R0ok_Ola Africa!06:17
Kiloshello africa06:44
elachecheo/ Nice hackergotchi kenju254 :)08:15
Kiloslol you okes and your funny things08:16
elachecheahhhhhhhhhh! I mean Kilos not kenju254 x)08:22
elachechekenju254, are you even alive dude??!! x)08:22
Kiloshaha my daughter did it for me, i couldnt see some of the stuff in gimp they tell you to use so she used photoshop i think08:23
elachechehahahah :D08:24
Kiloshi stickyboy09:24
stickyboyKilos: Hey hey.09:25
Kiloshi daker12:17
Kiloselacheche  why you show away when you arent?12:18
elachecheI don't be always here.. even when am using  the pc12:19
Kilosso you like to hide12:20
Kilosstickyboy  do do know whats happening with symmetria and his servers?12:21
stickyboyKilos: Nah, man. Symmetria is so scarce these days.13:40
stickyboyI'm on the KENET mirrors btw.13:40
Kiloswhat you flooding freenode for elacheche14:39

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