furkantjaalton: on Ubuntu 15.04 i'm still having major problems with changing my desktop resolution17:55
furkanwith both displays connected, when i change my screen resolution the desktop just turns black with only the mouse cursor visible17:55
furkanand it doesn't recover until i switch to a VT and restart lightdm17:55
tjaaltonfile a bug17:56
tjaaltontry newer kernels17:56
tjaaltonbisect if fixed17:57
furkannot a kernel issue, i've tried older and newer17:57
furkani've also tried older and newer ddx17:57
furkanand mesa17:57
furkani think that only leaves xorg and lightdm17:57
tjaaltonlightdm has nothing to do with it17:58
tjaalton04:52 < MrCooper> it's more likely a driver issue than an xserver issue17:58
tjaaltonmissed that one?17:58
tjaaltonfile a bug on bugs.freedesktop.org17:59
furkandriver doesn't seem to make a difference17:59
tjaaltonmeaning it's not fixed yet17:59
tjaaltonthe driver is in kernel17:59
tjaaltonthat does modesetting17:59
tjaaltonanyway, I'm off17:59
furkantjaalton: issue isn't present in 14.04 though (i have a separate partition set up) so it seems like a regression18:01
tjaaltonnothing new18:01
tjaaltonthings happen18:01
tjaaltonfile a bug18:01
furkanoh i'm not throwing blame anywhere, just looking for a way to narrow down what caused it18:02
tjaaltonprobably not finding it here I'm afraid :/18:02
furkannp, i'll file one on freedesktop and see if they have suggestions for debugging18:03
furkani figure there's more  of a chance it'll get fixed if i do some debugging work, but i just don't know what to try18:03
tjaaltonthey'll know more18:04
furkantjaalton: crazy as it may sound, it just occured to me to log out of unity, log in with xfce, and turns out i can change my desktop resolution without issue19:34
furkandoes that indicate that it could be an issue with unity, or still a driver problem?19:34
furkanwith unity, this is the error i get in Xorg.log, after changing the resolution: http://pastebin.com/ZW6akHf919:40
furkandidn't notice it before, as it takes some time to come up19:40
tjaaltontrying to run it non-root?20:08
tjaaltonsounds like you broke it20:09
furkancan't remember changing that20:12
furkanroot      5926  7.2  0.8 654248 131936 tty7    Ssl+ 15:33   2:54 /usr/bin/X -core :0 -seat seat0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitch20:13
furkanseems to me like it's running as root?20:14
tjaaltonseems so20:14
tjaaltontry #radeon then20:14
furkanalright, i'll also make sure i can reproduce it from a live USB to make sure i didn't break anything..20:16

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