jak2000i want add a user as sudoer, but cant: sudo vi /etc/sudoers dit an sae but cant save the message always is:  "E45: 'readonly' option is set (add ! to override)"  how to fix it?01:23
tyler_wyliejak2000: can't you just add someoen to the wheel group? otherwise aren't you supposed to use visudo01:35
pmatulisthe wheel group? is that freebsd?01:35
tyler_wyliepmatulis: most *nix's01:36
tyler_wyliepmatulis: unless something's changed recently01:36
pmatulisjak2000: not sure why you are getting that error but try doing what it says (:w! or :x!)01:36
jak2000pmatulis solved with visudo01:36
pmatulisjak2000: right, was going to mention that too01:37
tyler_wylielooks like wheel is most linux / freebsd but not debian/ubuntu, hm01:37
tyler_wylieeitherway, visudo the way to go to edit /etc/sudoers.01:37
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diyttohey guys i have 1TB of space on my server allocated to my / partition and i can't use it. is there any way to remedy this?04:14
linuxmintHello, what command lets me see what actions my server did last night? The auto backups has over filled the disk.04:21
linuxmintI can't find where the incomplete backups went to before the disk was filled.04:22
linuxmintI can see the top 10 largest files, in /var, but I don't think I can delete those files.04:22
linuxmintOk, I deleted a bunch of files, which gives my disk 91.3% space.04:30
linuxmintI need to clear the incomplete backups, so the end of this month's auto backups will have enough space to complete and not freeze up the server.04:31
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gartral|2hey all after doing a release upgrade my apache configurations are broken, any ideas?05:44
Seveasgartral|2: that's not entirely surprising, apache changes things frequently. What's the error?05:45
gartral|2Seveas: the ever unhelpful: apache2_reload: Your configuration is broken. Not restarting Apache 205:46
Seveascheck the apache logs05:47
gartral|2Seveas: no errors that I see... http://paste.ubuntu.com/11489955/05:49
Seveasgartral|2: hmm, and what does /etc/init.d/apache2 configtest say?05:52
gartral|2Seveas: configtest isn't an option05:55
Seveasthen my apache knowledge is a bit rusty it seems :)05:55
gartral|2Usage: apache2 {start|stop|graceful-stop|restart|reload|force-reload|start-htcacheclean|stop-htcacheclean}05:55
Seveastry this: apache2 -t05:56
Seveas(not the initscript, the actual binary)05:56
gartral|2AH00526: Syntax error on line 74 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Invalid Mutex directory in argument file:${APACHE_LOCK_DIR}05:58
gartral|2/etc/apache2/apache2.conf doesn't exist...06:00
Seveascheck the relevant config line, look up its documentation, and fix as appropriate06:00
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gartral|2Seveas: can you do my a favor06:43
Seveasdepends on the favor06:45
gartral|2can you check to see if http://kitsunet.info:1180/phpBB3 is accessable?06:46
SeveasNot Found06:53
SeveasThe requested URL /phpBB3 was not found on this server.06:53
gartral|2Seveas: try again07:02
SeveasI get a vlank forum07:05
Seveasso it seems to work :)07:05
lordievaderGood morning.07:29
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rbasakjamespage, hallyn: I'll take the squid3 merge.10:49
jamespagerbasak, +1 thanks10:55
jamespagerbasak, do you have time for a quick transitional package type question?10:55
rbasakjamespage: sure10:56
jamespagerbasak, trying to wrap my head around a reverse transition from last cycle10:56
jamespagerbasak, so...10:56
jamespageduring vivid we did a transition from python-oslo.XXXX to python-oslo-XXXX which was a little confused due to upstream dropping namespaces10:57
jamespagerbasak, this was not really required, and we're trying to realign with debian to get some scale on packaging at least on the dependency chain10:57
jamespagerbasak, I know I need a breaks/replaces on the switch back to avoid dpkg overwrite problems10:57
jamespagerbasak, but do we need to keep the python-oslo-XXXX packages in Ubuntu as well?10:58
rbasak"from python-oslo.XXXX to python-oslo-XXXX"?10:58
rbasakBut whichever way, I don't know of any reason to keep old packages around.10:58
rbasakNot even for one release.10:58
rbasakAll the metadata for the transition ends up in debian/control in the new packages.10:58
rbasakOh, hold on.10:59
rbasakYou're talking about binary packages and I thought you were talking about source.10:59
jamespagerbasak, yeah - binaries10:59
jamespagerbasak, look at something like oslo-messaging for example10:59
rbasakYes, you would need the old binary package names as transitional packages in the new source package.10:59
jamespagerbasak, urgh - that's what I thought11:00
rbasakOtherwise users who have the old binary package installed won't get the new one.11:00
rbasakNeed that until the next LTS.11:00
jamespagerbasak, not really - only for one cycle11:00
rbasakYeah if it was only in a non-LTS11:00
jamespageit is only in a non-LTS11:00
jamespagethank golly for that11:00
rbasakMaybe there's one exception here in your case though.11:01
jamespagerbasak, trying to avoid another delta to maintain11:01
rbasakFor you it's a dependency package. So users will end up with the new thing when they upgrade because the higher level thing will depend on the new name.11:01
jamespagerbasak, yeah - its not really a direct installed package11:01
jamespageyup - thats true11:02
rbasakSo provided that no user is using the old package without the directly installed package, then you could probably technically get away without the transitional package.11:02
rbasakI'm not sure if it's acceptable to do that or not though.11:02
jamespagerbasak, I did think about abusing Provides11:03
rbasakYou will still need to maintain the breaks/replaces anyway, so maybe it's not that much to maintain the transitional on top?11:03
jamespagerbasak, yeah - just trying to get this into debian to be delta free11:03
jamespagerbasak, zigo did say transitional packages would be OK - but FTP master may not think so11:03
jamespageas this is a transition Debian did not do11:03
jamespageonly Ubuntu11:03
rbasakjamespage: https://wiki.debian.org/PackageTransition11:04
rbasakProvides is acceptable.11:04
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rbasakjamespage: but you still need transitional packages I think.11:04
rbasakjamespage: otherwise depending on upgrade ordering dpkg will still fail with a file conflict.11:04
jamespagerbasak, I think so yes11:05
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trippehthe sysv-style init scripts should still work in systemd-enabled 15.04 right?12:48
trippehif there is no matching unit file12:49
trippehcant get watchdog to start (/dev/watchdog poller)12:51
trippehhuh now it started12:51
trippehah. does not start on boot.12:54
trippehperhaps there is a more modern alternative?12:56
rbasaktrippeh: yes, but make sure you use the "service" wrapper to ensure the right thing is called. Calling a sysv script directly when systemd or upstart is in use is dangerous.12:56
trippehrbasak: yeah, used "service"12:57
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acro458Does anyone have any idea if there is a linux program similar to this: http://www.seattlelab.com/slnet_about/15:18
quanticacro458: uhhh, that just sounds like a telnet server to me...15:24
quanticbut maybe I'm really missing something15:24
jpdsacro458: What's wrong with SSH?15:25
acro458It is a telnet server15:26
jrwrendo you get a c:\> prompt when using it with windows?15:26
acro458It is for using openbasic15:27
acro458through anziowin15:27
jrwrenacro458: to what end?15:28
acro458To connect to the serverdon't need ssh. It is15:28
acro458To connect to the server15:28
acro458It doesnt need ssh. It is internal-only. Network not connected to the outside15:28
acro458Proprietary software15:29
acro458Need a telnet service that can handle unlimited users15:29
jpdsWhy would you want to use telnet in 2015?15:29
jrwrenacro458: yeah, this does not make any sense to me.15:29
* quantic has to be missing something, here.15:29
acro458Because I 100% have to. Its my job15:29
jrwrenacro458: find a new job ;p15:29
quanticThat sounds like a disaster in the making.15:29
acro458Are you going to pay me?15:29
jrwrenapt-get install telnetd15:30
jrwrendoes what you want.15:30
jrwrenits a bad idea.15:30
jrwrenI strongly urge you to strongly urge your superiors that this is a bad idea and ssh exists for many many good reasons.15:30
acro458So I should just pay $15,000 from that website?15:30
acro458It is an internal network15:30
acro458why would we need ssh?15:31
acro458It has been running on telnet for 30 years15:31
* quantic wouldn't pay ANYONE that can't understand why you simply don't use telnet EVAR.15:31
jrwrenever heard of stuxnet?15:31
jpds!telnet | acro45815:31
ubottuacro458: telnet is not safe. Please use ssh instead. See !ssh15:31
quanticyeah, welcome to 2015 - there is no such thing as an internal network15:32
quanticand "proprietary software" == "its secure because we said military-grade somewhere in the description"15:32
acro458If people access the network, we have MUCH bigger problems than us using telnet vs ssh internally15:33
jrwrenthere are some cases where I might use telnet, like if the network is not at all internet connected. firewalled to internal is not enough.15:33
jrwrenAND every node on the network has controlled physical access.15:34
quanticeven then, I would feel dirty. :P15:34
jrwrenyes, I'd want my keyauth and still use ssh, but I might be OK with deploying some archaic app which uses telnet15:34
jrwrenacrocity: afaik, apt-get install telnetd does what you want.15:34
quantiche gone15:35
jrwrenoh oops, sorry acrocity15:35
jpdsTelnet also hasn't seen an update in years.15:35
jrwrenbecause its "done" and stable :)15:36
quantictext goes in, text goes out15:38
jrwrennc -l <port> | bash & echo <commands> | nc <host> <port>15:45
* jpds wonders what happens if you dd /dev/urandom to a telnet server.15:49
* jrwren tries it15:50
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DelemasI just upgraded from Ubuntu 14.10 to 15.04. The upgrade claimed to have worked but apparently Ubuntu can't deal with /usr on it's own partition as such server can't boot.18:39
DelemasI'm trying to find a way to fix this other than a total reinstall...18:40
sarnoldDelemas: you may have success switching back to upstart from systemd18:40
sarnoldDelemas: see this for suggestions https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers#Permanent_switch_back_to_upstart18:41
Delemasdo-release-upgrade should really fail before starting when /usr is a separate mount...18:42
DelemasTrying that. I really hope that does it...18:44
DelemasNow it doesn't want to mount /var...18:48
Delemassarnold, Thanks. That made it so it would at least boot with manual proding...18:50
sarnoldDelemas: woo :) please do file bug reports.. I know I saw something else recently about a separate /usr giving trouble but I can't recall the setting..18:50
Delemashmm I wonder which package I should file against...18:54
Delemasdo-release-upgrade? systemd? hmmm18:54
sarnoldDelemas: I think both; perhaps first against systemd in the hopes it gets fixed, but also adding do-release-upgrade for trusty might be a good idea, in case it can't easily be fixed in the future :/18:56
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jellyhey, if debian can make a separate /usr work, so should ubuntu19:34
dannfhallyn: do you think we can fix LP: #1457639 in a vivid sru? do you have other things queued for vivid?19:38
dannfhallyn: (post-debsync-for-wily, of course)19:39
Delemas2 bugs filed...19:40
hallyndannf: yes i think that's SRuable.  well i didn't look at the patch but it looks important enough19:47
hallyndannf: i intend to merge from debian tue or wed this week19:47
hallynthenwe can sru.  lemme check my list19:47
hallynactually my list is empty other sruing the "kvm on all arches"19:48
dannfhallyn: "kvm on all arches"? like a metapackge?19:49
dannfbut cool, will touch base with you after the sync19:50
DelemasFor some reason the boot is hung up on mount /var. The entry is correct. I do a mount -av and exit emergency maintenance mode and normal boot occurs...19:59
DelemasI get "The disk drive for /var is not ready yet or not present." it is very weird...20:00
dasjoeI take it a trusty container can't be booted using systemd-nspawn? It just gets stuck: http://paste.debian.net/193379/20:12
Delemasman... apparently I'm forced to repartition...20:40
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trippehre earlier, has telnetd been updated for the systemd world? :P21:27
* trippeh hides21:27
sarnoldtrippeh: it looks like it'll use update-inetd to change its configuration when installed: http://sources.debian.net/src/netkit-telnet/0.17-40/debian/telnetd.postinst/21:31
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