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ahoneybunVivid wallpaper: http://imgur.com/Ny5APPr02:17
valorieahoneybun: nice except for that totally ugly monkey head04:28
valorievervets are cute!04:28
valoriewhy did they choose such a horrible logo04:28
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lordievaderGood morning.07:29
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BluesKajHiyas all11:44
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sitterreview plz http://paste.ubuntu.com/11498224/14:40
QuintasanAny ideas?14:48
ubottuKDE bug 347540 in general "Cannot start Konsole in Kubuntu 15.04" [Grave,Unconfirmed]14:48
BluesKajQuintasan, what about a bare metal installation, do you have one ? Don't VM guests behave differently in the terminal ?14:53
QuintasanThe second user reports this occured on a clean install14:53
QuintasanI usually dismiss VM bug reports but this should not occur even on a VM.14:54
sitterRiddell: ping15:12
sittershadeslayer: ping15:12
Riddellhi sitter15:40
sitterRiddell: [16:40] <sitter> review plz http://paste.ubuntu.com/11498224/15:41
Riddellsitter: looks fine at a glance15:41
sitterdidn't work, changed it to eq then it worked15:58
sittershittiest language ever15:58
sitteralso documentation says == is equal to eq, so 15:58
sitteroh wait15:59
sitterI am reating this wrong maybe15:59
sitter== is for numbers and eq is for strings15:59
sitterthat sounds familiarly silly15:59
shadeslayerMuchos fun16:24
shadeslayersitter: its a holiday here and I'm not really around16:24
shadeslayerCya in LA though :)16:24
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claydohumm ignore me please23:29

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