pittiGood morning05:12
pittiLaney: Debian bug 787047, s'il te plaît ?06:02
ubot5Debian bug 787047 in gir1.2-glib-2.0 "gir1.2-glib-2.0: uninstallable in sid, depends on glib in experimental" [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/78704706:02
didrocksgood morning06:06
pittihey didrocks06:15
didrocksmorning pitti06:19
didrockshey larsu!06:28
seb128good morning desktopers!07:15
Sweet5harkLibreOffice hackers invading my home today ...07:37
larsuSweet5hark: moin moin! Big hackfest?07:38
Sweet5harklarsu: no, just a small home hacking were we bring together some local hackers. some people on vacation, some on sick leave, so will end up with just three heads this time prolly.07:40
larsuSweet5hark: have fun in any case!07:40
didrocksmorning willcooke07:55
larsuhi willcooke07:55
seb128hey willcooke08:02
Laneypitti: ah crap, dirty chroot I guess08:04
Laneythanks for spotting!08:05
pittiLaney: no worries -- was easy to spot, my sid and experimental chroots are useless for building systemd :)08:09
pittiI managed to use jessie and install libapparmor from sid08:10
* Laney fixes pinnification08:10
Laneyhey larsu, happy birthday!08:10
pittiLaney: I use http://paste.ubuntu.com/11407416/08:10
Laneyand hello everyone else!08:10
Laneypitti: woah, this pins *up* experimental?08:11
pittiLaney: so that when I call my "sid" schroot as experimental, it adjusts apt pinning for exp only in that sessino08:11
pittiLaney: sure -- by default it's pinned down08:12
Laneythe problem for me is that my local repo needs to be pinned down08:12
pittiit's safe to leave exp apt sources in unstable, you have to use it explicitly (with -t or pinning)08:12
pittiso I just keep a sid schroot and that sbuild hook08:12
didrocksmorning Laney!08:12
seb128hey Laney pitti08:12
Laneybut then you get too many exp packages compared to how the Debian buildds do it08:12
pittilarsu: duuude! Glueckwunsch zum Purzeltag!! *knuddel*08:13
pittiça va seb12808:13
LaneyI just use --build-dep-resolver=aptitude08:13
larsumorning Laney! Thanks :)08:13
seb128pitti, oui, et toi ?08:13
larsupitti: dankeschön!!08:13
pittiseb128: ça va d'accord08:13
Laneyhey didrocks et seb12808:13
Laneylarsu: do you have plans to celebrate?08:13
seb128pitti, "d'accord" doesn't work well in that context08:14
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larsuLaney: not really, but I guess I should given that it's a round birthday08:14
Laneyhappy 25th!08:14
pittiseb128: ah, comment tu dis ça ?08:14
larsuLaney: I'm only 0x20 ;)08:15
seb128pitti, tu veux dire quoi ? "ça aussi aussi" ?08:15
seb128"ça va aussi"08:15
pittiLaney: and yes, _source.changes uploads do work now \o/08:15
seb128in Debian?08:15
pittiseb128: now *that* sounds strange :)08:15
LaneyI thought you still had to include the _all packages08:15
pittiLaney: yeah -- it apparently wasn't announced anywhere, but I did a source upload recently after Q-FUNK pointed it out08:16
* Laney is going to try this08:16
seb128it working was a bug or feature?08:16
pittiLaney: yes -- welcome in the 3rd millenium!08:16
seb128so it's full source upload?08:16
pittiseb128: well, Debian has worked towards this for a long time, so I'd consider it a feature :)08:16
pittiseb128: yes, just like ubuntu08:16
seb128or is it source+deb where deb are discarded08:16
pittiseb128: no, just _source08:16
seb128unsure why they had to "work toward" it, it seems a trivial change08:17
pittiwell, I'm sure source+_all also works still, but I never tried that08:17
pittiI don't mind sbuilding stuff, and do that for an adt-run round anyway08:17
davmor2pitti: oh come on you trying to say seb128 is 3000 years old now, cause I don't believe that at all08:17
seb128I though it was more that they wanted to force the .deb to be uploaded to ensure you built locally and don't upload something that doesn't build08:17
pittibut it's useful for e. g. arch: i386 packages, as I don't have an i386 schroot08:17
pitti(I often sponsor -geode uploads)08:17
pittidavmor2: no, he looks no older than 2900!08:18
pittiseb128: yeah, as if that ever actually helped :)08:18
seb128yeah, don't tell me08:19
seb128so maybe I can upload to Debian again :p08:19
pittiseb128: well, it's certainly not the trivial task of calling mk-sbuild sid that kept you from it :)08:20
pittiit's more like "no time to maintain stuff there", I would guess?08:20
seb128pitti, no, it's more than my disk is a 80G and I'm navigating to < 1G space and don't have room for a Debian chroot or vm08:20
seb128+ that08:21
seb128but sometime I want to push easy bugfixes to Debian and sync back08:21
pittiseb128: you managed to get an 80 GB SSD? or do you have windows on that too, or something?08:22
pitti/dev/sda3              224G    117G  106G   53% /08:22
seb128pitti, yeah, time to buy a new laptop08:22
pittibut I have tons of VMs etc.08:22
seb128pitti, my laptop is almost 6 years old...08:22
seb128it was the standard ssd by then08:22
LaneyI ordered my new one last night08:22
pittiseb128: ah, you skipped the previous refresh?08:22
Laneyxps 13 baby!08:22
pittiLaney: new toys *slobbering*08:22
seb128pitti, sort of, I'm looking for a new laptop for a while but didn't find the perfect one08:23
seb128and I'm still happy enough with mine that I don't feel like I have to change08:23
seb128I was close from taking the xps for a while, but the previous generation has coil noise issues08:23
seb128I'm also unsure if 13" is big enough of a screen, but at the same time I want a light laptop...08:24
pittiI got along really well with 128 GB, but 80 is a bit thin indeed; I guess the biggest things are music and photos, the rest should be almost negligible08:24
pittiseb128: 12" plus external >= 24" monitor :)08:24
seb128the xps also don't do docking08:25
seb128but I guess I can just plug the cables manually08:25
pittiyeah, that's a bit annoying08:25
pittibut then again, I don't actually move it around that often, maybe once every other week08:25
pittibut it's surprising how many cables stick out08:26
* pitti counts 908:26
seb128I often take the laptop in the living room/in front of TV in the evening08:26
pittithen I guess you really do want a dock08:26
seb128yeah, but then I'm back to heavy models :-/08:26
seb128I might just keep my old laptop docked as a desktop08:26
seb128and get a light one for walking around, conferences, etc08:27
seb128Laney, you are decided on the xps?08:27
pittiseb128: both thinkpad and latitudes are available in 12" and are dockable08:27
pitti(or 13" if you prefer)08:27
pittinot sure about the HP ncXXXX ones, whether they are dockable08:28
seb128I don't want a thinkpad08:29
* seb128 looks again at the latitude models08:29
Laneyseb128: Yeah I was going to get the x1 carbon but then reviews tipped me in favour of the xps08:30
Laneyplus it was like £400 cheaper08:30
seb128good man08:30
seb128and it comes with Ubuntu preinstalled :-)08:30
Laneyyes, Ubuntu Linux 14.04 SP1!08:31
seb128and it's not lenovo and their self signed certificates crap business08:31
seb128(hate lenovo)08:31
* larsu mumbles something about loving his x108:33
willcookefighting talk08:33
larsumight as well talk about emacs...08:33
seb128enjoy China spying on you :p08:34
larsulol. like dell is building everything in the us?08:34
willcookeNO CARRIER08:34
larsu(and even so...)08:34
seb128larsu, I give them more credit that I do to Lenovo (maybe I'm wrong but that's my position :p)08:34
seb128hum, I wish the google event change events had more details08:35
seb128willcooke, that afternoon meeting, you changed it to half an hour later, right?08:36
willcookeseb128, yeah, if you can.  Just had a meeting moved in to that exact slot08:36
seb128those emails tell you something changed, but not what and from what to what08:36
seb128yeah, no problem08:36
seb128it's just like "date changed, go figure what the change is"08:36
willcookeyeah, seems you have to view it in Gmail to get the details08:36
seb128oh, you get details in gmail?08:37
seb128I'm using the canonical imap server, so no luck there08:37
willcookeWhy am I not surprised08:37
willcookeYou guys should totally adopt Gmail08:37
pittigo away!08:37
* pitti draws the gauntlet :)08:38
pittioh, it's not Friday yet08:38
ochosiLaney: woot! i also ordered an xps13 last night!08:38
willcookeClose enough I think08:38
didrocksoffset by 1… those kinds of bugs wouldn't be the first one…08:39
* Laney high fives ochosi 08:39
ochosii really loved the "Service Pack 1" part :)08:40
ochosiseb128: actually i saw a docking station for the xps13. you connect a single usb and get all kinds of connectors iirc08:40
seb128ochosi, which one did you take?08:40
seb128ochosi, oh, interesting, desrt mentioned something like that iirc08:41
ochosithe cheaper version with 1920x1080 display. battery life ftw!08:41
ochosiyeah, the dock isn't cheap though, something around 200€08:41
seb128right, that's what got me hesitating, the screen08:41
seb1283200+ touch screen sounds nice08:41
seb128ochosi, thanks08:42
ochosiyeah, QHD sounds nice, i wouldn't know what to use it for though08:42
ochosii have almost no content for that resolution08:42
seb128right, the resolution is too high for me, I don't really need it08:43
seb128but having a touch screen is good08:43
ochosithing with that docking station is that i have no clue whether it works with linux08:43
seb128why wouldn't it?08:43
ochosihmwell, no clue, i've never had a docking station :)08:43
seb128I don't think there is anything that needs to be piloted from the OS side08:44
ochosiand it's just a single usb3.0 connector, that sounds like black magic to me!08:44
seb128it's just connectivity08:44
ochosialso, the package contains a CD (!) with drivers to install08:44
ochosiwhich is fun, cause the xps13 doesnt have an optical drive08:45
ochosiseb128: also, this: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/f/3525/t/1961802008:46
seb128hum :/08:47
ochosidisplay is the problem, and without that it doesn't make much sense08:48
* Sweet5hark is late to the warparty against gmail.09:21
Sweet5harkoh its postponed to friday?09:21
* Sweet5hark will bring a ballista and greek fire.09:22
pittiseb128: meh, sucks09:50
pittiafter all, you want a dock mostly for the monitor..09:50
seb128yeah :-/09:50
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tjaaltonright, no way to make it work because of displaylink black magic11:06
tjaaltonbut in the near future there should be docks with usb-c, which will be able to carry displayport11:07
Laneycan't remember the last time I plugged a monitor into my laptop11:13
* Laney has simple needs :-)11:13
didrockshum… I think I remember… it was… hum… 5 hours ago!11:16
* Laney has a desktop11:16
didrockstalking about myself :p11:16
* didrocks doesn't have a desktop, I have *the* ubuntu desktop :)11:16
Laneythe original one from 200411:16
Saviqanyone else's compose key stopped working recently in 15.04? whatever I assign it to (I usually have it at CapsLock), any chars I type go in as-is11:42
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pittitiny data point: I have it on ScrollLock, and it's working fine12:22
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* qengho afk, errand.13:39
seb128didrocks, hey, I'm looking at getting that snappy image built, can you summarize what you did/where you left things?15:30
didrockssure thing15:30
seb128thanks :-)15:30
didrocksyw, see you tomorrow :-)15:30
didrocksI worked on repurposing the "desktop next" build15:31
didrocksI'm unsure the current plan is still that one15:31
didrockseverything was ready AFAIK, just needed to be put in production15:31
didrocksso, if we are going to reuse the desktop next image, here are the changes:15:31
didrocksthere was the livecd-rootfs changes: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/livecd-rootfs/desktop-next/+merge/25705615:32
didrocksI'm happy to rebase on current trunk15:32
didrocksthe MP was already approved15:32
didrocksso the hooks for transforming the image to system images are there, it will need a package upload15:32
didrockssecond, the seed needed to change:15:32
didrocksagain, an approved MP15:32
didrocksthis is what I identified as being needed to get the snappy components to the next image15:33
didrocksneed of course pushing the seed + metapackage upload15:33
seb128so the image build setup is similar15:33
didrocksthirdly, there is: the image build change15:33
seb128can you rebase the livecd-rootfs changes or maybe even upload it?15:33
seb128I'm happy to upload if you prefer15:34
didrockswell, if I rebase, I can upload :p15:34
didrocksso yeah, we need to have finally colin pushing https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-cdimage/ubuntu-next-system-image/+merge/257057 in production15:34
didrocksin coordination to that change, Laney needs to push some config triggers15:34
didrocks(we discussed about it during the sprint15:34
didrockswith all those 3 things done, desktop-next should become a snappy image-base system15:35
didrocksseb128: I'm happy to do the livecd-rootfs + touch seed tomorrow morning15:35
seb128didrocks, great, thanks15:35
seb128I can nag Colin about the cdimage change15:36
Laneythere was something to edit on launchpad, is that what you mean?15:36
didrocksLaney: yep15:36
didrocksjust a warning, this was for desktop-next to become a snappy one15:36
didrocksI guess because of "ubuntu personal", that wasn't the plan, but I didn't follow recent discussions15:36
didrocksat least, that would give you some templates to where to look at15:36
Laneyis personal the same thing?15:37
didrocksyeah, but management wanted to have directly a phone + desktop thing rather than starting from one for phone and one for desktop and converging15:37
didrocksthat's where I left the discussion, don't know more15:38
Laneyoh, who cares about the name, you can just tweak the seeds for that surely15:38
didrocksI didn't, some did apparently :)15:39
seb128didrocks, yeah, I don't care much about the image details/name15:43
seb128I just want something up we can play with15:43
seb128to start15:43
seb128then if they want rename or changes we can discuss/see15:43
didrocksseb128: ok, that's then supposed to be ready15:44
didrockswell for the definition of "ready" before pushing the build button :)15:44
seb128thanks again for the work you did on that/the explanations15:44
didrocksI hope that will give us to at least 95% there15:44
Laneythey always fail the first time15:45
Laneythat's the fun :)15:45
didrocksLaney: let's strech goals! :)15:45
* didrocks waves good evening16:27
willcookeseb128, I created a 32bit bootloader a little while ago to get some 2in1 device to see the USB stick as a valid boot device16:58
willcookeI had to compile it and copy it in to an unpacked image16:58
willcookethen copy the lot over to a USB stick16:59
willcookeDo you think that might help?16:59
willcookeI can look up what I did16:59
seb128willcooke, thanks, but not really, we should fix the image to properly support uefi17:00
jhodappseb128, +117:03
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* willcooke -> EOD17:16

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