Hacker_TOHi where do I report bugs?00:10
valorieHacker_TO: it depends on what the bug is00:17
valorieif it is packaging, to kubuntu on launchpad00:17
valorieif it is in a KDE application, then bugs.kde.org00:17
valoriewhat is the bug?00:17
Hacker_TOkubuntu upgrade bug from 14.10 to 15.0400:17
valoriedef. in launchpad00:18
valoriebut I don't know enough about the various components to tell you what to file against.00:18
Hacker_TOwhat is the link ?00:19
Hacker_TOto site page00:19
valoriehow about this: write to the kubuntu-devel list and describe the problem and we'll try to sort it out with the experts00:19
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.00:19
valoriethat might work; if not, please write and ask and we'll help00:20
Hacker_TOOK Thanks I'll do that, some of the bugs were incorrectly reported to kde00:20
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valoriesorry, have to go out for a few hours; I hope I've given you enough to go on00:22
valoriewe appreciate good bug reporting, so thank you in advance00:22
Hacker_TOyes I got it, thanks for you help!00:23
tkhanhello there01:03
tkhani needed some help on the file indexing tool baloo01:04
tkhanits process baloo_file just keeps eating one core of my CPU01:04
tkhanthis is 15.04 64bit01:04
tkhananyone knows of a solution to fix the anomally?01:05
shadeslayeryeah sounds like a busted db01:06
shadeslayerthat's what I get too at times01:06
shadeslayertkhan: can you gdb into it?01:06
shadeslayersudo gdb -p `pidof baloo_file`01:06
shadeslayerthen type in : t a a bt01:06
shadeslayerand pastebin the backtrace01:07
shadeslayertkhan: you can also disable indexing if it's not something you want01:07
shadeslayerand can live without01:07
tkhanputting it in pastebin in a moment01:08
shadeslayer#6  0x00007f980eb04a62 in Xapian::Document::Internal::get_value(unsigned int) const () from /usr/lib/libxapian.so.2201:11
shadeslayeryeah xapian issue01:11
tkhani don't mind disabling it01:12
tkhanbut is it a common problem ?01:12
tkhani am not really sure01:12
tkhanbut I think the issue may have happened01:12
shadeslayerit's fairly common for me01:13
shadeslayeranyway, xapian is being dropped01:13
tkhanafter I linked one of the samba shares to the list of places01:13
shadeslayerin favor of lmdb01:13
shadeslayertkhan: actually, that list is a exclusion list01:13
shadeslayerso you explicitly excluded the samba share01:13
tkhanand now i cant find it under places... funny01:15
tkhanok, baloo is out for now...01:19
tkhanThanks shadeslayer!01:20
austin6598can this run on kubuntu?: https://github.com/xybu/onedrive-d01:41
Roeyshadeslayer:  heya!02:02
PeEllHey there. I'm having a problem where I have two task managers, each set to only display the contents of the associated screen, but sometimes windows end up on the wrong task manager.03:03
PeEllI've tried removing and re-adding the task manager, which works at first, but then the problems come back later. What am I doing wrong, or where should I look?03:03
austin6598are there any other options checked besides the first filter03:04
austin6598must be a bug, sorry idk03:13
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jean_doehi there folks05:14
jean_doeI'm using the Kubuntu 15.04 and getting some troubles while trying to change the keyboard layout.05:15
jean_doeIs there any kde5 module to install which can provide the keyboard layout configuration ?05:16
valoriesystem settings > keyboard05:18
valorieor just alt+space and type in keyboard and it will be one of the choices05:18
valoriejean_doe: ^^^05:19
jean_doevalorie: so... there's no such option.05:21
valoriewell, you can go directly to system settings and find it in there, then05:22
valorieHardware > Input devices > keyboard05:23
jean_doevalorie: are you under graphical env. ? Could I show you these print sreens ?05:23
valorieyes, I'm using 15.04 as well05:23
valoriesure, you can upload to imgur or snaggy or something05:23
jean_doewhat image server can I use to share it?05:24
jean_doevalorie: http://imgur.com/3xAOlb405:25
jean_doevalorie: http://imgur.com/U2baCj805:26
jean_doesee? Quite strange.05:26
jean_doevalorie: taupter told me the same as you: systemsettings >> keyboard config.05:27
valoriein your first image, can you scroll down below the networking section?>05:27
valoriethat's where hardware is, in mine05:27
jean_doevalorie: duuuude.05:27
* jean_doe is SOOOO NOOB05:27
valorieso you found it, I take it?05:27
jean_doevalorie: really?05:28
jean_doesry by my noobness05:28
valoriewe've all been there05:28
jean_doevalorie: IOU, dude05:28
valoriealso: there is a searchbar which can be useful05:28
* valorie is no dude05:28
jean_doeyeah... I deserve one year of whiping05:29
jean_doethanks dude05:29
valorienah, just help someone later05:29
valoriewhich is how I learned05:29
jean_doedoing it right now05:29
valoriemaking mistakes05:29
jean_doeIs not for me.05:29
jean_doethanks again05:29
valorieyou are welcome05:29
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nlsthznfirstly, #IsupportJonothan05:58
nlsthznand then secondly got to say 15.04 rocks :)05:58
* nlsthzn fades back into the shadows05:59
valoriethanks, nlsthzn05:59
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lordievaderGood morning.07:29
Fox_hi all how is 15.04?07:48
__dan__hi Fox_, if I said it was bulletproof and 100% polished I would be lying, but it is very, very nice :)07:50
lordievaderQuite allright, I'd say.07:50
Fox_yeah well its early days. I wouldnt expect it to be perfect right now07:50
__dan__sounds like you're approaching it in exactly the right way07:51
Fox_ive been using kubuntu for years i know how these things go :)07:52
__dan__I'm using it every day for work stuff and it hasn't disappointed me fatally07:52
Fox_sadly i wont get a taste till the next lts07:52
nlsthznenable backports and get all the latest KDE goodies almost as they drop :D07:52
lordievaderFox_: Company policy?07:53
Fox_no mate personal policy. I only use LTS to get the most stable versions07:53
lordievaderThough you can experiment with VM's ;)07:54
Fox_i could but id rather luv it when its at its best07:54
__dan__go on, install it, submit a bug report07:54
__dan__it's good for the soul :P07:54
Fox_although call me old school if you like. But the new cinnemon look im not sure ill warm up to totally07:55
lordievaderCinnamon was the Gnome 2 fork, right?07:56
__dan__I'm really liking it tbh, but you know, it's KDE, you can have whatever you want :)07:56
Fox_will the plasma 4 themes still work in 5?07:56
__dan__don't think so tbh, but dont take my word for it, i never tried07:57
Fox_a shame i love how my desktop is now :)07:57
Fox_fianlly got it how i like it lol07:57
__dan__cmon, install it, love it, tinker with it, break it, file a bug report ;)07:58
__dan__+10 internet points if you install it on real tin haha07:58
Fox_@lordievader yeah was a fork of gnome07:58
Fox_lol a mate of mine who got me into linux a few years ago. keeps trying to get me into doing testing and bug reports. ive never got into that side of it07:59
lordievader__dan__: There is a reason LTS exist. Don't push people to differ from their policies.07:59
__dan__hehe I know bud :)08:00
Fox_im not a major computer guru so i tend to steer away from that sorta thing08:01
Fox_i fixed a few easy things things ive stuffed up. but ive broken it a few times aswell lol08:01
__dan__if I was sensible I might have also waited for 16.04 tbh, but I couldn't wait to Get the Hot New Stuff haha08:01
lordievaderFox_: Reporting bugs is rather easy ;) So if you do find one, please report it.08:01
Fox_lol if i ever test it in a VM i might get into it08:04
__dan__fundamentally writing a bug report is just writing an email describing how you broke something08:04
Fox_but as a person i tend to just like things to work as im a quite impatient guy. Why i went to LTS's08:04
Fox_the amount of times ive had to reinstall the annuals since i started using i run out of fingers and toes to count lol08:05
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.08:05
lordievaderNo need to email, in most cases it is simply: ubuntu-bug <package-name>08:06
__dan__haha yeah if you don't like to reinstall i would still steer clear of btrfs :)08:06
Fox_pretty dodgy whats gone on with Riddell08:09
* Riddell agrees08:09
__dan__lol hi Riddell08:09
lordievaderRiddell: Ola08:09
Fox_lol hi Riddell i supported the twitter campaign08:10
Riddellthanks Fox_, I could do with the moral support08:10
__dan__hang in there fella :)08:11
Fox_i have been with kubuntu since i left windows. my support is absolute08:11
RiddellI'll try to keep it alive but I can't promise08:11
Fox_i hope it doesnt come to that but ill follow wherever the team goes08:12
Fox_a name can be changed if need be. the folks that made it happen you shouldnt lose08:12
__dan__yeah man don't let some dickbag pseudo-politicians make you turn your back on what you and the team have achieved08:13
__dan__they don't have the right08:14
Fox_this sorta thing shouldnt be happening in this community08:15
Fox_i think some peoples heads have become too swollen08:15
__dan__yeah it's not conducive to progress is it :/08:16
__dan__hopefully the future will become clear soon :)08:18
Fox_i dont htink the whole community no matter what distro you are in. Woouldnt support this kinda thing. They will alienate alot of poeple if they dont come to there senses08:19
__dan__I suspect they already have :/08:20
__dan__but in the meantime let us continue chanting ALL HAIL GLORIOUS LEADER and making Riddell-branded KDE themes in the style of North Korean propaganda posters08:20
__dan__right guys?? ;) ahaha08:21
Fox_whats the chances of becoming ya own men so to speak and not relying on the apple wannabies08:21
OdurI just read Scott's blog. I'm speechless...08:21
__dan__yeah I was equally gobsmacked tbh08:23
Fox_yeah when i read about it. nothing makes any sense08:23
__dan__least of all the question, what did they expect was going to be the reaction?08:24
__dan__a "Community Council" with clearly not a shred of diplomatic skill between them08:25
OdurLooks like a personal beef when reading between the lines08:25
Fox_bigheaded and jealous of what you guys have done with kubuntu. while unity still sucks ass lol08:26
__dan__ahahaha controversial :P08:26
OdurRiddell: Well, you got my support. Not that I have any impact on things...08:27
Fox_ok an embaressing rokkie question. how do i add this channel to quassel?08:28
Riddellthanks Odur08:28
OdurFox_: Change to Konversation, then I could help :P08:29
__dan__yeah I'm on Konversation too, sorry08:29
Fox_lol ok ill go find it08:29
Odur(I really think Kubuntu should switch back to Konversation)08:30
Fox_ok got it08:31
__dan__may be worth pointing out at this stage that a lot of our discussion just now isn't really on topic for this channel (this channel is for support) there is #kubuntu-offtopic for general chat and such08:32
__dan__while you're adding channels :)08:32
Fox_oh ok my bad08:33
__dan__no worries, just letting you know :)08:33
Fox_cool so what do i do?08:34
__dan__well you can /join #kubuntu-offtopic if you like, but there's not really much going on in there either08:34
Fox_damn i was looking for a place to chat with fellow users08:35
__dan__most people in there are also in here08:35
__dan__some people get annoyed at general chit chat in here, just wanted to let you know before that happens :P08:37
Fox_hey im bound to stuff somehting up in the future so i will need both channels lol08:37
__dan__eheh ya me too :)08:37
Fox_ok so on topic now. how do i add these two channels?08:38
OdurPush F2 and see what opens up08:39
Fox_absolutely nothing :)08:39
Fox_i push f2 and nohting happens08:40
Fox_whats it supposed to do?08:41
OdurHmmm... Menu File, top entry (servers)08:41
OdurI don't have english as my system language, so I'm not sure about the wording08:41
__dan__if I remember correctly, with Quassel, once you join a channel it will remain in your list08:42
Fox_ok it must have done something knucks is me lol08:42
__dan__although not sure whether it will auto-join or not, maybe right click on the channel name in the list?08:42
__dan__you get like a tree view don't you on the left with all the channels?08:43
Fox_no i donloaed konversation08:43
knuckshello fox08:44
Fox_mmmmhello kncks08:45
Fox_ok i got this channel in it08:45
__dan__lol multiple personalities much? :P08:45
Fox_yeah costing me a fortune in therapy08:45
__dan__in Konversation if you want to auto-join channels just press F2 (or File menu -> Server List) and just edit the server, you can add channels in the window that appears there08:46
Fox_ill cjange my nick on konverstion later08:46
knucksok i did f2 and the server window pops up. do i click on new?08:50
__dan__you're already connected, so there will be a server already in that list08:51
__dan__just edit that server you connected to08:51
knucksok and th ename of the general chat channel is?08:52
Odurknucks: Did you press F2 in Quassel or Konversation when I asked you to before?08:53
knucksyes i did08:53
OdurIn what program?08:53
OdurAnd it didn't do anything at first?08:54
OdurWell, I think you weren't connected to a server then :)08:54
knucksno casue i had the server window up already. why i didnt see anything pop up :)08:54
knucksok i added the general chat channel08:55
knucksthanks for that ill switch to general chat now08:57
OdurWell, I have to go. Bye for now08:58
__dan__cya Odur08:59
knucksthanks Odur seeya09:00
otjuraanyone else having problem of plasma5 slowing over time? by time uptime hits 8, system is almost unusable. after reboot it's brisk again.09:02
__dan__lol is 5 separate users enough, aurelie? :P09:07
__dan__otjura: it's been fine for me, over how long a time are you talking about?09:08
__dan__otjura: also might be useful to see which processes are taking up the CPU09:09
otjura__dan__: at around 8th day plasma gets very slwo09:12
otjuraI now temporarily reverted to unity because I need to get things done and to see if it happens here too09:12
__dan__hmmm next time it happens it's worth checking to see which process is causing that09:21
Walexotjura: nearly everything slows and bloats over time, programmers don't take leak avoidance seriously09:47
Walexotjura: especially recently released not quite finished KDE Plasma 509:48
Walexotjura: and it could be that it is an X resource leak etc.09:48
lordievaderPlasma4 can run for days though...09:50
RtMFwg #stims09:54
sigma_hi guys10:02
sigma_have a quick question10:02
sigma_in 15.04, does anyone know how to change the timezone on the analog clock widget?10:03
sigma_this used to be an option in the kde4 analog clock, but no longer in the kde5 version10:03
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BluesKajHiyas all11:44
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eXistenZeHey guys. What's the best way to use one 120Gb SSD and a 640Gb HDD for a kubuntu install? The HDD goes for /home but what of the SDD? 8Gb swap leaves 112Gb for root wich seems too much.13:21
eXistenZePartition even further for /media?13:22
dmatteXistenZe: I would go for /home on separate SSD partion and mount hdd as home/user/data13:25
eXistenZehum... what exactly is /home/user/data ? (you can guess I'm a n00b at this)13:28
dmatteXistenZe: or put virtualbox images (or whatever else you want to hav fast rw access to) to SSD partition and mount it as /home/user/fast/VBdisks13:28
eXistenZeI guess I'm a couple of months away of understanding that...13:29
dmattjust folder name where you store all your data you would like to put on hdd13:29
eXistenZeOk... Is a separate /boot partition necessary as stated in a couple of articles?13:33
nlsthznnope, boot not required inless uefi afaik13:34
nlsthznI always go seperate / , home and swap obviously13:34
yossarianuknever understood the benefit of a seperate /home13:39
BluesKajnighter_, did you wipe your windows partitions after receiving the computer, and how old is the machine ?13:39
yossarianukunless you are sharing /home with multiple distros13:39
lordievaderyossarianuk: Also for reinstalls, it makes things easy.13:39
lordievaderAnd you cannot fill up your system partition with stupid users ;)13:40
BluesKajoops wrong nick13:40
yossarianukbut then you may have issues if the different distros use different versions of software - i.e different versions of firefox, etc13:40
ikonianot always sure a seperate /home directory does make things easier13:40
yossarianuklordievader: that is a good point (silly users - i.e clients/staff)13:40
ikoniaas with upgrades it can carry unsupported features/configs thorugh to new versions, and with clean installs it can leave problems in place13:40
BluesKajseems he left anyway , but i don't see a notifier13:41
nlsthznI always keep my data on the separate /home but delete all hidden files / folders when I re-install :p13:41
yossarianukI have a separate /tmp partition as I mount it with nobarriers13:41
BluesKajodd, tab wouldn't autocomplete his nick13:42
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BluesKajI prefer / and /home partitions so I can reinstall quickly without having to set everything up all over again13:43
lordievaderikonia: There are allways pros and cons.13:44
* nlsthzn watches the solar impulse impromptu landing in Japan show - https://youtu.be/GHa05MxP1YA and then shuts-up because of being off-topic in the help channel >.<13:47
eXistenZeI don't need fast access to anything but the OS. It's just a waste of space to give it 100Gb.13:49
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eXistenZeThere's no process manager in linux, rigth? If an app hangs the best way to close is to sudo kill, right?13:50
hateballeXistenZe: by linux, do you mean Kubuntu?13:51
BluesKajnlsthzn, it's gonna be a suspensful flight across the pacific... 6 days or some such13:52
hateballeXistenZe: if you are using Plasma you can start one with ctrl+esc13:52
nlsthznBluesKaj: they hit bad weather and landing in a few minutes... so the next leg will then also be shorter by about two days by the sound of it...13:53
nlsthznhateball: ctrl+esc ... didn't know that one, thanks :D13:53
BluesKajI see ..I hope they make it ok13:53
nlsthznfirefox eating 1.3gb as per usual13:53
hateballnlsthzn: :)13:54
lordievadernlsthzn: top/htop can also kill process.13:54
nlsthznusual use htop13:54
eXistenZeThe only thing preventing me from deleting windows for good is a good and reliable office suite13:55
eXistenZelibre is ok, but not enough13:55
BluesKajthank goodness I don't need one13:55
eXistenZeguess I can use the extra space on sdd for a virtualbox13:56
eXistenZeor wine13:58
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__dan__eXistenZe: perhaps see if Calligra is any better for your needs than LibreOffice?14:27
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eXistenZe__dan__: bad compatibility with doc and docx14:32
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eXistenZeGotta try office online and see if it works14:32
__dan__ahhh yeah I've filed a bug report or two myself against LibreOffice when it comes to DOCX14:33
__dan__no idea how Calligra shapes up in terms of DOC / DOCX14:33
__dan__just thought I'd offer the suggestion tho :)14:33
eXistenZecalligra can't even write to doc/docx14:35
__dan__can on my machine bud14:36
__dan__docx anyway, maybe not doc14:37
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eXistenZegonna try virtual box. I definitly need the presentation mode from powerpoint 201314:43
__dan__my condolences :/ eheh14:44
__dan__*poorpoint :P14:45
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eXistenZe:) not goint to stop testing linux choices btw14:53
lordievadereXistenZe: Try KVM, Windows works nicely within KVM. I use Lightroom that way.14:55
__dan__tbh I share your pain eXistenZe, not sure when LibreOffice 5 is due out but I believe it's available for testing already14:55
yossarianukKVM works great with Linux too - except with openGL/3D14:55
lordievaderyossarianuk: GPU passthrough ;)14:55
eXistenZeno need for opengl or 3d. Just the bare minimum for office15:02
eXistenZethe lighter the better15:03
lordievadereXistenZe: KVM gives near bare-metal performance.15:06
eXistenZetranslation for non-english native?15:06
lordievaderPerhaps that is more true for Linux guests than Windows guests, but still.15:06
lordievaderAlmost as if it is installed directly on the machine, instead of a vm.15:07
eXistenZeso it's flawless?15:07
lordievaderNo, nothing is.15:08
eXistenZewonder it this t9400 is enough for virtualization15:09
eXistenZenot exactly a core quad15:09
__dan__doesn't really matter if you're just gonna run office and such, that chip probably has hardware virt support so it should be OK15:14
__dan__although maybe a little old for VT-D or whatever it's called (where you can do GPU passthrough and that kind of crazy stuff)15:14
m_tadeuhi...where is the mouse app launch feedback?15:15
eXistenZeOk... deadline set... Wednsday I receive the ssd and delete win8.1 for good15:20
eXistenZewin8 is just so so bad15:20
eXistenZethere are probably not enough words to describe it15:21
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eXistenZehum... kde did not like the optical drive hot conection15:45
lordievaderSince when do optical drives support that?16:38
eXistenZeit's sata. why shouldn't they?16:40
eXistenZehard drives do16:40
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EvilRoeysata hard drives are hot pluggable?16:51
EvilRoeyI didn't know that16:51
EvilRoeylike, the ones in the case, I can unplug them without turning the system off first?16:51
est31yes EvilRoey16:51
est31but make sure you sync first16:52
est31and unmount them16:52
EvilRoeywell unmount of course16:52
EvilRoeyand sync, that's logical too.16:52
EvilRoeyoh, you can't hotswap PCI cards, right?16:52
EvilRoeythank you!16:52
eXistenZeI have power and sata cable extentions on my desktop to quickly connect and repair/copy drives16:53
eXistenZeplus the chieftech hotswap module16:53
EvilRoeyI strongly advice to always issue the echo 1 > /sys/block/(whatever)/device/delete command because the drive will park the heads, fully stop the disk and disable power on the bus. If a non-parked head touches a spinning plate the drive can be permanently destroyed. –  drumfire Feb 12 '14 at 21:21 "16:54
eXistenZevery handy16:54
eXistenZehum... DJ backspin sound... that would be bad...16:58
MekzholanHi, since I've updated to Kubuntu 15.04 my Firefox doesn't respect the virtual desktops any more after session restore. (I.e. all windows are created on the first virtual deskptop - but I had one on each...).17:09
MekzholanIs that a known problem? Can I fix it somehow?17:09
henry8989hello i was wondering if kubuntu supported the geforce 6150 as I know regular ubuntu does not17:28
Dry_Lipshenry8989, kubuntu uses the same packages and drivers as regular ubuntu17:42
henry8989yes i understand that but my 6150 does not support the unity 3d and wondering if the kde desktop enviorment did17:43
* __dan__ was just looking into that, apparently the NVidia proprietary drivers do support the GeForce 615017:44
henry8989because when i installed regular ubuntu and set the nvidia drivers i jsut get a black screen with a mouse cursor17:44
__dan__that's odd :/17:45
__dan__I've had no problems with the 304 nvidia drivers on my laptop running kubuntu 15.04, you would be using the same driver on that chipset also17:46
henry8989if i use the nouveau drivers it does the same thing but at least then a can use nomodeset to get to a 640x480 desktop17:46
lordievaderEvilRoey: Make sure your motherboard also supports it.17:46
__dan__yeah I had to use nomodeset on this too, otherwise there was screen corruption17:46
henry8989how did you fix yours17:47
__dan__once I got the proper nvidia drivers installed, it was fine17:47
henry8989but the nomodeset does not work with official nvidia drivers or with the opensource nvidia drivers17:47
henry8989but any driver i install does not work17:48
henry8989i know the 173 drivers are suppose to work but can't download them and isntall them using apt-get17:48
__dan__nomodeset was working for me on the opensource nvidia drivers ("nouveau")17:48
henry8989yes nomodeset worked for me there too17:48
__dan__according to the nvidia site, that card is compatible with the 304 release of drivers17:48
henry8989but i need mroe resolution than 640x48017:48
henry8989well they are not i tried them17:49
__dan__maybe the problem is with unity?17:49
henry8989i think it is which is why i was thnking maybe kubuntu would work17:49
__dan__if you've just done a fresh install of ubuntu and that didn't work, it wouldnt take too long to at least try kubuntu17:49
__dan__all I can say is that I'm running Kubuntu 15.04 with the same nvidia drivers that are supposed to be installed with the card you have, and I don't have any problems at all17:50
henry8989also can i install chromium with kubuntu?17:50
__dan__yep :)17:50
clivejoor course17:50
__dan__although it comes with Firefox by default and personally I find that browser to be far superior17:51
__dan__but to each his own :)17:51
__dan__Chromium is available from the package manager, very easy to install17:51
henry8989cool im trying to take an old office pc that had its hard drive and i can't reinstall windows on a put ubuntu on it so it will work without havign to buy windows since i have a blank hard drive and i jsut need it for basic web browsing and office work17:51
henry8989well the person who will be using the pc likes google chrome17:52
__dan__yeah Kubuntu will eat that kind of thing for breakfast, while looking cooler than Windows too :)17:52
clivejoyou can get chrome for it too, I use Chrome so that I can cast to my Chromecast17:52
EvilRoeylordievader:  good point17:52
EvilRoeyan intel X99 motherboard here.17:53
clivejohenry8989: sure try and Kubuntu Live CD/DVD see how it handles your graphics card17:53
henry8989yes i know my pc has ubuntu on it a and its cool but i am fixing someone elses pc that was used in an office and  only had the web browser and livbre office on it17:53
__dan__henry8989: to test the graphics fully you will need to install Kubuntu to the hard drive (to install the proprietary nvidia drivers) FYI17:54
__dan__henry8989: but if you install it and continue to struggle, please come back and we can see what we can do to fix it :)17:55
henry8989well i have no problem doing that17:55
henry8989wwell im figuring its the unioty 3d since the graphics are so old17:55
__dan__it's possible, that chipset is as old as the hills17:56
__dan__but theoretically at least, it should run with Kubuntu17:56
__dan__the laptop I have Kubuntu 15.04 on is running an old Quadro, basically the equivalent of GeForce 7950 and it performs almost faultlessly, the only weird thing I've seen is it does glitch very slightly when in the lowest power-save mode (100MHz)17:58
__dan__doesn't affect usability though, it only "blinks" for a split second, so it's no big deal - the nouveau drivers on the other hand were completely unusable17:58
rsddid something change in KIO SSH (fish/sftp) on kde5? Now, some remote file editing on kate appears under krun (instead of hostname) and saves are not uploaded back to the remote.  Under kate the filename is renamed to <number>_<number>_<real filename>.17:59
__dan__I can disable the lowest power-save mode but haven't felt the need17:59
__dan__rsd: I have no idea, I haven't used that functionality, if you don't get any joy here you could try checking the KDE bugtracker? https://bugs.kde.org/18:03
rsd__dan__, yep.  I will wait a little to see if it is a known bug18:04
__dan__rsd: I've just tried using Kate with a fish connection and it seems to be working fine18:09
__dan__rsd: how are you setting it up? i went to dolphin, add network folder, connected to the server, created a new text file using dolphin, then double clicked the file which opened up in kate, edited it and saved18:11
__dan__rsd: then confirmed the save by logging into the server via ssh and cat the file18:11
rsd__dan__, exactly that18:11
rsdonly konqueror instead of dolphin18:11
rsdI noticed that some files open as before, but not all18:12
__dan__rsd: hmmm maybe try dolphin? also worth pointing out I'm running the backports PPA not the plain jane 15.0418:12
rsdme too, backport ppa18:12
rsdtrying dolhin18:12
est31what again is the bug?18:13
est31perhaps this one https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34855118:13
__dan__[18:59] <rsd> did something change in KIO SSH (fish/sftp) on kde5? Now, some remote file editing on kate appears under krun (instead of hostname) and saves are not uploaded back to the remote.  Under kate the filename is renamed to <number>_<number>_<real filename>.18:13
ubottuKDE bug 348551 in Folder "Executable files won't open in directory widget" [Normal,Unconfirmed]18:13
est31ok then not mine18:13
rsd__dan__, when it shows on kate, it displays the hostname or krun (left panel) as the parent?18:14
__dan__dup of 348436 est31?18:14
__dan__rsd: shows the hostname and the username18:14
est31thanks __dan__ its a dupe18:15
__dan__yw :)18:15
rsdlook at the Documents panel18:18
rsdthere are both cases18:18
__dan__how odd ... I get the behaviour shown above18:20
__dan__did you open the above one with dolphin and the other one with konqueror?18:20
rsdit does not really matter18:21
rsdI think it is associated with the type of file18:21
__dan__hmmm so the behaviour is random regardless of file manager?18:21
rsdnot random18:22
__dan__but they are both .sh files?18:22
rsdbut the ones that shows under will always shown that way18:22
rsdthe same to the krun ones18:23
__dan__ahhhh these are two separate servers?18:23
rsdso there must be some kind of triggering18:23
rsdsame server18:23
__dan__im trying to figure out what makes those two files different18:23
rsddifferent paths, no permission issue18:23
rsdone is under /etc18:23
rsdthe other /usr/local/bin18:23
__dan__you're sure the permissions are fine?18:24
__dan__ie. you can ssh in as that user and write to both of those files?18:25
rsdthe ones in /etc does not have execution bit, but even removing it from the others, the result still the same18:25
rsdthe /etc one does not have a shebang18:25
rsdI will remove it and try18:26
rsdit also happens with both sftp and fish kio18:27
rsdthere is another behaviour difference.  The first case, kate opens and loads the file.  The second one, kde downloads the file and pass to kate18:28
__dan__i would be inclined to double check the owner and group of those files, make sure the user you're connecting with is definitely supposed to be writing to both the files, particularly the krun one18:28
rsdthats why kate does not know about it18:28
rsd0755 both18:29
rsdI copied the working one from /etc to /usr/local and it still works fine.  It is content related I guess18:31
rsdsome file association/content issue18:31
__dan__0755 means only the owner of the file has write permissions though18:31
__dan__so if the user you're connecting with isn't the owner ...18:31
rsdI think I nailed it18:32
rsdit is the file name18:32
rsdI just renamed it to test.sh wnd it worked18:32
rsdlet me findout where is the limitation18:32
__dan__wow really?18:32
__dan__mate that sounds like a bug report in the making ;)18:32
rsdcan you try with a chroot-test.sh18:37
rsdthis one seems to always open bad18:37
rsdwhen I rename to test.sh if goes right18:37
Etriaphrhn: Plasma 5.3.1 is available in 15.04 through the backports PPA20:12
rhnusing the daily PPA(https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Daily_Snapshot_.28somewhat_stable.29) would give me plasma 5.3 or 5.2 ?20:12
rhnEtriaph: oaky, it's got nothing to do with the daily builds ?20:13
rhnand how stable/unstable is the backports PPA ?20:13
EtriaphIf you use the daily builds you're likely in for some instability here and there20:13
EtriaphMy desktop is just fine.20:13
rhnEtriaph: (excuse me if I'm being silly) what happens if I add both the PPA's ?20:14
EtriaphThat's a stable 15.04 with the backports PPA.20:15
EtriaphAnd 5.3.120:15
rhnokay, the page's still loading :\20:16
rhnat the end of the day, all I need really, are the latest development packages20:16
EtriaphWell when you say latest, do you mean their cutting edge, or latest to develop with in this branch?20:17
rhnEtriaph: the backport PPA would serve that purpose fine right ?20:17
EtriaphI have no problem compiling Konversation and Basket from source20:17
rhnwell, my project involves porting to kf520:17
EtriaphI'm assuming I could develop whatever I want.20:17
EtriaphOh, ya, this is a good platform for that.20:18
Etriaph5.3.1 is rather new.20:18
rhnthat's great to hear :)20:18
EtriaphAre you using a laptop or desktop PC?20:18
rhnyeah, newer than the daily unstable one I believe20:18
rhnI'm on a laptop20:18
EtriaphWhich application are you porting?20:18
rhnkopete :D20:18
EtriaphAh, I used Kopete for a loooong time :D20:18
rhnhahah, I knew it :P20:19
rhnthere's still some kde3 in the kopete src :o20:19
EtriaphSo it's a bit dated then :D20:19
EtriaphI'm sure the new frameworks will serve you well.20:20
rhnyes, very much so20:20
EtriaphAre you going to do any QML for the interface development?20:20
rhnnope, as of now there's no QML in kopete, and I haven't thought of adding QML just yet20:20
rhnbut there are discusions going on20:21
rhnit could be brought in20:21
EtriaphI like software evolution.20:21
EtriaphI need to learn to focus on one project, instead of trying to do 30 at once haha20:22
rhnlol :P20:22
rhnEtriaph: btw, would plasma 5.3 be available via the daily ppa after sometime ?20:23
rhnsome days/weeks ?20:23
EtriaphBut I think you'll be fine with the Kubuntu development environment.  Do you do the packaging for Kopete in Kubuntu?20:23
rhnnope, I'm only just getting started right now :)20:23
rhnI think Pali would know that well20:23
rhnhe's the maintainer of the project AFAIK20:24
Etriaphrhn: Um, I wouldn't be the one to ask, you'd probably want to check of Riddell or sgclark, but you don't need to be using the daily PPA for Plasma 5.3.1, it's in 15.04 through backports.20:24
EtriaphSo if you have 15.04 installed and are using the backports PPA, you're on 5.3.120:24
EtriaphI don't think you'd need the daily unless you were waiting for something upstream to become available.20:25
rhnwhat's been causing me confusion is the fact that the daily PPA's claim to be the latest - and latets is 5.320:25
EtriaphLatest is 5.3.120:25
rhnyeah, I was using the daily ppa on 14.10 and it had 5.220:26
rhnso that was my confusion, ideally it should've given me 5.3 right ?20:26
EtriaphNot necessarily.20:26
Etriaph14.10 has different backports.20:27
rhnit was 5.2.90 to be precise ;)20:27
rhnoh I see20:27
EtriaphA sizable number of the apps are still KDE 4, so we're running hybrid in 15.04, but it's quite stable now.20:27
rhnso are you saying that using the live ppa on 15.04 could fetch me 5.3 ? - I'd like that since I also contribute to plasma-mediacenter which at times requires upstream packages :\20:28
EtriaphIf you're considering doing KF5 development, you'd want to get on 15.04, 14.10 wouldn't be appropriate.20:28
rhnyes, but I'm confused between these two PPA's :P20:28
rhn15.04 + daily PPA == 5.3 ??20:29
Etriaph15.04 + Backports PPA == 5.3.120:29
rhnI see :)20:29
rhnokay, let me go with the backports for the moment, I could always add the other PPA when required :)20:30
EtriaphAre you still running 14.10?20:30
EtriaphI just want to be clear if you are or not :D20:30
rhnI'm half way through upgrading to 15.04 from 14.1020:30
rhnpackages have been fetched, it's now getting installed :)20:31
EtriaphAh, OK.  I cross my fingers for you, sometimes upgrades go wrong.20:31
rhnoh no ! :\20:31
rhnwe'll see how it goes, will take quite some time it seems :\20:32
EtriaphI usually download the image and reinstall, but save my home directory, instead of upgrading.20:32
rhnhey, upgrade doesn't cause you to lose data does it ?20:32
EtriaphI'm going to grab a coffee, I'm usually around so if you run into any issues ping me and we'll see what can be done.20:32
rhnthe ~/ should be safe20:32
rhnthat's great :)20:32
EtriaphOh, ya20:33
EtriaphYou won't lose / unless you also told it to format the drive :D20:33
Etriaph~/ rather20:33
rhngood, I didn't do that :)20:33
EtriaphIf you have to install, just tell it to replace the paths that it installs software to but to leave /home alone, there's an option for it.20:34
eXistenZehey guys.20:55
eXistenZewhere can I find a crash course on how to install kvm on kubuntu 15?20:55
eXistenZelatest version on kvm howto is for ubuntu 720:56
__dan__i did see a GUI program that was like virtualbox gui but for KVM20:57
__dan__I think it's a Gnome project20:57
eXistenZehum... oooooook.21:00
eXistenZeI'll guess it's not a double click -> next -> next -> done like windows VMs...21:01
__dan__no idea tbh I've never used KVM21:02
eXistenZe"Most Linux distros already have KVM kernel modules and userspace tools available through their packaging systems. This is the easiest and recommended way of using KVM. "21:03
eXistenZenot in muon discover...21:03
__dan__thats the one I was thinking of, not sure it fits the bill tho21:03
__dan__tbh I just use virtualbox21:04
__dan__may not give anyone a nerdgasm but it's easy, cross-platform, fairly robust, and does the job21:04
__dan__also there is a great PHP front-end for headless operation called (imaginatively enough) phpVirtualBox21:05
__dan__maybe one of those would suit your needs21:06
__dan__that's written for Qt and seems to have a virtualbox-style interface http://sourceforge.net/projects/aqemu/21:07
__dan__if you're used to that already21:08
__dan__seems to be in the ubuntu repositories too, at least on this 14.04 machine21:09
eXistenZegonna need some reading in the next couple of days21:11
eXistenZenow I understand how win really is made for dummies21:12
__dan__mate if you're already comfortable with virtualbox, don't dismiss that as an option21:13
eXistenZenot confortable at anything21:13
eXistenZenever used any of them21:13
__dan__also with KVM, as I understand it, you will need to ensure your CPU supports virtualisation extensions, and that it's enabled in your BIOS21:14
__dan__whereas virtualbox runs on pretty much anything21:14
__dan__think you only need CPU virt support on vbox to run a 64-bit guest21:15
__dan__im no expert tho, never run KVM21:16
eXistenZeI have VT in my T940021:16
eXistenZeonly inclined to use KVM becaused it is the most recomended21:17
eXistenZeI only need it to run office 201321:17
EtriaphLibreOffice ftw21:21
__dan__shouldn't be that difficult, if I had to do the same, I would be inclined to use virtualbox because it's almost certainly going to be the easiest to set up21:21
__dan__but then I have experience with virtualbox and not with KVM21:22
__dan__for instance, with virtualbox you get virtualbox additions for windows, which you install in the guest OS (guest = the OS you're running inside virtualbox) allowing better performance particularly in relation to graphics21:25
eXistenZeis there a difference in compatibility between x86 and x64 windows in vbox?21:26
__dan__so you install the guest OS, then install the additions which come with virtualbox, and suddenly your graphics perform well, you get nice stuff like shared clipboard, etc21:26
Dry_LipsIs there any way to add a global menu to the panel in Plasma 5? Such as this: http://agateau.com/2010/getting-menus-out-of-application-windows/appmenu-dolphin.png21:27
__dan__no, it will run both, but be aware that if you pick 64-bit windows, you can only ever run that VM on a machine with hardware VT support21:27
eXistenZebe right back21:27
bpromptDry_Lips:     hmm what do you have in mind to add?21:36
bpromptDry_Lips:    anyhow, yes, is doable, with a .desktop file21:39
Dry_Lipsbprompt, I was thinking like this: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/02/how-to-enable-new-kde-410-appmenu-title.html21:41
Dry_Lipsonly using the panel like in the first screenshot21:41
bpromptyou can add "actions" to the context menu for the file manager in kde21:42
Dry_LipsI was wondering if there's a way to make a Mac-like global menu that works across GTK and QT apps21:45
bpromptwell... bear in mind that macOS relies on only one window manager, "finder" IIRC, so it becomes "global" per se, since it's only one wm, whilst when using more than one, then each will have their own settings separate from others21:47
bpromptif you were on a macOSX and running two separate window managers, you'd run on the same things as with gtk or qt file managers21:48
Dry_Lipsbprompt, I'm looking for something like this, only for KDE / Plasma 5... http://www.webupd8.org/2015/05/global-menu-applet-for-cinnamon-desktop.html21:52
__dan__ya i know what you mean Dry_Lips, like the netbook mode on KDE 4, i dont see that option on KDE 5 at the moment21:54
Dry_LipsAh, that's too bad... I hope that something like this comes sooner or later21:55
__dan__yeah i believe a lot of the widgets and stuff are still due to be released21:55
__dan__but can't comment on whether we will see a comeback of the global menu21:55
__dan__would be nice to see though, not every machine has an abundance of pixels :)21:55
Dry_LipsYeah, and personally I prefer a top panel plus a dock...21:56
Dry_LipsA global panel is a nice touch to a top panel + dock setup21:57
__dan__to be honest I haven't felt the need to customise KDE 5 all that much21:57
Dry_LipsWell, KDE 5 is nice, no doubt about that21:58
bpromptdoesn't kde4 have a netbook mode?  pretty sure it does21:58
__dan__trimmed down the fat title bar a bit, changed to double-click instead of single-click, green on black konsole with transparency, that kind of thing21:58
bpromptI've used it a little on a netbook install, not enough to notice any global menus though21:58
__dan__kde4 does yeah21:58
bpromptohhh is a kde5 issue I see21:59
__dan__yeah doesn't look like that stuff has come out the oven yet22:00
__dan__but I'm sure they're busy baking it - it's still fairly early days for KDE 522:00
Dry_LipsBtw, I'm not really experienced with KDE... I've noticed that using other window decorations than breeze often crashes plasma... Is this a KDE 5 issue?22:05
__dan__couldn't tell you mate, like I say I haven't strayed far from the defaults yet22:06
__dan__i did notice the dark theme still has some oddities, unreadable text in certain situations, so i switched back to the default one22:07
Dry_LipsSame here...22:07
__dan__it was always going to be like this, 15.04 really is for those of us who have to have the latest whizz bang now22:12
__dan__and if it's a good early indication, the next LTS, 16.04, will be legendary22:13
bpromptone may note that "new" means "new", not necessarily good, just new, expectedly better, but necessarily better, just "new",  good and new, aren't mutually inclusive22:14
__dan__hehe true :)22:14
__dan__but to get good sometimes you have to persevere with new for a while ;)22:15
bpromptwell... if you're beta testing.. then that's expectable, and things "not working" should be expected22:17
__dan__mate I've been using computers for 30 years, things not working is par for the course haha22:19
__dan__i see your point though, to be honest if i want 100% dependability i would be inclined to stick to the LTS22:20
__dan__this machine is 14.04, i have another laptop that is on 15.04 with the backports PPA, but that has a glorious screen that i just had to see running KDE 5, and i'm glad i did :)22:21
vbgunzanyone know why colorschemes in kde 5 (backports) are so finnicky to downright unreliable to apply?23:11
vbgunzanyone know how to fix it?23:11
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