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Tm_TI noticed that Ubuntu phone's web browser has Android user agent, this creates harsh situation at times where sites try forcefeed Android app instead of showing the site05:33
Tm_Ta good example is Google Music which I cannot reach at the moment due to this05:33
Tm_Tis there known way to change user agent without creating some web app klik package or some other workaround?05:34
dholbachgood morning07:04
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sturmflut2popey, mzanetti: Ping08:37
popeysturmflut2: pongs08:37
sturmflut2popey: Have you seen https://uappexplorer.com/app/neverball.lb and https://uappexplorer.com/app/neverputt.lb?08:37
popeyI am shaing on twitter/g+ as I type :)08:38
popeyit runs flawlessly08:38
sturmflut2popey: I was a bit jealous at first that they got it working before me ;) but I didn't have the necessary time anyways08:40
mzanettisturmflut2, what's with that?08:40
sturmflut2mzanetti: Two libSDL based games in the store!08:41
sturmflut2mzanetti: With Touch support and tilt sensors and everything! And blazingly fast on the bq!08:42
mzanettithat's nice08:43
popeyyeah, it's really impressive08:43
popeycode on github08:44
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popeythey start _instantly_ too08:45
sturmflut2popey: Yeah!08:45
ogra_how do they handle the app lifecycle mgmt08:45
ogra_did you check that ?08:46
popeyit works as expected08:46
popeyi have both games "running"08:46
ogra_and a GPS to tell you where to put the ball !08:47
popeyapparmor profile just says "audio" and "sensors"08:47
sturmflut2ogra_: Do they have to handle the App Lifecycle somehow? Doesn't Unity8 just tell the kernel to stop the app process?08:47
popeysturmflut2: there was a problem with OpenAL not getting stopped when playing audio08:47
popeyguess this app does audio differently08:47
ogra_sturmflut2, well, if they get killed due to OOM and restarted ...08:47
popeynot tested that08:47
sturmflut2ogra_: Ah, yes, that would be a problem.08:48
* sturmflut2 didn't think of all edge cases08:48
ogra_for that case the app needs to do something and save its state08:48
ogra_or you come back to it and it only starts newly, losing your progress08:48
popeyI'm just impressed how well an SDL game works on Mir08:48
popeyalso, it ships with very few libraries bundled in08:48
ogra_it is gigantic ... still downloading here :)08:49
popey123M in total 118M of which is level data08:49
popeyapp itself is 1.2M and the res is libs08:49
ogra_well, i started with neverball, thats only 52B08:49
popey123 unpacked08:49
popeyguess the data compresses well08:50
popeynext step - make a multi-arch version for the intel tablets :)08:50
sturmflut2Okay, they use the same approach as I did in the beginning: the .desktop file points to a shell script, which sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the included libSDL2-2.0.so.0 and then runs the binary. That could be simplified, as I have learned from mzanetti's Network Scanner08:53
mzanettisturmflut2, it probably has to for multiarch08:54
mzanettiunless the script fiddles with that...08:55
mzanettibut the lib folder in click packages exists for every arch and is automatically set up for the proper arch08:55
ogra_wow, really nice on the arale :)08:55
sturmflut2mzanetti: Yeah, I learned that trick with the lib folder by spying on you08:56
ogra_sturmflut2, you shouldnt need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all08:57
ogra_(as long as you ship your libs in the right location in the click)08:57
ogra_ubuntu-app-launch exports it when it runs the .desktop file08:58
ogra_https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/ (see "Runtime Environment")08:59
ogra_so who packages dota2 now ?09:02
popeyso what is the "right" location in the click?09:02
popeylibs/triple ?09:02
ogra_see the page above09:02
ogra_for arm09:03
popeytested that and it works09:04
ogra_i386-linux-gnu for i386 and x86_64-linux-gnu for amd6409:04
popeywill file an issue on github, because that way we can get an x86 build in09:04
popeyalthough the main binary is arch specific so that will need work too09:04
ogra_well, see PATH in the page09:04
ogra_you can just ship two binaries09:05
ogra_same setup :)09:05
ogra_(just with /bin)09:05
dholbachfgimenez, brendand: do you think we should go ahead and upload the selenium change to wily already?09:10
fgimenezdholbach, not sure, i have this https://code.launchpad.net/~fgimenez/+junk/python-selenium that builds fine with a recipe, but still ships the binaries09:16
fgimenezdholbach, zigo proposed bundling the binaries in a separate package and upload that to non-free in debian09:17
dholbachso that'd be a separate source package or separate binary package?09:19
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Amnesty International Day! 😃09:20
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fgimenezdholbach, i guess a separate source package but without compilation, just including the binaries that come in the selenium source09:39
fgimenezdholbach, if the debian upload doesn't go ahead we can try also removing the binaries, in this case we should check that this doesn't break anything with previous versions of ff09:40
fgimenezdholbach, don't know if shipping the binaries is acceptable in terms of licenses, etc09:41
dholbachas the separate source package will have to go through NEW anyway, it might make sense to upload your patch already :)09:43
dholbachand make the selenium-modules-non-free package (or whatever it's going to be called) conflicts/replaces: python-selenium << 2.45.0~09:44
fgimenezdholbach, yes, for uploading the patch into debian it must be a NMU, we are waiting for a possible response from the original maintainer09:47
dholbachand uploading it to wily already?09:49
fgimenezdholbach, i'm not sure, should it include the binaries? should we split the package in free/non-free (not sure how is this done in ubuntu)?09:51
dholbachfgimenez, I prepared a build in a vm and these seem to be the difference in terms of contents of the binary packages: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11408827/09:53
dholbachdo we know if users rely on the precompiled firefox webdriver files?09:53
dholbach... and if the update will break things09:57
fgimenezdholbach, no idea, we should check that of course, i think elopio mentioned that he was going to try with old ff versions10:00
dholbachfgimenez, ok... I was just asking about wily because it might help to get it out for testing and backport it, so more folks can make use of it for html5 apps10:02
dholbach(it's part of the default html5 app template in the sdk already)10:03
dholbachmaybe you can discuss it with elopio10:03
dholbachlet me know if you need somebody to upload it to wily10:03
fgimenezdholbach, ok thx, i'll ping you back10:06
dholbachrock and roll10:06
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jgdxquestion, if I'm on 15.10 on the phone, can I somehow change the channel to vivid+stable?11:21
jgdxand then just magically receive stable updates :p11:21
jgdxthat sounded bad when writing it out loud11:21
sturmflut2jgdx: The "system-image-cli" command on the phone has a "--switch" parameter11:45
sturmflut2jgdx: I am not sure how it handles this case though11:46
jgdxyeah, might as well just flash it11:48
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brunch875is the next OTA wily?13:10
ogra_no, wily will not come to phones13:11
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, btw I plan to look at migrating u-s-s to newer Ubuntu Component version (1.2) and replace deprecated listitems by the new listitem widget13:15
Elleoogra_: out of curiosity, any idea if there'll be a new framework release based on the vivid overlay at somepoint? with wily being skipped it'd mean a year before any new APIs could be introduced otherwise13:15
seb128we use outdated versions and have bugs and runtime warnings due to that13:16
kenvandineseb128, yeah, that would be awesome13:16
seb128kenvandine, jgdx: I'm probably going to do it in chunks, not all panels together, easier to review/test and trying to avoid conflicts in things that have pending refactoring13:17
kenvandinejgdx, you haven't seen any issues with libqofono in silo 36 have you?13:17
jgdxseb128, that'd be sweet!13:17
jgdxkenvandine, other than it not building? or running uss?13:18
kenvandinelibqofono built fine :)13:18
jgdxoh ok13:19
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jgdxkenvandine, no, but haven't look specifically13:19
jgdxI'll do that now13:19
kenvandinejgdx, did you get to test the reset context stuff?13:19
jgdxkenvandine, yes13:19
kenvandinebasically i want to change the version revision from 3.1 to 4, because that's the version i want to land in wily13:20
kenvandinebut if i bump it, and we change the patch at all... it gets annoying13:20
kenvandinejgdx, ok, i'm going to upload 0.70-0ubuntu4 to the ppa for wily then13:23
jgdxkenvandine, but13:23
jgdxkenvandine, it was never tested with the change to nuntium or networkmanager13:23
kenvandinejgdx, oh... maybe we should actually create a new silo for wily...13:24
jgdxthough it is unlikely that a change in libqofono will be needed if that process fails...13:24
kenvandineand keep this silo for the overlay/vivid backport13:24
kenvandinesince we have a proper libqofono for vivid overlay in this silo13:24
kenvandinejgdx, in fact, libqofono could just go to wily now right?13:25
kenvandinei could just upload it to wily and keep the silo simple for you13:26
jgdxkenvandine, sure13:27
jgdx3.1 seems to work very well from a lot of phonesim testing13:27
kenvandineis the ofono reset context changes in wily?13:27
kenvandineyes it si13:28
jgdxkenvandine, yep according to 133875813:28
kenvandinejgdx, ok, settings is building in silo 3313:33
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ogra_Elleo, oh, no idea, thats a question for the SDK team i guess14:16
Elleoogra_: okay, will poke give them a poke and see what the plan is14:17
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peat-psuwitabeato, awe: Can user_data passed into g_ril_send be freed in callback.15:07
peat-psuwitIdea is passing single instance of struct and pass it into multiple calls of g_ril_send, keeping ref count, and when callback is called, check ref count and free it if ref count is 015:09
awepeat-psuwit, if you don't pass in a destroy func, the user_data won't be cleaned up when the callback is processed15:11
awes/destroy func/notify func/15:11
awewell, actually it's type is GDestroyNotify15:12
aweand the param name is 'notify'15:12
aweso if you don't provide a func, then user_data won't be touched when the response for a sent request is handled15:12
peat-psuwitawe: So it's OK if user_data is freed when the callback return, right?15:13
aweif you want to free it in your callback, you can15:14
awebut again, to do so, you'd pass NULL as the last arg in g_ril_send ()15:14
awethe GDestroyNotify parameter is just a convenience mechanism15:15
peat-psuwitawe: Thanks.15:17
awepeat-psuwit, np15:17
cm-tTest dc15:27
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seb128kenvandine, jgdx, was there any fix you were still trying to land for ota4 u-s-s?16:41
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seb128when a device doesn't boot anymore17:29
seb128(stucked on the ubuntu logo)17:29
seb128what's the right way to restore it?17:29
seb128I tried to boot in fastboot mode but and do a u-d-f boostrap but the device says that recovery doesn't support it17:29
ogra_you need a recovery with adb in it17:31
kenvandineseb128, nothing else for settings for ota417:32
seb128ogra_, and if I don't have that, what can I do?17:32
seb128kenvandine, k, you are not trying to land the network and battery graph init fixes anymore?17:33
ogra_seb128, http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-517:33
ogra_seb128, there is a download link and instructions17:34
kenvandineseb128, i don't think they are on the ota4 list17:35
kenvandineso waiting17:35
seb128ogra_, the device in an arale not a bq17:35
ogra_seb128, oh17:36
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nik90With Android M, apps will no longer request permissions while installing it but rather when you start using a specific feature similar to UT. Looks like Google is learning ;)18:52
kenvandinenik90, indeed :)18:57
brunch875will telegram go smoother if I clear history?19:11
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LihisHi all20:43
jgdxseb128, did you see the mako thread?20:51
seb128jgdx, no, about?20:51
jgdxseb128, mako not booting, stuck on logo20:51
seb128jgdx, no, but I don't own a mako20:51
seb128I also fixed my arale issue20:51
seb128if that's what you were replying to20:51
jgdx(wifi died)20:53
jgdxseb128, right, never mind!20:53
jgdxI had to nuke the cache to fix my prob20:54
seb128jgdx, thanks for replying!20:54
LihisCan someone help me to debug recovery segmentation fault?20:55
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mariogripif i switch Ubuntu image channel (bq device), will the apps and data be wiped?21:29
nik90mariogrip: not unless you explicitly use the --bootstrap argument.21:36
nik90mariogrip: as in --bootstrap will wipe all data...21:36
mariogripnik90: Okay, thanks. i will switch to rc-proposed then.21:36
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Pogi_Name yogmog22:27
jeeepeeeHello ! Is there someone knowing how to install ubuntu touch on a meizu mx4 ?22:39
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