Kilosmorning africa05:39
elachecheMorning Africa :D05:47
Kiloshehe :D05:48
Kilosyou are early05:48
elachecheYeah :D I got a nice rest yesterday afternoon :) SO am not so tired today :)05:49
elachecheHow are you doing?05:51
Kilosim good ty just cold, not happy when temps are below 20°c and we at 7°c at night already05:52
Kilosso i spend lots of time during the day soaking up some UV's05:53
elachecheTake care of yourself :) It's summer here :D :D :D05:54
* Kilos jealous05:54
Kilosyou look after yourself too05:55
Kiloswhew 22 days to turning 6405:59
elacheche24 to turn 26 x)05:59
Kilosyou also a june baby06:00
elachecheYep :D06:05
Kiloswe are such nice peeps hey hahaha06:06
elachecheYep :D06:07
elachecheI'm finishing (or try to) the Interview x) Today is the deadline x)06:07
Kilosdo it06:08
elachecheKilos, you know, I didn't read any of the interviews you guys already send :D I'll read them when she publish them :D06:29
Kilosoh that, i just put basics, kept it short06:30
elacheche:D I can't :D I hate dram, but when I right or talk about FOSS I be the KING of Drama x)06:31
elachecheMy friends hates me during events because I talk too much.. With anyone about any FOSS related thing.. Before, I was so so so quit..06:33
elachecheFinally I finish it :D07:04
elachecheTime to go to work.. See you in an hour..07:04
Kilosi have it ill go see just now07:07
Kiloswelcome to africa andrewlsd09:41
andrewlsd" Hello Africa, tell me how you doing. Hello motherland " [dr alban]09:41
* andrewlsd sees there is no Ubuntu-Kenya09:41
* andrewlsd could like to live in Kenya09:42
Kilossymmetria is there but been offline for a couple of weeks now09:42
andrewlsdI was there a couple of weeks ago for work09:42
andrewlsddrove past Liquid T's offices09:43
andrewlsdbut didn't get to stop and smell the roses.09:43
andrewlsd(ie, didn't get to do anything except work)09:43
Kiloswork does that to peeps09:43
elachecheUse this URL to subscribe to the wiki page, if anyone make any modification on it you'll be notified via email ;) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards?action=subscribe10:17
Kilosthat is taking forever to open10:19
Kilosive subscribed at so many places most of the day is spent reading emails10:19
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Kilosgreet rickspencer in rmb lets make friends of all of them10:53
Kiloselacheche  ^^10:53
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis

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