barrydkMore almal04:40
nlsthznmoenie worry oor more nie, check vandag05:25
magespawngood morning06:09
magespawnhallo Kilos 06:43
Kilosmorning magespawn  and all others06:44
inetprogood mornings06:48
Kilosmorning inetpro  06:49
* Kilos gotta sort konversation, doesnt show freenode, so no logs06:50
Kiloshaha, while helping a guy add channels yesterday i somehow managed to type in the wrong place so now i see06:51
Kiloswhere it says auto join instead of freenode06:51
Kilosthats better06:54
inetproKilos: you talking greek again this morning?06:57
Kilosyou know the channel panel on konversation06:58
Kilosoh i set konversation to show channels on the left like xchat06:59
Kilosthe channels im in that is06:59
Kilosverstaan jy nou boetie06:59
Kiloswho is the one with a sore head07:00
* inetpro tries to figure what all this has to do with everyone else and where the logs come into the picture07:00
Kilosoh my cant even find where screenshot went07:05
magespawndoes it not default to the pictures folder?07:07
Kilosit wasnt called screenshot07:07
Kiloshi Squirm  07:08
Kiloshey used to saved as screenshots now they tb2.png etc07:08
magespawnthat is a bit strange07:09
Kilosmagespawn  can you see a panel on the left07:09
magespawndid you change the naming sequence?07:09
magespawnlet me go look07:09
Kilosoh you need this07:10
magespawnhmm might help07:11
magespawnokay yes07:11
magespawnthe one showing the channels etc07:12
Kilosok  please explain to goosie that where it now sayd freenode it had "where you see add"07:13
Kiloswhere you see auto join07:13
* inetpro getting even more confused07:14
magespawni do not see why that would be though, maybe just left over from yesterday07:14
magespawni do not use konvseration myself 07:14
Kilosso while looking what to do to explain to the other fellow instead of typing here it typed in "where you see auto join" where it should show freenode07:15
Kilosnm its fixed07:15
Kilosmuch ado about nothing07:15
magespawnmaybe that view you can change to show what you want07:15
Kilosyes you can add in what you want to call the network07:16
Kilosso basically i renamed freenode to "where you see auto join"07:16
magespawnokay then, bit of a strange name 07:17
Kilosman i was trying to explain to a guy where to add channels but forgot to close a little window before typing07:18
inetproand the story about the logs?07:18
magespawnno worries07:18
Kilosso not being in freenode anymore meant all scroll backs didnt show07:19
Kilossorry not logs07:19
inetproso then it was not just renamed after all07:22
Kilosai! maybe i must go back to bed07:23
inetproKilos: what I fail to understand is how you came to be in this channel while you see all these wackadoodle behaviours07:27
Kilosthe other channels still showed fine but with no scroll backs, as in with a new install or opening of an extra channel07:28
Kilosmurphy is trying to show me i can break kde if i do stupid things07:30
magespawnstupid is sometimes defined as something that was not forseen07:36
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pieter2627morning all08:08
Kiloshi pieter2627  08:14
Kilosyou can see the info for sfd at https://trello.com/c/q2nokuRs/97-software-freedom-day-201508:15
=== andrewlsd is now known as mciverza
=== mciverza is now known as andrewlsd
pieter2627ok, ty Kilos 08:37
Kilospro said tick the sfd start guide08:38
pieter2627oh, clicked previous event and recognized and old face :P08:41
Kilosi think grembalso wanted to get involved but he isnt on trello so maybe you can get him up to date with the links please09:03
Kilosif and when he logs in09:03
pieter2627ok, i currently just skimmed through them - plan on reading them full tonight09:05
Kiloshi arnaudmez  09:11
arnaudmezhi Kilos09:14
arnaudmezwhat are the news here ?09:15
Kilosvery quiet here , and there?09:16
arnaudmezSuper cool09:16
arnaudmezbeating the ground since early today09:16
arnaudmezJust for fun09:17
Kiloswe beat the drums09:17
arnaudmezWhat's on Kubuntu planet ?09:17
Kilosi think someone spoke about a post there09:18
arnaudmezI use Empathy to connect to IRC so i can't see older msg09:19
Kilosuse an irc client for irc09:20
andrewlsdhi. 09:20
Kilosquassel konversation hexchat09:20
* andrewlsd lurks09:20
Kiloshi andrewlsd  09:20
arnaudmezLike polari ?09:20
Kilosnever heard of polari09:20
arnaudmezOh i See ... u use Xchat right ?09:23
Kilosused to now i use konversation09:23
arnaudmezOkay I see09:24
arnaudmeztotally forgot that u like dragons 09:24
magespawnand now?10:13
Kilosstupid again10:14
Kilostwit place mixes me up with the pm thing10:14
Kilosso i tweet my cell number from @ubuntuza10:14
magespawnwho did you send it to?10:16
Kilosthey gotta come speed up my tower but always want so much info first10:17
magespawnwhy tweet it from ubuntuza though?10:17
Kiloslol stupid as usual10:18
Kilosi got a mail from twitter telling me there was a new pm so i clicked the link and it opened the wrong browser10:19
Kiloschrome does ubuntuza and opera does sharpeys10:19
Kilosand after a week of all links opening in opera today it decided to open from chrome10:20
Kilostoo much stuff all over10:20
MaNIisolate seperate roles into seperate kvm machines :P10:21
magespawnor just change the accounts frist10:21
Kilosi used to use choqok i think it was but i made messups with that too10:22
andrewlsdI also do the separate browser thing10:22
Kilosbetter to remove chrome10:22
Kilosyay thats good to hear andrewlsd  10:22
Kilosi dunno why chrome decided to take over from links in email today10:23
Kiloslinks from here all open in opera10:23
Kiloslol telkom gonna wonder what is going on now10:24
Kilosoh my i chased them10:26
* pieter2627 rofl10:27
Kiloscaptine how come youre an AndChat-453921  ?10:37
magespaw1back again10:53
Kilosyou okes loadshedding?10:53
magespaw1no just a loose cable10:53
Kilosyou pulled andrews cable too same time10:54
Kilosyou fixed your paw10:56
magespawnKilos pm12:26
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening , God bless12:39
pieter2627has anyone ever had an issue with dual monitors where one is dead to mouse input/clicks12:51
pieter2627wow, a locked screen seemed to fix it14:03
pieter2627yea, it was hard to use the keyboard to move around on it14:06
magespawnpieter2627: your seconde screen was not responding to your mouse/14:10
pieter2627first screen14:10
magespawnhow do you use yours? extended or duplicate?14:11
pieter2627i think i remember it happening awhile ago, but am not quite sure14:11
magespawni like mine that way too, espcially on my netbook14:12
pieter2627same here, don't see the point of dup in most scenarios14:13
magespawnfun factoid of the day: the laser part of a laser printer is in fact a high power halogon globe14:13
Kilosai! more to add to twitplace https://twitter.com/hellotelkom14:20
Kiloslol they dint like me complaining where everyone can see14:21
magespawnKilos only 35 more photos to go14:42
Kiloswell done magespawn  14:43
magespawn10 and counting14:53
magespawnright that is me done, home time, chat later all15:00
Kiloshi nlsthzn  sorry been kinda slack today15:38
Kilosi didnt greet earlier16:00
Kilosi gotta reboot16:00
nlsthznwb :p16:20
Kilosty, got a funny red popup attempt to break in was all i read before it was gone16:21
Kilosweird, i dont know whats installed to give notifications of attemped break ins16:23
Kilospeeps must attack servers not me16:27
Kilosim innocent16:27
nlsthznwas it perhaps a browser pop-up16:35
Kiloslol i dunno16:35
Kilosjust upgraded my firewall16:35
nlsthznwhat firewall?  16:36
Kilosnow wanna see what ports are open16:36
nlsthznthat just the gui for ufw16:36
Kilosi like to see things16:36
nlsthznafaik it doesn't give info like that16:36
Kilosya all i do is alloow outgoing and disallow all incoming16:37
Kilosdont know how to do more16:37
nlsthznall that is needed16:47
Kilosgood ty16:47
Kiloshi gremble  18:30
Kilosyou still up to helping with sfd?18:30
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
grembleI'll help. I am certainly not up for organising the event though18:37
grembleSo that startguide is someone else's baby18:37
Kiloskmf does it i think he just wants volunteers18:38
Kilosto help18:38
Kilosinetpro  feel free to jump in18:38
Kilosi have no idea what karl needs18:39
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:59
inetprogood evening19:00

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