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sakrecoeri can't drop this vision of "audio production" and "visual production"09:02
sakrecoeri enjoyed reading the backlog from 27/509:04
sakrecoerfreedesktop might very well listen if we come up with an interesting taxonomy for audio-production workflow.09:04
zequencevideo is a sort of mix betwen audio and graphics09:05
sakrecoerand they might as well for graphic-production, video-production or visual.production09:05
zequenceSo, not only visual09:05
sakrecoeri think in terms of "visual-proction" because it includes everithing visual: 2d, 3d graphics, animation, motionstop, video sequencing,09:07
sakrecoerbut perhaps i'm the only one associating visual that way?09:07
zequenceIn some respects, categories never make sense09:07
zequenceI'm glad we started working on this though09:08
zequenceSince both Debian sections and Freedesktop categories use those three main categories, I find use of them most logical09:09
zequenceDebian calls audio "sound", but that makes less of a difference09:10
zequenceThe sub categories are harder to define09:10
zequenceThey are in a way more fluid and many applications will fall under more than one09:10
zequenceOr, in none09:10
sakrecoeryes, you are right. its a fine edge. in a way, orthologicaly, if you separate video from graphics, the removal of photo becomes questionable...09:14
sakrecoerbut.... "computologicaly"(?) the three workflows make sense... :)09:17
sakrecoerthose stated at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/FeatureDefinitions/MultimediaApplicationCategorization09:17
sakrecoeryou really rocked the wiki zequence! thanks! 09:20
sakrecoershould we start filling the blanks on the pages[1], or will this be done by some script? [1]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Wily/GraphicsApplications09:21
zequenceI will do another set of tables first09:21
zequenceThen, if you like, you can do as much as you have time for. Especially under graphics and video, which seem to be your fields09:21
zequenceI will do work on audio, which is a big nut to crack09:22
zequenceA lot of work, researching all those packages09:22
zequenceBut, before we start, we need to have a list of sub categories that we will use09:23
zequenceWhat we have now is a proposal09:23
zequenceWe can start with the freedesktop categories. The ones that exist are safe to use. 09:23
zequenceLater we decide on how the metas should look like09:24
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