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ahoneybunmhall119: I've having a issue with APN settings02:12
mhall119ahoneybun: on t-mobile?03:02
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dholbachgood morning07:29
seb128hey dholbach07:30
dholbachhey seb12807:32
davidcalleMorning all08:25
popeyballoons: lulz. Calendar AP tests fail today because week view skips forward 4 weeks to move to the next month... this month has 5 weeks so it fails :)09:14
popeys/4/6/ -> fixed09:14
popeyballoons: if you have 30 seconds, please review https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix_weekview/+merge/26068909:25
popeyoSoMoN: is there some magic to enable a share button in the webapp header? I only have back, title and reload.10:37
oSoMoNpopey, nope, there’s no hidden magic switch there, it simply is a missing feature10:38
popeyoh, I was led to believe it existed10:39
popeymzanetti: ^10:39
mzanettipopey, I would suggest to remove the header and use ogra's webapp container anyways10:41
popeysomeone else has a yt app in the store that does that10:41
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ahoneybunmhall119: Cricket (AT&T)11:48
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popeybfiller: is renato on vaction at the moment?12:21
popey(asking because we have a merge he was reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/SettingToAccountSetup/+merge/254478 )12:22
mippehello tsimpson!12:28
mippegood morning blaroche!12:28
blarochegood morning to you mippe :)12:29
mippewhat do you develop in? I am quite new to development so I wanted to see what everyone else is using :p12:30
mippegood morning Femma!12:30
FemmaGood morning12:30
blarochemippe: i mostly lurk, but i use C++/Qt/QML at the day job12:31
mippeblaroche: ah, cool!12:32
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DS-McGuirepopey, I could have swore I was an Ubuntu insider at one point. Is there anyway to check?15:24
popeyDS-McGuire: did you go to london to get a bq e4.5?15:24
DS-McGuirepopey, Ah no. haha! I was something at one point, I was sent surveys from Canonical... I literally can't remember haha!15:25
DS-McGuireI must be something else15:25
popeyNice try ㋛15:26
DS-McGuireWorth a shot! haha!15:26
nik90popey: do you want all core app icon changes to go at the same time to the store?16:21
nik90popey: fyi the clock app icon change is part of r270 that we asked QA to test16:22
popeynik90: ideally, yes16:22
nik90popey: ok..either way QA has quite a lot of work with the OTA testing..so we can postpone the clock update to the store until the other core apps catch up to the icon change16:23
nik90popey: the next MPs for clock will not be merged until then16:23
popeyi can grab / build a click anytime16:23
popeyand can manually fudge the icon if necessary16:23
nik90some of the icons look too good16:24
popeyI already modified some of the launchpad project branding :)16:25
popeyyou may have noticed16:25
nik90yeah I did16:25
nik90popey: hey r u in a meeting or free now to talk?16:58
popeynik90: heya, I'm about :)17:00
aypacHi everyone! I just finished my alpha of uWhatsApp (Webapp). On my BQ Ubuntu Phone it's working just fine. Anyone care to test? ( https://github.com/Aypac/uWhatsapp ) Plus, any Idea if Canonical would allow this into their Store? How about Copyright and stuff?18:40
aypac(Opinions apprechiated)18:40
popeyaypac: sure!18:52
popeyaypac: I'll test in a bit on my devices.18:52
ahoneybunpopey: aypac how do I test it?18:58
aypacYou can either download/fetch the branch release/v0.1.1 (tested) and run it from UbuntuSDK or download the .click-Package (Folder Releases), transfer it to your device and run it from there (not tested)19:01
popeyaypac: it works19:07
popeybut it requires that you have another device running which has whatsapp on it19:08
popeywhich isn't ideal19:08
aypacSure. Unfortunately there is no way around with this easy kind of app19:09
aypacSee https://github.com/Aypac/uWhatsapp/blob/master/README.md19:10
aypacI'll work on another app to circumvent this (which will not be a webapp!). But this was way easier (and faster) to write.19:10
aypacBut I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to write that app in the near future.19:11
aypacWhat kind of device are you using?19:11
popeyi did it on a bq19:12
aypac@Anyone: What kind of licence would you recommend for this kind of app?19:12
aypacpopey: Okay, thats the device I'm using as well. I'd be interested if it works for other devices19:13
* popey tests on mx419:14
ahoneybunpopey: aypac would it work with a android phone with whatsapp?19:14
popeyaypac: works exactly the same on mx419:15
popeyit's a bit wonky in places19:15
popeyaypac: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-06-01-201556.png19:16
popeywhen opening the profile19:16
popeyaypac: smileys dont work. typing them doesn't do anything19:16
popeyaypac: once the keyboard goes away (when smileys are up) it's hard to get the kb back19:17
aypacThey do, but it's still a big todo. You first have to activate the keybord and then type the smileys (which is hard, because the kb takes all the space)19:18
aypacStill not sure how to fix that though19:18
aypacAbout the wonkiness: I'm not sure where that is from. Unfortunately whatsapp has put many animation-stuff into the website. I guess the BQ-Phone is just a little slow to handle it. I'm not sure, if I'm happy with overwriting all the animations though...19:20
aypacpopey: What do you mean with it's hard to get the kb back?19:21
popeyno, its not speed19:21
popeyif i tap the field where text goes the OSK doesn't come back up19:22
popeyso I can't type19:22
aypacpopey: Please show me a screenshot of what you mean with wonky then19:33
popeyi just did :)19:34
popey20:16 < popey> aypac: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-06-01-201556.png19:34
popeyprofile pic cut in half19:34
popeythat icon half way up the screen with a bi-directional arrow in19:34
popeyhovers over the top of content all the time19:34
aypacOh okay. That doesn't happen with my device. See: https://github.com/Aypac/uWhatsapp/tree/release/v0.1.1/Store19:36
aypacMeh. What kind of device/resolution/ubuntu version?19:37
aypacAh, okay, you were using the context-menu, right? I did not test that :D Thank you!19:38
aypacBut Profile & Status is the only context-menue-point where that happens? At least for me...19:39
popeythat screenshot is from an mx419:40
aypacpopey: I fixed it. Can you test it again? I messed up a little and deleted the release branch, so please take the master20:24
aypacSo has anyone any opinion around here about publishing this (  https://github.com/Aypac/uWhatsapp ) in the ubuntu store? Copyright? License? If I should not be online anymore, please contact me: uWhatsapp@aypac.de20:30
ahoneybunI'm trying to swith between 6 different textfields22:05
ahoneybunI'm getting this error TypeError: Cannot read property 'actualValue' of undefined22:12
ahoneybunmhall119: I'm getting this error TypeError: Cannot read property 'actualValue' of undefined22:23
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