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mzanettigood morning07:26
Mirvmzanetti: sil2100: do you know the history / test case / moreinfo of tsdgeos' "We need PIE, doesn't matter if reduce_relocations is used or not" patch that was landed in February? that "Add fix for QObject::connect failing on ARM" (sil210) without a bug number?09:40
MirvI'm trying to get in line what upstream is doing, which changes compiler options again and I'm wondering how I'd test what was fixed with that patch09:41
mzanettiMirv, where was that commit?09:42
Mirvmzanetti: so in qtbase09:43
Mirvmzanetti: and it was upstreamed. the thing what's happening upstream for 5.4.2 and 5.5.0 is very complex though, banning fPIE and mandating fPIC, and GCC5, and fPIC causes the Unity8 black screen that no-one was able to debug, and...09:44
mzanettioh boy09:44
Mirvso on. I'm trying to collect pieces to the puzzle and now I've something that enables many upstream patches that will be default and I have unity8 running. but this's without -Bsymbolic now.09:44
mzanettiMirv, so I don't remember what exactly happened without that patch, but it should be pretty obvious in unity I think09:45
Mirvapps seem to start, scopes seem to work. the patch was part of the first Qt 5.4 upload that wet in, and even uploaded by me, but I don't remember the details :) and somehow it was smuggled in by sil2100 actually.09:46
dednickltinkl: good morning.09:51
ltinkldednick: hiho09:51
dednickltinkl: welcome to Canonical! :)09:51
ltinklthank you :)09:51
sil2100Mirv: I can't seem to remember this at all ;p09:54
Mirvsil2100: it's your name right there https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/5.4.0+dfsg-4ubuntu2 :D09:56
Mirvwell, I can try to prepare a proper wily landing with AP tests done and see how it goes09:57
Mirvoh right but this set of patches might have been the one that causes reverse deps to fail to build... ugh09:59
sil2100Mirv: yeah, I'll try to remember what that was about ;p10:04
Mirvoh, actually, I'm not running in circles here, I might have step forward finally (I was trying different combinations all last week)10:15
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mippehi FJKong!12:18
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mippelong time no see!12:18
mippewelcome back MacSlow! did you have a good lunch?12:18
mippegood morning Malsasa!12:19
mippeI installed Unity today, and it is so good.12:20
mippehowever, how do i get the meny to be on the bottom of the screen?12:20
mippelike on mac?12:20
mippeplease I really need help :(12:21
mippethis is my first time using Linux :(12:21
mippeI have heard Stallman is pretty good with LInux, is he around?12:22
Malsasamippe: hello, hello!12:22
MalsasaWhat? Do you install Ubuntu from scratch?12:22
Malsasamippe: actually, Unity is a fixed desktop. The layout is locked since the beginning.12:22
Malsasamippe: but you can install some docks if you want. There are Avant Window Navigator (I don't know where is it now), Plank, Docker, etc.12:22
MalsasaEee, I think Stallman is not here. And will be never.12:22
mippeaaah, thanks! I see, it is my first time using Ubuntu, so I didn't know Stallman wasn't around here :p12:22
mippeBut where does stallman hang?12:23
mippeI have headrd he is good Linux user.12:23
mippeit was a lot easier to install ubuntu, someone recommended xubuntu but it was very hard, my internet didn't work though :(12:24
mippethanks for the help boddy! I will come back here and ask for help if I get stuck again!12:25
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kgunnmzanetti: hey, so, we unclogged the wily proposed pocket where mir was goofed...so, in theory, we can land shell rotation14:10
* kgunn wonders if this is real...14:11
om26erpopey, Hi!14:11
om26erpopey, re: bug 1457424 does that mean a goodbye to the traditional Ubuntu Shape ?14:12
ubot5bug 1457424 in webbrowser-app "Please update icon (May 2015)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145742414:12
* popey shrugs14:12
om26erpopey, you reported the bug :p14:12
popeyon behalf of design14:13
mzanettikgunn, ack, will kick the silo... although I've really been wondering if we shouldn't just wait for OTA-4 to be out at this point...14:15
mzanettiand do dual landing14:15
kgunnmzanetti: my only fear is having vivid+ freeze again, have some other goof hold it up etc14:16
kgunnbut i totally defer to you14:16
kgunnyour choice14:16
mzanettikgunn, yeah... I wouldn't think it will freeze right after OTA-4 again14:16
mzanettikgunn, but we definitely need to be ready to land it immediately when it opens again14:16
kgunnltinkl: welcome!14:17
ltinklkgunn: thank you14:18
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mhall119willcooke: I (sort of) got my Nexus 4 outputting video to me TV! \o/15:18
mhall1192 problems though15:18
mhall1191) Either Unity 8 or Mir crashes when plugging/unplugging HDMI, but it's okay if I boot the phone while connected15:19
mhall1192) The display is off, I lose the top 20% of the UI off the top edge, and have a black 20% at the bottom15:19
mhall119it fits the full height of my TV though, so it's probably re-sizing to fit15:20
mhall119but the vertical offset is only for the display, touch coordinated don't seem to change, so what I touch doesn't match with what is on screen15:21
mhall119are there bugs for these two things, or should I file them?15:21
kgunnracarr: hey there, trying to rebuild silo4, for shell rotation...i'm wondering if the mp itself for qtubuntu just needs to get updated with latest mirevent changes15:25
larsumardy: do you know when qt is supposed to run deferred delete events? It doesn't seem to when deleteLater() is called from within a glib signal handler16:48
larsuI need to call sendPostedEvents(NULL, QEvent::DeferredDelete) manually in that case16:49
larsubut, if make qt queue the whole thing onto the main loop itself (with a queued signal), it works again16:49
willcookemhall119, these are known16:54
mhall119willcooke: ah, cool, I will keep trying it as I get new updates then16:54
mhall119willcooke: I must say though, it was pretty awesome seeing it on my TV :)16:54
willcookeglad it's working. Kudos to the U8 team16:55
willcookeand the Mir team16:55
mhall119yes, definitely16:55
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mhall119willcooke: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/383nlm/unity_8_and_mir_roadmap/17:33
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willcookemhall119, that's a question for kgunn17:56
willcookeI wonder if there was anything in UOS17:56
willcookeprobably was17:56
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kgunndandrader|afk: can you take a look at why silo4 is failing to build, i just perused again....what's weird, is it's acting like alan_g's MP didn't land19:03
kgunnbut it di19:03
kgunnoh crap...no it didn't19:05
kgunnwonder if this is b/c it started as a dual landing, then only went into wily19:06
kgunncause of the freeze19:06
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kgunndandrader: actually, i just downloaded source from lp page....and alan's change seems to be part of the src package19:15
kgunneven tho the mp is stil marked as approved19:15
kgunnhowever, applying the diff, dpkg-source does complain strangely19:15
dandraderkgunn, it doesn't seem to be a compilation error.19:19
dandraderkgunn, ah, sorry it is, some unimportant pkg errors distracted me19:20
kgunndandrader: thot it was... complaining about mir_input_event_get_touch_event19:20
dandraderthis "[get-packaged-orig-source] Error 25" that I don't know what it is19:20
dandraderkgunn, so yeah from https://launchpadlibrarian.net/207989309/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.qtubuntu_0.61%2B15.10.20150601-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz19:21
kgunndandrader: thot it was... complaining about mir_input_event_get_touch_event19:21
dandraderkgunn, it seems that the qtubuntu used there is still using the outdated API19:21
kgunndandrader: so i just cross checked, and the src posted on lp, seems to be using the correct one...19:22
kgunnso, i don't get it19:22
dandraderlike "error: 'mir_input_event_get_pointer_input_event' was not declared in this scope", this method is now mir_input_event_get_pointer_event19:22
kgunnbut it did act weird applying the diff19:22
kgunnwhen i ran dpkg-source19:23
dandraderkgunn, lp:qtubuntu still uses the outdated API. so it makes sense the build fails19:25
dandraderkgunn, ie, alan's branch has *not* landed19:26
kgunndandrader: right, but, the src that's reflected in wily shows it's _including_ alan's branch19:26
dandraderkgunn, what a mess, how can it land in wily but not get merged into trunk?19:29
kgunnthat's what i don't get....and my only guess19:30
kgunnis that alan started that landing as a "dual landing" meaning to go into wily & vivid+19:30
kgunnthen they decided to freeze vivd+ (again...)19:30
dandraderkgunn, maybe silo's work by gettin lp:qtubuntu and merging shellRotation branch into it. thus the build fails19:31
kgunnand said, sorry, you can only land in wily19:31
kgunndandrader: you wouldn't think so....19:31
kgunnyou'd think it should use what's in the archive19:31
kgunnarchive and trunk don't have to match19:31
kgunn(i mean they should...but there's no check or thing that makes it so)19:32
kgunnrobru: hey we got a weird one... ^19:33
kgunnso, that qtubuntu landing from late last week, it seems that the change is present in the tarball19:33
kgunnhowever, in our current silo 4, we have an MP for qtubuntu....and it's failing, as if the code didn't change19:34
kgunnfrom this MP https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/qtubuntu/track-mir-deprecations/+merge/26021419:34
kgunnoh nvmd....not so weird19:35
kgunndandrader: you're right19:35
kgunnduh, it's pulling from lp:qtubuntu19:35
kgunnsorry...i'm 1/2 working on something else19:35
robrukgunn: dandrader is right, train build takes trunk, merges in your branch, and the result is uploaded to the PPA. it does appear that alan_g's branch landed in archive but didn't get merged to trunk, so it's not in this build19:37
kgunnrobru: but it is still super strange, that MP isn't merged19:37
robrukgunn: yah I'm not sure why that merge didn't merge, I saw the silo free itself after wily migrated19:37
kgunnrobru: ok, i was just going to add alan19:38
kgunn's MP to our current silo then19:38
robrukgunn: sounds like a plan19:38
kgunnrobru: it's been a while, how do i reconfigure ? ...use to be a link in the sheet, did it move?19:46
robrukgunn: yeah it's in the menu at the top now19:47
kgunni recall now...19:47
josharensonI refactored a unity8 plugin and I can't get the plugin.qmltypes to regenerate using qmlplugindump. I keep getting QQmlComponent: Component is not ready20:57
josharensonany tips?20:57

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