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ahoneybunupdated the agenda a bit pmatulis02:29
pmatulisahoneybun: ok02:29
ahoneybunadded the translate topic02:29
ahoneybunneed make clear this is a testbed to see if it will work well02:30
pmatulisahoneybun: but right now i don't have the time to lead such a project. so it's yours03:06
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ahoneybunwell 16UTC is 12pm here and I'll be at work...20:56
ahoneybunpmatulis: ^20:56
pmatulisahoneybun: well, remove the item from the agenda and send an email to the list21:37
ahoneybunwell do21:43
ahoneybunpmatulis: on the subject of the Open Help Conf, I'd be up for being there for the Docs team21:45
ahoneybunmail sent21:49
ianorlynI did some minor tips like talking about the search for character map but that wiki page on the community wiki hadn't been updated since 200922:27

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