nesm00xgoood morning!04:52
nesm00xwhen can we (users) expect to have a usable Lubuntu distro?04:53
nesm00xbecause until now I have seen about 10 versions, with no progress04:53
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m_tadeuhi...is there a way to have app launch feedback on lubuntu 15.04?11:18
leszekm_tadeu: you mean a busy cursor ? Don't you have one if you click on an app in the menu ?11:19
m_tadeuleszek: exactly....I don't have that11:22
leszekm_tadeu: I fear it might a bug in Xorg that I also heard of in Kubuntu/Netrunner11:46
GibarianAny LXLE user around?15:42
holsteini have checked it out..15:43
holsteinthey have a support channel, AFAIK15:43
GibarianI just checked... Thanks15:57
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ShalokShalomhi there19:51
ShalokShalomwill lubuntu adopt Calamares, when the switch to LxQt happen ?19:52
holsteinif its in the default repos, it will be easy to install, regardless19:54
ShalokShalomCalamares is a qt5 Installer :D19:55
holsteinyup.. i googled to see what it was19:56
holsteinbut, it cant be included into offical ubuntu anything until its in the repo19:57
holsteinwhich, may be happening, or already happening.. if so, it can be easily installed, if one wants it, into any ubuntu distro19:57
holstein!info calamares19:57
ubottuPackage calamares does not exist in vivid19:57
holsteini would look upstream in debian, as well, since, that will just "trickle into" ubuntu19:58
ShalokShalomcalamares get maintained and founded by a blue box guy :)20:00
ShalokShalomso i guess a qt installer is maybe a fine idea for a qt distro then :)20:00
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