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Nothing_MuchGood evening, anyone01:57
Nothing_MuchMeizu phone out in the USA yet or sometime soon or somethingsa;hfasd?01:57
ahoneybunnot that I have heard Nothing_Much02:01
Nothing_Muchahoneybun, ah darn02:01
ahoneybunand hello Nothing_Much lol02:01
ahoneybunstill have the Nexus 4 02:01
Nothing_Muchand I forgot the difference between lenses and scopes02:01
Nothing_Muchgoogle's not helpin' out02:02
ahoneybunyea I think those are only in Unity 702:02
Nothing_Muchohh.. so lens are going to be EOL'd?02:02
ahoneybunnot sure02:02
Nothing_Muchunfortunately Unity 7's going to still exist until 2021, which is lame because I really wanna use Unity 8 on 16.04!02:03
ahoneybunthough Mark did say something about a new device hitting a more better area 02:03
Nothing_Muchbut Mir's not completed yet, or xmir right?02:03
ahoneybunMir 02:03
ahoneybunXMir handles old Xorg apps02:03
ahoneybunI think02:03
Nothing_Muchbecause Mir is the display server, Xmir is the compatibility layer for xorg apps02:03
Nothing_Muchthat reminds me, when's Nvidia/AMD going to release their drivers that support Mir?02:04
Nothing_Muchor xmir02:04
ahoneybunno clue02:04
ahoneybunthat is my mean worry02:04
ahoneybunno way they will want to support 2 different display servers02:04
Nothing_Muchmine too, but Nvidia already announced support for Mir and Wayland, because they're awesome, even though they don't like FOSS which sucks, but hey, they're willing to work02:05
ahoneybunthey did02:05
ahoneybun*because they're nice{*02:05
Nothing_MuchAMD is my main concern, honestly, because they're consistently depressing and always focusing on Windows only things, but they're still lagging behind a lot of things, but at least they made Mantle which in turn became Vulkan02:06
ahoneybunthe APU?02:06
Nothing_Muchahoneybun, yes, Nvidia announced support for Mir in one of their keynote things02:06
Nothing_Muchahoneybun, everything AMD makes is depressing02:06
ahoneybunAPU was pretty nice02:06
Nothing_Muchbut their most depressing thing is by far FGLRX02:07
ahoneybunit is very important to not let one rule the market though02:07
ahoneybunor prices will go though the roof and they will not want to make new awesome things02:07
Nothing_Muchthat's true, but sadly, if people cared enough, Linux would be at least have 25% of the desktop market :\02:07
Nothing_Muchwould have at least 25% of the desktop market*02:07
ahoneybunwe have at least 50-70% of the server market lol02:08
Nothing_Muchdon't care02:08
ahoneybunyea i know02:08
Nothing_Muchdon't care about the server, don't care about Android02:08
ahoneybunUbuntu Touch?02:08
Nothing_Muchit means nothing for the desktop because there's no brand recognition, but that's why I 100% support both Ubuntu and SteamOS's efforts because the mainstream audience needs something like this to benefit people like myself02:09
Nothing_Muchyes, I /love/ the concept of convergence02:09
Nothing_MuchASUS attempted it once with a dockable tablet with a keyboard, but Android sucked hard back then and I eventually sold it because it didn't get my college work done reliably02:10
Nothing_Muchbut it was fun putting a VNC Debian thing on it02:10
* Nothing_Much throws pocket change at his monitor02:11
ahoneybundo you have no Ubuntu device?02:12
Nothing_Much( I also do have massive bias towards Ubuntu )02:12
Nothing_Muchsadly no, lack of money and such because I just go barely over breaking with my job02:12
Nothing_MuchI save like, 25$ per month because of it lol02:12
ahoneybunI just paid $45 to fix my N402:13
ahoneybunI have the OnePlus One as my main device though02:13
Nothing_Muchmy hourly rate is $11.20 currently and I have an extremely old blackberry phone thing02:13
Nothing_Muchtalk and text is all it does02:13
ahoneybunwhere are you at Nothing_Much?02:13
Nothing_Muchlake mary02:14
Nothing_Muchand in a gated apartment02:14
Nothing_Muchit's awesome02:14
Nothing_Muchbut yeah, wanting to look at that MKB technology place down the road from here lol02:14
ahoneybundamn your near Orlando02:14
Nothing_Muchis that good or bad?02:15
ahoneybunits far from me lol02:15
ahoneybunyour near someone in here02:15
Nothing_Muchso.. good or bad?02:15
ahoneybunits fine02:15
ahoneybunplus dont matter what I say lol02:16
Nothing_Muchahoneybun, you're tormenting me with those things I don't have :<02:17
Nothing_Muchlooks like Ubuntu's gonna have apps named like iDevices, except they're uDevices, which will represent the exact opposite of the iDevices :D02:19
ahoneybunthere are a few02:19
ahoneybunthat you own the device lol02:20
Nothing_Muchyeah, Apple licenses their products to their customers, right?02:20
ahoneybunvery limited lol02:20
Nothing_Muchnot even Steve Jobs owned any of his products, he was just licensed to have permission to use his own devices02:20
Nothing_Muchthinking about it now, Apple truly has become its own living non-creature02:21
Nothing_Muchahoneybun, what's that?02:21
ahoneybuna talk I did lol02:21
Nothing_Muchis that you up there?02:21
ahoneybunyea lol02:22
Nothing_Muchnice haircut!02:22
ahoneybunhad some Ubuntu swag too02:22
ahoneybunstill have some DVD;s02:23
Nothing_MuchI'm confused as to how encryption keys work, really02:23
ahoneybunenc.. what>02:23
Nothing_Muchlike, seahorse within Nautilus is so confusing to me02:24
Nothing_Muchthere's these "keys" you get, you put them in a file and idk what to do next, my files aren't encrypted so what gives?02:24
ahoneybunoh for locking files or uploading to LP or something?02:25
Nothing_Muchanything, really02:25
ahoneybunnever messed with locking files and such02:26
ahoneybunonly LP and Git02:26
Nothing_Muchbeen wanting to encrypt my passwords, but everything I've tried just outright failed miserably because of a lack of documentation or a lack of GUI02:26
ahoneybunnever found myself wanting to do that02:29
ahoneybunwell I'm out for today02:31
ahoneybunnight Nothing_Much02:31
Nothing_Muchlater ahoneybun 02:31

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