cjbaylissjoin #elementary02:56
* cjbayliss forgot the '/'02:57
ochosimorning everyone07:31
ochosielfy: lemme know when you're around for further testing instructions07:31
elfyaround for ~1 hour now - then back this afternoon - currently I am back with the -staging xfpm - ended up with none at all and screen turning off @10minutes without 07:33
ochosiok, wanna give git master another try? if not, that's fine too, i'll do a release maybe next week and that'll then land in -staging07:36
elfymmm 07:41
elfyso removing staging xfpm marks -plugins for removal07:41
elfybuilding from git - The program 'xfce4-power-manager' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: when I try and run it07:42
elfygot it 07:42
elfyright - so got it built - xfpm running - but no power plugin available07:43
ochosibut that used to work, no?07:51
ochosii'll quickly check myself07:52
elfyok 07:52
ochosihm, strange07:53
elfyworking for you? 07:53
ochosiseems i can reproduce that part07:53
ochosii'll check what's going on there07:54
ochosii don't remember changing anything in the build process07:54
elfyokey doke07:55
elfyif you find something and change it let me know and when I'm about I will go for it :)07:55
ochosiok, thanks!07:58
elfydon't sound so surprised :p08:01
ochosiso it seems the plugin stuff does get built but not installed08:02
ochosii wonder why that would be, when nothing changed wrt build08:02
elfyI'll ponder the oh when I return - cya later :)08:07
ochosihehe, good. hf!08:08
ochosielfy: in case it only says "Build panel plugins:yes" after running autogen and not " Xfce plugins:          yes" below it, then you're missing some dependency08:10
ochosithe main suspect would be libxfce4panel-2.0-dev08:12
ochosithat is what was missing for me08:12
ochosialso, please pull again from git, i pushed another tiny fix08:28
Noskcajochosi, Do you want the ppa to build xfpm from git or is that too volatile?08:37
ochosiactually for what we have in git master now, that'd be perfect for staging, if you have time08:37
ochosineeds just a bit more testing and then i can go ahead and release 1.5.108:37
elfyochosi: ack done that - built - added - have white icon now for the plugin - assume that's \o/ back off out now09:52
ochosielfy: yes! :) switch to a different theme with white panel and you'll see the magic09:59
Noskcajochosi, Tomorrow morning i have to fix xfce 4.12 in tanglu, then i'll look into making that work10:22
ochosiNoskcaj: no worries, elfy already (successfully) tested, so i'd say you can wait until there's a new dev-release10:23
NoskcajI do need to learn launchpad recipes anyway though, i think they work in this situation10:23
ochosihey bluesabre 10:41
bluesabrehey ochosi10:41
ochosithanks for adding the workitems10:43
ochosithe whole puzzles launcher only makes sense if we include the games by default, no?10:44
ochosior do you wanna upstream it or at least get it into the ubuntu package as a patch10:45
knomeyes and no; it will still be an improvement for those who install it10:45
ochosiyes and no?10:46
bluesabreimprove it for anybody, consider for xubuntu since they're good and tiny10:46
knomemakes sense only if we include, if you only want to think about xubuntu10:47
ochosiright, but improving for anybody means upstreaming, no?10:47
knomei believe the change needs to be in the package10:47
knomeeg. i don't think we want to go the route of overriding .desktop files10:47
ochosiyeah, that'd definitely make the most sense10:48
bluesabreochosi: I think we should make Xubuntu Team the drafter (maybe) on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-w-development if we want others to be able to add to it10:50
knomethough i don't know if it's realistic to get it upstream-upstream (like in the source)10:50
knomedebian, likely10:50
ochosibluesabre: sure, feel free to change that10:50
ochosibluesabre: btw, xfpm from git master should work fine now11:05
ochosii'm considering to fix one or two more bugs and then i'll do a 1.5.111:05
ochosimaybe i'll also add the feature for displaying the remaining time/percentage in the panel11:05
ochosi(so the symbolic icons are used now)11:06
bluesabrevery cool11:07
bluesabredebian seems ready to upload it to, we suggested to wait until 1.5.111:07
ochosiotherwise we might get a lot of duplicate bugreports11:09
ochosiunless they wanna add the fixes in git master as distro patches11:10
elfyochosi: yay - I assume that it turning to polka dots is right \o/ 12:34
XubunHey guys.. I am an avid Xubuntu user and am a developer by day .. I would like to give some time to helping out whenever possible. I am new here though... 16:43
krytarikXubun: You could start by having a look at this: http://xubuntu.org/contribute/16:51
elfyanyone else running wibbly with nvidia card? if so I randomly get this screen whiteout - have to reboot at wall - nouveau doesn'tgive the same trouble 16:57
Xubunkrytarik: Thanks. I would like to contribute towards Thunar or terminal 17:08
krytarikXubun: That'd be upstream Xfce then.17:09
krytarikXubun: #xfce-dev17:09
Xubunkrytarik: Perfect :) .. Thanks17:10
astraljavaelfy: No, not really. Did you use the one from -updates?17:30
elfyastraljava: yep17:43
pleia2the latest xubuntu at draft post if anyone wants to have a browse http://xubuntu.org/?p=3189&preview=true17:44
elfypleia2: lovely :)17:46
astraljavaelfy: I have that driver on two machines, one is a desktop with GeForce 9600 GT card, the other is a laptop with GeForce 9400M G card. Neither of 'em give me trouble, except that I'm not sure whether the occasional problem for lightdm-greeter to appear is related.17:54
elfyI suspect this is one of those annoying local issues 17:55
astraljavaSeems so.17:56
elfynow that I don'tplagued by the 10seconds till you see your real desktop thing I don't feel the need to use nvidia anyway tbh 17:56
astraljavaI just received this another laptop with Radeon graphics. And surprisingly, no issue with the proprietary driver on that one, either. 17:56
astraljavaAgain, excepting the occasional greeter non-appearance after resume.17:58
elfyright - rarely if ever suspend/resume here17:59
astraljavaUsually Xorg apologizes after that for having crashed. I'm not really sure who to blame for it, actually.17:59
elfyblame bert astraljava 17:59
elfyalways and for everything17:59
astraljavaWorks for me. :D17:59
elfyand me - he's a bit depressed though,random people blame him for everything 18:00
astraljavaWell, I can't blame them, when you're urging everyone to do so! :p18:02
* astraljava doesn't even know who this mysterious bert character is...18:02
* dkessel scratches head18:20
dkesselhas mousepad been ported to gtk3 during vivid? i am confused. http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-qa-v-autopilot says it was using gkt2 at the beginning of the vivid cycle18:20
dkesselgood evening, btw :)18:21
dkesselUnit193, i am wondering if there is anything one can help you with to get the xubuntu-core images hosted on cdimage.u.c18:35
Unit193dkessel: Something like that, though I like the GTK2 one better.  I have no idea, because it's not hosting it there so much as building.18:46
dkesselUnit193: "it"?18:47
Unit193First is mousepad, second comment is xubuntu-core.18:47
dkesselregarding core: ok, so i guess there are no preparations for that yet18:48
dkesselmousepad in gtk3 is nice, as gtk2 previously blocked the autopilot tests18:49
Unit193Yeah, but gtk2 is soo much nicer. :P18:49
Unit193And yeah, not gotten anywhere with core yet.18:49
Unit193I *may* be a little late for the meeting, but y'all can start without me right? :P18:50
astraljavaOh yeah, the meeting. It's in an hour, right?18:50
astraljavagot it18:51
pleia2that means it's burrito time19:00
dkesselenjoy your meal pleia2 :)19:02
* drc hands pleia2 some Imodium...just in case :)19:03
astraljavaWait, doesn't that do just the opposite of what she might need? Or am I mixing drugs again?19:32
drcIt's a thinly veiled reference to a Big Bang line... "...I suggest you get on with it as the court had a dicey burrito for breakfast and just took an Imodium...". 19:36
drcAs " Imodium A-D has been used for years to treat diarrhea", I assume that one must hurry because it hasn't taken effect yet.19:37
astraljavaOh ok, got it. :)19:39
dkesselhah, what a good moment for an upgrade to wily...19:51
drccheck for any packages from Acme first....19:52
* dkessel gets packages, did not see any from Acme19:54
Unit193#startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting20:00
meetingologyMeeting started Thu May 28 20:00:22 2015 UTC.  The chair is Unit193. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.20:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick20:00
Unit193#chair ochosi knome20:00
Unit193Howdy and welcome to the Xubuntu community meeting.  Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings20:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Unit193 knome ochosi20:00
Unit193Anyone here for the tacos?20:00
slickymasterI haven't dinner yet Unit193 20:01
elfyno thanks20:01
slickymasterhey guys20:01
elfyreally must sort out a CTCP sod off message20:01
Unit193elfy: Just means /me got messed up. :D20:02
Unit193#topic Open action items20:02
Unit193elfy to mail -dev list re Milestone participation during Wily cycle20:02
Unit193That was done, I saw it.20:02
slickymasteraw that too20:02
Unit193elfy: Anything to note here?20:02
elfynope - apparently I can do whatever I want there20:03
Unit193Pretty much.20:03
slickymastercard blanc for elfy 20:03
Unit193pleia2 to email list re: QA and incentives20:03
Unit193I saw that, there was a lot of them after I got back.20:03
elfythat makes it easy - we'll follow ~Ubuntu's plan ... 20:03
Unit193pleia2: Welcome!20:03
elfyhi pleia2 20:04
Unit193pleia2: Care to say anything here or just move on?20:04
slickymasterevening pleia2 20:04
pleia2I don't know that we have any end result from that thread20:04
Unit193Sure,that's fine as well.20:04
pleia2though I will say that the actual process of sending out stickers was no burden20:04
slickymasterand thanks for sorting out that dead link in docs.xubuntu.org20:04
pleia2just didn't seem like a valuable enterprise20:04
Unit193#topic Team updates20:05
dkesseloh yeah, good job on updating the docs site!20:05
Unit193Everyone have at it?20:05
elfy#info xubuntu-qa - nothing done, still trying to plan wily cycle20:05
pleia2#info pleia2 updated docs.xubuntu.org for 15.0420:06
pleia2#info pleia2 has draft for latest Xubuntu At... post ready for review20:06
slickymaster#info slickymaster Updated the documentation to showcase the replacement of Abiword and Gnumeric by LibreOffice Writer and Calc, respectively, and the the drop of Gimp20:07
Unit193If there's nothing else?20:09
slickymasternothing frm me20:09
slickymaster* from20:09
pleia2that's all20:09
elfynot as #info 20:09
Unit193#topic Discussion items20:09
Unit193#subtopic Rebooting the FAQ articles (mailing list discussion)20:09
slickymasteronly bluesabre replied to that20:10
Unit193So there has been some interest in helping, and I believe others did mention that they'd like to see it happen.20:10
elfynot sure what's going to happen if people don't step up to help20:10
pleia2I can help with review of the articles, and pitch in if there's anything I've seen from social media that should be included20:11
slickymasterthis would be a perfect case where the community might get involved20:11
* Unit193 looks at krytarik, sitting over there in the 'community' section.20:12
elfyha ha 20:12
pleia2ah yes, we could also ask people via social media what they think should be included in a FAQ20:12
slickymasteryes, my thoughts are exactly the same as Unit193?s20:13
Unit193But so far that leaves bluesabre writing all of them.20:13
pleia2he likes writing, right? :D20:13
elfypleia2: maybe try and get people involved that way 20:13
* astraljava can pitch in20:13
pleia2if he starts a blog post, we can multiplayer it and add some suggestions20:13
slickymasterand his thourough doing it, pleia2 20:13
slickymasterkrytarik, come up, come up, wherever you are20:14
Unit193So, astraljava and bluesabre, better odds!20:15
Unit193I think we'll carry that for when he's here at the next meeting, no?20:16
slickymasteryes, good plan20:17
Unit193#idea could also ask people via social media what they think should be included in a FAQ20:17
Unit193(I have no idea if that shows better in minutes.)20:17
Unit193#subtopic Package testing20:17
elfyso - basically we're not going to even sort out tracker this cycle20:18
Unit193Right, so the mail said, we're not doing them this cycle.20:18
elfynor update testcases20:18
Unit193I guess for that, all we even have to do is poke PaulW2U.20:18
elfyI'll assume that bluesabre and cohorts will liase when necessary for that 20:19
Unit193Heya, PaulW2U.20:19
elfy#action xubuntu-dev to liase with -qa when specific package testing required20:19
meetingologyACTION: xubuntu-dev to liase with -qa when specific package testing required20:19
Unit193Right, I'll need a release team member for stuff too.20:19
elfyhi PaulW2U 20:19
PaulW2Uhi all20:19
Unit193elfy: Anything else, or carry on to the next?20:19
elfyhang on20:19
slickymasterhi PaulW2U 20:20
elfydiscussion started with PaulW2U and saqman on m/l about testing (which is more or less the same thing) we can do that now or at the end20:20
elfyin which case we can move on20:21
Unit193Now'll do.20:21
elfyokey doke20:21
elfyso - we're looking at the best way to disseminate info to testers here - currently trello board for them is my preference20:22
elfyPaulW2U: you got any comments for the meeting? 20:22
PaulW2Uno really but it testers need focus20:22
Unit193FWIW, I'm keeping on top of those, thanks to SwissBot announcing every time something happens there.20:23
elfy(I've also offered to run a qa meet if there'senough people -maybe social media that offer pleia2 ? )20:23
PaulW2Uand items to test need to be easily found and the lists kept updated20:23
pleia2elfy: yes sir20:23
elfypleia2: :)20:23
elfyPaulW2U: ack 20:24
PaulW2Utrello board looks good20:24
* dkessel also likes trello20:24
elfyfor those who've not looked - there's a Tester Notes board https://trello.com/b/IV66JCHl/xubuntu-qa20:25
elfynot sure there's much else to mention on that at this moment 20:25
elfyUnit193: the meeting length is kind of based on the chair not looking out of the window :p20:29
Unit193#subtopic Milestones to take part in20:29
Unit193All the ones Ubuntu does is what I just read20:29
elfyI'm still happy with 20:29
Unit193Another idea was when/if we had something big landing.20:30
elfydidn't see that on my pointless mail to the list20:30
Unit193elfy: Side note, idea, etc.  But I don't think of anything big.20:30
Unit1934.12 hit last cycle, so that's it pretty much.20:31
elfyfrankly I think the best plan is start at Beta1 unless something turns up and we want to start earlier20:31
pleia2it doesn't need to be a milestone, right? just a stronger call for testing on the specific bit20:31
elfypleia2: yea for sure 20:31
Unit193I maaay have misremembered, pleia2.20:31
Unit193That sounds closer.20:31
pleia2elfy does a great job calling those to our attention, so it's easy enough for me to social media them (sometimes with or without prodding :))20:31
elfypleia2: the only issue being we can't stop dailies churning simply 20:31
elfypleia2: works best when I LP mail for that still ? 20:32
pleia2elfy: yeah20:32
pleia2that gets my attention, then I link to the -dev mail20:32
Unit193#agreed Participate with the ones Ubuntu does, starting at B1.20:33
elfybluesabre and I have quickly discussed both packages and images btw - it's not just me :)20:33
micahgwell, LO stuff should probably be tested20:33
Unit193micahg: Yeah, there's a couple things to be fixed yet in x.d.s20:34
elfymicahg: yea - probably20:34
elfyI need to see what Ubuntu do with LO - there is a test for it - but I don'tthink much occurs20:34
elfyhi knome 20:34
slickymasterknome o/20:34
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/zZTHqewdJcagM769YkZJ for a quick look, micahg.20:35
pleia2if LO is the only package test to point people at, maybe we can succeed in getting some to do it ;)20:35
elfypleia2: if only it was that simple - when I looked it was really old and would need checking over20:36
Unit193Ubuntu doesn't take better care of that one?20:36
elfyUnit193: they don't package test anymore 20:36
pleia2nevermind then20:36
pleia2would be easy if someone else was maintaining it, but if not..20:37
knomemanually, non-exploratorily, that is...20:37
elfymicahg: the other side of that coin is that we had tests for gnumeric/abiword that people didn't test and we still got bugs reported20:37
elfybut basically - if people need something tested - ask and it shall be promoted 20:38
Unit193Alrighty then, if there's nothing else?20:38
elfyI'm good20:39
Unit193#subtopic QA Incentive20:39
slickymasternothing on this end20:39
Unit193Again, from the mail it seems like a nice idea, but not really as much help.20:40
elfyI think I saw a few new names show up - but no way to know from where - they could well just be normal new 20:41
elfyand it all took me hours because tracker 20:41
pleia2if we do see a new contributor who starts doing a long, we can just randomly offer to send them stickers20:41
pleia2but a formal program doesn't work and was a bit silly20:41
pleia2s/a long/a lot20:41
elfyI'd not say it was silly - just something we tried 20:41
Unit193So, #info discontinued ?20:42
elfyUnit193: yep 20:42
pleia2elfy: yeah, an interesting experiment :)20:42
Unit193#info an interesting experiment, but discontinued20:43
Unit193Any other discussions?20:43
elfyblueprints? or wait till ochosi is about? 20:44
Unit193Likely wait for him.20:44
Unit193#topic Announcements20:44
pleia2I updated a blueprint today \o/20:44
Unit193I looked at them!20:44
elfy\o/ 20:44
knomei did nothing today!20:45
elfystill working on qa one20:45
elfyknome: \o/ 20:45
Unit193I see nothing coming up.20:45
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu May 28 20:45:55 2015 UTC.  20:45
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-05-28-20.00.moin.txt20:45
slickymasterI fought a java exploit and ransomware trojan20:46
elfyI'll sort the next meeting out20:46
elfythinking the 29th May20:46
pleia2thanks Unit193 20:46
pleia2elfy: ...20:46
Unit193http://java-0day.com/ \o/20:47
Unit193pleia2: Sure, thanks for bearing with me there. :320:47
slickymasterthanks Unit193 20:47
* pleia2 back2work20:47
dkesseloh well. i was really interested to read about the blueprints. too bad.20:47
* slickymaster starts to grill his bass for dinner20:47
* elfy sits back to watch Unit193 do the meeting page updates20:48
Unit193elfy: How did you know I was wondering "what next?"? :D20:48
elfyI remember last time :p20:48
Unit193Haha, :D20:48
* slickymaster heads up to the kitchen20:49
Unit193The lock of slickymaster timed out 39 minute(s) ago, and you were granted the lock for this page20:49
slickymasterups, sorry about that Unit193 :P20:49
slickymastermy bad20:49
slickymasterbetter now?20:50
micahgochosi: so, if we get down to 1 gstreamer copy, we should be right sized20:50
Unit193xfburn will get us there, no?20:50
micahgI think so20:50
knomewith LO?20:50
Unit193Nice, thanks micahg.20:50
micahgUnit193: wait, no, pidgin/farstream is the other big thing20:51
Unit193Ah right, that.  I'm really hoping that'll be fixed, either with patches or .12 release.20:51
Unit193micahg: I've still been running pidgin with gst1.0, no issues.20:52
micahgI know 3.0 is a WIP20:52
Unit1932.10.12 should actually have them.20:53
Unit193micahg: My plan was to bug robert_ancell about the LP bug.20:54
Unit193#agreed does nothing.20:55
elfyUnit193: so core iso - I was going to make a start on testcases for those - no issue with the https://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/ link on there? 20:56
Unit193Wouldn't testcases be mini.iso?  Then later we get the Ubuntu buildds?  I have no other problems.20:57
elfythis is what I was talking about the other day ... 20:57
elfyare we going to get this as an ubuntu build then? if so I'll hold fire 20:58
knomeelfy, pleia2: maybe we can do some other one-off sticker "competitions"/raffles20:58
Unit193That was the hope, I believe.  I'll have to talk to bluesabre, our release eng.20:58
elfyUnit193: ok - well if you do that overnight could you ping me and I'll find the backlog20:59
Unit193IMO, discussions should have nicks next to them, so we can figure out who needs to lead them.20:59
Unit193elfy: Yes sir!20:59
elfyknome: possibly - but frankly - it's a whole lot of work if we need information from tracker20:59
knomeUnit193, at least it would be nice if the person who added the item to the agenda left a visible mark there20:59
elfyunless it's something subjective like "that user's been about a lot lately"21:00
knomeelfy, not necessarily tracker-related21:00
knomeelfy, or just "test this and take a screenshot while you do it, we draw one random sticker winner"21:00
elfyyea possibly21:01
knomesomething more organix21:02
knomeand as i said, one-off, not a huge undertaking21:02
elfythen it definitely HAS to be not related to tracker unless it's done now ;) 21:04
ochosihey folks21:28
ochosisorry for being too late :(21:28
Unit193No you're not!21:28
ochosii'll catch up with the backlog and join in then21:29
* knome slaps ochosi21:29
knomeNAUGHTY BOY21:29
drcI think the proper phrase is "Bad dog, no biscuit!".21:32
ochosiok, now i'm actually back21:48
Unit193Hah, and I'm gone. :D21:48
ochosimicahg: yeah, meh, pidgin :/ i don't see that getting fixed too soon, although Unit193 claims it will, we'll see..21:49
Unit193Erm, no.21:49
ochosii thought you said some point release will do gst1?21:49
Unit193I gave data, I just hope for this cycle.  Yeah, from what I've read .12 will.21:49
ochosiwell that sounds a lot closer than 3.021:50
ochosiactually, re: blueprints and LO, i'll add another workitem to w--artwork21:50
ochosiso the meeting is still running officially?21:51
Unit193ochosi: https://hg.pidgin.im/pidgin/main/rev/2415067473ba21:51
knomeochosi, what's that you're adding?21:51
knomeochosi, i suddendly started thinking about some document templates and color schemes..21:52
ochosiUnit193: first of all: wow, they use mercurial. secondly: wow, nice!21:52
knometemplates is likely a bit in vain, i would imagine nobody wants to use a xubuntu template21:52
ochosiyea, prolly not21:52
ochosibut the icon theme could integrate better21:53
knomethat too21:53
ochosithat's the one thing that doesn't really go along21:53
ochosibluesabre once worked out a script for replacing many icons with elementary-xfce ones21:53
ochosibut that was when i was extremely busy, so i had no chance to follow up21:53
ochosiknome: btw, feel free to claim the wallpaper workitem21:54
knomeoh sigh, just dump my name in there :P21:54
Unit193ochosi: Yep!  Try it out todayâ„¢ :P21:54
Unit193For me personally, all that's left is wine and I can get rid of gst0.10 on every system.21:55
ochosihmright, i dont use pidgin ;)21:55
knomeochosi, wait, wallpaper item is not INPROGRESS? :P21:56
knomeochosi, don't you remember21:56
knomesilly one21:57
ochosithat's your workitem now, you deal with it ;)21:57
knomewell you knew it was before you assigned it to me..21:57
Unit193ochosi: torchat!21:57
knomeUnit193, aren't you gone? :P21:58
ochosipleia2: btw, that last email i just sent to the ml could be social-worthy, if you have time!22:03
* knome is already tweeting22:04
ochosii'm wondering whether we should link to status.ubuntu somewhere in the contribute part of -web22:05
ochosisince that is actually quite a useful overview of our goings on22:05
knomei'll do something about that soonish22:05
ochosieven the umbrella blueprint might be link-worthy22:06
knomenow at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2015-May/010790.html with a shameless self-plug for @simonsteinbeiss22:12
ochosiwell ofc :)22:13
NoskcajIs it ok if i update lp:~xubuntu-dev/+junk/xfpm-pkging to the packaging of xfpm in xubuntu-staging?22:15
ochosithere is a junk PPA?22:16
Noskcajochosi, A daily build ppa22:16
ochosioh right22:16
Noskcajgreat, launchpad is giving me 404 errors. I guess i'll try tonight22:17
ochosiyeah, go launchpad!22:17
ochosianyway, better to wait for bluesabre's opinion on that one, i'm not really confident about my own packaging opinions ;)22:17
Noskcajfair enough22:19
Noskcajbluesabre, When do you think we'll be able to upload new panel?22:21
knomeochosi, http://xubuntu.org/contribute/22:28
knomeochosi, is that better? (remember to f5, canonical does heavy caching..)22:28
ochosinot bad! i would actually add some graphics or icons to that page22:29
knomeochosi, well, http://xubuntu.org/?page_id=3081&preview=true22:29
knomeochosi, mostly, the subteams are much saner in that22:29
knomeand yeah, agree with artwork22:29
knomebut me has none ready :P22:29
knomeif you have a good idea for some artwork (in the same style as in the front page) that would fit well with the team list, tell me22:30
ochosii'm actually wondering whether we should make "Progress" a separate header / section22:31
ochosiand link to status.ubuntu as well as to the blueprints there22:31
ochosito make it more prominent22:31
knomebut fwiw, i would like to keep most pages static22:31
knomeeg. not something we need to update every cycle22:31
knomeso maybe for the so-called "develeoper area" we could have that22:32
bluesabrehi all22:32
knomea page per cycle22:32
knomelists progress, links important things and stuff22:32
bluesabrewife is sick, so I may be around for very little time22:32
knomethen we could point to *that* from the page or so22:32
knomebluesabre, strength22:32
knomefor you and/or for her, depending how much she makes you do stuff :P22:32
* bluesabre used strength... it's not very effective22:33
knomethat didn't come out right22:33
knome"my wife is sick - i used strength"22:33
bluesabreNoskcaj: possibly tonight, more likely tomorrow morning22:34
bluesabreso, I think that might be tomorrow night for you22:34
bluesabreor tonight22:34
* bluesabre stops talking22:35
ochosispeedy recovery to her then!22:35
ochosiknome: could do something like 4 graphics for the various teams, e.g. something (but more pretty) like this for docs: http://i.imgur.com/6ur2vtQ.png22:37
knomeuh oh22:37
bluesabreNoskcaj: when updating daily builds, make sure they still build for trusty->vivid, or create a new branch of packaging, otherwise, go for it (with testing)22:39
bluesabreUnit193: I can help, but I have no idea what it takes to actually add new builds to cdimage22:40
bluesabreI can press a button to rebuild22:40
knomeochosi, would prefer one image, it's hard to make stuff thats drawn in the same way fit that area22:40
knomeespecially four things22:40
bluesabrewhy not five?22:40
knomeand drawing stuff that is like icons is meh...22:40
knomebluesabre, because if you ask any designer, they'll tell five things do not go nicely in columns :P22:41
knomewell 4 is 2 items in 2 columns22:41
ochosihmyeah, i sort of agree (re: drawn icons), however, going less abstract isn't easy here22:42
ochosijust felt we could do some of the common metaphors where they exist for different areas of "contributing"22:43
knomesure, but good things aren't easy22:43
ochosimaybe not easy, but simple!22:43
ochosinot our style, but how others do it: https://elementary.io/developer22:44
ochosialthough that is a slightly different thing22:45
ochosibluesabre: i know you're busy and all, just wanted to mention that in-development wallpaper again22:47
ochosisince that only makes sense if we set it early in the cycle22:47
bluesabreochosi: I'll have it in tonight, will be in tomorrow's image22:50
bluesabreand thanks for pinging again22:50
ochosithanks for uploading! didn't expect things to go so quickly22:51
ochosionly thought i'd remind you since i just thought of it again22:51
ochosiwe can also make it a workitem, so it's less stressful for you22:51
ochosino need to do it *now*22:52
bluesabre*tonight* ;)22:52
knomeochosi, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/web_art/xwa-community.png22:59
ochosimaybe add an eye to make it look a bit more like a person23:01
knomewell that just looked stupid23:01
ochosior maybe it's ok, i just need to get some sleep now23:01
knomethat's why the hair is huge23:01
ochosianyway, ttyl, have a good night!23:01
knomenighty :)23:01
Unit193knome: Yes I was.23:06
Unit193bluesabre: But you may know who to ping, or I can pretend you do.23:07
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