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tsdgeosmzanetti: top approve! https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/make_try_no_cpu_usage/+merge/26031407:08
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dandradergreyback, so you're using a different compiler12:52
dandradergreyback, or how are you building it (cmake options)?12:54
greybackdandrader: sbuild12:54
dandradergreyback, this error doens't make sense12:55
dandradergreyback, theApp->canBeResumed() returns a boolean. I don't get it12:55
dandradergreyback, and it compiles fine here....12:56
greybackI'll have a look so12:56
dandradergreyback, I'll try with sbuild. It's been ages since I last played with it12:57
dandradergreyback, are you cross-building by any chance?12:57
greybackdandrader: yeah12:59
dandradergreyback, ok, that might be it13:06
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Saviqdandrader, greyback, reverse the args13:21
SaviqtheApp->canBeResumed(), false13:21
greybackdandrader: ^ that works for me13:30
dandraderSaviq, greyback. this is the format: EXPECT_EQ(expected, actual);13:31
dandraderSaviq, greyback, this it should be EXPECT_EQ(false, theApp->canBeResumed()); (which how it is in this patch)13:32
dandraderSaviq, greyback, reverting it to get rid of this warning would be a dirty hack13:32
dandraderSaviq, greyback, I don't cross-build. so no easy way for me to play with it13:33
dandradergreyback, or does sbuild do all the cross-building magic for me?13:34
greybackdandrader: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild has most of the info you need, it takes a little time to get going13:34
dandradercross-building: one extra layer for things to go wrong13:35
Saviqdandrader, or to find issues13:35
dandraderSaviq, yeah, issues in cross-building13:37
* dandrader is grumpy today13:37
Saviqdandrader, I wouldn't say whatever is causing the above error is "an issue in cross-building"13:38
Saviqbut rather a bug between qtest and gcc13:38
greyback_grrr http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11412888/ - that known to be a flaky test in chroot?14:21
tsdgeosi have a patch14:25
tsdgeosgreyback_: see the patch in plugins/Wizard/System.cpp in https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/autopkgtests/+merge/25802714:25
greyback_tsdgeos: sweet, thanks!14:26
dandraderSaviq, greyback_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11413060/ and this is what I have at line 6:14:32
dandrader$maintainer_name="Daniel d'Andrada <daniel.dandrada@canonical.com>";14:32
dandraderSaviq, greyback_any ideas?14:32
Saviqdandrader, I'd say " vs. '14:33
Saviqdandrader, use ' \'14:33
greyback_DanChapman: or use single quote14:33
greyback_oh, you can't14:33
greyback_yeah, try escaping it14:33
dandraderthose perl (it's perl, right?) error message are pretty confusing14:34
dandraderSaviq, greyback_, you guys nailed it. thanks!14:35
Saviqdandrader, yeah, perl14:35
Saviqgreyback_, unping Dan ;)14:35
greyback_DanChapman: sorry14:36
greyback_stupid tab autocompletion not being context aware14:36
DanChapman:-) no worries14:36
greyback_or case sensitive14:36
greyback_cimi: joining?14:37
greyback_dednick: you there?14:43
cimigreyback_, nope14:52
greyback_mzanetti: http://pad.ubuntu.com/En5l7qbkBq - opinion on those bitesize bugs for NUDT?15:02
greyback_dandrader: please don't forget to do a functional test of https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/qmirserver-hides-mirserver/+merge/258038 please15:43
* greyback_ too polite15:43
dandradergreyback_, I guess I can do it with vivid+overlay ppa, right?15:44
greyback_dandrader: yep15:45
greyback_but will probably only land in wily for now15:45
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mhall119willcooke: ping16:37
willcookemhall119, pong16:38
mhall119willcooke: I bought that slimport adapter for my N4, plugged it into my TV, and while it seems to recognize that a device is connected,it doesn't display anything16:39
mhall119is there something I need to do to make this work?16:39
willcookemhall119, you might need some code which hasnt landed yet16:40
willcookelemme find out16:40
willcookemhall119, installing landing-000 silo16:41
mhall119willcooke: also, do you want to have a sync-up call tomorrow or early next week about work items for converged desktop?16:41
willcookemhall119, sure thing16:42
mhall119willcooke: tomorrow at 1400 UTC work for you?16:44
willcookemhall119, YEAH, GREAT16:45
davmor2mhall119: ignore willcooke his meds are wearing off, he'll stop shouting when the new set kick in16:50
davmor2willcooke: on a more serious note, snappy personal are there images available yet or is it too early yet?16:53
willcookedavmor2, Seb is looking at it right now, should be Real Soon Now16:53
davmor2willcooke: awesome16:54
willcookedavmor2, see #ubuntu-desktop from about 1hr30m ago16:55
seb128willcooke, davmor2, see also snappy-devel@ list16:55
davmor2seb128: I'm desperate to not join more mailing lists ;)16:56
seb128davmor2, nothing useful there, just me asking questions16:56
seb128trying to figure out things16:56
kgunntotally useful!17:00
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dandraderis launchpad partially offline?20:13
nathanesau1how do i get the unity lockscreen back21:41
nathanesau1i did some research on this issue, but i don't have the option to change lockscreen in compiz config settings manager21:42
nathanesau1and in fact my version of unity isn't right - for instance the side bar isn't slightly transparent - it seems old, like my display manager is wrong or something.21:43

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