dufluRAOF: Is there an important reason why Wily isos are not yet promoted (passing automated testing) that you know of?01:31
RAOFduflu: Not to my knowledge.01:32
dufluI mean http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/01:32
dufluPossibly some test(s) failing that humans don't care about too much01:33
RAOFOh. I'm *using* wily on this laptop, and haven't noticed breakage.01:36
RAOFIf your question is “should I sudo sed -i s/vivid/wily/g /etc/apt/sources.list”01:36
dufluRAOF: Yeah I have one wily system set up. Just wondering when is the right time to migrate my development machine01:38
RAOFA couple of weeks ago :)01:38
dufluRAOF: I would have thought when distro declares it "passing" :)01:39
* duflu always installs fresh01:39
* RAOF doesn't actually know what gates iso promotion.01:39
* duflu assumes it's test automation01:40
RAOFYeah, but what tests.01:40
dufluDunno. I would say I don't care but similarly if Mir was failing tests it would appear to work but still not be recommended for use01:41
duflu(often appear to work)01:41
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dufluTime to put a faster drive in the build machine...04:01
bschaeferracarr, hey, w/e you see this tomorrow ... mir_pointer_event_buttons isn't defined in the new library? (but its in trunk?)06:36
bschaeferhow would one get the mir pointer state with out this?06:36
anpok_with mir_pointer_event_button_state instead06:43
anpok_bschaefer: sometime after the 0.13 branch racarr reworked the button state enum another time and added the '_buttons' accessor, before that you could only query for buttons individually.06:44
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dednickcimi: have you had any time to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/ubuntu-settings-components/lp1396058-multi-line-messages/+merge/257050 yet?08:36
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dednickgreyback__: getting an dpkg error installing qtmir. missing libgsettings-qt-dev09:24
dednickgreyback__: not in build-dep09:25
dednickwhich is kinda weird, since i thought dpkg uses the control file, and so does build-dep?09:26
greyback__dednick: I see it in the debian control file09:26
greyback__yeah, it does09:26
greyback__you're *installing* qtmir, and it relies on this -dev package?09:26
greyback__doesn't sounds right to me09:26
dednickgreyback__: oh, no. using dpkg-buildpackage09:27
greyback__ah compiling09:27
dednickhm. i probably have something different in apt sources vs my source09:27
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greyback__might be difference between build-dep in vivid & vivid+overlay09:27
greyback__as I think that gsettings requirement is in overlay only atm09:28
dednicki may not have updated my source repo since i added overlay.09:28
dednicki think that's it09:28
greyback__would make sense09:28
alan_ggreyback__: what can I try to test qtubuntu update?09:30
dednickalan_g: that the mir surface close event?09:31
alan_gdednick: rebuilt to match Mir-0.13.x API/ABI changes09:32
dednickalan_g: oh right. nevermind.09:32
alan_gdednick: do you know what it can affect09:38
dednickalan_g: afraid not.09:39
dednickalan_g: i presume you're talking about your ~mir-team/qtubuntu/track-mir-deprecations branch. Which just looks confirming the touch and keyboard input still work. But as to it introducing specific problems i have no idea.09:44
alan_gdednick: yeah, I'm working on the assumption that any breakage would be very obvious.09:45
alan_gBut if there were something specific to look for...09:45
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greyback__alan_g: sorry, was afk. As input code was changed, I'd make sure to test multi-touch things, so 2 finger zoom gestures in camera & gallery would be a start. I'd do some finger mashing to make sure qt doesn't crash for any reason. And would test unity8 on desktop to ensure keyboard presses work11:46
* alan_g can't remember the last time he had U8 working on desktop11:47
alan_ggreyback__: thanks, I can try that11:48
alan_gRats! the thing rebooted11:51
* alan_g decides testing on manta was a bad idea12:10
alan_gmako seems stable12:11
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alan_galf_: glad you didn't disappear in the floods13:19
alf_alan_g: it seems that I brought the floods back home with me :)13:41
alan_gI like it "The fundamental theorem of agile software development: if you think you can’t split a development task, you probably didn’t try hard enough." @PeterHilton13:42
alan_galf_: could you check the test I had to hack (rationale should be clear from MP comments) https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/unity-system-compositor/spinner-rework/+merge/26014813:45
alf_alan_g: sure13:45
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bschaeferracarr, hey, so  mir_pointer_event_buttons seems to be undefined? Not sure how to get the MirPointerButton from a PointerEvent then :(16:50
bschaeferi see it defined in lp:mir but not in /usr/include16:50
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anpokbschaefer: still there?18:39
anpokyou have to use mir_pointer_event_button_state instead18:40
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bschaeferanpok, thats a strange function, soo i've to manually check each state?19:29
bschaeferanpok, thanks! I missed it since i was looking for a function that returned a MirPointerButton :)19:30
anpokyes you have to for now19:30
anpokand thats why racarr changed it then19:31
bschaefercool, thanks again!19:31
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taiebotHi guys just a heads up on the sdl games that have landed on the store https://uappexplorer.com/app/neverball.lb https://uappexplorer.com/app/neverputt.lb? while they work correctly on vivid on willy mako its not the same  http://uppix.com/f-screenshot20150555676d30001907f7.png taiebot (a tester)19:33
racarrthat screenshot is pretty cool19:34
racarrare phone applications supposed to be allowed to be transparent...19:35
racarrthat seems like a mistake -.-19:35
taiebotracarr:looks like a mir bug the app is a quarter of the screen with the top side having two time the app displayed19:38
taiebotwhile the input  are located in the right places if you manage to imagine where the input would be if the app was correctly displayed19:39
bschaeferfun error im getting now :(20:20
bschaeferthe code thats uses it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11418169/20:22
bschaefer hmm looks like region im getting from the surface is invalid hmm20:24
bschaefersoo surface is getting created correctly (with software usage)20:34
bschaeferas this looks like the error i was having when i tried to get a region using a hardware surace20:34
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AlbertAbschaefer: yeah with mesa you won't be able to map it in the client...22:58
AlbertAworks in android though :)22:58
bschaeferAlbertA, hmm but this should still work on the desktop? As demo multi win still works23:00
bschaeferwhich does the same thing :)23:00
bschaefer(software rendering)23:00
bschaeferI just find it strange that the region returned from the stream buffer is undefined ie. invalid pixel format and garage width/height23:01
bschaeferthough my surface is valid23:01
AlbertAbschaefer: yes it should work if you specifically request software buffers23:02
AlbertAotherwise it's a bug...23:02
AlbertAbut with hardware buffers, you'll get the perm issue23:02
AlbertAon mesa23:02
bschaeferAlbertA, o geeez23:02
bschaeferi think i know what i did :)23:03
bschaeferi created the surface before setting the buffer :)23:03
* bschaefer slaps him self23:03
AlbertAbschaefer: lol ok23:03
bschaeferi had the software buffer being set but yeah just after the surface was created using the spec sooo it was using hardware23:03
AlbertAI'm curious to see what this would spit out with the mir code base: http://karpathy.github.io/2015/05/21/rnn-effectiveness/23:06
AlbertAthis is what it spits out when trained with the linux kernel code base: http://cs.stanford.edu/people/karpathy/char-rnn/linux.txt23:07
racarrAlbertA: lol...23:26
racarrthis sort of stuff drives me insane...23:26
racarr"What does it mean? What does it mean? What does it...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"23:26
AlbertAracarr: it even has helpful comments along the way :)23:29

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