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abeatotrainguards ^^ :)06:56
pstolowskicihelp hi, i need help with the failure in silo 40. seems like it's not happy about symbols changes, but only on powerpc; it passes elsewhere. e.g. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11491341/07:26
sil2100mandel: ping, any news on the location silo?07:27
seb128hey sil210007:30
sil2100seb128: hey07:31
seb128sil2100, location is known to be not slow/not accurate on vivid images?07:31
seb128I updated my bq on friday and I've been having issues with that this w.e07:31
sil2100seb128: yeah, there are issues with location on vivid images right now, not sure how bad it is on krillin but on arale it doesn't work at all even07:32
sil2100But mandel is on it07:32
seb128it's not good on vivid07:32
seb128it took me more than a day to get a position, and I was outside with working 3g07:32
seb128and today I've a position (being inside on wifi) but the it's within a 10km circle07:33
abeatosil2100, could I have a silo for line 61?07:40
sil2100abeato: on it, looking07:49
sil2100abeato: do you have separate trunks for vivid and wily? Or do you land the same thing for both distros always?07:49
abeatosil2100, that's the plan, however there is currently a bug in the golang toolchain in wily (for powerPC), so I won't ask for a wily silo for the moment07:50
sil2100hmm, so it won't build on wily?07:50
abeatosil2100, in fact there is a pending silo in wily for a previous nuntium landing (line 39)07:51
abeatosil2100, right, see bug #145418307:51
ubot5bug 1454183 in gcc-5 (Ubuntu) "gccgo crash on powerpc" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145418307:51
sil2100Ok then07:51
sil2100Makes sense, ok, assigning silo07:51
abeatogreat, thanks07:52
sil2100Just wanted to make sure a dual-landing isn't a better choice here07:52
abeatosure, in fact it would be if we did not have that issue :)07:53
sil2100abeato: silo 19 for you :)07:53
sil2100jibel: re your e-mail - agreed, no need to waste time waiting for a decision/fix for the location bits08:09
sil2100jibel: I poked mandel already but I guess he's not up yet08:09
mandelsil2100, I am!!!08:09
mandeljibel, sil2100 building a deb to test and update the ppa08:10
mandeljibel, sil2100 did the fix over the weekend but did not test it08:10
sil2100mandel: is it in a silo?08:19
mandelsil2100, pushing the changes to silo 0508:19
sil2100jibel: is the trello bot working? Since I don't see it creating cards for the new click/tarballs I approved today08:21
sil2100jibel: ah, wait08:22
sil2100jibel: nvm that08:22
mandeljibel, silo 5 is rebuilding for you to take it for another sping08:28
sil2100jibel, davmor2_hols, ogra_: meeting!08:31
ogra_if google would let me :P08:31
sil2100Uh oh08:31
Mirvsil2100: I'm in london, maybe I'll check your faces but can't attend :)08:32
sil2100Mirv: ah! Sprinting :)08:32
popeytumbleweed meeting08:32
sil2100No cats...08:32
* ogra_ sighs ...08:33
Mirvsorry :(08:33
sil2100No worries ;)08:35
popeysil2100: so what did you want to discuss about Clock / Calendar / Calculator / Cweather *   (* Delete as applicable)08:35
sil2100jibel: so, I was wondering, popey had a request for a new clock-app, do you guys know if this could land for this milestone?08:36
sil2100popey: I hope it doesn't have any new icons though?08:36
jibelsil2100, it is a question for Pat08:37
popeyyes, there is a new icon sil210008:38
popey(which seems reasonable, given I note other apps are landing theirs)08:38
popey(system settings new icon is already in the image)08:38
popey(on krillin)08:39
sil2100Ok, we really need Pat for this one ;)08:39
popeysure, i can wait08:40
popeyI mean, once it's tested, we can land in the store when we please08:40
popeythe key thing is the testing bit ㋛08:40
* mandel reboots08:44
jibelpopey, understood, we have 1 sick and 2 on holidays today, so priority is on critical fixes and if we have room, we'll review the apps08:46
popeysure sure :)08:46
popeyno pressure from me:)08:46
jibelthanks :)08:47
seb128sil2100, on my bq/vivid, the messaging indicator envelop doesn't turn blue anymore on received msg, do you know if that's a known issue/what component to blame? telephony-service?08:50
sil2100seb128: not sure if it's not intentional, I mean, I remember someone saying that the icons (besides the power icon) will be monochrome only from now on08:51
sil2100But I might be misunderstanding08:51
seb128sil2100, so you don't have any indication you received a message now?08:52
sil2100I think it should look different then - jibel do you know what was the deal with monochrome indicator icons?08:53
jibelseb128, on vivid it turns white (or lighter grey) when you receive a notification08:54
jibelit's dark grey otherwise08:54
jibeland it is intentional08:55
seb128jibel, it's so subtle that I didn't notice the change of color08:56
seb128jibel, do you know if there is a bug report about the design change/if there was discussions/feedback on how well the monochrome is working08:57
jibelseb128, I don't remember any bug report or discussion on a ML09:02
seb128jibel, thanks, maybe I'm going to start one ;-)09:03
sil2100+1 ;)09:06
oSoMoNtrainguards: what can I do to solve the build error in silo 1 ? would it make sense to re-target the landing to wily only? given that the gates are closed for vivid-overlay, I guess this makes sense09:14
seb128sil2100, jibel, that's reported as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-messages/+bug/145089409:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1450894 in Ubuntu UX "[Indicators] Messaging indicator does not indicate that there is a new message" [Medium,Triaged]09:17
sil2100oSoMoN: let me take a look09:23
ogra_mandel, your change wont prevent the job from running on every boot09:26
jibelmandel, ogra_ is right, the file event is trigger on every boot even if the file already exists09:39
jibelmandel, also you start ubuntu-location-provider-here-slpgwd twice, second call will exit 1 and location-service will never start09:41
sil2100oSoMoN: hm09:44
sil2100oSoMoN: no retargeting is needed, we can simply only publish the wily parts of the landing in this case09:45
sil2100oSoMoN: but still, you'd either need to re-include the missing version or force-build the silo09:45
mandeljibel, did I, shit, sorry09:47
mandelogra_, hmm.. that was from loic, let me change that09:47
ogra_mandel, just drop all the nonsense from the "start on" line ... only keep the file creation check09:47
mandelogra_, true, since the create event is just fired in a create no if it is present, right?09:48
mandeljibel, sorry for the double start, I missed that09:49
mandelogra_, jibel looks better => https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-location-provider-here/move-to-vivid/+merge/25791009:51
oSoMoNsil2100, right, but if later on I want to land further changes, I’ll still have a vivid silo hanging around, so re-targetting and landing only in wily for now is probably better09:56
oSoMoNgiven that we don’t really know when the vivid-overlay freeze will be over…09:56
oSoMoNsil2100, can you do the re-targetting for me, please?09:57
jibelmandel, I tried that and the file event was emitted on every boot09:58
mandeljibel, really, that should not happen => http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#upstart-file-bridge10:00
jibelmandel, I know but double-check on a device.10:03
mandeljibel, fun fun... I'll do a double check in the device, if that is the case.. fu** to upstart10:04
jibelmandel, I tried on rc-proposed/meizu.en/arale 910:04
jibelmandel, and there is no reason that adding extra 'and' clauses would make it start on every boot if it doesn't with only the file event.10:05
mandeljibel, true, the anyway those starts where not needed10:06
sil2100oSoMoN: let me check how the reconfigure will work, since normally changing series is not possible without wiping and re-assigning the silo10:08
oSoMoNsil2100, ok, if it’s not possible then I guess we can ahead with the dual silo and then once it lands in wily we just free it10:18
mandeljibel, you are right, that file call is execute everyboot time, either the docs lie or the file is create in each boot (something I hope that does not happen)10:19
ogra_mandel, did you get my last lines before the reconnect ?10:20
mandelogra_, no, I did not10:20
ogra_<ogra_> mandel, just drop all the nonsense from the "start on" line ... only keep the file creation check10:20
ogra_<ogra_> also, make it a task (by adding the "task" keyword) dand drop the "stop on"10:20
ogra_<ogra_> s/dand/and10:20
ogra_<ogra_> and then just keep the old script but shield the "start ubuntu-location-provider-here-slpgwd" with "|| true"10:20
mandelogra_, what do you mean with "shield" the script?10:21
ogra_apped || true to that line10:21
ogra_so it doesnt stop execution of the job if it returns non-zero10:21
ogra_(probably add a sleep if you want to give it some time to start)10:22
mandelogra_, ok10:24
sil2100oSoMoN: I didn't want to reconfigure as dual-landing silos are basically wily silos already10:31
sil2100oSoMoN: for instance, if you don't want to land for vivid, all you need to do is ask a trainguard to remove the vivid binary packages10:31
sil2100From the silo10:31
sil2100oSoMoN: so I would say - just force-build the silo (or include the missing changelog entries) and give me a sign to remove the vivid package10:32
oSoMoNsil2100, ok, will do10:36
Laneyhow come oxide-qt has a "passed" boottest?10:37
Laneyhttps://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/wily-boottest-oxide-qt/ http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#oxide-qt10:38
joc_could anyone give me a hint as to how to get the citrain tool working to install silos on a vivid+overlay device?11:07
sil2100joc_: what series are you running on your local PC?11:07
joc_currently running something like "citrain device-upgrade 019 XXXX ubuntu" results in the PPA being added but nothing uprgraded11:07
joc_sil2100: vivid11:08
joc_the phablet-tools-citrain package is whatever is in universe I think11:08
sil2100joc_: yeah, it needs a newer version of the tools, as we're using Pin Priorities now11:09
sil2100I see Mirv's phablet-tools didn't yet land in the overlay...11:09
sil2100joc_: use the phablet-tools from https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-02811:09
joc_sil2100: ah thanks, i didnt know about that ppa11:10
sil2100joc_: well, it's an unofficial place but the final idea is to have the right phablet-tools in the overlay-PPA11:10
Mirvsil2100: oh... thanks for reminding :) there was that "let's wait if ji_bel has something to say"11:11
sil2100But it didn't land yet11:11
Mirvbut actually it was alright11:11
sil2100Mirv: aaah11:11
sil2100Right, I'm pretty sure jibel won't have anything against it11:11
* Mirv landing11:11
sil2100jibel: right?11:11
sil2100Mirv: thanks!11:11
joc_sil2100: so i should have the overlay ppa enabled on my host pc?11:12
Mirvsil2100: mm, what now? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-028-2-publish/36/console11:13
Mirvsil2100: wow, it even landed (binary copy just happened)..11:14
Mirvhttps://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+packages?batch=75&memo=75&start=75 - the first one11:14
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sil2100joc_: yeah, I think it should be safe to have that enabled, it mostly has phone-stuff anyway - or at least installing phablet-tools from that and then disabling it11:16
jibelsil2100, why to the overlay ppa rather than a standard SRU? it's an host package and the fix sounds reasonable for SRU, while it's unlikely that people will have the overlay unable on their desktop11:20
sil2100Yeah, it might be SRUed indeed11:21
pstolowskianyone from cihelp there?11:21
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jibelsil2100, IMO stable-phone-overlay should contain only phone specific packages that cannot and don't want to be SRUed11:22
sil2100jibel: the idea of the stable-phone-overlay is also to include those things that we want to SRU but are urgent enough that we don't want to wait through the whole SRU process11:23
ogra_we should remove the phablet-tools package from universe11:23
sil2100But I agree, it's best if we don't include non-touch packages there11:24
ogra_there is no way to keep it up to date across all release3s without a ton of paperwork11:24
ogra_people *need* to use the pahblet-tools PPA anyway11:24
ogra_there is no way around that ... so having the package in universe is moot11:24
sil2100...or that, well, I don't follow phablet-tools development closely11:25
* ogra_ neither anymore :)11:25
Mirvthere's no such thing as phablet-tools development, just random commits when someone needs something11:25
MirvI mean, no-one owns it11:25
popeyso with that few commits, putting it in the archive should not be that much overhead11:26
popeyjust needs someone to manage the release11:26
brendand_Mirv, which is crazy11:28
sil2100brb, lunch11:29
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* ogra_ curses12:03
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fgintherpstolowski, hello, what's the problem?12:55
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pstolowskifginther, hi! silo 40 is failing on powerpc only indicating problems with symbols. e.g. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11491341/13:14
fgintherpstolowski, oh, as this is a silo related issue, I'll direct this to trainguards13:15
pstolowskifginther, which is weird, since it passes on other architectures. it seems to be expecting -0ubuntu1 now (which we have in the changelog), but why only powerpc. and it was fine before?13:15
pstolowskifginther, ah, fair enough, thanks13:15
pstolowskitrainguards ^ ideas?13:24
sil2100pmcgowan: hey13:47
sil2100pstolowski: let me take a look in a minute13:47
sil2100pstolowski: hmmm13:48
pstolowskisil2100, sure, thanks13:50
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sil2100pstolowski: damn, this might be a bit troublesome13:52
pstolowskisil2100, anything changed recently? why only powerpc?13:55
sil2100It's indeed interesting why it only happens on powerpc, let me dig deeper13:55
sil2100pstolowski: actually this might be a red herring13:57
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sil2100pstolowski: I think the actual problem might be the newly added symbols that are visible above, for instance as seen in this willy build13:57
sil2100Somehow those are now visible on powerpc13:58
pstolowskisil2100, weird. i've just checked the 1st symbol, it should be covered by this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11497617/14:02
pstolowskisil2100, yeah, these symbols are not new14:04
sil2100Interesting stuff, hm, looking a bit more14:04
pstolowskisil2100, they are covered by  (c++|arch=!amd64 !arm64 !ppc64el) rule14:04
pmcgowansil2100, hey14:05
sil2100pmcgowan: I heard from popey that people already started landing the new icons while we still didn't finish arale14:06
sil2100Something about system settings having the new one already14:06
sil2100Is that coordinated?14:06
pmcgowannothing landed to vivid afaik, but could be going to the store for core apps14:07
sil2100Maybe it slipped in with one of the fixes or something?14:07
popeypmcgowan: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-06-01-150711.png14:07
popeythats my krillin14:07
sil2100Looks like the new icon to me14:07
sil2100popey: you're running vivid, right?14:07
popeyah, my krillin is ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/ubuntu 227 - is that wily?14:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 227 in Baz (deprecated) "baz branch doesn't rollback on bad gpg signature" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22714:07
sil2100popey: yeah, that's wily14:07
popeyCodename:       wily14:07
popeyignore me then14:07
sil2100pmcgowan: ...ok, ignore that question ;)14:08
ogra_popey, dont run wily ... it will likely break in interesting ways :)14:09
pmcgowanpopey, btw i like the old one better14:09
popeypmcgowan: me too14:10
popeyogra_: what channel should I be on, on krillin?14:10
pmcgowanjibel, so whats the deal with silo 5, just busted?14:10
ogra_popey, one of the rc ones ...14:11
jibelpmcgowan, in it's current state, yes.14:11
jibelmandel|lunch, ^ what's the status on 5?14:12
sil2100jibel: for the krillin OTA-4 we'll also need the new device tarball from john-mcaleely, rvr is on it?14:12
jibelsil2100, it's done14:13
jibelsil2100, almost, 2 MMS tests left14:13
jibelsil2100, actually MMS tests fail14:14
jibelrvr, does it work without the device tarball?14:14
rvrWell, but MMS didn't work for me in the past, so...14:14
john-mcaleelyha. mms is not news :-)14:15
ogra_send postcards ... cheaper anyway14:15
john-mcaleelyemail. always been a better choice14:15
popeyogra_: ubuntu-touch/rc/ubuntu-developer ?14:17
popeyogra_: is there one that has the here stuff?14:17
ogra_popey, http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en/14:18
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ogra_thats the latest vivid+overly14:18
ogra_and http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/meizu.en/ is the same thing for arale14:19
sil2100https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/ has stuff explained14:20
sil2100Might need to include additional info inside14:20
jibelsil2100, john-mcaleely device_krillin-20150529-8e13c5f is ok. MMS can be sent but not received. It is not related to the tarball.14:22
sil2100john-mcaleely: you're free to publish :)14:24
jibelom26er, you tested the custom tarball for krillin last Friday right?14:24
john-mcaleelysil2100, will do so shortly (otp)14:27
rvrbfiller: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/messaging-app/+bug/146066414:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1460664 in messaging-app (Ubuntu) "Delete wizard is not translated" [Undecided,New]14:42
rvrThe strings are in es.po indeed14:44
om26erjibel, yes, I did.14:46
om26er(IRC was disconnected and I didn't know)14:46
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cjwatson(librarian is working)14:47
sil2100cjwatson: thanks, yeah, we missed changing that on Friday14:50
boikotrainguards: I got an exception on silo 16, will a rebuild fix it or does it need anything else to work?14:51
sil2100boiko: hey!14:53
alex-abreutrainguards can you reconfigure silo 2?14:53
sil2100boiko: no, it won't be that easy... it seems you released address-book-app for wily already from the selected trunk14:54
sil2100boiko: so this trunk should be either only used for dual-landings or only for wily landings14:54
sil2100boiko: you should either release to wily and sync back to vivid, or use dual-landings or create a separate trunk for vivid14:54
sil2100alex-abreu: on it14:54
boikosil2100: ok, let me check with bfiller what to do now14:55
sil2100pstolowski: ok, I'll be back to trying to figure out what happened in a moment, got distracted14:55
boikosil2100: thanks!14:55
sil2100boiko: yw! It's just that the selected trunk needs to always be used only to release for a selected focus, so either you target stable or you target devel :)14:56
sil2100Since otherwise there wouldn't be any useful history in bzr14:56
sil2100alex-abreu: done14:56
alex-abreusil2100, thx14:57
bfillersil2100: can we dual land now? that is what we want but vivid overlay frozen, correct>?14:57
sil2100bfiller: yeah, it's still frozen... so we propose just releasing to wily for now and then syncing it back14:57
bfillersil2100: ack, boiko lets do that ^^14:58
boikobfiller: that might be the best thing to do14:58
sil2100bfiller: dual-landings can also be used for only landing to wily, but it's best to just get a wily silo as it's less manual work for everyone14:58
boikosil2100: should I change the spreadsheet, or can you configure it internally?14:58
sil2100boiko: I'll have to re-assign the silo in this case14:58
boikosil2100: that's fine14:58
sil2100boiko: ok, on it :)14:58
boikosil2100: thanks!14:58
sil2100boiko: done, silo 016 again, just remember there's a wily silo with dialer-app already in 004 (shell rotation)15:02
boikosil2100: ok15:03
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sil2100pstolowski: hah!15:38
sil2100I think I found it15:39
sil2100pstolowski: you still around?15:39
sil2100Let's go pm on  this15:39
pstolowskisil2100, yes15:39
john-mcaleelysil2100, still a good time to publish the approved vivid tarballs?15:39
sil2100john-mcaleely: yes :)15:39
john-mcaleelyok, let me do that then15:40
john-mcaleelysil2100, done. krillin & vegetahd pushed15:41
john-mcaleelythank you15:42
sil2100Thanks :)15:42
jibelrvr, om26er did you sign off silo 5?16:30
sil2100Doesn't it need some more tweaking?16:35
jibelsil2100, no one from QA signed it off AFAIK16:36
sil2100I wonder why it's marked as such then16:37
om26errvr, I didn't. rvr though it was not needed anymore ?16:39
sil2100om26er, jibel, rvr: I switched it back to untested16:39
om26ers/not needed/no a blocker.16:40
sil2100om26er: it's still a blocker, but the silo was b0rken16:40
jibelsil2100, pmcgowan silo 5 is still bad16:47
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rvrjibel: I didn't test any silo today17:45
pmcgowanjibel, silo 5 worked for me - installed the debs, reboot, turn on wizard, reboot, run through wizard, open Here app and got a fix18:43
pmcgowanom26er, ^^18:43
pmcgowanif thats the correct method18:43
ogra_pmcgowan, you need to remove /home/phablet/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run before rebooting (note the wizard will come up as soon as the file is gone, but reboot anyway)19:39
ogra_if you leave the file in place you dont actually test the issue19:39
pmcgowanogra_, I used phablet-config which I thought did that19:57
popeyballoons: any more news on the migration to vivid in jenkins?20:15
balloonspopey, nope..20:42
bfillerrobru: can you publish silo 21 please?22:21
robrubfiller: sure, but need merges approved first: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-021-2-publish/61/console22:22
bfillerrobru: let me do that22:22
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