:09
elopiofgimenez: welcome!14:09
fgimenezelopio, thx! glad to be around14:10
Chipacamvo_: sergiusens: so, what do we need for a 15.04 release?15:26
mvo_Chipaca: lets look at the must-do column :)15:26
Chipacamvo_: i think we killed it15:27
Chipaca\o/ ?15:27
seb128does anyone know how to boot a snappy image on a laptop?15:27
seb128I tried to create a 15.04 image using u-d-f and to dd that to a stick15:28
mvo_Chipaca: re-generate existing systemd units, exec wrapper, seccomp on boot15:28
Chipacaseb128: that should work15:28
seb128but the machine doesn't reconnize the stick as bootable15:28
Chipacaseb128: it's worked for me in the past15:28
Chipacaseb128: the machine is full of lies :-p15:28
seb128note that this machine wants things to be uefi compliant to list them in the boot menu15:28
seb128so I guess the key is not15:28
mvo_Chipaca: the terrible delay when the cp -a /boot/a -> /boot/b happens15:28
seb128I had issues in the past trying to boot a valid ubuntu 32 bits image15:28
mvo_Chipaca: but that one is a bit tricky as we do not have rsync on the image, we could add it of course15:29
Chipacamvo_: i thought jodh had had it added15:29
Chipacai distinctly remember him saying so, in fact15:29
mvo_Chipaca: there was a branch for this, but it was solved in a different way iirc15:29
seb128Chipaca, mvo_, any idea on how to boot from an usb stick on an uefi machine?15:30
mvo_Chipaca: getting the instal.yaml into the trunk would also be nice, but that needs u-d-f support too, so sergiusens needs to be involved, its hanging there for some time15:31
Chipacaseb128: bug 1425370 is fix-released, so it should work15:31
ubottubug 1425370 in goget-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) ""ubuntu-device-flash core" images can't boot with UEFI" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142537015:31
seb128Chipaca, using vivid?15:31
mvo_seb128: uh, if it does not work, either slangasek or sergiusens should be able to help15:31
Chipacaseb128: "vivid"?15:31
seb128Chipaca, the laptop I called u-d-f on15:31
seb128I did use "u-d-f core 15.04 -o iso.img" and dd-ed that to a stick15:32
Chipacaseb128: presuming you're using the tools ppa, sure15:32
seb128no I'm not15:32
seb128I'm using plain Ubuntu15:32
seb128let me enable the ppa :p15:32
Chipacaseb128: yeah, also that u-d-f invocation looks like any vegetable15:33
Chipacaseb128: i mean, i'm not sure it's correct15:33
Chipacasergiusens: ^ could you check? i keep on losing track15:33
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sergiusensChipaca: it looks correct15:35
sergiusensmvo_: we need to discuss the u-d-f thing, should I only compile it against vivid?15:35
sergiusenssince trunk is long gone15:35
Chipacamvo_: i'll do the regeneration one, if that's alright15:36
jdstranddholbach, davidcalle: hey, I noticed yesterday that https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/package-metadata/ is not formatted correctly15:37
Chipacaseb128: you could also get http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz15:38
jdstranddholbach, davidcalle: this is the same issues we had with the security page before (that has been fixed). specifically, subpoints are not indented properly15:39
jdstrandfor example: 'security-template' should be a subpoint of 'caps'15:39
mvo_Chipaca: sure!15:39
jdstrandthere seems to be a lot of stuff in there that isn't indented right15:39
dholbachjdstrand, davidcalle (not here right now) worked on a script - he wanted to show it to me tomorrow - I'll make sure to mention to him what you just said15:39
dholbachAFAIR the markdown command worked, right?15:39
jdstranddholbach: ok. in the meantime I will be doing a 1 character MP for meta.md for 15.04. will you see that automatically or should I ask you to review?15:40
jdstrandre markdown> let me double check15:40
dholbachjust push it15:40
jdstranddholbach: yes, markdown is fine and resulting file is properly indented15:42
jdstrandoh wait15:42
jdstrandactually, it is for ports, but not caps15:42
jdstrandlet me look at this again15:42
jdstrandI also totally said that wrong, security-template is not a subpoint of caps15:43
jdstrandsilly me15:43
jdstranddholbach: let me review it more carefully and get back to you15:43
jdstranddholbach: ah, yes15:43
jdstranddholbach: subpoints of services and binaries is not correct15:44
jdstrand'name', 'description', 'start', 'caps', security-template',e tc should all be subpoints under 'services'15:44
jdstranddholbach: and the markdown is correct for that15:45
jdstranddholbach: do disregard my previous comment: "for example: 'security-template' should be a subpoint of 'caps'", but do regard my comment on services and binaries :)15:46
dholbachjust so I understand it all now... using the markdown tool on https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy/15.04/view/head:/docs/security.md should be fine now? :)15:46
jdstranddholbach: security.md has been fixed. it is meta.md that is the issue now15:47
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jdstranddholbach: fyi, pushed http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy/15.04/revision/44215:51
dholbachthanks jdstrand15:51
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sergiusensasac: fyi http://getgb.io/16:01
sergiusenstvoss: ^16:01
seb128k, just can't get something that boots on a laptop16:25
seb128I emailed the list, let's see if somebody has a clue/can help there ;-)16:26
elopiotedg: mterry: for snaps with a free license, do we want to enforce reproducible builds? Like, instead of uploading the .snap to the store, upload the snapcraft.yaml and build it in the store16:34
mterryelopio, like a tarball of their source, plus the yaml?16:34
mterryelopio, it's an interesting idea16:34
beunoelopio, mterry, no  :)16:35
beunothe store doesn't build stuff16:35
elopiobeuno: that's easy to fix, just add a builder ;)16:36
beunoelopio, it's easier to not fix it!16:36
elopiobeuno: I agree. But I find this is awesome: https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds. For technologies that will control my house, I would love to be able to trust what I'm installing.16:37
beunoit is great16:37
elopioanyway, it was just a question to see if that was on the plan.16:37
beunoit's also not a reality, really, atm16:37
beunoand, that's for debs16:37
beunoI'm not sure if that'll apply in any way to snaps16:38
elopiosnapcraft gives us the chance to get reproducible builds. But as I said, I was just wondering... I'll add it as a wishlist, somewhere.16:39
elopiomaybe it's enough with getting a link to the source, and the snapcraft yaml. Then I can compare the packages that I can build with the packages that I can install.16:40
beunoelopio, it's explicetly out of scope for the store, FWIW, building anything16:40
elopiobeuno: because of limited resources, or because you think it's not useful?16:41
beunoelopio, to give it a clear scope16:42
beunoso we can do some things well instead of many things badly16:42
beunolaunchpad, I think, will grow the capability to build snaps16:42
elopiotedg: mterry: the only way I see to validate your work is to get a bunch of python hackers and tell them to make a snap.16:43
elopioluckily, we have a bunch of python hackers at hand.16:44
mterryelopio, :)16:44
mterryelopio, I mean, LP could easily grow snap-building tech16:44
mterryit's not far from a PPA16:44
beunomterry, right, so cjwatson is expecting you to loop him in16:45
beunoso he can start seeing how to bring launchpad into the fun16:45
mterrybeuno, I know, I've talked to him16:45
mterrybeuno, we're not at the point that I have anything he can use yet16:46
* mterry goes afk16:46
damjansometime ago I installed core in kvm, since then it's been update up to version 146 … is that ok?16:49
asacChipaca: can you paste he diff of https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/webdm/m1777/+merge/259864 in pastebin please?17:08
asaci cannot open launchpad17:08
Chipacaasac: neither can I, but let me see if I have that branch locally17:08
Chipacaasac: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11415239/17:08
Chipacaasac: however, it might no tbe that17:09
Chipacaasac: because if you say it happens when starting a *service*, then something else is wrong17:09
Chipacaasac: because webdm and your service would both be running as root17:09
Chipacaah, unless it's just being denied by apparmor17:09
Chipacaasac: try it and tell me :)17:10
Chipacaasac: easy way to try: chmod 01777 /tmp/snaps, and try to restart hte service17:10
jdstrandbeuno: is it safe to assume that "release" is only in the json for snaps and not clicks?17:15
asacChipaca: can you please try webdm on the release image?17:15
asacit doesnt work it seems17:15
asacin kvm?17:15
Chipacaasac: sure, give me a sec17:15
beunojdstrand, yes, but also, not even in the snaps, as that's metadata really that lives on the server17:15
Chipacaasac: you mean http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz right?17:15
jdstrandbeuno: I meant from the store json17:15
beunojdstrand, ah17:15
beunojdstrand, yes, only snaps17:16
jdstrandbeuno: I was adding filtering by extension and wanted to see if I could avoid hitting _links17:16
jdstrandcool, thanks17:16
Chipacaasac: what exactly doesn't work?17:19
Chipacaasac: webdm itself does not run, you need to update first17:19
asacChipaca: i installed fresh webdm from store17:23
asacand it doesnt run either17:23
Chipacaasac: it's running fine here17:24
Chipacaasac: how are you determining that it's not running?17:24
asacChipaca: grepping process17:24
asacand looking at log17:24
asaci have 0.6.117:24
Chipacaasac: yep, 0.6.1 works fine here17:25
asaclet me reboot17:25
Chipacaasac: how is it failing for you?17:25
asaci am on core 7017:25
asacwith the permission denied error17:25
asacfrom above17:25
Chipacaasac: did you do the chmod i suggested?17:25
asacChipaca: in webdm?17:30
asaci thought its fixed in latest webdm17:31
Chipacaasac: no, in trunk17:31
sergiusensasac: core launcher had a bug wrt to tmpdir so I made webdm create the path as the fix to tmp dir in the core launcher would of taken ages to land17:32
sergiusensasac: latest trunk, not in store webdm17:32
asacright, should be in store i guess17:32
sergiusensasac: I am releasing a new webdm today17:32
asaci dont think the mkdir will even fix it17:33
sergiusensasac: with this and the iot world fixes17:33
asacthe diff that Chipaca posted creawtes /tmp/snaps17:33
asacbut the error is about /tmp/snap.XXXXXX17:33
asacbut the error is about /tmp/snap.0_webdm_XXXXXX17:33
asacso maybe check it against the released image17:34
sergiusensasac: you say webdm from store does not work on 15.04/stable? I've tested that a lot before releasing17:34
* sergiusens recreates image17:34
asacsergiusens: just download the real image17:34
asacsergiusens: http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz17:34
asacwget it17:34
asacuse kvm17:34
asacsnappy remove webdm, snappy install webdm17:34
Chipacasergiusens: otoh that worked for me :)17:35
Chipacaasac: what else have you installed?17:35
asacChipaca: hello-world17:35
asacok i will wget again17:36
asacmaybe thts wrong :)17:36
* asac aborts17:36
asacgoes for http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img.xz17:36
beunoremember, the store is down, just in case  :)17:36
Chipacabeuno: it's working fine here :)17:36
beunoChipaca, it won't serve any downloads17:37
Chipacabeuno: ... it just did17:37
Chipaca6.08MB of webdm17:37
beunoah, maybe squids17:37
beunoit lost all access to swift17:37
Chipacasquids are awesome17:38
* Chipaca tries to sing it to the lego movie theme, and fails17:38
josephtEverysquid is awesome17:38
* ogra_ humms Octopus's Garden17:39
beunoChipaca, yeah, so if something's in squid, you might still be able to get it for a short while17:40
beunobut no new uploads, and stuff will get pushed out of squid soon17:40
sergiusensasac: everything works here http://paste.ubuntu.com/11415739/17:41
Chipacaasac: could you pastebin the output of "find /tmp/ -ls" please?17:43
asacso webdm works now17:45
asacbut my go-example-webserver doesnt still17:45
asacthat bails with permission denied too17:46
asacxkcd-webserver has same problem it seems17:47
sergiusensasac: you can't mkdir, that requires special privs17:48
sergiusensChipaca: ^17:48
asacis this fixed on 15.04/edge?17:49
asacthe launcher bug17:49
sergiusensasac: it is one of the tasks to get done before release, yes17:50
sergiusensand Chipaca is on top of the fix17:50
asacok seems not fixed on edge17:52
asachmm edge seems to not even be newer than the release image?17:52
asacare we not generating images?17:52
asacrsalveti: ^ ?17:53
rsalvetiasac: no, it's our list to fix this18:18
rsalvetimissing the importing piece at system-image18:18
rsalvetiand updating the ppa and so on18:18
hresetHas anyone seen the 500 Internal Server Error when trying to run updates in snappy on the Pi2?20:58
Chipacahreset: from the commandline?21:29
beunohreset, yes, sorry, some parts of the store are down21:30
RossHi guys.22:10
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Guest2840Can I get any sort of GUI out of Snappy? Basically I want to run an RDP client on Snappy that just remotes to a Windows virtual machine. Is this possible with Snappy?22:11
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