pittiGood morning04:44
RAOFOh, huh.04:46
RAOFAre we really running both systemd and upstart user sessions?04:46
RAOFPerhaps I should rephrase: are we *deliberately* running both systemd and upstart user sessions? :)04:46
RAOFpitti: Good morning!04:47
RAOFConveniently timed :)04:47
pittihey RAOF, how are you?04:47
RAOFI'm fine, hows about you?04:47
pittiRAOF: yes, we are; we haven't yet started to migrate upstart user sessions04:48
pittiI'm great, thanks; had a nice weekend04:48
pittiwe want to settle the system init side first before starting to address the session side04:48
RAOFFair chop.04:50
larsugood morning!05:15
seb128good morning desktopers07:17
RAOFHey Seb!07:19
seb128hey RAOF, how are you?07:19
seb128how are things in Mir land?07:20
RAOFTracking along.07:21
RAOFLots of branches up for review.07:23
RAOFLots of goodies for desktop folk coming along nicely :)07:25
seb128which ones?07:26
RAOFEventloop fd for GTK, ability for input method daemons to put their completion windows in the right place.07:27
RAOFThat sort of thing :)07:28
RAOFOh! And an X11 backend, so you can test Mir stuff (and, dbus permitting, Unity8) from the comfort of your regular desktop session.07:28
seb128great list, I like it ;-)07:29
seb128especially the X11 backend one07:29
RAOFOh, and libinput-based touchpad support.07:31
seb128speaking about input, Mir lets you change keyboard layouts now right? do you know if anyone is working on using that capability from the unity8 side?07:32
RAOFKeyboard layouts, yup.07:32
RAOFUnity8, dunno.07:32
RAOFI don't think it needs extra qtmir support, so pretty much anyone should be able to do that, not just Gerry :)07:33
RAOFAt some point *I* might do it, because my querty is a bit rusty :)07:34
RAOF(This statement comes with no promises, or indeed intent of actually following through.)07:34
seb128I'm unsure what should we done under unity8 and what's the right place to discuss that07:35
seb128under unity7 we have indicator-keyboard that manage the keymap/input methods list and the active one07:35
seb128unsure if we should still use an indicator or if that should be built in unity807:35
RAOFI think it needs a component built into U8; whether or not that's just a DBus API for an external indicator to frob is Not Mir's Problemâ„¢ :)07:37
seb128hey Sweet5hark07:46
seb128hey willcooke Laney08:02
seb128how are you? had a good w.e?08:02
larsumorning British people08:03
Laneywhat is up08:03
larsuhangouts is funny: "while you're waiting, watch some youtube" !?08:03
RAOFYo dawgs.08:03
Laneynot bad thanks; I did a modern thing and "box setted" house of cards season 308:03
larsudoes that mean you watched all of them back to back?08:04
Laneynot exactly back to back08:04
* larsu doesn't know the lingo kids use these days08:04
Laneybut more or less that08:04
larsuhow was it?08:04
Laneyit's quite moreish08:06
LaneyThey teased you with making the president a good guy for a bit, kind of08:06
larsuha, presidents are never good!08:08
Sweet5harkseb128: are you in bug-control? if so could you please nominate https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/1418551 for vivid and upload http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/vivid/4.4.3/libreoffice_4.4.3-0ubuntu1_source.changes and http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/vivid/4.4.3/libreoffice-l10n_4.4.3-0ubuntu1_source.changes to vivid for SRU?08:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1418551 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "[SRU] soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in Application::GetSolarMutex()" [Medium,Incomplete]08:17
seb128Sweet5hark, you can suggest the bug for nomination, then it just has to be approved ... can you try if that works for you?08:48
seb128Sweet5hark, sure for the sponsoring08:48
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willcookeyay - another sudden reboot10:42
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margaSo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1370017 claims to be fixed in Trusty but it actually isn't11:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1370017 in Unity 7.2 "Unity Lockscreen shows unlocked desktop while shutting down" [High,Fix released]11:47
margaI already reported this back in March, but that got no attention.11:47
margaShould I report a new bug that points to this old bug just saying "bug/1370017 never actually got fixed"? Or would it be better to reopen it?11:48
willcookemarga, if it's the *same* bug, re-opening would be better I think.11:58
margaWell, I have just finished reporting a new one...11:59
margaI agree that re-opening would be the right thing, but I fear I might mess up when touching those fields11:59
margaI guess Andrea or Marco can do that and then dupe the new bug to the old one.11:59
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willcookehi rickspencer312:09
rickspencer3does anyone know if I use umake to install golang, will that set up cross compiling to Arm for me?12:09
willcookeI don't think so, no12:09
willcookedidrocks, ^12:09
rickspencer3also, if I am on 15.04, should I install from the repos, or use the PPA?12:09
willcookerickspencer3, I'd say use the PPA because it's updated so frequently.  But didrocks will confirm.  He's probably at lunch right now (with the SDK team)12:11
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Sweet5harkseb128: thx, I pinged bug-control about the nomination.12:44
seb128Sweet5hark, you are not able to suggest nominations?12:45
Sweet5harkseb128: you mean in launchpad? no. IIRC you need to be in bug-control to nominate for a series.12:46
seb128Sweet5hark, you are not in bugsquad?12:46
seb128Sweet5hark, I though bug triagers were able to propose nominations, just not to accept those12:46
Sweet5harkwell, at least I never found anything wrt in launchpad UI and I used to look for that a few times already. So it either well hidden or disabled for me. or both. ;)12:48
didrocksrickspencer3: it doesn't setup cross compiling for arm12:57
rickspencer3hi didrocks12:57
didrocksbut yeah, better to use the ppa12:58
didrocksit has 0.8, which finale vivid doesn't12:58
rickspencer3didrocks, ok, I'll put that in the instructions12:58
didrocksnice :)12:58
rickspencer3didrocks, do you know off hand how to set up cross compiling for ARM?12:58
seb128Sweet5hark, you are not in bugsquad? how come?12:58
didrocksrickspencer3: last time I looked at this, it needed a third part tool, one sec13:00
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didrocksrickspencer3: I was using that one: http://dave.cheney.net/2012/09/08/an-introduction-to-cross-compilation-with-go13:00
Sweet5harkseb128: doh! seems I am (now?).13:01
rickspencer3thanks didrocks13:01
seb128Sweet5hark, you found the label to click? ;-)13:01
Sweet5harkseb128: anyway, sorry for the noise. will handle the nomination. yeah, found the handle.13:02
seb128seems you did13:02
Laneyrickspencer3: xnox had a blog about it http://blog.surgut.co.uk/2014/06/cross-compile-go-code-including-cgo.html13:02
seb128Sweet5hark, no worry, approved13:02
* Sweet5hark hides is shame.13:02
Laneynot sure how bitrotted that is13:02
rickspencer3k, I'll look13:02
rickspencer3thanks Laney and didrocks13:03
xnoxLaney: rickspencer3: i believe it improved, as i did ask upstream to reuse variables, such that the horrible sized invodation is less in length.13:03
xnoxin practice it should still work the same though.13:03
xnox(i.e. i believe 5l ldflags are not needed any more, but needs checking)13:04
LaneyNoskcaj: did/can you forward the appstream-glib delta back please?13:22
ricotzLaney, hi, gtk-doc 1.23 includes a regression which got fixed in 1.24 :\13:29
LaneyWe'll get it soon13:29
ricotzLaney, ok, this one is breaking the devhelp files13:30
ubot5Gnome bug 749591 in general "gtk-doc 1.23 no longer includes xml namespace in .devhelp2 files" [Major,Resolved: fixed]13:31
Laneyyeah I saw it13:34
seb128Sweet5hark, should those libreoffice updates go to wily as well?13:50
Sweet5harkseb128: as usual I'd try to go with directly libreoffice 5.0 for wily, if possible ..13:51
ochosiSweet5hark: just a quick question there, will LO 5.0 be compatible with earlier icon themes?13:53
Sweet5harkochosi: Libreoffice makes no promises on compatibility between major releases wrt icons. that said, it might work reasonably well.13:54
ochosiSweet5hark: humm, just asking cause i just commenced work on one. i guess in that case i'll wait so i don't waste my time there13:55
ochosior is 5.0 ready for testing somehow somewhere?13:55
seb128Sweet5hark, SRU sponsored13:56
Sweet5harkseb128: thx13:56
Sweet5harkochosi: 5.0 beta1 has been released upstream and can be downloaded from libreoffice.org13:57
ochosiso no PPA yet then?13:57
Sweet5harkochosi: Im at packaging that for wily/ppa.13:57
ochosioh, perfect - thanks!13:57
Sweet5harkochosi: and please dont block on this. there should be huge changes between 4.4 and 5.0 wrt icons.13:58
ochosioh, huge changes?13:59
ochosiand no, not planning to block, i just wanted something that ideally would also work for 14.04, but i guess LO 5.0 is fine13:59
seb128I guess he forgot a "not"13:59
ochosiyeah, thought so ;)13:59
ochosialso, since we know this already now, there is more than enough time to adjust14:00
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seb128Laney, night17:29
NoskcajLaney, debian dev will upload it next week. He's trying to wait for ftp-masters to catch up so he can transition to the 0.4.0 release20:25
willcookeg'night all20:32

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