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kamalhi, I'm looking for an SRU-team member ...  an SRU package in the unapproved SRU queue has been determined to be invalid, so I'd like it de-queued:  fldigi (3.22.04-1ubuntu1) for vivid14:38
stgraberhmm, so I'm trying to figure out why golang isn't migrating to the release pocket and my britney skills appear too limited for that... update_excuses lists it as a valid candidate and update_output mentions something about vim-gocomplete which seems a bit odd since it doesn't depend on golang and can be co-installed fine (just tried in a wily-proposed container)14:57
stgraberinfinity: if you happen to still/already be around? ^14:58
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cjwatsonstgraber: vim-gocomplete depends on vim-syntax-go, which is no longer produced by the latest golang source15:08
cjwatsoncf. https://tracker.debian.org/media/packages/g/golang/changelog-2%3A1.4.2-3 2:1.4.1-1~exp115:08
ogra_needs renaming ... vim-gone-complete :)15:09
ubot93Debian bug 786891 in gocode "vim-syntax-go no longer built from source" [Important,Fixed]15:10
cjwatsonstgraber: I think it just needs gocode to be migratable too15:10
cjwatsonstgraber: which requires gocode not to FTBFS on powerpc, which ISTR is not the only Go-related package with this problem on that arch15:11
tedginfinity, Were you able to get Mir building on PPC?15:13
stgrabercjwatson: ah, right, so stuck on that gccgo bug then15:16
stgrabercjwatson: thanks for the analysis15:16
stgraberand yeah, a lot of things are failing with recent gccgo on powerpc, doko is aware and looking into this15:17
dokocjwatson, stgraber: can't find the time for that, so I would propose to remove the powerpc binaries. but then again, I don't know if snappy is needed on powerpc ...15:18
stgraberand I don't suppose reverting to vivid's gccgo is an option? that one worked fine IIRC15:19
stgraber(it's not just snappy, this bug also affects docker, lxd, ... so we can certainly live a few weeks without powerpc support, but we can't release 15.10 like that)15:20
dokoI know. I verified that I can build ~rc1 in wily, but, wasn't able to bisect any change which let's this fail on powerpc. even 5.1.0-1 is broken15:22
dokoand for some reason, it works in unstable on powerpc15:23
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infinitydoko: Yeah, the part where it works in sid but not wily is driving me batty too.  I was really hoping we'd magically fix it with the binutils merge, but no such luck. :(16:55
infinitydoko: And, in principle, I'm okay with removing ppc Go binaries to get past this, *but* the different results between sid and wily point to something Very Bad going on here, and I'd like to understand what's going on before just handwaving past it.16:56

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