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robrubfiller: that request says wily but then says overlay ppa, that doesn't make sense. Do you want wily or vivid or both?02:40
bfillerrobru: where does it say overlay ppa? I think we just need for wily for now02:41
robrubfiller: it's in column L02:43
bfillerrobru: fixed02:44
robrubfiller: got you silo 21, thanks02:44
bfillerthanks robru02:44
robrubfiller: you're welcome02:44
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Mirvtvoss: wouldn't you want dual landing silo btw to land also to wily?06:15
Mirvtvoss: ok :)06:16
tvossMirv, yup, sorry :)06:16
tvossMirv, I found an issue where a package from the silo is older than the package in the overlay ppa06:19
tvossMirv, is that a known hiccup and do we have instructions for pinning available?06:19
tvossMirv, see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11405991/06:19
Mirvtvoss: the pinning is a known issue. QA knows how to fix it so testing is good. if you want to use the 'citrain' tool for upgrading, upgrade to the wily version by dpkg -i:ng phablet-tools-citrain .deb from https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-020/+build/744360006:22
Mirvtvoss: otherwise it's been discussed at https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg12749.html but this remind me that the phablet-tools upgrade should probably be put to the overlay PPA so that more people have the updated citrain upgrade tool.06:22
tvossMirv, yup06:23
pstolowskitrainguards hello, can i get a silo for line #35?07:28
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Mirvpstolowski: thanks! and yes.07:32
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jibelsil2100, morning, can you build an rc-proposed image to grab silo 20 that landed last night? it fixes bug 145712908:07
ubot5bug 1457129 in media-hub (Ubuntu) "All sound stops playing after receiving SMS messages" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145712908:07
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sil2100jibel: sure, on it08:17
sil2100jibel: did the location silo land?08:17
sil2100hm, doesn't look like it08:18
ogra_well, see the other channel08:18
sil2100ogra_: is imgbot out sick today?08:28
ogra_oops, i rebooted the server, forgot to start it again ... one sec08:28
sil2100It missed my image build... ;)08:28
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ogra_http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/vivid/20150527.changes is the last one available08:29
ogra_(i still havent had time to get the new mapping right for vivid)08:30
ogra_imgbot, stunt08:30
* imgbot rolls on its back and purrs08:30
ogra_there he is08:30
jibelsil2100, location didn't land. location-service didn't start with the silo, and accuracy is still really ba08:44
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pstolowskitrainguards, hey, my silo 33 (line #29) can be freed08:54
sil2100pstolowski: oh, not needed?08:55
pstolowskisil2100, same stuff is in silo 29 :/08:55
pstolowskiyeah, there was some messup and reconfigs between wily and vivid, ended up with two silos at the end08:56
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pmcgowansil2100, seb128 just emailed, I would fix those translation issues, we have time11:42
Mirvsil2100: jibel: I prepared a phablet-tools overlay sync for people on desktop vivid + overlay PPA to make the citrain functional for more people. if you think it's ok to land without separate QA testing (I smoke-tested citrain tool + starting a test with phablet-test-run) I could land it. diff is https://launchpadlibrarian.net/207675883/phablet-tools_1.1%2B15.04.20150330-0ubuntu1_1.1%2B15.04.20150519-0ubuntu1.diff.gz11:53
Mirvso that's what's in wily11:54
MirvI've kept giving the wily .deb for people asking, but that'd reach more people11:54
pmcgowanjibel, silo 27 working for me12:09
sil2100pmcgowan: ok, aren't we a bit under deadline pressure though? ;)12:10
sil2100I thought that, you know, today is teh end12:10
sil2100Mirv: sounds okayish to me I suppose, since the phablet-tools aren't installed on our phones12:11
pmcgowansil2100, after discussion with meizu they prefer we fix more issues rather than keep the date - so we can fit a couple more in12:12
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pmcgowansil2100, still need to be strict about what issues12:12
sil2100Ok, excellent news anyway12:12
Mirvsil2100: ack, I'll wait if ji_bel has an opinion but it's not on images and only affects two of the auxiliary tools12:15
popeypmcgowan: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/1425172 on your radar for a fix soon?12:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1425172 in network-manager (Ubuntu RTM) "Network indicator lists the non-exist AP (timeout for the AP to be removed is too big, ~6min)" [High,Confirmed]12:15
pmcgowanpopey, yeah thats a bad one12:15
popeyi just marked a bug I filed a year ago as a dupe of it, didn't realise it still happened.12:16
pmcgowanpopey, probably comes and goes12:17
popeyalso, I rarely leave the house which helps avoid the bug ã‹›12:17
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jibelpmcgowan, yeah I confirmed tvoss's fix works quickly earlier.12:29
jgdxtrainguards, any idea how I build silo 36?12:29
jgdxI used force and I specified that I only wanted to build ubuntu-system-settings.12:30
jibeltvoss, ^ wrt silo 27 is it ready for QA ?12:30
pmcgowanjibel, should be yes, tvoss is afk right now12:31
jibelOK, I'll do the verification it is already installed on my device.12:32
pmcgowanseb128, can we get a silo for your fixes at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/address-book-app/+bug/144751612:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1447516 in address-book-app (Ubuntu) "Contact strings under All & Favorites are not localized" [High,In progress]12:33
seb128pmcgowan, sure, I was waiting on a code review, but I'm pretty confident it's correct so I can put that in a silo now12:34
pmcgowanseb128, great, any other regressions that slipped in you know of12:35
Mirvjgdx: you're trying to land to vivid overlay based on trunk which has stuff that's only on wily. you should either agree to land trunk to vivid overlay or target a vivid overlay specific branch of u-s-s12:35
Mirvjgdx: so wily is at 20150527 while vivid overlay is at 2015051412:36
seb128pmcgowan, no, but I'm unsure how much user testing vivid gets, I wonder if I should switch my bq to that channel rather than the rtm-proposed one12:36
seb128pmcgowan, or do we plan to switch -proposed to vivid before it's rolled as a stable ota to users?12:36
pmcgowanseb128, there are at least several folks dog fooding it, I did not switch yet12:37
seb128pmcgowan, right, I'm sure it's getting some testing, not sure enough to be confident there is no important issues though...12:38
seb128pmcgowan, is there any reason we don't switch all testers/people on -proposed to vivid?12:38
seb128since that's the candidate for the next ota12:38
seb128that would give extra testing on it12:38
pmcgowanseb128, I suppose we should really12:39
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pmcgowanseb128, I think we need an image server fix first12:40
ogra_sil2100, oh, seb128's words above remind me ... do we have an update plan for people using rtm-proposed currently ?12:40
seb128pmcgowan, rolling out the ota to customers before having it pushed to beta testers seems a bit backward, why did we do it this way? (I assume that people on -proposed = beta testers)12:41
pmcgowanogra_, right they should go to the vivid proposed12:41
Mirvjgdx: if you don't want solve u-s-s situation (and you've just a test silo), I don't think there's a force option to override this check, but if you want you could push revision 1416 from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/changes to somewhere and target that with your test MP...12:41
pmcgowanseb128, you are right, we were just focused on arale factory image, and next step is updating krillins12:41
pmcgowanwe should move proposed over now12:41
seb128+1 :-)12:42
seb128Mirv, jgdx, what u-s-s situation?12:42
jgdxMirv, hm, okay, I have to think about it. Might do a stableoverlay specific one12:42
ogra_pmcgowan, indeed, i was wondering if we can automate that ...12:42
ogra_(thus my question)12:42
Mirvseb128: 20150527 being in wily only. do you plan to fork the branches for vivid overlay or sync the wily version to overlay after this OTA has shipped?12:43
pmcgowanogra_, but as I understand it we need a fix from barry for the delta creation as there is some glicth right now12:43
Mirvseb128: jgdx is trying to target vivid overlay with a trunk MP which doesn't work since overlay is at 2015051412:43
seb128Mirv, we already branched and no we don't plan to sync (or at least unsure if we can, is vivid supposed to be "open gate" again?)12:43
seb128Mirv, jgdx, kenvandine created https://code.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/15.04 for vivid-overlay12:44
Mirvjgdx: ^ ok then you should target the branch instead of wily, probably doing another landing eventually to the wily (trunk) too12:44
seb128we should target stable fix there12:44
ogra_pmcgowan, ah12:44
seb128and yeah, you need to land to trunk as well12:44
jgdxseb128, Mirv, okay, I'll land in Wily then backport?12:44
pmcgowanogra_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/144434712:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1444347 in Ubuntu system image "/usr/bin/aa-clickhook:ImportError:/usr/bin/aa-clickhook@14:/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apparmor/click.py@15:/usr/lib/python3.4/ctypes/__init__.py@7" [Critical,In progress]12:44
seb128jgdx, wfm,12:44
jgdxMirv, thx12:44
Mirvjgdx: that's a good option, no problem12:45
jgdxMirv, that requires a reconfigure?12:45
jgdxlandingprocess docs does not explicitly state whether or not to12:47
Mirvjgdx: yes it actually needs a removal of the silo and reassigning it (changing series). if that's ok, I can do it now12:49
jgdxMirv, can you hold on until ken apparates?12:50
sil2100ogra_: rtm-proposed? You mean like 14.09-proposed?12:50
Mirvjgdx: sure, and sil2100 can help if I'm already away at that point12:50
jgdxMirv, thanks12:50
ogra_sil2100, yeah12:50
sil2100ogra_: they're already on vivid since long if they use that12:50
ogra_sil2100, what most canonical employees run ;)12:51
ogra_oh ?12:51
sil2100Since 14.09-proposed is now a redirect to rc-proposed12:51
sil2100Since the reordering that slangasek made12:51
ogra_my "about" page says 14.10 ... image 27712:52
pmcgowansil2100, I dont think so12:52
sil2100Well, just saying what's in system-image12:52
sil2100That's how it's configured12:52
sil2100Maybe the issue is that since it's a redirect and the image numbers of 14.09-proposed were pretty high, now it doesn't see any new OTAs since rc-proposed has lower versions12:53
seb128sil2100, same as others, being on 14.09-proposed gives me a 277 utopic-rtm based image12:53
seb128not a vivid one12:53
pmcgowansil2100, right, which is good since we have that server bug I posted above12:53
sil2100Yeah, barry is on it12:54
ogra_well, we should tell people to switch then12:54
sil2100Anyway, the server config is set so that 14.09-proposed is now vivid based, maybe we'll need to fix something for it to work properly12:54
ogra_since that channel looks like a dead end now12:55
ogra_the versions you import will most likely always be lower than 27712:55
sil2100Since ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed is "redirect": "ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en"12:55
ogra_(or the versions you redirect to)12:55
sil2100I need to check how updates are determined, probably as I mentioned, it doesn't provide an upgrade path since version numbers of rc-proposed are lower12:56
sil2100I'll poke barry and slangasek once they're around12:56
ogra_if upgrade doesnt work we should just wipe the channel and ask people to switch over12:57
ogra_(if it evidently is bound to the version number)12:57
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seb128sil2100, can you check that l66 is fine and assign a silo if it is?13:11
sil2100seb128: I just did :)13:11
sil2100Silo 32 for you13:11
seb128sil2100, great, thanks ... I was a bit unsure, since wily was behind on version, I just pocket copied the overlay ppa package to wily13:11
sil2100No worries, should be ok if you do the dual landing now13:12
jgdxkenvandine, silo 36 won't build. We need to either target vivid+overlay properly, or wily then backport. I'd like the latter.13:13
kenvandinejgdx, yes, it should be wily now13:13
kenvandinei'll reconfigure13:13
kenvandineoh bugger13:14
jgdxokay, so we'll backport?13:14
jgdxRTM all over again?13:14
jibeltvoss, mandel I verified silo 27, it's good to land. Part of the fix was in silo 5, what do you do with this silo?13:17
tvossjibel, we will decide later13:18
tvossjibel, so I just set 27 to tested, if you are happy with it, we can immediately land 27 and then tackle 513:18
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sil2100tvoss: is this one approved? https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/fix-1426307/+merge/26036513:23
tvosssil2100, getting rsalveti to do so ;)13:23
* tvoss hands beers and stuff to rsalveti13:24
davmor2tvoss: you fool now his hands are full and he can't do anything :P13:25
tvossdavmor2, at least he cannot break anything13:29
davmor2tvoss: no that's my job :D13:32
tvossdavmor2, yeah, although you most often prove that they are indeed broken ;)13:32
alecuhi trainguards! may I ask you to reconfigure silo 22? when I try it says: "ubuntuone-credentials was not in the initial list of components for that silo"13:32
sil2100alecu: indeed, let me help you here13:34
mandeljibel, when you say that part of the fix was in silo 05, what do you mean?13:35
jibelmandel, this MR was in silo 27 https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/fix-1426307/+merge/26036513:36
mandeljibel, yes, I know that, and you needed that guy + silo 05, is that what you mean13:37
jibelmandel, nope, I mean what is silo 5 supposed to fix now?13:37
mandeljibel, issues with the location service in vivid after the wizard13:37
mandeljibel, ignore it, let me merge both silos in 1 and we take it for a spin, leaving silo 27 as it is13:38
jibelmandel, verification of 27 is done, and accuracy is fine, I'd rather land them separately.13:38
jibeltvoss, ^ what do you think?13:39
tvossjibel, mandel I would vote for landing 27 as is13:40
mandeljibel, I just want to have a build with all changes to test them together, but if you want, I would land 27 and do a rebuilf of 5 then13:40
tvossmandel, just remove my mp from 5, reconfigure and rebuild13:40
tvossmandel, did you verify if we actually need the fixes from 5? seems like the trust store interaction works perfectly fine on vivid13:40
mandeltvoss, did it work after the wizard? 'cause it is then when we have the issues13:41
mandeltvoss, the issues is when the location service is restarted, then the trust store does not work13:41
tvossmandel, I did a --bootstrap, so I think yes13:41
tvossmandel, probably best to retest silo 513:41
mandeltvoss, let me double check, if that is the case I'm happy to kill 513:41
mandeltvoss, you read my mind, doing it now13:42
tvossmandel, or better: retest without silo 513:42
mandeltvoss, my idea was to --wipe, test and see the error ;)13:42
tvossmandel, also https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/fix-1426307/+merge/260365 could use a review13:44
tvossseems like my beers for rsalveti don't help13:44
mandeltvoss, on it13:44
mandeljibel, tvoss, an arale with --wipe in  without silo 5 after running the wizard does not get the trust store prompt and the location service cannot be used by the browser13:48
mandeljibel, tvoss nor osmtouch13:48
mandeljibel, could you double check that I'm not saying utter bullshit? I'll try again13:48
tvossmandel, okay, so if that is the case, let's clean up silo 513:49
tvossmandel, you also merged one of my branches in there, which are probably not required right now, we can land it later13:49
tvossmandel, best to keep this as clean as possible13:49
mandeltvoss, then let me create an mr just for the trust store fix and add it to silo 2713:51
mandeltvoss, to fix both issues in that silo and then move  to add the rest of the code later13:52
tvossmandel, nope, let's land silo 27 now as is and clean up silo 513:52
tvossmandel, why overload the silo? we haveboth anyway and one of them needs rebuild no matter what13:52
mandeltvoss, jibel ok, lets land 27 asap13:52
pmcgowantvoss, mandel I get a trust prompt in the browser13:53
pmcgowanwith last image plus 2713:53
tvosspmcgowan, after the wizard?13:53
pmcgowantvoss, oh no13:53
mandelpmcgowan, one trust prompt or a location trust prompt?? and, after the wizard?13:53
pmcgowannot first boot13:53
pmcgowanif thats the issue nm13:53
mandelpmcgowan, we are talking about first boot13:53
mandelpmcgowan, yes, that is the issues, acceptance of the license and usage of the location service13:54
mandelpmcgowan, so are you in the loop, we get silo 27 I clean silo 5 and rebuild it13:54
mandelpmcgowan, sounds good?13:54
seb128pmcgowan, sil2100, addressbook translation fix built in the silo & tested locally here (works fine), I guess it should still be qa validated but looks good to me13:54
pmcgowanseb128, awesome  mark for qa jibel ^^13:55
sil2100tvoss: is the MR reviewed?13:55
seb128jibel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/address-book-app/+bug/144751613:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1447516 in address-book-app (Ubuntu) "Contact strings under All & Favorites are not localized" [High,In progress]13:55
mandelsil2100, if not I'll do it13:55
seb128jibel, the fix is in silo 3213:55
tvosssil2100, nope, waiting for either mandel or rsalveti13:55
mandelsil2100, on it13:55
mandelsil2100, tvoss everything looks good to me, and it works. I have approved and top approved13:57
sil2100Yay, ok, publishing13:57
sil2100The train went a bit crazy here, let me just note down the silo number14:01
* rsalveti reads14:01
rsalvetitvoss: sorry, was in a meeting14:01
rsalvetiit seems mandel already covered it14:01
mandelrsalveti, yes, tl;dr we need both silos, one for accurancy the other one to ensure the trust store appears after the wizard (and also after possible crashes)14:02
mandelrsalveti, 27 has been approved, I clean 5 and do a rebuild14:02
gQuigsI'm trying to understand the jenkins breakage's on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html14:04
gQuigsspecifically around the apt package updates autopkgtest for apport 2.0.1-0ubuntu17.8: Test in progress (Jenkins: public, private) ,14:04
gQuigsautopkgtest for apport 2.14.1-0ubuntu3.10: Regression (Jenkins: public, private)  and more for trusty14:04
kyrofacihelp: I sent a request last week for a new project (unity-scope-snappy) to get integrated with CI (build, tests, coverage, and autolanding) and haven't heard anything. I just wanted to check and make sure it got through?14:09
UrsinhagQuigs: I'll have a look14:10
gQuigsin trusty the apt and gtk-3 failures (at least apport) seem to be identical..14:12
sil2100Uuuuh, I think I see a bug in the train :|14:16
kenvandinelooks like the settings build in silo 33 got canceled?14:19
Ursinhatvoss: you left before I could say that the autolanding problem was the one we were discussing14:31
mandelsil2100, can you sync what was landed in that silo 27 to vivid? I now it was landed in trunk and we need it in vivid to get it to the image14:38
mandelsil2100, I can always create a backport branch, whatever is better14:38
mandelI think vivid and trunk branches only have that diff atm14:38
sil2100mandel: silo 27? The location stuff?14:38
sil2100It's in the overlay PPA already14:38
sil2100It was a dual-landing silo, so it landed both to vivid-overlay and wily14:38
mandelsil2100, ah, superb14:40
mandelsil2100, yest it did not merge against https://launchpad.net/location-service/15.04 correct?14:40
sil2100mandel: it merged against what the merge was targetting14:46
mandelsil2100, exactly, trunk, I'll create a branch and merge it14:46
balloonsUrsinha, did you manage to make the switch to ubuntu-clock-app-ci yesterday?14:46
mandelsil2100, should be a no-brainer14:46
Ursinhaballoons: no, sorry :/ the queue has been long since yesterday (production and LP problems didn't help much) -- let me poke vanguard and see if something can be done14:47
balloonsUrsinha, thanks.. I was just going to ping them, but wanted to make sure you hadn't done any work14:48
balloonspopey, are you ok / happy with switching all the core apps CI to vivid?14:48
sil2100mandel: dual-landings are most useful for projects that only have one trunk currently ;) So it's a bit more work for you this time14:52
popeyballoons: I am glad you asked. I wanted to ask about this.14:53
popeyballoons: In short, yes, I want them all to go to vivid asap.14:53
Ursinhaballoons: can you send an email to ci-engineering-private@lists.launchpad.net with that request, please? it'll have more reach if you do so :)14:53
balloonspopey, yea, I asked / pinged a few times.. I've requested clock be changed per nik as it's required14:53
balloonsUrsinha, I can, since it's more widespread. If popey is happy to switch, I'm happy and ready too14:54
jibelseb128, without silo 32 I don't see any untranslated strings in the address book. On arale latest rc-proposed in French. Do you know which strings appear untranslated? the ones on the bug report are correct.14:54
seb128jibel, it's in the addressbook section of dialer/messaging14:54
seb128jibel, they import the widgets but don't specify a translation domain so try to load from their domain14:54
seb128jibel, just start the dialer and click on the contact icon at the top right14:55
mandelsil2100, yes, no worries14:55
jibelseb128, ah ok, I see it now. Thanks14:55
popeyballoons: I am happy14:55
seb128jibel, yw!14:55
mandelsil2100, can you reconfigure line 15 and also making a dual silo?14:55
mandelsil2100, or lading.. you know14:55
sil2100mandel: ok, let me take a look at it14:55
mandelsil2100, thx14:55
mandelrsalveti or tvoss can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/location-service/simple-trust-store-fix/+merge/26049714:56
sil2100mandel: hm, regarding line 15, sadly I would have to re-assign the silo, meaning wipe the current packages away ;/ This is because the current silo there is for vivid, while in dual landings the primary silo is wily (+ a sync to vivid)14:57
sil2100mandel: so I don't want to break your current work14:57
sil2100As you would have to re-build everything14:57
mandelsil2100, no problem, I mean, I need to rebuild it anyway14:58
mandelsil2100, at least for location service and the other is just a bunch of little scripts and takes nearly no time14:58
sil2100Ok then, let me do that, you might get a different silo number14:58
mandelsil2100, no problem, as long as I get one :)14:59
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sil2100mandel: hah, you got the same one it seems15:06
sil2100Anyway, you can rebuild15:06
mandelsil2100, superb15:07
jibelseb128, silo 32 verified15:16
seb128jibel, great, thanks15:16
seb128sil2100, pmcgowan ^15:16
sil2100https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/address-book-app/translations-gettext-domain/+merge/259926 <- we need review and a top approval here15:17
sil2100seb128: ^15:17
seb128pmcgowan, bfiller ^15:17
bfillerseb128: looking15:17
bfillerseb128: done15:18
seb128bfiller, thanks15:19
seb128sil2100, ^15:19
mandelpmcgowan, once silo 5 is done building you can take it for a spin, we need to tell qa to test the after wizard usecase and everything is back on track for the ota15:19
seb128cihelp can anyone help with https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/wily-boottest-address-book-app/lastBuild/console15:24
seb128"EnvironmentError: Unsupported device, autodetect fails device"15:24
seb128that blocks the migration15:24
slangaseksil2100: 14.09-proposed: there was an addition of a (reflexive) channel alias to force a full update, which I understood from barry and stgraber would force a channel reset and full update15:30
slangasekbut perhaps, if ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed was not an alias before, this had no effect on the client15:30
sil2100slangasek: hm, yeah, at least it seems right now that it didn't force a full update in the end15:31
slangasekbarry: do you understand the semantics of the client "bug" that we've been relying on to force an update from 0 when redirecting channels?15:32
slangasekand can someone pastebin the client.ini from an affected device?15:32
barryslangasek: i don't think it's a bug15:32
barryiow, it's a feature, iiuyc15:33
slangasekbarry: stgraber called it a bug, but I've been relying on it as a feature :)15:33
barrymaybe we're talking about different thnings :)15:33
barry        # If we were tracking a channel alias, and that channel alias has15:33
barry        # changed, squash the build number to 0 before calculating the15:33
barry        # winner.  Otherwise, trust the configured build number.15:33
barry 15:33
slangasekso perhaps the problem is that there wasn't an alias before15:34
slangasekor perhaps the problem is that the alias didn't change?15:34
slangasekneed client.ini to confirm15:34
barryand channel.ini15:34
barrylook at [service]channel_target (that's the channel we're on based on the alias mapping in the config file)15:34
barrythen we get the alias from the channel.json15:35
barryif both are defined and != then we squash the build number to 0 and perform the channel switch15:35
ogra_barry, slangasek http://paste.ubuntu.com/11414055/ in case that helps you :)15:48
ogra_seems 14.09-proposed was the actual channel here ... and ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed was the alias15:49
slangasekogra_, barry: oh.  ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed is on the list of channels that haven't yet been changed15:52
slangasekso... I can fix that this week :)15:52
mandelsil2100, any idea => https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-1-build/139/console ??15:53
mandelsil2100, 2015-05-28 15:51:01,875 ERROR Uncaught exception: HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found15:53
sil2100mandel: hm, on first glimpse this looks like some network issue, but let me look closer15:54
mandelsil2100, haha I know what a 404 is ;)15:54
mandelsil2100, but means you are getting out, and getting an error back for the server telling you that you are looking at the wrong place :)15:55
sil2100mandel: I know you know! But what I'm saying, it's probably some transient issue ;)15:55
mandelsil2100, remember, I did the download manager hehe15:55
sil2100Geez ;p15:55
sil2100Well, let's try doing a watch only build15:55
sil2100Probably will work15:55
mandelsil2100, hehehehhe had to take the opportunity to brag ;)15:55
mandelsil2100, uh, a 502.. is more interesting..15:59
sil2100mandel: try again with a WATCH_ONLY build16:00
mandelsil2100, on it, I'll walk the dog while I wait, will be back in 20"16:01
jhodappsil2100, can I get a silo for line 68 please?16:11
jhodappor robru ^16:13
robrujhodapp: one sec16:13
robrujhodapp: you sure you want wily and not dual?16:14
jhodapprobru, well we can't land in vivid right now right?16:15
robrujhodapp: true. I'm not sure how much longer the gates will be closed for...16:15
jhodapprobru, I'll do a separate landing for vivid when they open back up16:15
robrujhodapp: ok no worries16:15
jhodappthanks for asking though16:16
robrujhodapp: you got 2716:16
robruyou're welcome16:17
jhodapprobru, I don't see it on the dashboard16:17
robrujhodapp: yeah it takes a sec to show up16:17
cwayneer, my tarball jobs are failing all of a sudden16:17
jhodappah ok16:17
jhodappthere it is16:17
jhodapprobru, think we have some infrastructure issues atm: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-027-1-build/81/console16:19
jhodapprobru, looks like silo 5 had the same issue16:20
robrujhodapp: can you try it again? I wonder if this is related to there being a package stuck in proposed.16:21
robrujhodapp: also do a FORCE_REBUILD to fix the changelog issue.16:21
jhodapprobru, ok16:22
robrujhodapp: no, wait16:22
robrucihelp: can I get a boottest retry for http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#media-hub please?16:23
robrujhodapp: let's get that version of media-hub landed and merged16:23
jhodapprobru, cancel my build?16:23
jhodapprobru, yeah was wondering why it hadn't merged16:23
robrujhodapp: ehhh, i guess not, but you'll need to rebuild after that one merges.16:23
jhodappok np16:23
robrujhodapp: you should ping us if you notice that kind of stuff, I don't always monitor it very closely ;-)16:24
jhodapprobru, oh ok, good to know16:24
jhodapprobru, I thought it would be noticed16:24
jhodapprobru, hey robru, why hasn't my package merged? ;p16:24
Ursinharobru: yes, but production services are in trouble as of now (the whole infrastructure our services run on top of)16:24
robruUrsinha: oh? what's up?16:24
robrujhodapp: it really shouldn't take more than a couple hours to get through -proposed. in this case it's sat there for 18 hours, so something's definitely wrong16:25
jhodapprobru, ok16:25
slangaseksil2100: are there any pending image spins that I would be in the way of if I offlined the importer for the above-mentioned channel fix-ups?16:45
slangasek(might be offline for a couple of hours)16:46
sil2100hm, I wanted to kick a new image to get the latest overlay fixes, but we are waiting for one more fix to land so I could wait16:46
sil2100slangasek: will you be working on it right now? If yes, I guess it's fine and we'll kick a new image once you're done16:47
slangaseksil2100: no, go ahead with your image16:49
slangasekI can delay starting on it16:49
sil2100Ok, building16:51
jhodapplooks like all silos are broken for building right now16:51
sil2100Yeah, I just got an LP error16:52
jhodappis anyone looking into this?16:52
sil2100Seems like LP has issues, I can't even access the changes files for packages16:52
jhodapprobru, do you know if anyone is trying to get media-hub out of the proposed-pocket for silo 20?16:58
robrujhodapp: huh, yeah Ursinha retried the boottest failure but it looks like it failed again.16:59
robrujhodapp: so at this point it's not moving, no16:59
jhodapprobru, perhaps it is failing because of the LP issues right now?16:59
robrujhodapp: could be16:59
jhodappapparently it's a bad issue, nothing will work with the silos17:00
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: The world is burning. Run!
robrujhodapp: https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/garfield.jpg heh17:01
robrujhodapp: so what problems are you seeing?17:01
robruoh, same proxy error again17:02
robrujhodapp: yeah not sure what to say, I guess just go for a walk and hope that the lp issues are resolved sooner than later.17:02
jhodappyeah, librarian is down17:02
infinityrobru: PS4 is down.  Librarian is in PS4.  All blobs in LP are in the librarian.  Extrapolate.17:02
jhodapprobru, my work here is done17:02
robruinfinity: but it's not "down" down... some things are working sometimes. it's a strange/flakey issue17:03
robruinfinity: eg I can ssh into wendigo, that's in ps4 as far as I know.17:03
jibelmandel, any ETA for silo 5?17:06
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mandeljibel, sil2100 I'm getting a 502 => https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-005-1-build/141/console17:10
mandeljibel, sil2100 no idea what is going on17:10
mandelsil2100, jibel looks like it builds and then something in CI goes nuts17:11
mandelcihelp, any idea about this ^17:11
cprovmandel: let me check17:11
mandelcprov, thx17:12
jibelmandel, there are infrastructure issues17:12
mandeljibel, well, the silo is ready in terms of the code and MRs present, we just need to be able to build it :)17:12
cprovmandel: isn't it possibly about the LP outage ? I am not familiar with the ci-train jobs17:12
sil2100mandel: issues with the librarian17:13
sil2100IS is on it, but anything related to the librarian (LP, PPAs) is down17:13
mandeljibel, so, shall we wait a few hours and try again?? I can be here by that time17:13
sil2100It's a complete apocalypse17:13
jibelmandel, there is not much else we can do17:13
mandelpmcgowan, ^17:14
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: The world (librarian) is burning. Run!
cprovsil2100: thanks for clarifying it17:14
sil2100np, let's hope this gets resolved soon17:14
mandelwell, so we have to be patient.. just like compiling cpp ;)17:14
mandelI'm off to run a little and blow some steam instead of hitting Ctrl + F517:15
jibelmandel, compiling cpp ... on a panda board ;)17:20
infinityjibel: Hey, don't speak ill of Pandas.  They treated us remarkably well for a long time.17:21
infinity(Not that I wasn't very, very happy to replace them...)17:21
jibeltrue :)17:21
slangaseksil2100: I assume that any silo build problems are related to the current ProdStack outage.  I guess that means I can go ahead with my channel changes?17:53
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sil2100slangasek: yeah, this seems to be more serious17:55
sil2100Go on ahead, the world is burning anyway17:56
* sil2100 liked his panda-board17:56
sil2100Testing unity7 on it, lovely17:57
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slangasekbarry: "If we're tracking a channel alias and that channel alias has changed" - so if the channel alias is /dropped/, does that also force a full update?19:13
barryslangasek: i think it does not.  if the channel alias is dropped, then there is no "alias" key in the channel.json file, so we think this isn't a channel switch19:15
slangasekbarry: ok, I like that answer ;)19:17
barryslangasek: phew :)19:17
jhodapprobru, can I get a silo for line 70?20:02
jhodappUrsinha, any idea why media-hub is still stuck in the proposed pocket for silo 20?20:04
Ursinhajhodapp: proposed is after package left a silo, what do you mean?20:04
robruUrsinha: he wants you to retry the bootest again20:05
jhodappUrsinha, it's been stuck in proposed for over a day20:05
robrujhodapp: 3520:05
jhodappthanks robru20:05
Ursinharobru: jhodapp, production is having trouble right now, we've retried and I believe the device was poked directly but everything that touches launchpad slightly is broken20:06
jhodappUrsinha, ok20:06
jhodappthought it might be back up now20:07
Ursinhajhodapp: librarian is dead :/ so no artifacts from launchpad20:09
Ursinha(roughly speaking)20:09
jhodappanybody know what happened yet?20:10
jhodappis this hardware failure?20:10
thomijhodapp: prodstack died.20:12
jhodappthomi, ok20:12
thomijhodapp: It's like that Dylan song: everything is broken20:12
jhodappsounds like it'll be a while then ;)20:12
jgdxkenvandine, seen the latest uss ci failures?21:01
jgdxseems random… will have to do some investigation on an actual device tomorrow21:04
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