dholbachgood morning07:04
dpmmorning dholbach07:17
dpmgood morning all07:17
elfyhi dpm07:17
dpmhi elfy07:18
dholbachhi dpm07:22
* dholbach relocates to the office - brb07:58
dpmdholbach, would you have time for a call, say, in 10-15 mins?07:59
dpmgood morning czajkowski, davidcalle, silverlion08:00
dpmoh, just saw the message. dholbach or whenever you've relocated08:00
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
dholbachdpm, team sprint in Berlin at around UbuCon time? http://ubucon.de/2015/ :-)08:19
dpmdholbach, :)08:21
dpmdholbach, actually, I wanted to have a talk about this. I think you, ogra and I could probably go to UbuconDE08:21
* dpm looks at dates again08:22
dholbachyes, I think so too08:22
dpm23rd to 25th Oct it seems08:23
dpmdholbach, do you have a minute for a call?08:23
czajkowskisitting at the airport to do my expenses and realise I've packed the receipts08:24
dpmcool, let me set that up08:24
dpmczajkowski, ugh08:24
czajkowskidpm: see you can feel the pain!08:25
czajkowskirooky mistake! :(08:25
dpmczajkowski, we all make rookie mistakes over and over :(08:26
silverlionrehi dholbach09:04
dholbachhey silverlion :)09:06
dholbachdpm, I found http://ubucon.de/2015/themenwunschliste already09:08
dholbachbut I'll still mail Svij and Torsten09:08
dholbachdpm, svij just got back to me: 1) he pointed to the link above as well and said that app/scope workshops for beginners would be appreciated and snappy stuff plus an update about ubuntu in the near future too - sounds like anything goes. 2) at least 4 rooms on 2-3 floors, but we could have more if necessary. rooms can take up to 30 people, more if we remove tables. pictures from last time at the venue: http://ubucon.de/2012/i10:05
dholbachsorry - http://ubucon.de/2012/impressionen10:05
dpmthanks dholbach!11:25
cprofittmorning all11:45
popeyhi cprofitt11:47
dpmmorning cprofitt11:49
cprofitthow are you both today11:50
mhall119dholbach: jose is using summit for ubuconla, if ubuconde needs a scheduler we can set them up too14:15
dholbachoooooh nice14:15
dholbachI'll drop them a mail14:15
dpmdholbach, popey, davidcalle, balloons, mhall119. I've got a conflicting call for the standup. Please feel free to run it without me. As per the sprint review, I can only do 16:00 UTC - dholbach, is that too late for you?14:18
dholbachdpm, no, wfm14:18
dpmcool, will schedule that, then14:18
popeyi have a clash too14:19
dpmpopey, for which time?14:19
dpmah, landing meeting14:19
popeywell, both :)14:19
popeylanding and stand up :)14:19
dpmpopey, for the standup if both are IRC meetings, it should be manageable14:20
popeyok. I'd rather not keep having to context switch all the time, and divide my attention between two things, doing neither well14:21
davidcalledpm, 16UTC doesn't work for me either (picking up kid at that time)14:21
dpmpopey, the standup is pretty lightweight14:21
dpmpopey, but up to you, another option is to send the update after your other meeting has finished14:22
dpmdavidcalle, ah, thanks for the heads up14:22
dpmdavidcalle, popey, mhall119, balloons, dholbach. I'll schedule the meeting nevertheless, so that at least we see each other before I go on vacation, and then I'll follow up on e-mail for those who had other appointments14:23
dpmwould that work?14:23
dholbach(yes, at least for me it would)14:24
davidcalledpm, wfm, when do you come back btw?14:24
dpmdavidcalle, on the 8th June14:25
popeyyou not in tomorrow?14:25
dpmpopey, I'm not, but If any of you wants to catch up later, happy to jump on the phone14:25
popeyok, didn't realise, sorry.14:26
dpmjust later, I have 3 calls in a row now14:26
dpmactually, two14:26
* balloons is realizing he'll miss the Monday meetings next week 14:46
dpmpopey, balloons, dholbach, mhall119, davidcalle, could you make sure https://trello.com/b/JERbmM6O/community-team-sprint-3 is up-to-date in preparation for the call later on?14:47
mhall119everybody stand up!15:05
mhall119put your hands up!15:05
* mhall119 waits for dholbach to drop the bass15:06
dholbachhow can I help? :-)15:07
mhall119dholbach: put some music on15:07
* dholbach is listening to a mix which promised "100% sunshine vibes guaranteed" :)15:08
mhall119I might like daily standups more if they had a soundtrack15:08
dholbachsomebody kickban davidcalle from the room15:10
mhall119davidcalle: I hate you :(15:10
mhall119you're a bad, bad man15:11
* davidcalle gets kicked from standup, as initially planned...15:11
mhall119aw man, he tricked us15:11
dholbachthe folks in #u-meeting are very quick at doing their lightning round15:11
mhall119so are we doing a standup?15:12
mhall119mine will be relatively short15:12
mhall119finished fleshing out action items for the cycle15:13
mhall119repeated banging of head on desk15:13
mhall119looking into importer bug for doxygen API docs15:13
mhall119preparing for 15.10 docs package imports15:13
mhall119weeping quietly in the corner15:13
* dholbach hugs mhall11915:14
mhall119that's all15:14
dholbachanyone wants to go next?15:14
davidcalleI don't mind15:14
davidcalleDONE: Snappy doc update and small fixes for Amazon ec2 intro, duc/start/platform re-design, rough tool to streamline the process of keeping snappy doc in sync with trunk15:15
davidcalleNEXT: Start on CPP+QML apps tutorial (priority++)15:15
mhall119oh, forgot to mention UbuCon LA and SELF planning is going well15:15
* dholbach hugs davidcalle15:15
* mhall119 could use that tutorial for one of his apps15:16
davidcalleBLOCKED: nope15:16
dholbachif you need another look at the snappy tool, I'd be happy to learn more about it15:16
davidcalledholbach, yeah, I've let a comment about it on the trello card, it's super rough atm, but I'll share it asap15:16
dholbach - (misc) email catchup after a long weekend15:17
dholbach - (misc) patch pilot planning, some sponsoring15:17
dholbach - (misc) more CC business15:17
dholbach - developer site: some bug triage and bug fixing15:17
dholbach - help-app: review selenium test MP, review selenium update15:17
dholbach - UbuConDE: some planning discussions15:17
dholbach - help-app: pad.lv/1433210 (reenable .link-cta-ubuntu, needs more work15:17
dholbach   on tests)15:17
dholbach - help-app: part 1 of 1446493 (set up site for content negotiation)15:17
dholbach   (with IS, RT#79340 - dpm to prod(?))15:17
* mhall119 return hugs dholbach 15:17
* dpm quits15:17
dholbachdpm, ┬┐whaaaaaaat?15:18
dpmdholbach, incidentally, I did prod IS, but unsuccessfully15:18
dpmlast week15:18
dholbachit's bizarre15:18
dholbachthe page is in polish for me now.........15:18
dpmyeah, saw that, I pointed out to them15:19
dholbachthanks :)15:19
mhall119is that a wiki or static content?15:19
dholbachgenerated from lp:help-app15:19
mhall119oh, that's the online version of it?15:20
dholbachit's basically what we push to https://code.launchpad.net/~help-app-dev/help-app/help-app-web15:20
dholbachwhich is generated through 'make web'15:21
dholbachthat's it from me... anyone else?15:22
popeyDONE: Usual Thursday of core apps meetings, code reviews15:22
popeyDOING: Debugging wordpress issues on podcast site, then podcast release15:22
popeyNEXT: Reminders rename to Notes testing15:22
mhall119popey: I'm checking again on a WP theme for the podcast site15:24
popeyI reverted to the default15:24
popeybecause the orange one looked terrible15:25
mhall119popey: I saw, that'll do for now15:25
mhall119most people will be interfacing with a podcast client anyway15:25
* mhall119 can't wait to see it in his podbird15:25
mhall119right, balloons or dpm, who's next?15:26
balloonsmhall119, I can go now since dholbach is landing my change :p15:28
dholbachgood timing15:29
balloonsDONE: help-app functional test enablement, autopilot sandbox changes, re-test qml template changes   DOING: working on cleaning up issues with core apps ci, continuing work on landing qml testing updates, reviewing scopes harness changes. NEXT: scopes tutorial update15:31
mhall119shame-driven-development works again15:31
* davidcalle goes picking kid15:34
davidcalledpm, enjoy your time off!15:34
dpmmhall119, balloons, call?16:01
dholbachI'll start the hangout16:59
dholbachunfortunately my webcam still doesn't work :-/16:59
dholbachwrong channel17:00
* dholbach call it a day - see you around!17:56
dpmoff for a week, but will still be checking e-mails today18:37
dpmsee you all!18:37

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