wxlbkerensa: sgclark: the booth is approved at oscon, but not sure about kde sharing space with us yet22:37
wxlnot sure why that's even a question anyone needs to check on but whatever22:37
sgclarkWell technically it would be Kubuntu as we are not dead yet!22:38
wxlaw come on22:38
sgclarknot without a fight lol22:38
wxlif we make it kde then all those fun people from lfnw can make it :)22:38
sgclarkoh true22:38
* wxl likes albert22:38
sgclarkfine by me, I am heavily involved with both22:39
wxli think leaving it open would be cool22:39
sgclarkeither way, I am there!22:39
wxli think showing off kde connect would be rad22:39
wxlit's going to be crazy for me as i have a wedding i need to go to the week after22:39
wxlwork is going to be unhappy22:39
* wxl shrugs22:40

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