mappsfinally got power again02:00
mappshave powercuts in smme here;/02:00
zmoylan-pioften, for how long?02:06
mappsearlier at work for maybe 30mins comes back went off again..pitch black everywhere except company office buildings with generators02:06
mappsyesterday went off for few mins thn back on thn off got home still off..comes back on..goes again;(02:07
zmoylan-pislap a powerbank onto the wifi ap and go mobile... :-)02:07
shaunoand you complain about the uk?  hehe02:07
zmoylan-piwell i'm in ireland.  i think my longest power cut here was about an hour in last 10 years at current location. only 1-2 other power cuts.02:08
zmoylan-pi2 local substations had been hit by lightening so kinda understandable.02:09
mappswhat could i get for mmy wifi to make it last a few hours02:09
mappsthat isnt too expensive02:09
zmoylan-pia ups would do all the work.  but if you were smart you might be able to rig up a powerbank on the right wifi ap with care02:10
* zmoylan-1i wonders if someone makes a wifi ap with a built in battery 02:13
mappsups might be cheap enough now02:13
shaunopretry much any ups you can find will surprise you02:13
shaunothe cheapest ups apc have says it'll keep 100W for 25 minutes.  my router is 9 watts.  if you call it 10, that's 250 minutes02:14
zmoylan-1ii've never had much luck with ups's02:14
mappshow much is that shauno02:15
zmoylan-1ibut then i never chose them i got foisted with what was cheapest by others02:15
shaunoway too much lol, I think about 80gbp 'recommended'02:15
shaunobut it was just an example that something that expects to carry a 200W desktop is going to carry a 10W router for ages02:15
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mappsil get one then if this happns loads02:20
mappsmy laptops last for a few hrs so dont need one for them02:20
zmoylan-pione of my smuggest moments was in 90s connected to internet with psion and mobile modem and in middle of power cut simply switching on backlight and continuing :-D02:26
mappsurgh so hot03:54
mapps20c at 5;40am03:54
mappswindow open but no breeze nd get pesky mosquitos in03:54
mappslounge and kichen are nice and cool..might hae to sleep there03:54
mappsgonna opwn window fully in spare room hopefully get some more air around the place03:55
zmoylan-pi[Dublin, DUB, Ireland] Condition: Fair | Temp: 5C/41F/278K/500R | Humidity: 87% | Wind Speed 18mph/29kmph04:28
zmoylan-pi MegBot> [Gibraltar, Gibraltar] Condition: Partly Cloudy | Temp: 19C/66F/292K/525R | Humidity: 94% | Wind Speed 5mph/8kmph04:28
mappsyea see;p05:05
mappsstruggling to sleep05:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:59
MooDoomorning all07:18
brobostigonmorning MooDoo07:23
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Laneysuch buzzing from these speakers08:58
* Laney begins the shop for a new set08:58
ne2kLaney, do they buzz with nothing connected?09:00
Laneyand it changes when I twiddle the volume knob09:00
ne2khmmm, yeah, then that's internal09:00
Laneyoh actually it's better now that I swapped it to the other power strip09:02
Laneyneed to rewire this place :(09:03
TwistedLucidityLaney: I had horrendous buzzing from my speakers a while back. Found out that that transformer had been shifted and was not lying on top of some speaker cables. A quick rearrangement and all was right again.09:04
TwistedLucidity"...and was now..."09:04
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Say Something Nice Day! 😃09:05
LaneyTwistedLucidity: Yeah, it seems like they aren't really shielded so are prone to external interference09:13
Laneythere's still a bit of a buzz now but it's about 10% of what it was09:13
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daftykinsdiddledan__: just got this in 8.1 0o https://www.dropbox.com/s/usvyj4trlz4xjgs/10offer.png?dl=012:09
awilkinsI'm curious12:10
awilkinsI want to know if it's a like-for-like replacement12:11
awilkinsie - retail for retail12:11
awilkinsRetail licenses you can move between systems12:11
daftykinsdefinitely not12:11
daftykinsbut then the version i'm typing from is an 8.1 upgrade from when 8 first released12:11
awilkinsI don't mind if I can get a license key and then install it at my leisure on hardware of my choice12:12
awilkinsMy next system upgrade will entail a significant rebuild anyway12:12
ne2k_my (limited) understanding was that Windows 10 was to be free12:13
ne2k_but I might be wrong about that12:13
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awilkinsFree upgrade from 7 and 812:13
ne2kah, right12:13
ne2kas we all know, every other version of windows is shit12:13
daftykinsnow now, that's not family friendly language, ne2k12:14
daftykinstsk tsk :)12:14
ne2k98 good, ME cack. xp good, vista cack. 7 good, 8 cack. You can see where this is going12:14
awilkinsI hear 8 isn't bad12:14
awilkinsIt's just the default UI that people hate12:15
ne2kdaftykins, apologies for the language, I normally hang out in channels where they don't mind12:15
daftykinsits' desktop even with a start menu replacement is extremely annoying12:15
awilkinsI tend to use Windows as platform for launching Steam / Other Game Launcher / Games from now anyway12:15
daftykinshrmm here's an FAQ link - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-faq?ocid=win10_auxapp_AnswerDesk_win10faq12:16
awilkinsI don't do any productive work with it, except as a captive in a VM12:16
daftykins29th July confirmed date :o12:16
ne2kso, if they've deliberately left out 9 and gone straight to 10, is this basically an admission that it too will be cack? i.e. 9 would have been good, but they couldn't be bothered with the faff of writing a decent OS, so they've just skipped a version and gone for cack again12:16
directhexne2k: skipping 9 is to avoid "9*" version checks in real-world apps12:16
ne2kawilkins, is it qemu? has it been patched? if not, you might not be as captive as you thought? ;-)12:16
directhexe.g. Java does that12:16
awilkins"the reservation is associated with the device and not the user"12:16
awilkinsne2k, VirtualBox12:17
ne2kawilkins, can't remember if it's vulnerable to venom too12:17
* awilkins shrugs12:17
awilkinsI don't do much with it besides run Office and our locked-in web conference platform12:17
daftykins10 actually seems very nice, i've been using the preview a lot12:17
ne2kawilkins, yeah, virtualbox is vulnerable12:17
daftykinswas that the floppy controller thing?12:18
ne2kdaftykins, yes. still don't know of any published exploits, but...12:18
awilkinsIs it OK if you don't add a virtual floppy to any of your virtual systems?12:19
ne2kawilkins, no, the vulnerability exists regardless of whether you have any virtual floppy controllers12:19
ne2k"For many of the affected virtualization products, a virtual floppy drive is added to new virtual machines by default. And on Xen and QEMU, even if the administrator explicitly disables the virtual floppy drive, an unrelated bug causes the vulnerable FDC code to remain active and exploitable by attackers." oh hang on, it's not quite that simples12:19
awilkinsBUT! Could probably just grab the VirtualBox sources and compile them without vfloppy support12:20
ne2kawilkins, it seems VBox is not affected if you have no floppy controller12:20
ne2konly xen and qemu12:20
awilkinsne2k, Huzzah12:20
awilkinsPresume it's some kind of horrible DMA exploiut12:20
ne2kawilkins, floppy driver controller command buffer overflow12:21
awilkinsAh, the best kind of code, shared, unaudited code12:22
foobarryreadjusting to life after a week in cornwall12:22
ne2kawilkins, there are two commands which do not get executed immediately, apparently, and which therefore allow a buffer overflow12:22
ne2kand therefore, potentially, arbitrary code execution in the host's hypervisor process12:22
popeyooh https://oneplus.net/uk 179 quid for the 16GB version12:36
foobarryairfix are doing "kitstarter" http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/kitstarter :D12:36
foobarrypledge support for old kits to be re-made12:37
daftykinspopey: out of stock :D12:41
popeyso soon...12:41
zmoylan-pii liked airfix as a kid but it always felt as less than lego to me somehow12:41
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: "new concept exclusive to Airfix.com" err....hasn't Lego had something like this for ages?12:42
TwistedLucidityAh no, my mistake. The Lego one is for new/community designs12:42
foobarryzmoylan-pi: because really airfix is a grown up hobby that kids can emulate, but a good model requires advanced skills12:42
foobarrylego doesn't realyl require advanced skills, just follow instructions and the same result everytime12:43
foobarrywith scale models the result is as good as your skill level/effort expended12:43
zmoylan-piwow, i almost never made the suggested models with lego.12:43
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: I find a hammer help. Unfortunately I seem to keep buying the "plastic refuse" kit....12:44
zmoylan-pii did have a fairly good working monorail12:44
TwistedLuciditypopey: That is oh so very tempting. Curse you! :-)12:44
popeyyou have 7 days12:44
popeythey are doing daily flash sales12:45
foobarryplastic refuse: http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/meng_model_135_vending_machine_and_dumpster_set-p-37724.html12:45
foobarrybuild a plastic bin for it12:45
TwistedLuciditypopey: I am just pondering how to blame Canonical....12:45
popeywhy not12:45
popeyeveryone else does12:45
TwistedLucidityIt's June 1st. Why is it so cold? What has Canoncial done????12:46
zmoylan-pithey released a phone so hell is freezing over? :-P12:47
Laneyit was probably Canonical's servers that tipped climate change over the edge12:47
TwistedLucidityI'm thinking it's the Ubuntu fridge - it's trying to chill the world!12:48
TwistedLucidity£219 for the 64gb version. I could ditch my O2 contract 'n all12:48
foobarrymy dumb colleague opens the window regardless of weather12:49
foobarryhence i am cold12:50
zmoylan-pii shared an office with a body builder who had reduced his body fat to silly %.  on hottest summer days he was still cold12:51
foobarrythis guy is 100% body fat12:51
TwistedLucidityHe's butter?12:51
foobarryi have no squishy bits12:51
zmoylan-piis he management? :-D12:52
foobarryno, nobody knows what he does12:52
zmoylan-pii grew up in house with out heating.  i like a cold room. i used to keep office so cold people didn't linger in my office :-)12:52
foobarrymy parents in law kept opening all windows in teh cold cottage last wek12:53
foobarryi went round closing them again all day12:53
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: You probably have more brown/beige fat cells which are capable of generating heat directly. Unlike white which is just an enegeyr store.12:53
zmoylan-pii knew there was a reason all cats sleep on me... :-D12:53
foobarryhow to determine who paid money int o mny accoutn?12:55
TwistedLucidityThe oneplus doesn't have a microSD or removeable battery? Dang.12:55
TwistedLucidityIt's also enormous (I just double-checked the sizes). If I want a tablet, I'll buy a tablet!12:57
popeybeen looking at intel tablets for hacking12:57
popeydell venue 8 pro seems like it could be worth a punt12:57
popeysecond hand12:57
foobarrymy hudl2 battery is rather poor12:58
popeyhow poor?12:58
foobarryi know its intel but others were claining good things12:58
foobarryturn it on, leave on standy for couple hours, give it to my son for an hour and it feels like its all gone12:59
popeymy battery gauge on my hudl2 says "Fully charged battery usually lasts: 1 day 2 hours 26 minutes"12:59
foobarryscreen off a lot?12:59
foobarryalso , crossy road turns it into a 2-bar heater12:59
foobarrywho knew that frogger would kill so many trees13:00
popeydunno really13:00
popeyyeah, crossy road is a battery eater13:00
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foobarrynicely done game though13:20
zmoylan-pione thing that irked me most with android was the apps that insisted on running after i exited them13:20
foobarryfast reboot helps a bit13:21
foobarrybut yeah13:21
zmoylan-pikill the app, 5 minutes later it was running again without me starting it13:21
foobarrydespite being based on linux kernel, android is the most windowsy phone os out there13:21
zmoylan-pibonus points, apps that were installed by the tablet manufacturer that you have never used13:21
foobarryquickoffice is dead yet i cannot remove it13:21
foobarryif i root my phone then i can't get OTA updates13:22
zmoylan-pibonus bonus points, apps that google install that i never wanted13:23
zmoylan-piso i've given up on android.  still have a tablet for playing media but when it dies i won't replace it13:23
foobarrysimilar to linux, there may only be the 1% that care enough to do something13:25
foobarrymy grass seed actually grew13:29
foobarryi now have a patchy lawn13:29
zmoylan-piapache lawn for an indian summer...13:30
ne2kpopey, that oneplus thing is tremendously confusing. it doesn't actually say what it is14:49
popeyis it?14:49
ne2kwell, I mean, it's clearly a phone14:49
ne2kbut it doesn't have any actual, you know, like, text on the website14:49
ne2kyou know, like, specs, what OS it runs, who is behind it, what the point of it is, anythign like that14:50
popeyit does when you scroll down14:50
popeybottom of https://oneplus.net/uk/one14:51
ne2kah, gotta love those pages that look like they just end at the bottom of the screen14:51
ne2kwhite nothingness14:52
ne2kpopey, did you see e-mail reply from Pascal Morin, btw? I'm not entirely sure if he wants me to do something, or what's happening14:55
popeyuh, no, not clear to me either14:57
ne2kpopey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1451233 this chap seems to have a similar problem and has been told to try the upstream kernel. do you think it'd be worth me doing that?15:28
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1451233 in linux (Ubuntu) "Realtek RTL8723BE drops connection until reboot" [High,Triaged]15:28
ne2kthere's also the early preview of the vivid HWE15:28
popeyne2k: tbh, I don't know. I don't have any devices with that chipset15:31
Myrttihttp://www.engadget.com/2015/06/01/london-mail-mail-vr awesum16:01
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intrbizhaha, Intel has 0x8086 and 0x8087 as their PCI vendor ID17:18
zmoylan-pithe long winter nights must just fly by... :-)17:19
intrbizzmoylan-pi: it amused me, I realise I'm one sad individual17:21
* zmoylan-pi paints a corner of the room to keep intrbiz entertained... :-)17:34
intrbizzmoylan-pi: I hope it is tartan paint17:37
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gingi keep finding on ubuntu 14.04 i am missing quite a few root ca certificates, is there a package which installs a load of extras or a another type of quick fix?19:44
gingi'm using chrome if that makes a diffference19:48
popeyca-certificates - but the one I have is quite old, and hasn't needed to be updated for a while19:50
popeydunno if chrome has its own store?19:50
MartijnVdS I think it does19:56
MooDooevening all21:09
intrbizI thought chrome used the system store (IIRC it does on windows) FF uses its own store21:44

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