Kilosmorning all05:38
barrydkMorning everyone05:49
Kiloshi barrydk  05:50
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:07
Kiloshi nlsthzn  06:07
nlsthznuncle Kilos... hello06:07
Kiloshows neelsie?06:08
Kiloswe cold again06:08
nlsthznI know where your heat went06:08
nlsthznit is lurking outside my house, trying to get in06:09
=== kolibri_user is now known as andrewlsd
andrewlsdHi all.06:27
Kiloshi andrewlsd  06:27
andrewlsdKilos, I'm connecting via KolibriOS. 32MB ram, drive is 1.44MB disk image06:27
andrewlsdwith gui.06:27
mazalMorning everyone06:35
Kiloshi mazal  06:36
Kilossjoe andrewlsd  written in machine code06:46
andrewlsdHi Mazal07:04
andrewlsdHi ThatGraemeGuy07:04
* andrewlsd shuts down tiny KolibriOS vm now07:05
* andrewlsd is back via Hexchat07:06
Kilosinteresting that KolibriOS07:07
andrewlsdindeed, not often that you find something that can run happily/snappily on a P107:08
Kilosshould be lekker on a P3 or early P407:09
Kilosram is always the killer07:09
andrewlsdit's bonkers quick. almost instant. and the same goes for launching applications.07:09
Kilosi will have to try that sometime07:10
andrewlsdof course, there are not many applications that are written in assembly.07:10
andrewlsdthere is a minecraft clone: MineAssembly07:11
andrewlsdover at https://github.com/Overv/MineAssemble07:11
mazalHi guys07:12
mazalHallo inetpro07:12
Kilosdo you know about minetest andrewlsd  07:12
mazalThis day started with a lot of speed07:12
inetprogood evening07:12
Kiloshi inetpro  07:13
inetprooops... it's Monday?07:13
andrewlsdKilos: yip, I have heard of it, but haven't ever gotten into minecraft (I don't understand the hype)07:13
andrewlsd^ that's true for most games. I'm not much of a gamer.07:13
Kilosminetest is free07:13
Kilosand graeme ran/runs a server for us but it eats data07:14
Kiloswe spent months building things07:14
andrewlsdKilos: why?07:15
andrewlsd... not being nasty, but I find that I am unable to spend days on anything.07:15
andrewlsdwhich is why I probably never get _into_ gaming07:16
andrewlsd... unless I have godmode cheats so that I can survive more than 2 minutes.07:16
Kilosandrewlsd  i dunno why it eats data, i spose being online07:16
andrewlsdI prefer to get to the end, and work my way back to the beginning.07:17
Kiloswb ThatGraemeGuy  07:17
mazalI like it , nice hobby to have. Just getting very expensive these days :(07:17
mazalGaming as a whole now I mean07:17
Kiloswe have all the enemies turned off so we could build in peace07:17
Kiloswe built mooi goed07:18
Kiloseven pro and fly and their families played07:18
andrewlsdmazal: I also think it's a cool hobby. I just don't have the patience and/or hand-eye co-ordination for it.07:20
mazalKilos: superfly and hsi son Zak is on our new server , they buikding a stunning treehouse07:20
andrewlsdmazal: and the budget.07:20
andrewlsd... I did try steam, now that I have this AlienWare laptop07:20
mazalhis* building*07:21
andrewlsdMaaz: Kilos: does everyone build in the same place? or is each user's world separate?07:21
Maazandrewlsd: If you say so07:21
mazalAnd someday I will learn to type and speel , I promise07:21
mazalspell* lol07:21
Kilosits a world, so you buiild where you like07:21
* andrewlsd thinks "buikding" is a cool world07:22
mazalandrewlsd: We all build in the same world , that's what makes it fun. You build a world together and visit each other's places07:22
Kilosbut closer to others means not so far to go to get power07:22
Kiloswas great fun07:22
mazalStill is07:23
andrewlsdhow do I try it out?07:23
mazalWhat OS you on andrewlsd ?07:23
andrewlsdMint. am adding PPA now07:23
mazalDoes ubuntu ppa's wotk on mint ?07:24
mazalThe use this one: https://launchpad.net/~minetestdevs/+archive/ubuntu/daily-builds07:25
andrewlsdmint is basically ubuntu,07:25
andrewlsdmazal: any reason you don't use the stable ppa?07:25
mazalWay too far behind07:25
mazalMost of us use the daily07:25
mazalThen when you open up the minetest app. Choose client tab ( if you want to join on our world) Single player if you want to play alone07:26
mazalServer adress is mt.thatgraemeguy.co.za port:3000007:27
andrewlsdinstalling minetest now.07:27
* andrewlsd tries to connect to mt.thatgraemeguy.co.za07:29
andrewlsdThatGraemeGuy: may I connect?07:30
Kilosmazal  not mt.donaldson07:30
Kilosi have played for so long ive forgotten07:31
Kiloshi MaNL  07:39
mazalKilos: Nope , that is our new server Graeme is hosting. Cryterion and Graeme is the admins07:46
mazalIt's a completely new world we are building up07:47
Kilosmazal  you have the old link there ? let andrewlsd  go see that one07:48
Kilosmt.donaldson.net wasnt it07:48
mazalOld link is in #minetest-za topic I think07:49
Kilosoh ya07:49
Kilosno thats changed to the new one07:50
mazalNew one is better oom07:50
mazalSo many new things were added07:50
mazalHi ThatGraemeGuy07:51
Kilosya but the work we did isnt there is it?07:51
Kilosi just wanted andrewlsd  to have a look07:51
mazalNew looks good already ;)07:52
Kiloslike the ship at the dam and the pyramid etc07:52
mazalWe been working hard07:52
mazalThatGraemeGuy should remember the old addy07:52
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: nobody played there in months07:52
ThatGraemeGuythat server is not running at the moment07:52
Kilosyes ThatGraemeGuy  i just wanted andrewlsd  to see07:52
mazalAnd the new one will give better idea of all the stuff available these days to craft07:52
ThatGraemeGuyi might start it up sometime, if you want to give a tour07:53
Kilosoh is it just the need to start up07:53
Kilosill shout when i got data and take andrewlsd  around07:54
ThatGraemeGuyand mod the config, as the new one runs on the same port07:54
mazalI have to go work07:54
andrewlsdThatGraemeGuy: just checking if I may connect to it? ie, is it "public" or private.07:54
mazall8tr guys07:54
ThatGraemeGuyits public07:54
ThatGraemeGuyabout 2 weeks old at this stage07:55
andrewlsdthanks ThatGraemeGuy 07:55
andrewlsdtotally confuzzled. Gaming is _not_ for me ;-)09:04
andrewlsdbut thank you to ThatGraemeGuy for the assistance.09:04
andrewlsdI think I need to trail Kilos for a couple of hours to watch how it is done.09:05
andrewlsdnow I understand why there are youtube channels and other similar online services that let you watch gamers.09:05
Kilosit is hard work, you gotta cut trees and dig stone before you build stuff, it is like being in the veldt with nothing and trying to survive09:06
Kilosbut once you have the basics it is kinda fun, we were hooked for months09:07
andrewlsdI get the logic of it, but don't know "how" to cut trees, etc. I can see the toolbox but don't know how to use the stuff09:07
andrewlsd... which is why I'd need to tag along behind someone to learn.09:07
=== andrewlsd is now known as mciverza
Kilosyeah easier to play with someone09:08
mciverzaco-pilot type of ting09:08
Kilosare you up late at night, i still have night surfer data09:08
=== mciverza is now known as andrewlsd
andrewlsdum. I can be.09:08
* andrewlsd listening to Spiderbait - Black Betty. Getting pumped up09:10
Kilosif we have a night thats not too cold we can stay up, but bed is so inviting in winter09:10
andrewlsdvia poor mans spotify09:10
andrewlsdKilos: i'll sit in bed.09:11
Kilosthats not fair09:11
* Kilos needs a lappy for winters09:11
* andrewlsd needs to try to find a way to get Kilos a laptop09:11
* andrewlsd has a netbook that Kilos could use. only 8", 1024x60009:12
andrewlsdcan you play minetest on a tablet?09:12
andrewlsdooh, yes.09:12
Kilosi have no idea09:12
Kilosthat andriod stuff is beyond me09:12
andrewlsd... was just thinking that a tablet is easier to use in bed.09:13
andrewlsd... (but I don't have one) :P09:13
Kilosthey tiny horrible things09:13
andrewlsdgoing to go join #minetest-za again09:13
andrewlsdKilos: 8" tablet has much bigger/better screen & GPU than my little 8" Aspire109:14
Kilosya and android with finger work09:15
Kilosand no keyboard unless you open it on screen09:15
Kilosthey horrible09:15
Kilosmy sis has one09:15
andrewlsddo you use keyboard much for minecraft?09:15
Kilosyou can chat tro each other there in the game09:16
ThatGraemeGuyminetest not minecraft09:19
Kilosya andrewlsd  forget minecraft09:20
andrewlsdoh, sorry09:20
andrewlsdyes. mis-type09:20
andrewlsdor , rather09:20
andrewlsdhave never used *craft* either..... Which craft?09:20
andrewlsdhehe. see what I did there?09:20
andrewlsdso, so is this test yours or mine?09:21
andrewlsdso whilst I'm seeing all manner of IRC client info....09:22
andrewlsdI'm using hexchat, and have played with kiwiIRC09:22
andrewlsd... I see some Quassel clients. 09:22
andrewlsdI use Cinnamon / aka gnome/gtk. Is there a nice client-server type architecture I can use to be connected? or should I just install an IRC bouncer on my VPS?09:23
Kilosmost use quassel09:23
andrewlsdHey elacheche just noticed you're here too. :-D09:26
andrewlsdKilos: quite a crowd here today.09:27
Kilosnono we been in the low 40's09:27
Kilos49 one meeting nigh09:27
elachecheHey andrewlsd :) :) :D09:32
andrewlsdelacheche: :-D09:33
Kilosandrewlsd  you know elacheche  is in tunisia?09:34
Kilosmaybe you were gone too long, i dont remember what you missed09:35
Kilos /j #ubuntu-africa and see the links in the topic09:37
andrewlsdKilos: yip I know elacheche is in Tunisia (and thus expected him in #ubuntu-africa.09:40
andrewlsdOT: I don't trust docker images.09:42
elachecheWhy is that?09:43
andrewlsd... is it just me or am I paranoid about importing other peoples binary stuff.09:44
mazalandrewlsd: Are you mciverza ?09:44
andrewlsdmazal: yes09:44
elachecheandrewlsd, it's not a binary :) 09:44
andrewlsdwe share the same body Maaz 09:44
andrewlsdmazal: we share the same body09:44
* mazal haven't had time to pop in there yet today :P09:45
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
elachecheandrewlsd, They are created based on docker files.. Ubuntu as an example → https://github.com/tianon/docker-brew-ubuntu-core/blob/43f0305b40bfe5f02cc007027be875256ab2b563/trusty/Dockerfile09:45
andrewlsdelacheche: yip, it's just that it is possible to slip stuff in if people don't pay attention to the docker file.09:46
andrewlsdyou can 'curl' stuff in from other places in the dockerfile (build instructions)09:46
andrewlsdand yet it is so easy to do "docker pull some/random-cool-app"09:47
elachecheandrewlsd, if you hit docker search (something) you'll find informations about NAME, DESCRIPTION, STARS, OFFICIAL, AUTOMATED(using dockerfiles)09:47
andrewlsdwithout first checking what the docker file will do.09:47
andrewlsdyeah. I try to use "official" builds09:47
elachecheFor my self I use the Ubuntu official build, then I install whatever I want by myself..09:47
andrewlsdI just always feel a little uneasy until I've gone and actually checked the dockerfile itself.09:48
andrewlsdthis came up because I was looking for a Quassel docker image.09:48
andrewlsd(and there are many)09:48
andrewlsdat the moment, I prefer normal 'LXC' containers.09:48
elachecheI tried to create my own ubuntu container from scratch, I find that it's not a good idea, as docker maintain their images and I don't :D09:48
andrewlsd"lxc-create -t download -n debian"09:49
elachecheI see09:49
andrewlsdthat's the kind of thing I do, so it tries to fetch the latest trusted platform09:49
andrewlsdand persistent storage is the default in LXC containers. vs non-persistent storage as the default in docker app containers.09:50
andrewlsdso for me it's "horses for courses" some things application containers are awesome for, and for other things, I prefer fuller containers.09:51
* elacheche thinks that you're lucky because you used LXC before the creation of docker.. 09:51
andrewlsdI'm an ops guy, not a dev guy. So that probably plays a role09:51
elachecheo/ Ops here too :D09:51
andrewlsdI used it only a tiny bit before docker. I normally just use virsh.09:51
andrewlsdvirsh + kvm09:51
andrewlsdso at the moment I have a small VM running in KVM, which runs LXC.09:52
andrewlsdone of the containers it runs is a dnsmasq container to offer DHCP to the rest of my VMs or containers on a bridged interface.09:52
andrewlsdbecause I don't like to automatically start things.09:52
andrewlsdI like to be in control09:52
elachecheI find problems understanding the logics behind lxc & docker because I always compare them to kvm :/ And I lost 1 year of docker because I couldn't use it before findingout how to create my own image from scratch x)09:53
andrewlsdso I killall dnsmasq instances, and then manually launch one to offer DNS and DHCP (with automatic DNS entries) for my VMs.09:53
andrewlsdelacheche: OpenShift 3 is a PaaS based on IIRC docker.09:54
elachecheYep.. Then they created they're own docker like thing.. And have no idea if they already migrated to it or not09:55
elachecheAh! No.. It's not a docker like, it's a project to manager docker → http://www.projectatomic.io/09:56
andrewlsdand Kubernetes, and Compose and a bunch of other tools10:00
andrewlsdit's hard to keep track of where things are going at the moment.10:00
elachechehttps://twitter.com/andrewlsd you removed it xà10:02
andrewlsdany of you checking out keybase.io?10:03
lsdmaczaI is back, renamed to twitter handle10:04
elachechekeybase seems to be cool.. Thanks for sharing10:04
lsdmaczaelacheche: I have invites.10:14
lsdmaczayou can DM me if you want. Basically keybase.io is GPG, just trying to make it easier to find public keys in order to send encrypted messages to people10:15
elachecheI see.. I'll take a look at it closer later.. If I need an invite I know where to find you :D10:16
elachecheThanks lsdmacza :)10:16
lsdmaczainvite offer applies to anyone else here too10:17
Kiloslsdmacza  is that the twet place10:20
* lsdmacza away for about half hour10:38
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elachechelsdmacza, as an Ops, what books do you recommend? 10:45
elachecheAm I still here?? :D10:50
elachecheOK.. x) :D10:51
MopkopSorry for disappearing like that, had church-stuff to do the last few days.10:55
Kiloshi Mopkop  10:56
Kilossoek jy al werk? of nog op skool seun?10:56
elachecheWhat language is that Kilos o_O10:58
Kilosafrikaans elacheche  10:58
Kilosare you looking for work or still at school10:58
MopkopKilos: Het nog 2½ jaar se studies oor :)11:00
elachecheAh I see :D11:00
Kilossjoe nog so lank11:01
Mopkop6 Years of study in total - and that's the minimum11:01
MopkopDominee studies 12 years.11:01
Kilosi gotta go eat guys11:02
MopkopLekker eet!11:03
stickyboyAnyone like ligatures?11:18
MopkopIs that something like this: æ?11:20
MopkopThe compose key makes this very easy.11:21
stickyboyMopkop: I just think they're beautiful.11:23
MopkopBeautiful writing has been lost in the digital age.11:24
stickyboyYeah, they're the things that connect two letters in old-style serifs.11:24
mciverzaMopKop: are you doing an MA?11:39
mciverza(I only had to do 4 years for my studies)11:40
Mopkopmciverza: Sort of. I'm doing a MTh. MA is an academic degree, MTh is professional.11:40
mciverzaYes, like BA vs BTh.11:40
MopkopYes, I'm also doing 4 years for my normal BTh degree, but you can't become a minister in my Church with only BTh :(11:41
mciverzaI did a BA, coz BTh was being deprecated at the time at Stellenbosch et all.11:41
Mopkopmciverza: Oh, you studied theology?11:41
mciverzaI'd be more concerned with "has experienced real life"11:41
mciverzaBUT ... am not knocking studies.11:42
mciverzaMopkop: yes.11:42
mciverzaat one stage, most of the charismatic churches ministers had zero formal theological training.11:42
mciverzaagain, not knocking either the churches or the training, just noticing how things change.11:43
MopkopYes, I have noticed the Charismatic churches are more and more focussing on studies. I'm studying at Unisa and most of my fellow students are Charismatic.11:44
mciverzaIt's good to have a mixture of backgrounds when studying. helps to broaden the horizons, and allows possibility of creating good relationships with people outside your normal theological circle.11:45
mciverza... </imho>11:45
mciverzaOT: am loving being able to see what my kids are watching on TV via my mobile phone.11:46
mciverza... using Kodi/XMBC, and the remote is two-way, so I can control the TV and see what is on.11:46
MopkopExactly my sentiment! In the past 3½ years I have come into contact with so many different views and value systems. Broad horizons help us not to think in terms of black and white.11:48
mciverzaand it's much harder to disregard someone's view if you have actually gotten to know them and realize that they are reasonable, reliable people.11:50
mazalBye everyone , have a nice evening , God bless12:37
* nlsthzn watching the solar impulse 2 making a stop in japan due to bad weather - https://youtu.be/GHa05MxP1YA14:00
georgelappieshi Kilos15:15
georgelappieshi all15:15
Kiloshi georgelappies  15:15
Kilosi just woke up, had a nap15:16
Kilosnlsthzn  you still here lad?15:16
* nlsthzn might be15:44
nlsthznon roving baby duty 24/7 *yawn*15:45
Kilosthat good man, its hard work but worth it15:45
nlsthznour government making travelling with kids such a pita... so much paperwork to go in and out of SA now... I have to go all the way to the embassy tomorrow just to try and figure out all I need :(15:48
Kilosyou want to come here in winter, you gonna freeze15:49
nlsthznnope daughter wants to visit mom and rest of family / friends there15:49
SquirmMaaz: ping16:19
MaazSquirm: pong16:19
Kiloshi Squirm  16:19
Kilosi go eat17:00
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georgelappiesdamn, was at the lion park on Saturday for the feeding session. On the news now a women was killed by one there. She drove with her windows open.17:32
=== smile4 is now known as smile
stickyboygeorgelappies: ai!17:57
Kilosinetpro  is your internet also slow?18:00
Kilosohi superfly  18:00
stickyboyMeans "good morning" in Japanese.18:02
Kiloshi stickyboy  18:02
* stickyboy just watched a Studio Ghibli film.18:02
stickyboyI've watched 8 in the last week hehehe.18:03
stickyboyStill have 7 more or so to go.18:03
stickyboyKilos: Do you know anything about Somali?18:05
Kilosyes man , its a country in africa18:05
Kilosi think someone from there chatted to me the other day18:06
stickyboyKilos: Wow, really?18:06
stickyboyWe gotta penetrate the Horn of Africa.18:06
Kiloswhen you guys say we , it means me18:07
Kilosyou failed with tsega18:07
Kilosshame on you18:07
Kilosand he is a friend, i have to deal with strangers18:08
stickyboyKilos: To be fair, you don't have a job. :P18:08
Kilosyeah thats why i dont fight with you guys18:09
stickyboyThe LUG is your job and what do you have to show  for it? :P18:09
Kilosbut also i dont watch movies all day18:09
stickyboyI'm trying to get inspired, man!18:09
stickyboyNow I'm listening to rap and pushing all teh code to GitHub, bru.18:09
stickyboyMight be eating some home-made cookies too.18:17
stickyboyKilos: Do you have a farm?18:23
Kilosnope , i live on my sisters small holding18:24
stickyboyKilos: Small holding means a farm without a tractor or what?18:28
Kilos2 hectares i think18:29
stickyboyIn Kenya people kinda get mixed up between Afrikaans and Africans.18:31
stickyboyI just laugh inside. :D18:31
Kilosyeah we have our own language18:32
stickyboyThough it's admitadely confusing. :P18:34
Kilosyes it is18:35
stickyboyKilos: Have you heard of Shamir's Secret Sharing?18:41
Kilosnope stickyboy  18:42
stickyboyIt's a way to share a secret with a quorum...18:42
stickyboyLike 5 people, with 3 needed to open it.18:42
Kilosi dont have secrets18:43
stickyboyKilos: :P18:55
stickyboyRaining cats and dogs here.18:56
Kilosthen meat price drops18:57
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:01
smileslaapwel :p19:06
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