mappsgonna watch Maggie now00:32
diddledanmaggie thatcher?00:33
mappsnah arnie film00:34
diddledanhah, I just reminded myself of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDMSound00:57
diddledanthat takes me way back!00:57
diddledanah yes, I added maggie to my magic-machine a while back. It's still hunting for it.00:59
daftykinsjust roll on down to Blockbuster01:00
* daftykins giggles01:00
diddledanI've been wandering over the windows uservoice feedback/voting site - looking specifically at console-related features. I've just posted my own awesome idea for them to consider: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/266908-command-prompt/suggestions/8138868-decouple-cmd-and-powershell-from-main-windows-upda01:12
daftykinso rry01:14
diddledanand another: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/266908-command-prompt/suggestions/8139015-cmd-powershell-windows-thingies-o01:28
mapps108gb of csi eps comng wn atm01:29
daftykinsmust be pauper quality ;)01:31
diddledanwhat do we want? moar thingies!01:32
diddledanooh, it's googley IO today01:36
mappsnot 720p/1080 but thats enough for me01:36
daftykinsi've got a handful of eps from years ago of CSI, never tried though01:39
daftykinsi tried the first episode of the amazon Prime Instant Video interpretation of 'Bosch' the book series though the other day01:40
daftykinsthat was kinda neat01:40
diddledan_and I'mback in the room!02:23
daftykins"oh hey i'll save power by turning my right LCD off..."02:24
daftykins*goes to type*02:24
daftykinsoh yeah, kb + mouse receiver plugged into that one ¬_¬02:24
diddledan_I do silly things like that02:24
zmoylan-pipress f1 to continue... :-)02:24
daftykinsmy cat is asleep on a towel on the floor02:24
daftykinsit's for wash so that's ok but, damn how many places does a cat need a bed :D02:25
diddledan_always know where your towel is!02:25
daftykinssweet she likes to always be nea rme though i guess02:25
zmoylan-pisee the new japanese hoodies with a pouch for kitties?02:25
daftykinsi have not02:25
diddledan_I am struggling to remain family friendly02:26
daftykinsi wonder if she'd like the pouch in normal hoodies XD02:26
diddledan_too koote02:26
diddledan_that's a really pretty cat, too02:27
diddledan_I like how the strings on the hood are cat-toy-style02:27
zmoylan-piyou could probably stow a laptop there when kitty isn't using it :-)02:29
daftykinsthat's usually why she's not on the lap to begin with02:29
daftykinslaptop has beaten her to it02:29
daftykinsok i should not be here!02:30
daftykinsg'night o/02:30
diddledan_I should prolly get a bitta shuteye03:15
diddledan_I'm going on 48 hours03:15
zmoylan-pii've had my 4 hours of sleep :-/03:21
mappsno sleep?!05:03
knightwisehey everyone05:54
knightwisefinally got elementary installed on the mac mini05:55
knightwisetook me a friggin dvd install do get it done05:55
knightwiseI swear , Ive been doing some linux-rage quits lately ...06:21
knightwisesomehow it seems to be fighting me every step of the way.06:21
knightwiseJust now it won't come out of suspend, I still have an issue where I get dropped into grub after i boot (when I type exit it just boots)06:22
knightwiseand the ati driver messes up Chrome untill i do a complete redraw of the window06:22
knightwiseThis stuff used to be a tad more reliable.06:22
knightwiseI'm on the very cusp of getting me a dell xps13 and now i'm serioiusly considering buying the Windows version and just running Ubuntu in a fullscreen VM06:23
knightwiseI am starting to understand why a lot of linux enthousiasts love the chromebook so muchn.06:24
MooDoomorning all07:03
SuperMattgood morning07:04
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:31
brobostigonmorning MooDoo07:34
davmor2Morning all08:04
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
brobostigonmorning davmor208:08
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:18
MooDoohello davmor208:18
bigcalmintrbiz: do you want a Shropgeek t-shirt?08:18
davmor2MooDoo: ow am ya08:18
MooDoodavmor2: crackin lad08:20
davmor2looking forward to friday week off woohoo!08:21
MooDoodavmor2: nice08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Amnesty International Day! 😃09:20
MooDoomorning JamesTait09:20
JamesTait\o MooDoo09:22
JamesTaitMy sentiments exactly.09:34
diddledan_I wonder what shiny we're in-store for from googley hi-ho (IO) later today?09:35
* dutchie looking forward to the second test match more!09:37
davmor2JamesTait: there is a day for everyone but why celebrate those who Am Nasty :D On a more serious note a sensible day to celebrate \o/09:38
JamesTaitdavmor2, Yow am nasty. 😝09:38
diddledan_this is a bit of politics for ya'll: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/05/kubuntu-project-lead-asked-to-step-down-by-ubuntu-community-council09:39
davmor2JamesTait: Have I ever declared myself anything else 😝09:40
JamesTaitTo be fair, no, you haven't. 😝09:41
davmor2JamesTait: In fact I declare myself as evil to the core :D09:41
JamesTaitYeah, but we all know you're soft as...09:42
davmor2JamesTait: shhh don't let on that I really care about stuff09:42
* JamesTait zips it.09:43
intrbizbigcalm: oh yes09:49
bigcalmintrbiz: what size? I took a large09:53
TwistedLuciditydiddledan_: Take the lot of them into a quiet room, bash some heads together, solve problem. Storm/teacup09:57
diddledan_I kinda see both sides but if the decisions of the UCC aren't upheld then it defeats the purpose of having the council09:58
MooDooseems like someone has it in for jonathn09:59
TwistedLucidityAll I know is that JR asked for clarification on some point and didn't accept the answer for whatever reason. What I can't seem to find anywhere is what JR actually *did* to get peoples' backs up.09:59
TwistedLucidityDid he call the UCC "Big, stinky poos" or something?10:00
popeybecause the cc list isn't public10:00
TwistedLuciditypopey: Ah, OK. Well that explains that then10:00
popeyso any mails to the cc are private10:00
popeyalthough scottk seems to have published some of them10:00
TwistedLucidityI can see the headlines now "popey admits UCC is clandestine cabal!" :-P10:00
popeyhaving been on the cc in the past, yeah, sure, whatever10:01
TwistedLuciditypopey: It was a joke playing on the tabloid press penchant for making screaming headlines out of nothing.10:01
intrbizbigcalm: XL I expect10:01
TwistedLucidityI actually expect the whole thing to blow over in a month or so once the dust settles and emotions abate. These things usually do.10:02
bigcalmintrbiz: okay, I'll let Kirsty know and she'll bring one along on Monday10:02
intrbizbigcalm: cool ok10:02
popeysome people have invested some effort on stirring this up10:03
popeyI don't see those individuals dropping it10:03
TwistedLucidityWouldn't that be against the CoC?10:03
popeysome people skirt close to the code of conduct10:07
popeybut it's not just about a set of rules codified in the coc10:07
popeyit's about people being respectful to others, and being someone you can work with10:08
popeyi think the CC felt it couldn't work with riddell10:08
popeyso whether that's a CoC violation or not, it's not a tenable situation10:08
diddledan_I read that he's still allowed to be a developer, just not lead.10:09
TwistedLucidityIndeed not. I just hope cooler heads prevail. It is very easy to miss nuance in dead-text and fly off the handle. Or simply mis-type in haste.10:09
diddledan_there's leadership changes all the time in the business world so I fail to see why it's such a big deal when it happens in community projects10:09
popeyBecause the CC were careful not to a) publicly berate him (making future employment harder) and b) prevent him doing his current job10:09
popeyBit that's all broken by the manufactured rage.10:10
popeyand the cc are blamed, despite specifically attempting to reduce the public impact10:10
popeyalso, canonical are blamed, and so is mark10:10
popeyso yeah, great10:10
bashrc_what's the actual problem?10:10
TwistedLuciditypopey: Canoncial are *always* blamed! :-D10:11
popeygroup A finding person B difficult to work with10:11
popeytrue dat10:11
popeygroup A tells person B they don't recognise his authority anymore.10:11
popey<internet explodes>10:11
bashrc_just another day on irc10:11
popeygroup A get blamed for other things, whole thing gets spun by people who aren't involved, but inject themselves into the situation to stir the pot10:12
popeynobody wins10:12
TwistedLuciditypopey: We have these explosions all the time. Linus and whatshisname from systemd for example (the kernel spamming thing)10:12
diddledan_the register insisted on denigrating Ubuntu in general by referring to us all as "Umbongo land"10:12
TwistedLuciditypopey: Nah, wasn't thinking him. Just can't recall the dev's name. Not that is matters, all sorted now.10:13
TwistedLuciditydiddledan_: It's El Reg...what, you expect journalism?10:13
LaneyI think it's worth at least trying to understand the Kubuntu Council's reaction10:13
diddledan_point. well made.10:13
LaneyOne of their colleagues was removed from his position, and as far as they saw it the decision came out of the blue10:13
LaneyI don't think in that sense the anger is manufactured10:13
TwistedLucidityIt's part of the reason I read El Reg. You know a good 50% of the time they have the toungue firmly in their cheek.10:14
intrbizTwistedLucidity: refering to Kay Sievers there10:14
diddledan_TwistedLucidity: yeah it makes me giggle, too10:14
davmor2Laney: no it wasn't, the cc and kc were in communications, it was Scott of the KC that published the info that kicked off all the fuss10:14
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: Ah, was that who? But like I say, issue now seems to be resolved. Spat -> Swearing (well, Linus was involved) -> Thought -> Resolution10:15
Laneydavmor2: They were informed of a decision after it had been made10:15
LaneyIf you read the emails they repeatedly ask for it to be put on hold so that it can be discussed10:16
popeyI agree not telling the KC was a mistake.10:16
intrbizTwistedLucidity: he is one of the systemd devs, Linus tore into him over systemd hooking the 'debug' kernel commandline flag10:16
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: Yup. And IIRC the kernel now has guards against being spammed to death *and* systemd use a different flag or something like that. Another storm/teacup.10:17
TwistedLucidityCommunications break down, people reach for handbags. Same with this CC/KC thing. Give it a month or so and it will all be resolved.10:17
JamesTaitLaney, I read it as KC: We're not happy about this. UCC: OK, let's talk about it. KC: Not until you re-instate JR. UCC: Well, let's talk about that as well. KC: No deal. Re-instate JR or we're not talking.10:18
JamesTaitStand-off ensues.10:18
intrbizTwistedLucidity: yes systemd has a separate flag, all of Linus' rants are storms in teacups10:18
TwistedLucidityPerson A says '1', person B undertands 'square root of pi cubed"...pandemonium ensures.10:18
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: I'd be honoured to be at the end of a Linus rant, would mean I'm worthy of ranting at!10:19
directhex"criticism is not acceptable, you must be replaced by someone who will smile & nod more" isn't a good look10:19
TwistedLuciditydirecthex: Can't conclude that from the information at hand IMHO10:20
JamesTaitIt's a shitstorm that certainly could have been handled better, probably would have been resolved in private had things been left to run their course, but got stirred up by the usual suspects fanning the flames from the sidelines.10:20
intrbizyou can hardly remove a project lead 'privately', hence the whole issue10:22
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: Maybe that's a fault of process then. Perhaps there should be some kind of "airing of grievances" prior to such an action?10:23
TwistedLucidityGive both parties a chance to explain themselves. More often that not, that solves the issue if both parties wish to be reasonable.10:23
bashrc_a grudge match?10:24
TwistedLucidityGreat, now I have MTV's Deathmatch in my head!10:24
intrbizyou'd expect the CC to at least provide an example of what they thought was against the CoC10:25
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: Maybe they did, but depending on the content it may not be appropriate to make it public.10:25
bashrc_so they had some disagreement in private?10:25
intrbizTwistedLucidity: sure, at least with Linus' rants they are all public10:26
LaneyHe could have done everything they said of him, but the problem that Scott K (mainly) was expressing is that there was a secret trial10:26
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: People kind of expect that from Linus though, and he only rants at people/projects who should know better. Can you imagine the press if the CC/Canoncial/Mark went off on one in public?10:27
intrbizTwistedLucidity: by their own logic they'd need to remove themselves if they did10:27
LaneyThe leak predictably resulted in a zillion different and not all relevant discussions10:27
directhexlinus's "management style", if you want to call it that, is reprehensible. he gets a free pass because i don't know10:28
directhexoutside FOSSland, terms like "gross professional misconduct" and "constructive dismissal" would be applicable10:30
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: That'd be funny, is a tragic sort of way.10:30
TwistedLuciditydirecthex: Err...not in my experience.10:30
directhexTwistedLucidity: then you work for terrible people who need a better HR dept10:30
intrbizdirecthex: lkml has a vast amount of traffic, Linus's rants aren't all that frequent10:31
TwistedLuciditydirecthex: Same in every company I've experienced. Sometimes a harsh dressing-down is called for, when it is targeted, repeated and/or without justification; that's a problem10:32
TwistedLucidityintrbiz: But it's newsworthy. As is this CC/KC thing, so it gains traction.10:32
directhexbut that describes linus to a tee10:32
intrbizTwistedLucidity: indeed10:33
davmor2hey Laney I never did ask how are the windows now?10:40
Laneyneed to paint the frames10:40
Laneyand the walls :(10:40
Laneybut the windows themselves are good!10:40
TwistedLucidityLaney: Wooden?10:41
Laneythe windows themselves are "wood effect" pvc10:42
Laneybut the rest is wood10:42
TwistedLucidityLaney: How hard was it to find someone to do the work? I have double-glazed wooden windows on a listed building that'll need done soon(ish)10:42
TwistedLucidityOh, "wood effect"? Rats.10:42
Laneyoh I got some quotes for timber windows too10:42
Laneybut they were about twice as expensive so went for this10:43
Laneyyou're best off going to specialist companies for that10:43
TwistedLucidityI thought so10:43
* TwistedLucidity sobs into wallet10:43
Laneymost double glazing companies buy and install uPVC units10:43
TwistedLucidityYeah...I'd have the council one to me so fast it would not be funny.10:43
Laneywe were looking at >>4k for 5 windows10:44
Laneythat's timber fake sash ones10:45
TwistedLuciditySo £8k for proper timber sash one? Flippin' eck!10:45
directhexwindows are silly expensive10:45
Laneyreal sash would be more10:45
Laneynot worth it imho10:45
TwistedLucidityI have no choice10:45
directhexlike £600 each for basic upvc10:45
Laneythe fake ones look the same from the outside10:45
directhexcheaper to brick everything up & get some posters that look like outside10:46
TwistedLucidityLaney: Would still be a breach of the listing10:46
Laneynever buy a listed building 8\/10:46
directhexi considered replacing one static window with an openable one so i could get power outside... decided to just rip up a bush & get an external socket fitted instead10:47
directhexfraction of the cost10:47
TwistedLucidityHas some advantages. For starters, it looks nice!10:47
TwistedLucidityI'll have to hire a cherry picker as well. Guess I should speak with the management company as well. If my windows need done, others will too. A job-lot would probably be cheaper.10:49
zmoylan-pican't you just put a few boxes on a stool on chair on top of a ladder like most? :-P10:50
knightwiseafternoon peeps12:01
brobostigonafternoodlings knightwise12:03
brobostigonnoodle monster.12:04
knightwisehey brobostigon , diddledan_12:06
* diddledan_ anticipating googley news12:07
diddledan_the seven-dwarfs conference starts in a few hours (Googley IO IO it's off to work we go)12:07
knightwisehmm.. i'm at the very verge of buying a dell XPS13 but i'm kinda getting cord feet12:07
* brobostigon updates his pebble sdk to first non-beta v.312:07
knightwisecold feet12:08
diddledan_knightwise: I'm chilly too :-p12:08
knightwiseI'm gonna have to use it for the company (and take it to meetings and such).. and currently i'm seriously considering getting a surface pro3 and running ubuntu in a fullscreen VM.12:08
* brobostigon is warm, its 15c12:09
knightwiseI'm starting to realise that (especially if you have non-compliant hardware) that a VM is a more stable environment.12:11
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
knightwiseperhaps its herecy to say so ...12:12
diddledan_there were rumours several years ago about xen planning a solution that would enable a laptop to run multiple fully-hardware-accelerated (gfx etc) desktop operating systems with seamless switching between them via a hotkey12:15
diddledan_i.e. not what we currently have with an os within an os12:15
knightwiseI run elementary in a full screen VM on my macbook pro. I can literally swipe between operating systems using a 2 finger swipe on my mouse.12:16
knightwiseI'm ok to tinker and experiment with linux on 'unsupported' hardware when i'm working for Knightwise.com and geeking out .. but when i'm in a company meeting ....12:16
knightwiseim not sure if I dare to take ubuntu out on "the bare metal'12:17
diddledan_yeah but that's still os-within-vm-on-an-os12:17
diddledan_the concept I want is the efi boots into a hypervisor which then starts desktop operating systems all on the same level - i.e. you don't have "one super desktop which has dom0 privileges"12:18
diddledan_I want all the installed operating systems to be equivalent to xen's domU privilege12:20
diddledan_that way each can be independantly rebooted and you don't have a situation where one desktop gets an update and suddenly you need to shutdown every guest and reboot the entire system12:21
MooDooI use ubunt/kvm and glusterfs on my servers at home :D12:22
knightwisediddledan_: that is indeed a cool way to work.12:22
diddledan_ubunt. That's Ubu NT the successor to Ubu 98/Me?12:23
knightwisei'm starting to see that with the advent of cloud computing a lot of my workflows are becoming OS agnostic anyway and right now i'm more leaning toward a "unified" device12:23
diddledan_knightwise: ditto12:23
knightwisediddledan_: as aposed to ubu Gold and ubu SE12:23
diddledan_<heretical> I'm enjoying win10 :-o12:24
knightwisediddledan_: so am i12:24
knightwiseMS is not doing a bad job lately12:24
* zmoylan-pi banishes knightwise and diddledan_ to installing vista from floppy once though it will feel like forever.... :-)12:25
knightwiseNooooh !! I will jump into the mouth of the allmighty sarlack .. but not vista on a floppy12:27
zmoylan-pi5.25" floppy...12:27
knightwiseIt burrrrnnssss ussss ! (Golumn impression)12:29
zmoylan-piand of course the 2nd last disk will be wonky12:30
zmoylan-pibut that wasn't my doing :-D12:30
knightwiseSeriously ; think about it. You take a Surface pro 3 (with the cool form factor) and you get the portability and the hybrid form factor.12:31
zmoylan-piwith windows... i'd rather a zx81 with ram pack wobble12:31
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
knightwiseI know , that bothers me too that it has "windows"12:56
knightwisebut it will run linux fullscreen in a vm perfectly when it comes to hardware support12:56
bigcalmintrbiz: the prosafe firewall fvs114 doesn't appear to be able to route vlans per port. Not sure what my next option is13:15
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
intrbizbigcalm: ah, use the micro-server?13:33
bigcalmintrbiz: I guess so13:34
bigcalmintrbiz: add an extra nic or do it all with the one onboard?13:34
intrbizeither will work, adding a dual port nic might be the easiest approach13:35
bigcalmhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00965J4TS and use the low profile bracket included13:38
intrbizbigcalm: what slot do you have? is it low profile?13:39
bigcalmProliant N54L13:39
bigcalmI think13:39
intrbizbigcalm: or: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HP-412651-001-NC360T-PCIe-Dual-Port-Gigabit-Server-Adapter-Half-Height-/131514202432?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1e9edb794013:44
bigcalmOr use a usb nic to play around with - reconfiguring the internals of the proliant aren't an every day activity13:46
intrbizbigcalm: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-EXPI9402PTGL20-Pro-1000-Dual-Port-Gigabit-PCI-E-Low-Profile-Network-Card/111677371876?_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140328180637%26meid%3D6d307a65a97c4ce1a96683cd6e2b4895%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D12165837602214:04
bigcalmTempting to buy it just for my own amusement14:14
popeyyou are easily amused14:15
bigcalmpopey: this is well known14:15
* bigcalm wonders what is wrong with this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3Com-3500-48-port-100-Mbit-Network-Switch-Layer-2-3-Fully-Managed-Rackmounted-/201330364499?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2ee039905314:16
MartijnVdSthey're 100 mbit14:17
MartijnVdSpeople want gigabit now, at least14:17
bigcalmMartijnVdS: 1000 is over kill in this office14:17
MartijnVdSbigcalm: where I'm from, office internet speeds are at least 250Mbit/s14:17
MartijnVdSso gigabit is kind of required14:17
intrbizMartijnVdS: lucky you, some of us stuggled to get 8Mb/s14:18
intrbizbigcalm: go at least for the 3com 4500, can get them for about £20 for 10/10014:19
bigcalmI just searched ebay for layer 3 switch14:20
intrbizbigcalm: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3COM-3CR17561-91-SUPERSTACK-3-SWITCH-4500-26-PORT-2x-SFP-/171026058111?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item27d1f28b7f14:20
intrbizbigcalm: or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3Com-4500-50-Port-/281691959506?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item41962630d214:21
intrbizI use a 4500 at home, routing pushed into it, note you still need a dhcp server somewhere14:22
bigcalmNo switches with dhcp in them?14:23
intrbizthey have a relay agent14:24
bigcalmI guess I'm after a managed switch & firewall14:25
bigcalmMaybe the managed switch we have is fine and I just need to find the right firewall that will do multiple vlans14:25
MartijnVdSbigcalm: some routerboard device?14:26
MartijnVdSI have a RB1100AHx2 as a firewall/router/magic box14:27
bigcalmI have one of these at home: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005UGRIIG14:29
bigcalmThough I don't remember paying that much for it14:33
* bigcalm gets back to work14:33
diddledan_I bought a couple intel I1300 dual-gigabit nics a while back - they seem super stable15:08
diddledan_afact intel is the way to go for ootb support on virtually every operating system out there15:09
intrbizdiddledan_: or realtek15:09
intrbizperf difference of emulated realtek vs e1000 vs virtio on KVM is quite significant15:10
diddledan_aren't realteks usually just a media adapter that then does all the actual grunt work on your cpu?15:10
diddledan_like a winmodem did for telephones15:11
intrbizdiddledan_: yeh, realteks use the CPU more than the Intel or Broadcoms do15:11
diddledan_the intels I got offload a ton of stuff from the cpu from what I can see15:11
intrbizdiddledan_: but for modern CPUs it's not massive, Linux doesn't support much more offload than checksums15:11
diddledan_that's a shame :-p I like offloading stuff from cpu to ASICs15:12
intrbizsome cards will do TCP offloading etc and iSCSI offloading, but the mainline doesn't want to support that15:12
diddledan_grr @ kernel15:12
intrbizdiddledan_: the argument is well reasoned15:12
intrbizconcerns over the hooks they'd need to put into the networking layer, the binary blobs they'd need and security issues15:13
intrbizessentially you need to trust the NIC firmware with alot more15:14
diddledan_that's a good point15:14
diddledan_now if we re-wrote the firmware with open sauce stuff.... :-p15:14
intrbizhowever trying to get broadcom to do that.....15:15
diddledan_I occasionally have a look at the openboot to see how they're progressing - seems they're moving very slowly15:15
diddledan_or is it called coreboot now?15:15
diddledan_I forget15:16
intrbizsomething like that15:16
intrbizsome chromebooks use coreboot15:16
diddledan_that's it, coreboot15:17
intrbizI'd love to see opensourced BCM and lights outs cards15:17
diddledan_they're evil for security aparently15:17
diddledan_full of holes15:18
intrbizyeh that talk scared me quite alot15:18
intrbizespecially as in my IBMs you can't disabled intels fecking BMC networking15:18
ali1234_what does this mean? http://imgur.com/bVjvy1116:46
daftykinspermissions on disk are set that differ to the current user? guess that'd be one step after16:48
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MartijnVdSWhy do they use a razor blade for "Booking reference" (watch that first animation)19:37
popeythats a ticket19:40
MartijnVdSstill looks like a razor blade though?19:41
popeyi think it's supposed to be that19:43
MartijnVdSpopey: could be, the "Entertainment" category in the Play Store has the same icon.19:43
MartijnVdSAnd "razor blades" to mean "entertainment" is a bit.. twisted.19:43
shaunoI miss the days when people wrote email clients that actually worked with email servers, instead of gmail servers19:45
MartijnVdSshauno: gmail will happily speak SMTP or IMAP?19:46
shaunoI guess google at least have an excuse, but dropbox's Mailbox stuff does this too19:46
daftykinsdropbox added a silly comments feature that revealed real names beside shared public link images19:47
daftykinsthis made me sad19:47
shaunoI more mean the other way around, clients that'll only work with gmail19:47
shaunobut .. gmail speaks IMAP the same way italians speak english.  badly & begrudgingly19:47
daftykinsi like the webmail :>19:47
MartijnVdSshauno: then use Microsoft's offering :)19:48
daftykinsi have chrome installed solely to view my gmail19:48
MartijnVdSI've been using Inbox for a few months now. *LOVE* it.19:48
shaunoit looks like it could be fun to play with, but I won't hand my email over to google19:48
popeysomeone elses server in your house, you get the "free" heat19:52
MartijnVdSI saw that on Click last week19:53
MartijnVdSthey interviewed a Dutch family who had one of these things installed19:53
mappsgot postfix dovecot spamassasin and squirrelmail working20:27
mappsbut sendin email goes nowhere :)20:27
Myrttibah, my left speaker has stopped working20:28
davmor2mapps: then something isn't working then :P20:30
mappsi should be able to send email using my own smtp server? recieving it well i only have an IP so woul have to email the IP directly?20:31
mapps<markaplant@icloud.com>: host mx4.mail.icloud.com[] said: 550 5.7.120:31
mapps    Mail from IP was rejected due to listing in Spamhaus PBL. For20:31
mappslooks like my IP range is in some spam range20:32
m0nkey_I wouldn't feel bad not being able to send mail to icloud :)20:35
diddledan_does anyone even use icloud as their main email recepticle?!20:36
* Myrtti squints at popey 20:38
m0nkey_I'm still trying to get off Gmail. It's harder than it appears20:38
m0nkey_Everything I use is Google mostly everything20:38
* m0nkey_ loves his mechanical keyboard20:39
diddledan_I have a bit of a softspot for chiclet keyboards :-p20:40
m0nkey_Bah. Mech or go home :P20:41
m0nkey_I'm becoming a keyboard snob20:41
m0nkey_So, I've found the best way to buy one. Spend around 60 days researching mechs, get drunk and go shopping on Amazon.20:42
diddledan_drunk shopping is where shauno gets in so much trouble :-p20:43
shaunohey, I like my monkey20:43
diddledan_shauno: do you spank him? </nsfw>20:44
Myrttim0nkey_: that sounds like an improvement to our purchase flow of getting *anything*20:44
Myrttiit's about 670 days faster, for a start20:44
mappsI use my icloud email for bills and stuff20:44
m0nkey_Is Mr Myrtti keeping his wallet firmly closed?20:44
Myrttino, we both just procrastinate and do overly thorough homework on what to buy20:45
* diddledan_ wonders what Myrtti has her eyes set on that mr Myrtti won't agree to20:45
m0nkey_Bring him over to mine, we'll open a bottle of scotch, then go on a shopping spree!20:45
Myrttiyou know well he doesn't drink anything :-P20:45
diddledan_even better, less tolerence20:45
m0nkey_Well, I got a bottle of Ribena that needs drinking.20:45
diddledan_mm, beena20:45
Myrttibut hey, I've got a bookcase now for my books20:46
Myrttiso I've unpacked the moving boxes20:46
mappsgot a USB OTG cable and a formatted us stick as fat32..yet cant get it to show on my phone20:46
m0nkey_Can you believe it, I can actually get that stuff at my local supermarket!20:46
Myrttiand a wardrobe for my clothes20:46
Myrttiso I've unpacked the vacuum bags20:46
Myrttitook only year and a bit from moving to UK...20:46
m0nkey_About time he let you move in. lol20:46
Myrttithe wardrobes are lush though20:47
m0nkey_btw, the family and I are planning out trip to England next year. We'll have to talk nearer the time so we can swing by.20:50
m0nkey_(see, even with this fancy keyboard.. I still can't type)20:50
mappswhat a joke20:51
mappsie been back a few days and dont miss it20:51
m0nkey_Yet you hang in #ubuntu-uk :-P20:51
m0nkey_So you clearly miss part of it20:51
mapps30k people whee i am20:51
mappsso probably no ubuntu chan20:51
mappsyay can play media off usb on my nexus7 now;D21:15
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mappsthis lets be cops22:51
mappsis quite funny22:51
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte

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