x-Na Hi14:10
x-NaCan anyone tell why I seem to get multiple gnome-shell sessions when multiple users log in?14:10
x-NaGDM does not seem to understand that the user is already logged in14:11
x-NaAnd opens a new sessions14:12
modmuss50When I try to boot, or install ubuntu gnome I get a White screen followed by a black screen. I'm using the nvidia 970 HOF18:24
darthanubisgetting a bunch of kernel oops19:34
jdecuirmHi ubuntu gnome community! i have a question about ubuntu gnome 14.10 or 15.04, i need an stable system for production, but there's a known issue with two monitors in ubuntu gnome 14.04, the settings are not stored, even using the nvidia driver! so, if anyone can guide me in the right direction i will be grateful22:42

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