Helmoony_elacheche, ahlan15:29
elachecheYou're late man!! You missed a good conversation on #wikipedia-ar :D15:30
elachecheTake a look → https://twitter.com/elacheche/status/60387045938660147215:30
Helmoony_elacheche, hahahahaha really funny15:31
elachecheLike this → http://www.slideshare.net/helmoony15:32
Helmoony_elacheche, I'm trying to activate the channel by bots, inform of the recent changes in wiki-ar15:32
elachecheNice :)15:32
Helmoony_elacheche, y3aychik... It was a good conference in Monastir15:33
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=== Helmoony_ is now known as Helmoony

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