nhainesMeeting tonight!01:17
nhaineselky: this means you.01:18
* ianorlyn is here as well 01:34
nhainesI'm just sitting down with foods.  <301:46
RoguehorseMeeting tonight right?01:56
RoguehorseHmm 7pm...guess it's just the two of us.02:00
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nhainesWelcome everyone!  It's meeting time!02:00
nhainesTonight's agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15May3102:01
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nhainesBefore we bign, does anybody have any anouncements or events?02:01
* ianorlyn does not02:02
* Roguehorse nope02:02
pleia2ah, looks like the next SF Ubuntu Hour will land before our next meeting02:03
pleia2but I haven't scheduled it yet, should be on June 10th though02:03
nhainespleia2: syncing up again?  :)02:05
pleia2oh, also worth mentioning that EBLUG has had meetings to chat about some of the work Partimus has been up to lately for schools02:05
Roguehorsepleia2: ty02:06
pleia2there will be another one in June 17th (EBLUG is in Fremont)02:06
pleia2ah yes, it's Roguehorse's LUG!02:06
pleia2I think that's all I've got for now02:06
RoguehorseYes, I think it should be fun!02:07
nhainesAwesome.  :)02:07
nhainesOkay, the first item in our agenda.02:07
nhaines#topic Review last year's meeting agenda activity.02:07
nhaineselky was researching the agenda and meeting activity for last year and had prepared a report for us.02:08
nhaineselky: are you around to present the data to us?02:09
nhainesOkay, looks like she was busy tonight.02:12
nhainesLet's defer this to the mailing list, then.02:12
ianorlynnhaines +102:12
Roguehorsenhaines: yep02:12
nhainesWe're looking at how often we are meeting versus how often we have actionable topics on the agenda.02:13
nhainesThat'll let us decide whether we should change our LoCo online meeting interval.02:14
nhainesOkay, so wrapping up, that's all we had on the agenda this meeting.02:14
nhainesAny last comments before we go?02:14
Roguehorseevery two weeks seems very rational02:15
nhainesYes, but there's almost never anything to discuss.02:16
Roguehorsewell, then we make some. =)02:17
nhainesThat's the spirit!  :)02:17
nhainesOkay, thanks for coming everyone.02:17
toddcnbany new events?02:17
nhainesNext meeting's on June 7th!02:17
nhainestoddcnb: just the ones mentioned at the top of the hour.02:18
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Jun  1 02:18:19 2015 UTC.02:18
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2015/ubuntu-us-ca.2015-06-01-02.00.moin.txt02:18
Roguehorsewow! that was fast02:19
nhainesAbout average for meetings with no agenda items.  :)02:19
Roguehorsehow often have they been like that?02:19
DonkeyHoteiPretty often recently02:20
DonkeyHoteiMost in fact02:20
Roguehorseah man02:20
nhainesYeah.  I'd rather go to monthly meetings in that case.02:20
nhainesBut we'll see how it goes.02:21
RoguehorseI understand the reasoning but I'd rather focus on getting agenda items on the board than cut everything back02:21
Roguehorseof course I'm one to talk having missed like 8 months or more of meetings02:22
nhainesIf nothing's happening, nothing's happening.02:22
Roguehorsedude, something is always happening02:23
nhainesOther than the Ubuntu Hours, that doesn't appear to be true.02:24
Roguehorseyou're telling me that all these people logged into this channel right now are doing nothing involved with Ubuntu?02:24
nhainesTht's what they're saying, yes.02:24
pleia2june 7th is in one week, did I miss something? :)02:24
nhainesAnd I would love to hear differently from them.  :)02:24
nhainespleia2: oh no.  :)02:24
nhainesWell, I'll fix it in post.  ;)02:25
RoguehorseUbuntu Hour doesn't carry over into here?02:25
nhainesThey do, but the ML is better for non-actionable announcements.02:28
RoguehorseOk, let me dig around and see what I can do02:30
Roguehorsenhaines: Are you the point of contact these days?02:32
DonkeyHoteiThe LoCo has 3 officers02:38
Roguehorsewhere do I find that data?02:42
DonkeyHoteiThe wiki02:43
Roguehorsethat's kind of generic, can you be a bit more specific?02:49
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam - Ubuntu Wiki]02:49
DonkeyHoteiI could if i were connected from my computer instead of using split screen on my phone showing irc and skype together02:50
RoguehorseLOL! no worries02:52
RoguehorseI'm looking at admins:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/02:52
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu California | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:52
elkynhaines: d'oh, chaotic weekend, forgot it was sunday03:21
Roguehorseha! been there, done that04:43
nhainesRoguehorse: I'm as good a  point of contact as any.05:34
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Roguehorsenhaines: okey-dokey19:52
nhainesRoguehorse: also glad you could make it yesterday!21:18

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