bmeduhoIs there anyone here who can answer some questions I have about Xubuntu?00:56
xubuntu474 03:05
nikolamI had a girl over last night and we ere listening to some music from soundcloud07:40
nikolamYet, 2 times machine locks up starting sceeen saver and music stops07:40
nikolamWhy music, sound output has to stop on locking machine07:41
nikolamits annoying07:41
nikolamit is 14.04.2 LTS 32bit there07:41
cfhowlettnikolam, screensaver?  xscreensaver is known to cause issues with xubuntu 14.04/lightdm07:41
cfhowlettnikolam, in fact, the xubuntu page suggests removing/disabling xscreensaver07:42
nikolamI dunno I have set it to blank screen after 20 minutes, loc some time after it and then turn it off in xubuntu settings07:42
nikolamNowhere is mentioned that it would mute the sound, too07:42
nikolamAt least I don't remember it used to do that in releases before07:43
brainwashnikolam: please read http://xubuntu.org/news/screen-locking-in-xubuntu-14-04/07:44
cfhowlettnikolam, "Due to the switch from xscreensaver to light-locker, some users might have issues with timing of locking; removing xscreensaver from the system should fix these problems"07:44
brainwashit answers all your questions07:44
brainwashcfhowlett: but this is a fixable problem, no need to replace light-locker07:45
cfhowlettbrainwash, good find.07:45
cfhowlettbrainwash, dude.  read the link.07:45
nikolambah, no screensavers...07:53
nikolamAs I understand xsceensaver is much better solution, except it is not updated visually...07:54
brainwashbasically yes07:55
cfhowlettnikolam, better?  than lightlocker?  not really.07:56
nikolamI red the article. Seems like xscreensaver does not need separate VT, does not stops audio when you try to log in, does not force you to put yourself in audio group..07:57
nikolamOnly thing with it is that it looks outdated. And I don't see both accept user switching? Or do they07:58
brainwashalso, it does not cause trouble with power management (due to the VT switch)07:58
nikolam"Otherwise, switching to another user may leave the new user without access to sound devices. "07:59
brainwashboth should support user switching07:59
nikolamyes I think I witnessed one problem before after bringing from standby, but neet to re-check it again.07:59
brainwashso yeah, go ahead and replace light-locker with xscreensaver (or something else)08:00
nikolamSo there is actually no solution for sound for me for light-locker. First one “When the screensaver is deactivated” leaves me with no sound before log in and audio group leaves user switching with no sound.08:01
nikolamOnly solution is to bring back xscreensaver08:01
nikolamOk, will do.08:01
nikolamlight-locker seems like it is for single user machines only, regarding to sound.08:04
brainwashthere are plans to make light-locker work without VT switching. sadly, no progress so far08:05
nikolamok, good to know.08:05
brainwashand light-locker will continue to be the default screen locker in xubuntu despite its drawbacks08:06
nikolamI was using Xubuntu for long time now. Since 7.04 I think. With some interruptions recently. My feeling is that things are improved in many ways08:06
nikolamLike, 64-bit everything working without quirks, but that is expected in 2015 comparing to 200708:06
brainwashyes, I can confirm that08:07
nikolamOtherwise it was needed to do amazing amount of work to have everything work liek it should, like flash, additional packages, codecs, and many small things that require deper knowledge of an OS08:07
nikolamMostly I never bought that _khm_ retarted Ubuntu way of installing packages. I depend on synaptic and aptitude to get things done.08:08
cfhowlettperhaps that's a good thing considering xscreensaver's age and that modern screens make the screensaver unnecessary08:09
nikolamPlus I needed to search web for answer, when choosing stable nvidia driver08:09
nikolamI think that screensavers are needed because people still like to have something on their screen when they log off08:10
nikolamor locks actually08:10
nikolamIf other platforms have it, why not xubuntu have it08:10
brainwashright, xscreensaver is mainly used as screen locker. the screensaver part is not that important anymore08:10
nikolamAdvancing light-locker to be more like xscreensaver could be a way to go08:10
nikolamIt is not that important, but loosing ability to run screen saver is not a good solution when comparing to other platforms.08:11
nikolam"they can't even run screensaver" etc.08:12
brainwashno one really complains about missing animated screensavers08:13
brainwashnikolam: https://github.com/the-cavalry/light-locker/issues/2208:14
nikolamI know, but I think I do. If people use it less, does not mean they don't use it. Inability to use it is somewhat ackward.08:14
ochosinikolam: there's no inability, you can install stuff on your own and use that. light-locker is only part of the default setup. linux is open, so you can decide for yourself what you need if you don't like the default08:15
nikolamochosi, that might be the good answer. Ok it is default inability, e.g. default settings disable screensavers and audio on user switching.08:17
Afdlahow can I lower the mouse sensitivity to lower than the minimum in the settings?11:01
Afdlaxinput stuff didn't do anything11:01
Hudsonkemhello guys17:38
Hudsonkemwell, I would like to know why my "open window" or "save window", same times are different?17:39
Hudsonkemlike that> http://i.imgur.com/N6X3m3o.png17:39
Hudsonkemthe correct is (thunar)>> http://i.imgur.com/zamrve2.png17:43
sinelawhow to upgrade from 14 to 15?20:09
sinelawdist-upgrade, ok20:11
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