lordievaderGood morning.07:12
BluesKajHiyas all11:17
lordievaderHey BluesKaj, how are you doing?12:01
BluesKajHey lordievader, fine here , and you?12:19
lordievaderDoing good, reading the backlog of the Kubuntu meeting of yesterday.12:20
daftykinsan especially needy one on your case today i see, EriC^ ;)17:43
EriC^oreos :D17:43
EriC^he found my weakness17:43
daftykinsi only popped back in because i had to boot into a new kernel17:45
EriC^you're not sticking around? =(17:45
daftykinsnot sure, had a nice 10+ day break there17:54
daftykinsall the trolls were getting a bit much, shame to let them win in a way though i suppose17:54

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