Kilosmorning everyone05:39
dholbachgood morning07:28
Kiloshi dholbach  07:29
dholbachhi Kilos07:29
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MooDoohowdy all11:21
Kiloshi MooDoo  11:27
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Kiloshi Rage  15:59
RageWhat are loco teams working on currently?15:59
Kilosrebuilding locos16:00
Ragewhat do you mean rebuild?16:00
Kilosfinding missing members and encouraging new peeps to join and places with no locos to build new ones16:01
Ragewhat do these loco's do exactly?16:01
Kilosthey organise events in their areas and promote ubuntu16:02
Rageubuntu operating system or ubuntu liberation movement or ubuntu party or all of these?16:03
Kilosubuntu OS16:03
Ragehave you heard of the other two?16:04
Kilosyes i am in africa16:04
Kiloswhere are you?16:04
Ragei'm from estonia16:04
RageWhat kind of computer skills do you have? :)16:07
Kilosdo you use ubuntu OS?16:07
RageI personally have used kubuntu for 7+ years16:07
Kiloscool im on 14.04 now and using konvewrsation16:07
Ragewebsite link brought me to freenode webclient16:08
Kilosyes that does happen16:09
RageI'm currently testing out kubuntu 15.0416:09
Kiloslook at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/16:09
Kilosthere might be a loco close to you16:09
RageHave you ever thought creating ubuntu a proper messaging platform?16:10
RageI mean the ubuntu webpage16:11
Kilosmost of us enjoy irc but im sure some of the other guys have16:11
Kilosask at #ubuntu16:11
elachecheRage why? :D There is many other Free & Open Source messaging platform outthere!16:11
Kilosthis channel is mostly for working with locos16:11
elachecheRage, are you the "owner" of that?16:14
elachecheIs it a new project?16:15
Ragequite yes16:16
elachecheEmm.. Did you seen this http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/intellectual-property-policy ?16:16
RageDon't worry, I'm gonna promote ubuntu software...16:17
RageIt's all built on it16:17
elachecheThat's not the issue here.. 16:17
elachecheIt's about trademark thing..16:18
elachecheYou're building a Free & Open Source Software?16:18
elachecheUsing the same name as Ubuntu?! 16:19
Ragewhat does ubuntu actually mean?16:19
Kiloshumanity towards others16:20
elachecheRage, it's not about meanings anymore.. You're starting a "business" called Ubuntu :) That'll be a huge issue I think.. 16:22
Kiloslegal stuff16:23
elachecheThat's it..16:23
Kilosbecome an ubuntu member then things become easier16:23
Ragenever planned registersing a business under the name "ubuntu"16:25
elachecheEven the use of the domain name requires an authorization!16:25
elachecheWanna be sure by contacting canonical and ask them about that? → http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/contact-us16:28
jpdsRage: There's also the fact that people looking for your project will have a hard time googling for it.16:28
Ananti have got "bash: hash: weboob-config: not found" error after opning terminal what is this is there any problem16:49
Ananti have got "bash: hash: weboob-config: not found" error after opning terminal what is this is there any problem16:52
jpdsAnant: → #ubuntu16:52
Anantyes, ubuntu i upgraded ubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 16:53
rookjiehes just saying this is the wrong channel for  help and to join #ubuntu  room16:54
MooDoohrllo sll21:10

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