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zombienerdHello all, has anyone figured out a workaround yet for tethering on Mako?00:36
zombienerdI'm also having an issue where my alarms are going off 8 hours late :)00:38
zombienerdQuiet bunch :)00:51
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TheTacoSlobererI had a question for anyone here02:22
TheTacoSlobereris anyone here?02:22
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zombienerdAnyone around?03:35
zombienerdHas anyone figured out a workaround yet for tethering on Mako?03:35
zombienerdI'm also having an issue where my alarms are going off 8 hours late :)03:35
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sturmflut2Good morning05:24
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dholbachgood morning07:28
sturmflut2dholbach: morning!07:46
dholbachhi sturmflut207:51
oSoMoNnerochiaro, good morning! have you seen my comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/webbrowser-app/find-in-page/+merge/258225 ?08:54
nerochiarooSoMoN: not yet, was focusing on the auth08:55
nerochiarooSoMoN: will look soon08:55
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Say Something Nice Day! 😃09:06
davidcallesil2100, ping09:09
sil2100davidcalle: pong09:09
davidcallesil2100, hey :) Is there a list somewhere of what's special in the new ubuntu-touch/*/ubuntu-developer channel?09:11
davidcalle(If it's been announced, I've missed it)09:11
sil2100davidcalle: hey! Yeah, let me fetch the link09:54
sil2100davidcalle: https://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/image-channels/09:54
davidcallesil2100, I've looked there, but I don't see any more info than "Channel with a developer-oriented custom tarball, including extra payload useful for app-developers"09:56
davidcalleI'm wondering what the "extra payload" is09:57
sil2100davidcalle: aah, sorry, mis-read your question ;)09:57
sil2100davidcalle: so, it doesn't seem to be written down anywhere, the best person to ask would be john-mcaleely09:58
davidcallesil2100, ok, thanks :)09:58
nerochiarooSoMoN: pushed changes you requested to the find in page MR10:22
dadexix86Hello everybody! just a quick question. I received a call from a number that was not in my contact list and now I want to add it, but I cannot find a way to do it. How do I do it?10:27
dadexix86bq device, r2210:27
dadexix86found it! I always forget to click the icons when I try to do stuff -.-10:28
john-mcaleelydavidcalle, I don't think you missed an announcement. I'm just chasing what happened there10:33
john-mcaleelydavidcalle, but broadly it's just some pre-installed apps from the store that developers might use - logviewer, for example10:33
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks10:35
davidcallejohn-mcaleely, oh right, makes sense, thanks! I'm about to boot the devel-proposed image with it on mako (*try* to boot :) )10:36
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zygabzoltan: hey, I have a question about the 14.04-based UITK11:27
zygabzoltan: who's doing that work, I've started to work on that too and I'd like to cooperate11:27
zygabzoltan: or at least learn the approach, I've started with a debian package that targets /opt/zyga/ based on current qt packages from wily11:28
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bzoltanzyga:  we are working on this topic just right now11:30
bzoltanzyga:  we have reached to the point that we have the latest UITK release built for 14.04  and it is fully functional on 14.04. Now we need to figure out about the packaging ...11:32
zygabzoltan: how can I help"11:37
zygabzoltan: how can I test it?11:37
zygabzoltan: (and you did much better than I did :)11:37
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MiWim loving my Aquaris E4.5 and Ubuntu touch12:04
MiWdo you know how refreshing it is to find a consumer product that ships with sudo, openssh. user has root?12:05
MiWthis never happens in 2010s12:05
sturmflut2MiW: :)12:06
MiWim suprised there is no git package yet but this and lots of other bins have built on the phone no problems12:06
MiWnmap works...12:07
MiWwas doing pcap on the 3g interfaces and sending raw pcap over ssh...12:08
MiWits just about the best mobile OS i have ever used.12:08
MiWdoes anyone know about getting X to work? i totally broke mir when i enabled the 112:10
MiWubuntu-desktop-mir package12:11
MiWxmir package installed12:11
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Walex2MiW: what do you mean with "getting X to work"? I am not sure you got the message :-)12:44
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MiWI want to display things that talk X on my phone12:55
MiWthe nested xmir should allow this?12:55
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bzoltanzyga:  so the idea is that we pull the upstream Qt, patch it with the feedback, pim and UITK modules. Then we clone the qtbase debian infrastructure, fix the .install and create a monstre package of it.13:01
bzoltanzyga:  I am going to finish the script to do the prototype and share it with you soon.13:01
sturmflut2Is it 4 PM already?13:02
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jgdxno 3pm13:07
svijdepends on your timezone.13:07
svijif its 3 or 4pm :P13:08
jgdxa sophist eh?13:09
svijsometimes. :)13:10
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zygabzoltan: thanks, I can improve and test it13:12
zygabzoltan: I have time to work on this during this week so please use me if you can13:12
sturmflut2jgdx: I never noticed that we are in the same timezone13:30
jgdxthis changes everything13:31
* svij waits another 1,5h13:31
bzoltanzyga: fantastic! Thank you13:33
brunch875I'm starting to wonder if it was a good idea to strip all the buttons from the phone13:34
brunch875some function keys could be really handy13:34
* sturmflut2 is going home to listen to the secret internet communication from a well-known Lunix distributor13:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: is it normal that CI fails on the find in page MR because it can not find oxide 1.8 ?13:37
oSoMoNnerochiaro, yes, oxide 1.8 hasn’t been released yet13:37
nerochiarooSoMoN: so new APIs that i am adding for basic auth should go in 1.8 still or 1.9 ?13:38
oSoMoNnerochiaro, 1.913:38
oSoMoNnerochiaro, 1.8 has been branched, it’s only accepting bug fixes now until it is released (in about 3 weeks from now)13:39
nerochiarooSoMoN: got it. thanks for the clarification13:39
oSoMoNnerochiaro, I commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/webbrowser-app/find-in-page/+merge/25822513:40
nerochiarooSoMoN: fixed13:51
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks, can you revert revision 1014 ?13:56
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nerochiarooSoMoN: done13:59
pittiawe: hey Tony, how are you?14:22
pittiawe: would you mind commenting on bug 1459983? this seems quite unexpected to me14:22
ubot5bug 1459983 in ofono (Ubuntu) "latest version obfuscates data in test scripts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145998314:22
awepitti, !@#%14:23
pittiawe: bless you :)14:23
aweyea, that's my fault...14:23
aweI did this because I got tired of warning end-users to remove private data from list-modems output when working on bugs14:24
awethere's a new command-line arg ( -p, --priv ) which will output the properties un-obfuscated14:24
pittiawe: right, but that's not compatible with upstream/other distros14:25
aweunderstood, but I chose to err on the side of the end-user, not upstream14:25
pittiawe: I'm moving away the dbusmock tests from verifying these properties, but it was still strange as these are mostly for testing14:25
awepitti, list-modem gets used quite a bit for bug work14:26
pittiawe: isn't that something the apport hook should take care of? (obfuscation, I mean)14:26
awemaybe, except apport gets rarely used for bugs on the phone14:26
awepitti, I can change it ( ie. reverse the meaning of -p ) if you think this really was a bad idea on my part14:27
aweagain, I was looking at this from the point of the end-user/customer, not upstream and/or test scripts that use also use these scripts14:28
pittiawe: well, your call; I'm mostly concerned as this breaks existing behaviour, and such obfuscation should rather go into some "ofono-bug-info" script14:28
jgdxcouldn't dbusmock use dbus?14:28
pittiawe: I at least wanted to quicly discuss it and udnerstand why it was done14:28
pittiawe: fine for me if you close it as wontfix/opinion, but there was no justification in the changelog, so I wanted to ask :)14:29
awepitti, np; let me give it some thought...  so I assume we have a bunch of tests failing now?14:29
pittiawe: so far python-dbusmock (fixed in trunk, as above); I don't know of others, the ofono upload didn't trigger a lot of them14:30
awepitti, I'm going to revert the change... ( and invert the meaning of -p/--priv )14:44
pittiawe: okay, thanks!14:44
pittiLaney: ^ FYI (as we talked about it last week)14:44
SturmFlutpopey, dholbach: Ping14:51
nerochiarooSoMoN: issues fixed in keyboard navigation branch. please see notes14:56
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks, will do a second pass soon14:56
dholbachSturmFlut, pong14:56
popeySturmFlut: yo14:57
SturmFlutdholbach: I think it solved itself, sorry14:57
SturmFlutpopey: ^^14:57
dholbachok, no worries :)14:57
svij2minutes left… *wait*14:57
dkesseli hope you guys will post everything on g+ or write it here :)14:59
ogra_yeah, the brits ... always behind the times :P14:59
SturmFlutdkessel: I already posted the most important things15:00
SturmFlut"The next #ubuntuphone codenames after krillin, vegeta and arale will be monkey, akira and chibiusa."15:00
SturmFlutTotally true15:00
dkesselsure :)15:00
dkesseli want release dates, which device(s) will feature convergence, and where to get it :)15:01
ogra_dkessel, 16.04 is the release date for convergence15:01
dkesselogra_: fine, but on which device(s) will it be possible?15:02
ogra_(anything before that will be some kind of preview)15:02
ogra_i doubt you will see it on any of the devices being sold currently15:02
svijE5 is now official15:03
SturmFlutOkay, the bq E5 is official15:03
svijSturmFlut: youre slow15:03
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SturmFlutsvij: You and your VDSL15:03
svijSturmFlut: :D15:03
dobeyis vdsl fast?15:03
SturmFlutdobey: Compared to pigeons, yes15:03
ogra_dobey, fastest you can get over here15:03
svij100mbit/s yes.15:04
ogra_50MBit ...15:04
SturmFlutE5 sale on tuesday morning15:04
ogra_some providers offer "up to" 10015:04
SturmFlutNo flash sale15:04
dobeyso not that fast :)15:04
ogra_no, not fast, but the fastest you can get :)15:04
rpadovaniI'm not able to join the hangout because it says it's ful :/15:04
SturmFlutrpadovani: Oh crap15:04
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ogra_popey, ^^^15:05
SturmFlutConvergent device later in the year15:05
svijfrom bq15:05
SturmFlut"Meizu is on a similar path"15:06
ogra_dkessel, that will be the device to get the actual convergence then15:06
dkesselogra_: i guess i will wait for that then.15:06
ogra_(being powerfulk enough and all)15:06
SturmFlutMX4 for 299.99 € in Europe, third week of june15:06
svijE5 for 199,99€15:08
popeyogra_: nothing to do with me15:08
ogra_ah, k15:08
rpadovaniI cannot believe I can't follow the hangout. It's annoying15:08
ogra_i thought you were the hangout master there :)15:08
popeyI know less than most15:08
SturmFlutThe Convergence device a "brand new, high-end model" that bq will also launch on Android15:10
dkesselwhere do i have to put my money for that? ;)15:11
* ogra_ opens his wallet15:12
ogra_put it here :)15:12
nik90wow cant believe all ubuntu phone insiders will get a Meizu MX4 device!15:12
SturmFlutThey don't have any news on a device for the US market15:12
SturmFlutThe decision to release an E5 Ubuntu Edition was only made a few weeks after the E4.5 was sold15:14
mptjgdx, abeato: Hi, is there anywhere I can find a definition of what a “context” is?15:14
SturmFlutThe MX4 will be sold online and internationally, directly from Meizu15:15
SturmFlutBut there are only a few hundred "invites" a day15:16
ogra_or ebay shops :P15:16
Laneypitti: thanks!15:16
abeatompt, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPRS_core_network#PDP_context15:16
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SturmFlutJono Bacon asks about customer feedback to the "Scopes story"15:17
nik90the meizu website will show a interactive origami wall slide...which will include a couple 100 invites randomly per day...you click on slides which give info about the UT..and on random slides that you click you will be invited to buy the device15:18
SturmFlut"Scopes navigation can be confusing, needs work"15:18
mptabeato, yikwa15:18
mptYikes, even15:18
mptI think jgdx was using the word in a different sense from that article15:19
abeatompt, I would define it as a tunnel so you can reach a data network on top of cellular radio15:20
SturmFlutInsiders will get their MX4 phones "soon", might ship next week15:20
abeatompt, does that make sense?15:20
jgdxmpt, sorry, I meant the configuration, sorry15:20
jgdxdoubly sorry15:21
mptabeato, so at any time, do you have one context for Internet, one context for MMS, and possibly one context for LTE?15:21
mptA context is the thing you communicate to an APN with?15:21
mptjgdx, ah, ok15:22
abeatompt, the APN identifies the type (from the operator pov) of context you want to create15:22
abeatompt, these context can be just for internet, just for mms, or for both things at the same time15:22
abeatompt, and yes, for VoLTE too15:23
abeato(voice over LTE)15:23
mptOh, so *that*’s why LTE sometimes has its own APN settings15:23
mptI was wondering why it was ever separate from Internet15:23
seb128mpt, hey, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/1384274 right? (silent mode should silent dialer keypad sounds right?)15:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1384274 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "silent mode doesn't silence keyboard or dialpad" [High,In progress]15:24
abeatoLTE is special because it is an all-data technology15:24
SturmFlutI asked if Canonical is working on more "big" native apps like Telegram. Answer: they are focusing on scopes for their partners, and try to build frameworks which makes it easy for companies like WhatsApp and DropBox to port their stuff15:24
mptseb128, yep15:24
seb128mpt, thanks15:24
SturmFlutThey are not working on anything big like Telegram themselves15:24
abeatoyou need an APN even to register, that's the LTE APN... but usually you do not really need to care about configuring it, the modem is able to handle that15:25
mptseb128, I still think our audio APIs should be of the form PlaySoundEvenInSilentMode() and PlaySoundExceptInSilentMode() … That would force developers to think about when their sound is appropriate :-)15:26
seb128do we have a design/details of what silent mode should impact or not?15:26
SturmFlutCanonical will not provide their own services like with Ubuntu One before, they rely on third parties to make their services available on Ubuntu frameworks15:27
mptseb128, I made a brief definition in <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sound#silent-mode>15:29
seb128mpt, thanks15:29
SturmFlutThere will not be official support for Android Apps on Ubuntu15:32
popeySturmFlut: interesting15:33
SturmFlut"We have three operators who are working with us" -> I know about China Mobile, but who are the others?15:36
SturmFlutOh, they can't tell us :/15:36
SturmFlutThey had "several thousand" people participating in developer programs in China15:38
SturmFlutThere is only one app store for the whole world, but operators and manufacturers can add their own content to the infrastructure, and apps can be restricted to certain regions15:39
SturmFlut@bqreaders just tweeted that the E5 will NOT go on sale on tuesday <- Slight confusion15:41
svijtuesday next week :)15:41
SturmFlutsvij: Audio quality was bad at that moment15:42
svijSturmFlut: yep15:42
SturmFlut"Scope tagging" will be introduced: The developer can add keywords to a scope, then an Aggregator scope will aggregate from all scopes which match its own keywords15:43
SturmFlutComes with the next OTA15:43
SturmFlutI think all the OTA-4 changes are already public, right?15:44
svijSturmFlut: think so15:45
SturmFlutOTAs are planned to be monthly15:46
SturmFlutPerformance and power management improvements will keep coming15:47
SturmFlutThe Calendar App and Dekko apparently get some UI love, mostly to prepare them for Convergence15:47
popeyTrue! :D15:48
SturmFlutThe "Welcome" screen gets updated to make it easier for users from other platforms15:49
SturmFlutScopes get more personalisation features15:49
SturmFlutSetting up online accounts will get easier15:49
SturmFlutLots of work on calendar and contact syncing15:49
SturmFlutKeyboards are being improved, adding your own keyboard layout will be easier15:50
SturmFlutBetter media handling, playlists are supposed to work across apps and scopes, music controls in the indicators15:51
SturmFlutBetter streaming in the webbrowser15:52
SturmFlutScopes in general will get a lot of love: Post comments/share content/flag content on social media from within scopes15:53
SturmFlutInline playing of video and audio15:53
SturmFlutBetter search functions everywhere, e.g. limit search results to a specific range in the "NearBy" scope15:54
SturmFlutMore customisation, e.g. the order of items in the "Today" scopes15:55
SturmFlutUsers will be able to just set up their own Aggregator scopes15:55
SturmFlut(will this list ever end?) ;)15:56
BOHverkillwho knows ;)15:57
SturmFlutWiFi Hotspot in the next OTA15:57
SturmFlutThe Camera app will get much more features, e.g. filters (if I got it right, bad audio)15:58
svijSturmFlut: you got it right15:58
SturmFlutA new OTA roughly at the end of every month15:58
SturmFlut"I believe FM radio is being worked on"16:00
SturmFlutOkay, since the Hangout was full they'll apparently do another one16:04
dholbachrpadovani, ^16:05
SturmFlutHangout over :)16:05
SturmFlutdholbach, rpadovani: At least that's what I understood at the end16:05
SturmFlutrpadovani: You got mail16:05
faenilis there a way to install the development packages all at once on device?16:06
faenila way which is not flashing/switching to the development-focused image16:06
popeyfaenil: not really, you need to flash to a dev channel16:10
faenilpopey: mmm alright...thanks16:11
jcastroanyone know how the bq E5 will fare on US data networks?16:23
svijjcastro: afaik only 2G like the E4.516:24
nik90jcastro: I doubt it will16:24
cwaynejcastro, same as e4.516:25
jcastrodang, can't catch a break, I guess I'll wait for the mx416:26
elopiotedg: I'm getting Name "com.canonical.URLDispatcher" does not exist on vivid16:27
elopiodoes that give you any idea of what I'm missing?16:27
tedgelopio, URL dispatcher?16:27
tedgelopio, Is it running?16:27
faenilpopey: that means moving to the unstable image though, right? the only one with dev image is devel-proposed16:28
faenilor is it possible to get it on rc-proposed as well?16:28
elopiotedg: I have it installed, 0.1+15.04.20150123-0ubuntu116:28
elopioIt's not running. How do I start it?16:28
tedgelopio, initctl start url-dispatcher16:29
tedgelopio, but it should start with Unity16:29
faenil(not the only one, but rc-proposed doesn't seem to have a dev channel)16:31
elopiotedg: ok, thanks. Now it's running, no idea why it wasn't before.16:32
elopionow I'm getting BadURL. I have webbrowser installed.16:32
elopiothe .urldispatcher seems ok.16:32
tedgelopio, Haven't yet landed it, but try the command in the shell script at the bottom: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/url-dispatcher/dump-tool/+merge/25927016:33
SturmFlutpopey, dholbach: This is all great news! My dad complained about his bq yesterday and about every issue he has is on the list of things which are already in OTA-4 or will be fixed :)16:33
popeyhappy days16:34
elopiotedg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11500180/16:35
elopiotedg: scratch that. It works now.16:35
* tedg fixed it remotely ;-)16:36
elopiotedg: now can you fix this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11500250/16:38
elopioI'm putting an .urldispatcher in ~config16:39
elopiobut it's not on the db.16:39
dholbachSturmFlut, NICE :-D16:39
tedgelopio, initctl start url-dispatcher-update-user16:39
SturmFlutrpadovani: Keep us updated if they ask anything on your Hangout that has not already been answered16:40
elopiotedg: that doesn't seem to get it started. It's left stop/waiting16:41
tedgelopio, It's a one-shot thing. Did it put the entry into the DB?16:42
elopiotedg: no, it didn't.16:42
tedgelopio, Hmm, check it's log?16:43
elopiomaybe it is traveling through the atlantic.16:43
* tedg curses the sea, like all pirates before him16:43
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elopiotedg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11500372/16:48
Walex2with a BQ, UT 14.10(22) I just realized that the pull-down menu displaying messages and allowing settings changes is not subject to the screen locker. Is this a known catastrophic bug?16:51
tedgelopio, G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all /usr/lib/*/url-dispatcher/update-directory "~/.config/url-dispatcher/urls/*.url-dispatcher"16:51
popeyWalex2: no, it's a setting you can change16:52
elopiotedg: it says is up-to-date16:53
elopiooh, wait, does it need a dash?16:53
ice9I'm trying to sync existing working dir but I'm getting the error here https://gist.github.com/anonymous/841405014ccc2ef6299316:53
elopioI'm sorry, my bad.16:54
popeyWalex2: system settings -> Security & privacy -> Lock phone -> When locked...16:54
Walex2oops good. Strange default though.16:56
Walex2popey: thanks16:56
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ice9is the Ubuntu Touch fully functioning now and stable?17:05
nik90ice9: well I have been using the BQ E4.5 as my daily phone for the past 3-4 weeks now..had a couple of Unity8 crashes..but overall really liking the experience17:09
ice9nik90: is it very responsive OS?17:10
nik90ice9: app launch times definitely need to be improved..scrolling is a bit slow (not laggy)..overall seems good17:11
nik90ice9: I believe the scrolling is a bit slow because the scrolling doesn't take into the phone resolution but is being worked on17:12
elopiotedg: still not working, but I'm done for today. I'll be back :)17:12
nik90so it scrolls the same amount of pixels on all devices17:12
tedgelopio, Heh, okay.17:13
* elopio heard that as a joyful "okay"17:14
peat-psuwitWhere should I report a bug about i18n? I can't read Thai character.17:31
nik90peat-psuwit: not sure, but if you report it against a standard project like unity8, I am sure they will redirect it to the correct project.17:36
nik90peat-psuwit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers should help you17:36
peat-psuwitnik90: Thanks.17:43
peat-psuwitawe: Could you have a look at this? https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/pull/18817:50
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SturmFlutjhodapp: Ping18:32
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
jhodappSturmFlut, pong19:03
SturmFlutjhodapp: If you have the time, would you have a look at http://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/bq/2015/05/31/hacking-the-bq-part-3-supported-media-plugins-and-codecs/ and tell me if it looks complete? Haven't got much experience with gstreamer19:04
SturmFlutjhodapp: Especially the codec list at the end19:05
jhodappSturmFlut, sure thing, are you interested in pointing out the supported hardware video codecs?19:06
SturmFlutjhodapp: No, just all the codecs that this phone currently supports on OTA-3.5. It's just a reference, for the next guy who asks about a strange codec (like me with OPUS)19:07
jhodappSturmFlut, alright...if you ever become interested look at the file: /system/etc/media_codecs.xml19:08
* SturmFlut looks19:08
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SturmFlutjhodapp: Ooohhh19:11
SturmFlutYou know what I like the most?19:11
jhodappSturmFlut, yeah, quirks of the hardware decoder19:12
SturmFlutThe quirk, a developer's best friend19:13
SturmFlutjhodapp: Hmmm, so if I get this right e.g. FLAC could be decoded in hardware on the bq, but the "androidmedia" gstreamer plugin doesn't expose it, so it is decoded by the software "flac" plugin?19:15
jhodappSturmFlut, correct, we don't use hardware decoders for audio at the moment19:15
SturmFlutjhodapp: Interesting, hardware audio decoding will probably save quite some power when implemented?19:16
jhodappSturmFlut, depends on the codec, but honestly not a whole lot anymore19:17
jhodappSturmFlut, with software decoding, Ubuntu Touch already has better playback times than Android (last time I checked our test figures at least)19:17
SturmFlutjhodapp: Glad I finally understood this19:20
jhodappSturmFlut, yeah, come join #ubuntu-media and #ubuntu-touch-music for more discussion specific to media topics19:21
lotuspsychjehere we go :p19:30
lotuspsychjelookin good for touch19:32
OerHeksSad they didn't mention the lack of a sdcard slot19:35
SturmFlutOerHeks: Yes, 16GB without an SD slot is a bit small19:38
SturmFlutOerHeks: Apparently only ~12 GB are truly available at the end19:39
OerHeksYes that makes me change back to the BQ, or wait for the next one.19:40
SturmFlutTheoretically there is a 32GB version, which would be enough for me, my Nexus 5 has 32 GB too19:40
SturmFlut(Did I mention that the Nexus 5 is a horrible device?)19:41
dobeyeh, they're all too big devices :)19:42
BOHverkilldobey: yes that is also my problem ;)19:48
BOHverkillmy e4.5 has the right size19:48
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brunch875Okay okay I've thought about this.20:49
brunch875The ubuntu phone is going to converge with the desktop and be able to run google chrome.20:49
brunch875And google chrome is able to run android applications via ARC Welder.20:49
brunch875So ubuntu touch will sooner or later run android applications.20:49
dobeybrunch875: not exactly20:51
SturmFlutbrunch875: Would be nice if Google finally decides what their actual strategy is, instead of building multiple ecosystems and then make the one emulate the other20:52
SturmFlutARC will never be able to run every Android App in the store, right?20:54
brunch875I have no idea. I  thought it was capable of running anything20:54
brunch875website states it doesn't support all Google Play Services <-yet->20:55
SturmFlutAFAIK it isn't. Any major app ships native code extensions because the Android JVM is still too limited/slow. The developer has to actively ship those extensions for x86, because ARC doesn't emulate ARM instructions.20:57
faenilmmm I get a "no space left on device" while installing unity8's builddeps on device :(20:57
brunch875"compile once run anywhere" huh20:58
SturmFlutbrunch875: "compile once run anywhere" is a lie 50% of the time20:59
SturmFlutbrunch875: It only works if your app stays within the limits of the runtime environment all the time, which is unrealistic21:00
brunch875I can't agree more with you... but it still irks me :p21:00
brunch875ironically the whole Qt thing has gone way farther on the multiplataform achievement21:02
brunch875when I found out about PyQt it made me drop my jaw21:03
brunch875anyone tried it with utouch?21:03
SturmFlutNo, I am fine with C/C++.21:04
dobeyfaenil: if you want to build unity8 on a device, you should probably create a chroot under ~/vivid-chroot or something to build in and install all the deps under21:04
faenildobey: yeah I was just discussing that mzanetti, thanks..21:05
faenilI didn't know the / partition is so limited in size21:05
faenildiscussing that with*21:05
SturmFlutWhat's the proper name for the new Ubuntu platform nowadays? "Ubuntu Phone" doesn't tell the full story, we're moving away from "Ubuntu Touch", just "Ubuntu" doesn't cut it because you can't distinguish between the "old" and the "new" Ubuntu...21:05
* SturmFlut has been wondering for a while21:06
mzanettiSturmFlut, it's just Ubuntu21:06
i_n_g_o_ i red about an update to 15.04 for ubuntu-touch. afaik it was released some while ago. i don't get it in the updater. how would i get the update anyway?21:07
mzanettii_n_g_o_, no, not released yet21:08
brunch875I had no idea it was released21:08
i_n_g_o_that explains... ;)21:08
SturmFlutmzanetti: But isn't it two quite different things? The "old" Ubuntu is package-based, has X11 and doesn't run on phones. The "new" Ubuntu is image-based, has Mir and runs on any device.21:09
i_n_g_o_is there a way to get it pre-release?21:09
brunch875call it uTouch; it's apple-friendly and double-kinky21:09
SturmFlutbrunch875: Heh21:09
SturmFlutDidn't somebody tell us to stop putting an "u" in front of things21:10
brunch875I'll keep on referring to it as "desktop ubuntu", so people _know_ it's the real deal which can run everything21:10
mzanettii_n_g_o_, this might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-521:11
brunch875it's easy to assume it's not ubuntu but "ubuntu mobile" what's running on the phone21:11
i_n_g_o_mzanetti: thx21:11
mzanettii_n_g_o_, I haven't ever done it on production though. be careful21:11
mzanettiproduction devices21:11
SturmFluti_n_g_o_: If you can wait for a bit longer, OTA-4 will probably released next week and is based on 15.04 anyways21:13
i_n_g_o_@SturmFlut ah. ok. good to know. then i might wait.21:14
dobeySturmFlut: no, there is only "ubuntu"21:14
i_n_g_o_i have some issues with the current version, hoping they resolve with the next update...21:15
brunch875someone on the mailing list posted a link to the changelog21:18
SturmFlutdobey: In my experience that confuses people a lot. They don't understand that these are different systems, they don't understand that there are different app stores, they start using apt-get on the phone and think they can run any desktop app on the phone etc.21:18
brunch875SturmFlut: But it will ultimately be that way, right? Aside from arm/x8621:18
SturmFluti_n_g_o_: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/05/29/phone-updates-may21:18
SturmFlutbrunch875: At some point in the future, yes.21:18
dobeySturmFlut: they aren't different systems21:18
i_n_g_o_SturmFlut: thx21:18
brunch875huh my phone display doesn't power off automatically AT ALL21:20
brunch875I don't mind this 'feature' since it's not possible to activate this behaviour from settings :p21:21
i_n_g_o_the updates sound great! can't wait :)21:21
SturmFlutbrunch875: You can activate it21:29
SturmFlutbrunch875: System Settings -> Battery -> Lock when idle -> Never21:30
brunch875yeah, but I mean turning off the display to black21:31
SturmFlutAny idea on how to implement a videochat app? Probably would need support from the Media Hub I guess?21:31
SturmFlutOh, WebRTC actually works with Oxide21:34
faenildobey: should I create the chroot with click command? or standard schroot? click seems to only create it inside the default folder21:57
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