kittyfirekittyi have, pressing SHIFT while doing restart from windows menu takes me to trouble shooting, been there read that, no options explicitly list legacy/csm yadda yadda00:00
xidi think they were suggesting running virtual for doing the ISO operations00:00
xidrather than using windows tools00:00
kittyfirekittygotta get a bootable linux setup for the system (i.e. the iso things) before i can even try to virtualize it00:00
krabadorsupposing i would run urban terror only in a second monitor ,and only on it, how can i do?00:01
polyphagiakittyfirekitty: you're trying to install ubuntu?00:02
polyphagiaand windows says it's 32 bit?00:03
kittyfirekittyi'm trying to boot a live USB00:03
polyphagiashift on bootup is related to windows, it's not going to help you00:03
kittyfirekittyyes windows is 32 bit version00:03
polyphagiaso you burned a 32 bit live usb?00:03
kittyfirekittyno i'm downloading it (3 hours remaining)00:03
polyphagiaoh ok00:03
kittyfirekittythe cpu is a x6400:03
polyphagiaare you sure?00:03
Ben64so download the 64 bit iso...00:03
polyphagiayou're using the OEM windows too?00:03
Razzdollxid do you know how I can autologin to ubuntu desktop?00:04
kittyfirekittyi did download the 64bit, i can't virtualize it and i can't get it to boot from the boot menu00:04
polyphagiawhy doesn't it boot from the boot menu?00:04
Ben64you really don't need to run it in virtualbox00:04
xidRazzdoll: I'm positivie that it's really easy, but honestly I don't know, for Unity. Check google.00:04
polyphagiai mean you say you're on a 64 bit machine but it sure sounds like it isn't lol00:04
kittyfirekittysystem control panel says: 32bit operation system- x64-based processor00:05
polyphagiaso you managed to get into your bios?00:05
kittyfirekittyi don't know hwy it won't boot from the boot menu, it only flickers and brings me back to the boot menu00:05
polyphagiait might be uefi00:05
Razzdollxid will do00:05
kittyfirekittyif i re-enable secure boot, and try the same option it gives me a security error before returning to the menu00:05
BadDreamsounds like the install medium wasnt made bootable00:06
BadDreamor a borked install00:06
kittyfirekittyits listed as bootable in the storage management snap in00:06
polyphagiait's weird it didn't say anything though00:06
polyphagiait should say that it's not bootable00:06
BadDreamwat program did you use to make the bootable iso kittyfirekitty?00:06
kittyfirekittyit is a fat32 partition, it has the /EFI/BOOT directories00:06
kittyfirekittyLinuxLive USB Creator -- as suggested from the uefi liveUSB walk through suggestions00:07
polyphagiahm well pendrive linux is recommended by ubuntu00:07
polyphagiaalthough yeah idk about uefi00:07
BadDreamive had alot of success with unetbootin00:08
polyphagiadon't use unetbootin00:08
BadDreamworks for me00:08
xidseems like we're just guessing that it's a uefi issue00:09
xidtried loading the kernel and mounting everything manually from the grub shell?00:09
kittyfirekittyat what point will i see a grub menu?00:10
xidoh ... i may have missed something00:10
xidso i've used stuff like refind to make it find my EFI voume00:11
xidwhen all else has failed00:11
xidbut it can be accomplished with other tools like gdisk and fdisk00:11
kittyfirekittyso this pendrive linux thing, i don't exactly see a 'download for windows' button anywhere, where would i go to achieve this?00:12
Razzdollxid: 15.04, does this use LightDM? I see instructions on google, just dont know if I have Light DM00:13
kittyfirekittyah they made the universal USB installer instead, reading...00:13
xidDoes unity use lightdm in 15.04? I'm not sure, but if it does, there's a disabled "autologin" line in the default /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf. just uncomment and add your username, i think. something like that.00:15
Razzdollxid; thanks. as you can tell I am a noob, but so far.. I'm happy with it over windows00:16
Razzdollxid, if I feel lost, theres always virtualbox00:17
gill6150Still can't get steam games to run..00:18
xidno problem man. I wish I could help, but I honestly don't have Unity available to me at the moment.00:18
Razzdollxid; no its ok', you're helping plenty. As long as I know some what of where to begin and the correct phrases, chances are I could get the answer, it will take time but I always do.00:19
footoleggocould someone help me set up my proxy connection? :>00:20
gill6150Just downloaded Ubuntu, and can't get steam games to load.00:21
krabadorhow can i run a full game app like a game, only directly on second screen?00:22
UmeaboyWould it be possible to ONLY have Ubuntu installed on a 2015 Macbook Pro?00:24
Umeaboygill6150: What driver are you using?00:25
gill6150No idea.... Honestly, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to Linux.00:26
Razzdollxid; by the way. I got it. It turns out all I had to do was go into User Accounts, click on my name and enter the password and toggle the switch. D'oh!00:27
Umeaboygill6150: Open Settings ->Program and Updates-00:29
UmeaboyThen take a look at the tab called Other drivers.00:29
UmeaboyOr More Drivers.00:30
UmeaboyI use Ubuntu with another language than English so it might differ.00:30
gill6150Umeaboy: It's a Radeon HD 734000:30
UmeaboyThen google that name and add Steam to see if anyone else has had problems in Linux and how they solved it (if there IS a solution that is)00:33
Umeaboygill6150: ^^00:34
gill6150Umeaboy:  Thank you, I'll let you know if i figure it out.00:35
UmeaboyOtherwise you can always switch to the commersial driver from the list and see if THAT works.00:35
gill6150Commersial driver?00:36
polyphagiagill6150: steam isn't opening for you?00:37
xidRazzdoll: nice, I knew there was an easy way.00:37
gill6150polyphagia:  Steam opens fine, But the games within steam won't run.00:37
polyphagiadid you enable the proprietary amd driver gill6150 ?00:38
gill6150polyphagia:  I have no idea what any of that meant, sadly.00:38
polyphagiagill6150: there are two drivers available for AMD cards on linux00:38
polyphagiathe one ubuntu ships with is the open source (free software) driver00:38
xidtrying to configure that driver without any success still gives me nightmares00:38
polyphagiabut AMD has their own closed source driver00:39
gill6150polyphagia:  So tje fglrx one or the fglrx-updates one?00:39
xiddoesn't steam work on the xorg driver?00:39
polyphagiathe open source one is ideal, but it's not nearly as efficient and usually doesn't support opengl at reasonable speeds00:39
polyphagiafor newer cards anyway00:39
polyphagiagill6150: yeah00:39
gill6150polyphagia: I guess we will see if it helps.00:40
polyphagiagill6150: ubuntu should have a GUI for this00:40
polyphagiacalled jockey00:40
polyphagiajockey gtk or something00:40
gill6150Still trying to learn linux at the moment.00:40
wafflejockgill6150, polyphagia additional drivers in the dash00:40
polyphagiaand it will tell you which proprietary drivers you can install00:40
polyphagiabut we already know you need fglrx gill615000:40
wafflejockUmeaboy, are you shopping for a computer or asking for an existing MBP?00:40
gill6150polyphagia:  Alright.00:41
wafflejockgill6150, the dash is just the search thing when you hit windows key00:41
gill6150wafflejock:  I was wondering what the windows key would do on linux, Was scared to push it honestly.00:41
gill6150wafflejock:  Someone told me not too, as a joke obviously. but after that wasn't sure.00:41
wafflejockgill6150, heh yeah don't worry too much you can't break things badly (usually) unless you're using sudo or something asks for your admin password00:42
polyphagiaonly be cautious when somebody tells you to use the magic sysrq key :P00:42
gill6150polyphagia:  So, Whats this magic sysrq key? :p00:42
polyphagiayou can use it combined with some other keys to do quite a bit00:43
gill6150wow, you were quick00:43
gill6150So, What's the Ctrl+Alt+Delete of linux?00:43
polyphagiayou can use ctrl + alt + f1-f700:43
polyphagiato switch TTYs00:43
gill6150(Sorry i have had linux for a total of one day)00:43
gill6150What's TTYs?00:44
polyphagiaf7 is the one you're on now00:44
wafflejockgill6150, no problem as long as they're ubuntu support questions it's okay here00:44
polyphagiaanyway gill6150 through a tty you can login to your account and kill/start processes00:45
gill6150wafflejock:  Thanks.00:45
polyphagiayou can use a program called htop for a command line tool like system monitor00:45
gill6150I did it, and i was lost on what to do.00:45
gill6150This driver change is taking forever.00:46
polyphagiayeah it's pretty big00:46
wafflejockgill6150, yeah learning the terminal takes some time but with a few commands you can pick up the rest pretty easily... and yeah the driver change can take a while00:46
polyphagiagill6150: your graphics should be much faster once it's installed00:46
wafflejockgill6150, the man command will bring up the manual for another command so, man man, will show the manual on the manual, use arrow keys to scroll and q to quit00:46
xidI got hopeful when you mentioned Jockey, but I didn't realize that was replaced by the Software Center program. Yeah, fglrx failed horribly for me when I installed it that way.00:47
wafflejockgill6150, major commands are, ls to list files/directories, cd to change into a folder, . is the current folder .. is the parent folder, pwd (print working directory) shows the current directory00:47
polyphagiaxid: yeah jockey is rip :P00:47
Umeaboywafflejock: The latter.00:47
xidsteam works pretty well though00:47
xidwith xorg driver00:47
polyphagiait depends on which card you have00:48
wafflejock!mac | Umeaboy00:48
ubottuUmeaboy: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:48
gill6150xid:  not for me00:48
polyphagiafor some cards the free drivers work great, even with 3d00:48
wafflejockUmeaboy, not sure off hand but that has some info on installing on various mac hardware00:48
polyphagiaand the free drivers are almost always way more stable00:48
polyphagiai had a 7950 though and i had no 3d acceleration with radeon00:48
wafflejockUmeaboy, I would guess if you use RefIt or some boot loader that will work there shouldn't be an issue wiping out the other partition with OS X but never tried00:48
gill6150wafflejock: So, this isn't really a support question but when i was asking whether to download ubuntu or not, i asked for pros and cons. I never got any. What cons are there?00:49
polyphagiapretty much just software compatability and familiarity i'd say00:49
wafflejockgill6150, mostly lack of proprietary software support like Adobe creative suite, games but Steam on Linux has started to quickly solve that00:49
polyphagiaalso sometimes the proprietary drivers can be slower than on windows00:49
xidpolyphagia: same, although another chipset, but in my case Xorg wasn't autodetecting, resulting in using the software graphics driver, so i had to manually configure my xorg.cnf00:50
gill6150polyphagia:  wafflejock  Those were things i already knew, so not too worried about thath. :p00:50
polyphagiawell that's pretty much it gill615000:50
wafflejockgill6150, support can sometimes be hard to come by but people in here can be helpful and you have to pay hand over fist for help on proprietary systems anyhow00:50
polyphagiahonestly wafflejock yeah i agree00:50
polyphagiasupport is not something i'd say as a con00:50
polyphagiaespecially compared to os x / windows00:50
polyphagiapeople act like because windows costs money that you automatically get microsoft support00:50
gill6150wafflejock:  Driver finished, do i need to do anything else?00:50
polyphagiawhen in reality microsoft's support is only there for enterprise :P00:51
polyphagiagill6150: restart00:51
wafflejockgill6150, nope but I believe a reboot is good to make sure everything is sticking and running00:51
gill6150Be right back, then00:51
Umeaboywafflejock: That page isn't updated when it comes to the iMac. ;(00:52
polyphagianot to mention wafflejock with gnu/linux you can talk to people who have actually screwed around in the source00:52
polyphagiaso they might have a better idea on how things work00:52
wafflejockUmeaboy, yeah I know it tends to slack behind part of why I asked about if you already had hardware cause can get systems made for Ubuntu from a few places depending on wher eyou live00:52
wafflejockpolyphagia, yeah that helps when you can get a hold of those experts00:52
wafflejockpolyphagia, also if you can code can dig in yourself sometimes00:52
polyphagiayup i've contributed a bit00:53
polyphagiait's a great way to learn too00:53
polyphagiahaving these completed projects available to learn from00:53
polyphagiainstead of always starting from scratch00:53
wafflejockpolyphagia, awesome, yeah haven't actually contributed anything back code wise yet but I started building some web interface bits that tie in with GNUCash might open source some of that stuff00:53
polyphagiasweet :D00:53
polyphagiado it00:53
polyphagiaand contributing is way easier than i thought too00:54
wafflejockpolyphagia, yeah still need to flesh it out some, right now does CSV import of JPMorgan Chase transactions and selects categories, but depends on using the MySQL datastore option in GNUCash, it seems like the team there is thinking about rebuilding that architecture sometime soon (had a lot of key/value pair stuff saved in the DB for various features)00:55
wafflejockanyhow don't want to stay OT too long in here but yeah it's fun00:55
polyphagiaah yeah i see00:55
gill6150_wafflej0ck: polyphagia  About to load steam up now, hope this works00:55
polyphagiai've never used gnucash but i'm pretty familiar with web stuff and sql00:55
polyphagiakk gill6150_ well the driver is likely already working00:56
Umeaboywafflejock: So, Apple hasn't blocked booting from an alternate media as of the new iMac's?00:56
polyphagiasince you didn't get greeted by an xorg error00:56
UmeaboyThey DON'T want us to use any other OS'es in their hardware nowadays I guess.00:56
wafflejockUmeaboy, sorry just don't know a clear answer on that, but not that I heard00:56
polyphagialol macs have an OS whitelist00:56
wafflejockUmeaboy, yeah before just couldn't use their software on other hardware00:57
gill6150_polyphagia: Still not loading steam game.00:57
gill6150_Guess ill try to delete and re download00:57
wafflejockgill6150_, which game in particular?00:57
polyphagiayou're not even allowed to virtualize os x00:57
wafflejockgill6150_, that might be worth a shot00:57
gill6150_wafflejock:  I have tried two games, Dwarfs F2P & Mount & Blade: Warband00:57
wafflejockgill6150_, some games like Bioshock Infinite they released some files without the executable at first and later released the actual program file00:57
polyphagiahmm gill6150_00:57
polyphagiadoes fglrxinfo in the terminal work?00:57
gill6150_polyphagia:  no idea what you mean soo.00:58
polyphagiasearch the dash for 'terminal'00:58
polyphagiaopen the prog and type00:58
gill6150_polyphagia:  doesn't ctrl+alt+t work?00:58
wafflejockyup that should do it too00:59
polyphagiai don't remember but it didn't last time i used gnome shell :P00:59
polyphagiabut good thing unity kept it i guess00:59
gill6150_polyphagia: wafflejock display: :0  screen: 0 OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics OpenGL version string: 4.4.13374 Compatibility Profile Context 15.20.101300:59
polyphagiaok so the driver installed properly01:00
gill6150_Also, It appears Ctrl+C for copy and Ctrl+V for paste do not work, whats the command in Ubuntu? :p01:00
polyphagiathey do01:00
polyphagiajust not in the terminal01:00
polyphagiabecause ctrl + c and ctrl + v mean something else01:00
polyphagiayou can highlight and middle click01:00
wafflejockctrl+shift+c I think works too01:00
wafflejockand shift insert for paste or ctrl+shift+v01:01
wafflejockor select and middle click01:01
gill6150_I used to get like KB/s when downloading on steam, now im getting 10 MB/s01:01
Umeaboygill6150_: You can choose your own settings for the keyboard shortcuts and button combos.01:01
gill6150_Umeaboy:  Where at??01:01
polyphagiagill6150_: does glxgears work01:02
polyphagiain the terminal?01:02
=== badon_ is now known as badon
gill6150_Not installed, install it?01:02
polyphagiagill6150_: if so, what about fgl_glxgears?01:02
polyphagiatry that one first01:02
UmeaboySettings -> Keyboard01:02
gill6150_Some spinning cube popped up?01:03
polyphagiakk great01:03
polyphagiathen steam is the problem, your drivers are fine now01:03
gill6150_Okay, That's good.01:03
gill6150_What do i do about steam?01:03
gill6150_& Can i get out of the spinning cube?01:03
Umeaboygill6150_: Ask in #steamlug01:03
polyphagiagill6150_: use ctrl + c in the terminal01:03
gill6150_Umeaboy: might have too. :p01:03
polyphagiathat it's running in01:03
gill6150_Okay, thanks.01:04
gill6150_polyphagia: wafflejock thanks for the help, im asking over in steam01:06
polyphagiakk gl01:06
wafflejockgill6150_, yup good luck01:06
gill6150_Also, What's a good music radio on here?01:07
wafflejockgill6150_, rhythmbox is the default music player, pithos is a nice option for getting pandora streams01:08
gill6150_wafflejock: I could never get rhythmbox is work, not sure why.01:08
wafflejockgill6150_, check the ubuntu software center or in a terminal "sudo apt-get install pithos" check it out if you need to remove "sudo apt-get remove pithos"01:08
wafflejockgill6150_, yeah I'm not a huge rhthmbox fan either, it's okay though01:09
wafflejockgill6150_, Amarok was always kinda cool but also not super impressive and feels kinda heavy weight for what it is01:09
gill6150_Getting pithos, ill try it for now01:09
OsmodivsHi. I am in Ubuntu 12.04.5 32bits  I upgraded via Software Updater and I think it got stuck, its been like this for hours. It stuck in this part:   run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub 3.2.0-85-generic /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-85-generic01:10
wafflejockgill6150_, guess kodi/xbmc are cool too if you have a media collection though and for other media streaming01:10
=== tarwater is now known as lazybugg
wafflejockgill6150_, xbmc (renamed kodi recently) is more of a windows media center kind of thing though, typically used for on a TV or the like so it takes over by default01:11
gill6150_wafflejock: That might be useful, but does pandora.com not work on steam?01:11
gill6150_Not sure why i said steam. :p01:11
wafflejockgill6150_, you can just use the site I just like having a separate client for controlling it so I can close out the browser if I need to01:11
wafflejockgill6150_, I do web dev stuff so I sometimes break my browser :)01:12
gill6150_The site keeps saying there a problem.01:12
gill6150_wafflejock: I'm just a basic user.01:12
gill6150_Wish I knew how to do web dev, programming, etc. lol01:12
wafflejockgill6150_, oh you may need Chrome to have flash01:12
wafflejockgill6150_, I just pulled it up here in Chrome01:12
gill6150_wafflejock: I downloaded flash for firefox.01:13
gill6150_wafflejock:  which btw took me about an hour.01:13
wafflejockgill6150_, yeah the Flash you can get for Linux is pretty out dated though, the one in Chrome (even on linux) is maintained by chrome itself and you get a newer version01:13
Ben64thats not how to get flash01:13
Ben64sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer01:14
wafflejockBen64, right but that installs what 11 and in Chrome I have Flash 1701:14
gill6150_Ben64: It's already the newest version01:15
izinucshow do I get irssi to ignore joins parts quits while in the channel?01:15
gill6150_wafflejock: So, How do i install chgrome?01:15
gill6150_sudo apt-get install chrome?01:15
Ben64wafflejock: i didn't say it was newer than chrome01:15
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wafflejockgill6150_, eh I'm gonna eat my words here just tried in FF with Flash 11 and that's working fine on pandora.com for me as well01:16
gill6150_haha, Alright. So maybe My computer is just shit & nothing will work. :p01:17
wafflejockgill6150_, you can install chromium using apt-get or the "software center" in the dash, you can get a .deb file for regular chrome from google but then don't get updates automatically01:17
Ben64actually, i think the deb installs the google ppa01:17
wafflejockgill6150_, if you went with chromium here's some quick instructions on adding Flash https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Flash01:17
wafflejockBen42, ah yeah I think you're right01:17
wafflejockBen64, even01:18
Ben64same guy01:18
wafflejockah k01:18
gill6150_What's chormium?01:18
wafflejockgill6150_, just open source chrome typically slightly newer revision I don't think it departs too much though (from a user perspective feels mostly the same)01:18
RazzdollSI know this isnt #cairo-dock, but does anyone have experience with it? I cannot edit it and customize it with certain program icons, etc.01:19
gill6150_wafflejock: Wow, Ubuntu is confusing. I swear i've learned more in the past two days then i have my whole life using windows.01:20
wafflejockgill6150_, eh there is a learning curve to both it's just a lot of new stuff I'm sure and you're talking with relative geeks :)01:20
Ben64its not confusing, its just different. if you used linux your whole life windows would feel the same amount of confusing, or more01:20
izinucsgill6150_: and you won't ever stop learning .. it's an environment that foster exploration01:20
wafflejockgill6150_, I did Windows IT support so when you get in the depths of the registry and the various layers of application caches then linux is relatively simply organized01:21
gill6150_izinucs: I'm okay with always learning, i just want to know enough where i can download a simple program without asking 20 questions. :p01:21
wafflejockgill6150_, well apt-get is the main thing to learn here01:21
Ben64almost every program you'd need is in the software center01:21
wafflejocker software center to faces to the same thing01:21
gill6150_wafflejock: I've got that, i think01:21
Ben64much easier than going through googling, finding a download link, making sure its not a virus, etc01:21
izinucsgill6150_: it gets easier.. for the most part the repositories have most everything you need.  There are exceptions like chrome.. although chromium is installed which is the full opensource version of chrome.. no propiatory bits01:22
gill6150_Ben64: For someone that has always done that, not really.01:22
gill6150_Ben64: Not trying to bash, just comparing to what i know.01:22
jak2000i want add a user as sudoer, but cant: sudo vi /etc/sudoers dit an sae but cant save the message always is:  "E45: 'readonly' option is set (add ! to override)"  how to fix it?01:23
gill6150_izinucs: What does "no propiatory bits" mean?01:23
Ben64really? opening up the sofware center, typing in a program name and clicking install isn't easier than that?01:23
gill6150_Ben64: Talking more the "sudo apt-get" thing.01:23
Ben64has the same effect01:23
izinucsgill6150_: there is a mental shift.. it's aquard getting out of the "windows" mentality.. propiatory bits code that isn't opensource01:23
wafflejockgill6150_, yeah that's just something us who use the systems a lot use cause it's faster when you know the names of what you're looking for and you want to install a few things at once01:24
gill6150_izinucs: I figured i'd get on a few peoples nerves, but It'll take some time to adjust.01:24
polyphagiajak2000: use $ sudo adduser username sudo01:24
polyphagiathen relogin01:24
polyphagiayeah gill6150_ you'll find the programs that are annoying to install or don't work quite right are usually proprietary01:25
polyphagiaclosed source01:25
wafflejockgill6150_, also if you are remotely administering machines (which a good amount of us do) then you need to do it in the command line, also it's not different regardless of which graphical interface you're using (there are lots of graphical shells for linux)01:25
izinucsgill6150_: no worries.. everyone starts someplace.. I dropped my win machine for linux with one of the original ubuntu releases.. still feel like a novice01:25
gill6150_polyphagia:  makes sense, As linux is an open source01:25
gill6150_izinucs: Still got windows, Don't have the guts to drop it yet..01:25
wafflejockgill6150_, I held on for like 6 months before switching to just using windows in a virtual box when I need it01:26
psusijak2000, check dmesg for any disk errors that resulted in your filesystem being remounted read-only01:26
izinucsgill6150_: there's a tool for everything.. sometimes that tool is only available on windows (ie usually business apps).. but with my business I've found it easier on linux.. kde is my desktop of choice.01:26
polyphagiapsusi: i'm pretty sure it's just because he didn't use root to edit the file01:26
polyphagiabut using adduser is a much cleaner method then using visudo or something01:27
gill6150_wafflejock: I just have a dualboot. Debating on when I build my computer if im gonan do the dualboot or just windows or just linux.01:27
psusipolyphagia, he said he used sudo01:27
gill6150_izinucs:  What's kde?01:27
polyphagiai think that file may be special though psusi01:27
polyphagianeeds to be edited using visudo01:27
polyphagiabut adduser is simpler01:27
wafflejockgill6150_, yeah I like the Linux with windows in virtual box cause Linux boots fast and does 99% of what I need then if I need to test in IE or open a PSD or something I just start up the Windows vbox instance01:27
polyphagiaif cs2 is all you need, it works in wine01:28
izinucsgill6150_: what you look at for a gui is called the desktop.. there are many different ones to choose from.  kde is probably the easiest to use coming from windows.01:28
psusidoesn't have to be... yes, adding the user to the group is simpler, but the fact that he got a read only error editing a file as root points to the whole fs being read only01:28
gill6150_How would a windows in virtual box work?01:28
IRC84181kde is desktop environment01:28
IRC84181stands for k desktop environment01:28
psusiwhich means something bad happened01:28
IRC84181used to stand for kool desktop environment01:28
gill6150_izinucs:  & How do you change?01:28
polyphagiapsusi: i just don't think it's likely01:28
IRC84181gill6150 ^^ read01:28
IRC84181use apt-get install <desktop environment>01:29
IRC84181depends on environment though01:29
polyphagiathat file needs to be changed using visudo01:29
wafflejockgill6150_, it works well actually even with a intel laptop GPU I can run photoshop without a terrible amount of lag01:29
izinucsgill6150_: google kubuntu and you'll get some screen shots.. you can have 2 desktops installed at the same time if you want.. sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.. then log out and there will be an option to switch to kde on the login screen01:29
gill6150_wafflejock: How would I go about that?01:29
gill6150_izinucs:  I really like that idea.01:29
polyphagiaKDE5 looks really great01:29
wafflejockgill6150_, just download VirtualBox from the software center, then you start up VirtualBox's management interface and hit new and creates a "virtual disk image" you can just follow the defaults basically for all of that01:30
gill6150_wafflejock: Thanks, & Downloading that desktop right now01:30
wafflejockgill6150_, I did a video here with virtual box at the beginning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQNbsCTFrAA but I'm installing linux in a vbox in linux just to show people how to use vbox on whatever01:30
psusiroot can edit any file he wants... how do you think visodo manages to do it?  it just sudos to root and touches a lock file to prevent multiple people from doing it at the same time01:30
izinucsgill6150_: virtualbox is a whole nother adventure.. but works great01:30
gill6150_izinucs: I think i might be biting off more then i can chew.01:31
wafflejockgill6150_, wouldn't dive into everything at once take it slow but it's good to ask the questions when you're trying to figure out what to run01:31
gill6150_izinucs: wafflejock I've learned when i browse the web I use Ubuntu. It's WAY faster on my computer01:31
izinucsgill6150_: easier to just install kubutu-desktop. they (ubuntu and kubuntu) live easily together.. on boot you get to choose which one you want to use at that time.. switch back anytime01:32
wafflejockgill6150_, yeah it tends to use a lot less CPU doing background tasks, modern windows is constantly indexing things for search and just doing endless tasks01:32
gill6150_wafflejock: My computer has got so slow, I barley wanna play it anymore. I used to not lag when playing games, but now i do on the same games.01:33
jeeves_mossI'm following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=263136, and I can't seem to join my wireless network.  is there a way to make the card connect with the ifconfig?01:34
wafflejockgill6150_, yeah somehow it seems every version of windows still suffers from bloat over time and slows down, maybe they'll change with Win10 but can discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic if you want since it's not support and the ops here like to keep this room open for questions01:34
gill6150_wafflejock: My bad, i'll head over there01:35
IRC84181when you mount a partition eg /dev/sda1 with the /mnt part, the /mnt part is used as a reference point right?01:39
psusiIRC84181, define "reference point"01:39
IRC84181liek a shortcut that you can use for changing directory into via terminal, eg cd /mnt or chroot /mnt01:40
psusiIRC84181, not really.. that simply is the location where that filesystem *is*01:43
IRC84181ok thanks01:43
psusishortcut implies it actually is somewhere else01:44
histoirc8418 cd to the mount point is not chrooting there01:44
izinucsIRC84181: are you referring to .. say .. a usb sitck?  cd /media/<username> then ls to view what's there.. then cd <name-of-folder>01:47
IRC84181i know but i meant is it used as a reference point, like can you just use /mnt instead of /dev/sd[Xyz](eg dev/sda1)01:48
reisio/mnt would describe a path you'd mount a /dev/(ice) _to_01:48
reisiothe /mnt can be most anyplace01:48
reisio/dev/foo is how the system sees the device, and will change less frequently01:49
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cos_good morning02:01
kittyfirekittyStill not having any luck getting my liveUSB to boot (also still downloading the x86 version of the install iso)02:01
kittyfirekittyanyone able to help me troubleshoot my steps for making a uefi live USB ?02:03
=== rag is now known as Guest95584
psusiIRC84181, /dev/sda1 is the partition on the drive, not the files in it.. to access the files in it, the filesystem has to be mounted in a directory somewhere02:04
jeeves_mosswhat is the lightest weight/smallest desktop I can install?02:05
reisiojeeves_moss: why do you ask02:05
IRC84181there are some that are like 40mb02:05
IRC84181try --> http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/02:05
jeeves_mossreisio, I'm installing it on a BeagleBone Black.  storage is a concern.  I just need it to run a web interface, an on-screen keyboard, and use the resistive touch screen02:06
IRC84181its 50MB so can be installed almost anywhere02:06
reisioIRC84181: that's a distro, not a desktop environment02:06
reisiojeeves_moss: storage is not a concern02:06
reisioyou can get a disk the size of a fingernail that holds more than any OS will require02:06
IRC84181read question wrong02:06
reisioembedded is utterly dead, as a capacity issue02:06
IRC84181lxde is not bad02:06
jeeves_mossreisio, I meant that I have ~900Mb to work with02:06
reisiojeeves_moss: just get more02:07
jeeves_mossreisio, I'd love to, but it's a soldered on eMMC02:07
reisiojeeves_moss: so don't use it, use some other medium02:07
jeeves_mossIRC84181, do you have a link for a base install with nothing more than FF?02:07
wafflejockjeeves_moss, you can install on a microsd02:07
reisioyou can install on anything that holds data02:08
IRC84181what is ff?02:08
jeeves_mossreisio, this is the platform I'm going to use.  upgrading the storage or changing the platform is not an option02:08
jeeves_mossIRC84181, yes.02:08
reisiosounds like a silly corner you've backed yourself into02:08
jeeves_mossIRC84181, yea.  programers with thier heads in the clouds.02:08
reisioif you install a base system, and X, and Firefox, you can get a kiosk going easily02:08
jeeves_mossreisio, that's basically what I'm trying to get acomplished.02:09
jeeves_mossis gnome been gutted yet?02:09
jeeves_mossyea, a lightweight base install that's small so I can start adding what I need.  if I run "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop", there's a few gigs of crap that get installed (office, etc)02:10
reisioif you want a kiosk, all you need is the X.org server and a browser02:10
IRC84181i know damsmalllinux is like 50MB , whole OS02:10
reisiopreferably one not tied to a desktop, like firefox or something smaller yet02:10
kittyfirekittyanyone able to see this, this is a new irc client and i have no clue if i'm even using this correctly02:10
reisioIRC84181: whole pointless OS02:10
jeeves_mossIRC84181, I need it to be debian.02:10
reisiokittyfirekitty: define correctly02:10
reisiojeeves_moss: so install Debian02:11
kittyfirekittyconveying the text i type across the .... oh looks like its working then02:11
kittyfirekittyi'm looking for help getting my computer to boot a liveUSB (i've tried two different windows utilities to create it, to no avail)02:12
reisiokittyfirekitty: which liveusb?02:12
kittyfirekittyi used LinuxLive USB Creator 2.9.3 on the ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso02:13
reisiokittyfirekitty: unetbootin works decently IME02:13
jeeves_mossok, lets see if this installs, and if we break out 2A power budget02:13
kittyfirekittyi've also tried unetbootin-windows-608 and Universal-USB-Installer- and Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install02:14
kittyfirekittynone worked for me02:14
reisiokittyfirekitty: what happened?02:14
kittyfirekittywhile in the bios boot menu, i select the usb drive, the screen flickers and just returns to the bios boot menu02:14
reisioyou try another usb port/drive?02:15
kittyfirekittythere is only one port on this computer, i've tried 3 different thumb/external hd/sdcard readers02:15
cortexmanhow do I read the most recent e-mail with `mail' ? i can't fathom why it shows me oldest first by default02:15
reisiokittyfirekitty: what color is the bit inside?02:16
kittyfirekittycolor is the bit inside? inside what?02:16
reisiocortexman: | tac ?02:16
cortexmanmail doesn't pipe to stdout...02:16
cortexmanit's an interface02:16
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kittyfirekittyits a usb 3.0 port if that is what you are asking, and yes i've checked these drives to see if the files are being wrote correctly, and they appear to be, the disc management plugin in windows shows that the partition is fat32, is active, explorere shows me /EFI/BOOT02:18
=== danielbw_home is now known as danielbw_
reisioprobably your hardware/firmware doesn't like booting from 302:18
reisiono OS on it already?02:19
kittyfirekittywin8.1, uefi02:19
=== danielbw_ is now known as danielbw
reisioefi might have special steps02:20
reisioor it might just not be at all designed to boot from usb02:20
reisio(the hardware/firmware)02:20
kittyfirekittyi've been working from the walkthrough from ubuntu pages02:20
krabadorhow can i run a full game app like a game, only directly on second screen?02:21
krabador*full screen02:21
reisiokrabador: as opposed to?02:23
krabadorreisio, simply in a dual head system, i would run full screen apps, like games, only on a particular display02:25
reisiokittyfirekitty: if you want to see if it's just an issue with your image/r/s, you could try seeing if http://is.gd/acitex boots02:25
reisiokrabador: right, as opposed to what?02:25
gill6150I tried to download kubuntu, but when i reboot the front screen says kubuntu but when it loads its still ubuntu02:26
kittyfirekitty438Mb will take about... 2hours to finish downloading02:26
cfhowlettgill6150, "tried ..."02:26
krabadorreisio, what's the meaning of opposed02:26
reisiokrabador: what's is it that _is_ happening _instead_?02:27
gill6150cfhowlett: I don't get your point?02:27
cfhowlettgill6150, DID you or did you NOT download kubuntu?02:27
krabadorreisio, for example, urban terror, runs on both02:27
gill6150cfhowlett:  If the Loading screen says Kubuntu. that'd show its downloaded.02:28
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gill6150I'd think anyways.02:28
reisiokrabador: the particular configuration for that will probably vary based on your graphics driver and window manager02:28
krabadorradeon driver and gnome02:29
kittyfirekittyreisio: the image is fine, sysresccd also refers to the same utilities i've already tried for making their livesticks02:30
jeeves_mossgooooooooooooo power budgets!!!  I love a challange.  storage, ram, power, screen size, etc02:30
reisiokrabador: what version of gnome?02:30
* reisio prefers non-contrived challenges02:30
reisiokittyfirekitty: no it doesn't, did you even go to the link I provided? :p02:31
reisiokrabador: just '3.14'?02:31
kittyfirekittyreisio yes, and i just said it'll take about 3 hours to download 438Mb, it says that if the utility they offer dosn't work, then to use the linuxliveusbcreator02:31
reisiokrabador: there should probably be a third version number02:32
reisiokittyfirekitty: I find it unlikely you used sysresccd's own custom imaging utility for sysresccd alone... for an ubuntu image already02:32
reisiobut whatever02:32
reisiokittyfirekitty: what make/model is this device?02:32
kittyfirekittyso you want me to download their install utility, and use it on the image from the iso for the ubuntu installer?02:33
wafflejockgill6150, if you logout at the login screen you'll have a dropdown where you can select the desktop environment02:33
gill6150wafflejock: I wasn't logging out, just restarting..02:33
krabadorreisio, 3.14.202:33
OsmodivsHi. I am in Ubuntu 12.04.5 32bits  I upgraded via Software Updater and I think it got stuck, its been like this for hours. It stuck in this part:   run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub 3.2.0-85-generic /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-85-generic02:34
wafflejockgill6150, yeah at the initial login screen you should see a drop down with Unity and KDE in it now if you installed kubuntu desktop alongside the default Unity desktop02:34
krabadorreisio, major settings don't change between .1 and .202:34
reisiokrabador: sure they don't02:35
gill6150_wafflej0ck: Got it working, but it says it won't save anything. Whys that?02:36
wafflejockgill6150, not sure what you're seeing there? still got it on screen?02:37
wafflejockgill6150, install "shutter" it's a nice program for capturing screenshots and can export to imgur quick and easy02:37
cfhowlettgill6150_, booting from USB = temporary = no storage02:38
wafflejockgill6150_, ah live USB? thought you installed kubuntu-desktop didn't realize you downloaded the kubuntu ISO02:39
EriC^^- the beatles02:49
neotownso this channel is for technology?02:50
gueriLLaPunK|MBPits for fun02:50
cfhowlett!topic | neotown02:50
ubottuneotown: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:50
gueriLLaPunK|MBPso yeah, tons of fun  ^^02:50
neotownok,my first time~02:51
gueriLLaPunK|MBPsome clients you need to type /topic #ubuntu02:51
isaiah22whats going on guys02:54
zacharypchhi, i installed ubuntu 15.04 alongside windows 8 on a new laptop.  when I boot windows, windows takes over the bootloader and renders ubuntu not bootable.  I do unfortunately need both to work.  here is the paste from boot-repair:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11486870/02:55
zacharypchi'd really appreciate any suggestions02:55
APerson_zacharypch: there's definitely an ask ubuntu question that provides an amazing level of troubleshooting detail03:00
APerson_it's about dual-booting windows 8.1 and ubuntu03:00
cmseasudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable works best for me03:02
neotown<zacharypch>you mean win8 is bootable but ubuntu is not?03:03
zacharypchneotown, yeah grub loaded until i selected the windows boot manager, then windows took over the boot and now auto boots to windows, and i cannot select the ubuntu partition in bios anymore03:04
zacharypchok, i think i found the askubuntu thread, i'll brb.03:08
neotownyou use HDD or SSD?03:16
andrew_Hello this is my first time using IRC.  I'm hoping people can see this message03:17
cfhowlett!test | andrejpan03:17
ubottuandrejpan: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )03:17
cfhowlettandrews ask your ubuntu question.  andrejpan, please forgive.03:18
andrew_So, I am taking a Intro to Unix course at my University.  I just started this week.  I am wondering what sort of useful information there is on ubuntu.  I have signed up for askubuntu.com03:18
andrew_what other resources are there?03:18
cfhowlett!manual | andrew_03:19
ubottuandrew_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:19
cfhowlettandrew_, there is also the ubuntu wiki and www.fullcirclemagazine.org03:19
andrew_excellent thank you.  wiki.ubuntu.org didn't seem helpful.  You have to be part of the ubuntu team it looks like to use.  is this correct?03:19
=== CompuDesktop is now known as Compu
cfhowlettandrew_, false.  anyone can read it.03:20
histo!manual | andrew_03:20
ubottuandrew_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:20
andrew_Well thank you guys I appreciate your help!03:21
andrew_Have an excellent day!03:21
histolol sorry didn't see you pasted it cfhow. I'm on a really client03:22
cfhowletthisto, sad day indeed when my China ISP outperforms your ISP03:23
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kittyfirekittywell i'm finally down to just 20 min remaining on getting the 32 bit iso... so i can try to virtualize and use linux to fix it...03:27
Hilikushow can i use gedit to encrypt/decrypt using gpg??03:28
histokitty fix what?03:28
kittyfirekittyboot isues with this liveUSB03:29
kittyfirekittyseems i can't get a windows util to actually make a bootable usb device03:29
kittyfirekitty] 842.73M  87.3KB/s   eta 24m 22s03:31
histokitty what are you trying to boot off usb?03:31
histojust use dd or win32 disk image to write the iso  to the drive03:34
kittyfirekittyi tried that, doesn't boot,when i select it in the bio boot menu, it just flickers the screen and bounces back to the bios boot menu03:34
kittyfirekittythe windows utility stuff anyways, thats why i'm downloading the 32 bit iso, so i can virtualize that and use linux utils03:35
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lotuspsychjemorning to all04:08
karmeekoI just upgraded to 15.04 and now in my syslog i get multiple 'Starting session c### for user myusername' why does this happen and how can i stop the noise? It happens every second04:09
neotownit's noon now04:09
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: maybe a clean install can fix this, did you try creating another user?04:10
haskell__Is it a good idea to install ubuntu on a chromebook?04:10
haskell__Are there any performance hits or issues associated with doing this?04:11
karmeekoThis is a home server so i was trying to avoid reinstalling04:11
karmeekoI have other users, if i create another user you think the message will go away?04:11
lotuspsychjehaskell__: there are tricks with crouton to install ubuntu on it04:12
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: can you login to another user to see if syslog has msges like that too?04:12
karmeekoYa lemme try04:12
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: wich ubuntu version did you came from?04:13
haskell__lotuspsychje, yer it's definitely possible, but is it a good idea? Would there be performance hits, driver issues, incompatibilities, etc?04:13
lotuspsychjehaskell__: we had users saying that they run ubuntu smooth on chromebook04:13
lotuspsychjehaskell__: in my opinion, ubuntu is always a good idea on hardware04:14
haskell__lotuspsychje, awesome! then I'm guessing if the specs of the chromebook is good enough, I should have no problem with running ubuntu on it, god I love ubuntu04:14
lotuspsychjehaskell__: you can always try xubuntu/lubuntu on it too04:15
karmeekolotuspsychje i came from 14.0404:15
haskell__lotuspsychje, true, shopping around for chromebooks atm, feeling giddy that I can get pretty decent hardware for so cheap, and then strip out chromeos for ubuntu!04:16
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: you realize you upgraded from LTS to a non-LTS right?04:16
lotuspsychjehaskell__: chrome0s for me is like a bad nightmare :p04:16
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: 15.04 is supported only 9 months04:16
karmeekoYa after the fact :-(04:16
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: i would really reccomend you fresh install04:17
karmeekoI thought that would be lts04:17
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: next LTS is 16.0404:17
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: for server use best stay on lts04:17
lotuspsychjeits more stable04:18
karmeekoI have 14.04 on a flash to fresh install ready if i couldnt get a fix04:18
karmeekoI know i know - i just got excited04:18
knocktwicekarmeeko: sounds like systemd "fun"04:18
karmeekoWhats the diff between 14.04.2 and 14.04.5?04:18
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: maybe a tail -f /var/log/syslog can help you show errors in realtime04:19
yamoonsunWhy is it that after I logged into my account, my Camera turned on for nearly a minute, and shut off immediately after I used the 'top' cmd via terminal04:19
* yamoonsun would not doubt it04:19
karmeekoYa fun in da butt04:19
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: you have skype or anything else installed?04:20
bojanCan anyone share the document on how linux works and how does the command executes in the backend??\04:20
yamoonsunI don't have skype, and even if I did it wouldn't be on my start-up04:20
lotuspsychje!manual | bojan04:20
ubottubojan: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:20
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: ubuntu version?04:20
knocktwicebojan: huh? what are you trying to do?04:21
karmeekoMy syslog keeps saying 'starting session c#(number keeps incrementing) for user 'myuser'' then the next line says 'started session c# for user 'myuser'04:21
yamoonsunThere was a process called Whoopsie that disappeared moments after opening 'top'04:21
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: tryed creating another user to see if webcam jumps on also?04:21
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: spam lines in syslog are never good right04:22
yamoonsunI have not, but this happened only today.04:22
bojanKnocktwice:I want to prepare a document for my junior.In that i want to clearly say him that how command works and from where it works and how it findshe exact location??04:22
karmeekoright on04:22
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: maybe clean out the whole machine with bleachbit?04:22
knocktwicebojan: try 'man bash'04:22
knocktwicekarmeeko: or some electromagnets04:23
yamoonsunI /did/ install a package called cmatrix - Think that may could be the cause?04:23
bojanKnocktwice:The whole structure of how linux commands and how it worksn at backend??04:23
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: from official repo?04:23
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: if you doubt a rootkit, install clamav and rkhunter and scan whoel system04:24
yamoonsunlotuspychje: I do believe so04:24
knocktwicebojan the shell (often bash) is the intermediary between the person who types a command and the kernel that organizes what/when things get run04:24
knocktwicethe shell is between the user and the kernel04:24
karmeekoThen every once in a while i do see 'dbus failed to start service'04:24
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: syslog and dmesg show anything related webcam?04:24
yamoonsunAny reason clamav isn't in the software center?04:25
lotuspsychje!info clamav | yamoonsun04:25
* yamoonsun is actually a new user, how do I check that.04:25
ubottuyamoonsun: clamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.98.7+dfsg-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 95 kB, installed size 743 kB04:25
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: it is, sudo apt-get install clamav from terminal04:25
karmeekoMaybe it will be best to go back to 14.0404:26
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: yes, i would advise that mate04:26
knocktwicebojan: you can learn a whole lot about how commands work by learning about bash04:26
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: too many syslog errors is not a good sign04:26
bojan_Knocktwice:Any idea??04:26
bojan_Knocktwice:Or any document you are having??04:27
karmeekolotuspsychje - thanks for the help & motovation :-)04:27
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: no prob mate :p04:27
karmeeko+1 karma to you04:27
knocktwicebojan: google 'man bash'.  First hit.04:27
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: from LTS you can sleep on 2 ears for next 16.04 also04:27
karmeekoWhen is 16.04 expected?04:28
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases04:28
lotuspsychjelets c04:28
yamoonsunAm so confused, going to see if there's a clamav tutorial04:28
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: man clamav in terminal to see start command04:29
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: dont think there's a codename yet04:29
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: but ive read articles, that will be the best ubuntu ever04:29
karmeekoHeh prolly assume shortly before 14.04 lts expires04:30
karmeekoI hope their upgrade process works better than 15.04 did for me04:30
yamoonsunDoes it automatically update?04:30
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: you just installed, so should be up to date database04:31
lotuspsychjekarmeeko: well lts to lts should work smooth04:31
yamoonsunIf I run clamscan in the future, will it automatically update before scanning?04:32
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: http://askubuntu.com/questions/114000/how-to-update-clamav-definitions-database04:33
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: freshclam command shows in man clamav?04:34
yamoonsunAppreciate it, dude.04:34
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: np :p04:34
knocktwicebojan: http://linuxcommand.org/learning_the_shell.php04:35
yamoonsunI should be able to just run 'clamscan /' as root right? That will scan the whole filesystem?04:36
lotuspsychjeyamoonsun: use sudo, not root04:37
yamoonsunWhat's the difference? lol04:38
lotuspsychje!sudo | yamoonsun04:38
ubottuyamoonsun: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:38
yamoonsunI mean, sudo vs sudo -i *shrugs*04:39
yamoonsunSame thing, no? I just have to type sudo less times?04:39
=== it is now known as Guest21485
knocktwiceif you only use sudo (not sudo -i) you are less likely to shoot yourself in the foot04:40
knocktwicethen again, in '96 I deleted my system with a poorly place rm -rf, and I've been careful ever since04:41
knocktwiceso there's some good things that come from shooting yourself in the foot04:41
=== jackie is now known as Guest12865
yamoonsunI love that command - Used to troll people in image boards with it.04:42
knocktwicemy fingers get scared when I start typing it.04:42
knocktwiceactually the biggest danger of running around as root is creating files with the wrong owner.04:43
=== miguel_ is now known as Guest83610
yamoonsunWhat do you mean? Example?04:45
knocktwiceIf something doesn't need to be owned by root, it shouldn't be.  That can be a security hole.04:47
lotuspsychjeknocktwice: +104:47
knocktwiceIf a script is owned by root and executable, and someone gets access to it, instant root access.04:47
yamoonsunFair enough =304:50
yamoonsunHow do you show a process in terminal after you've closed the terminal it was previous in?05:00
knocktwiceHm..  oridinarily if you ran a program from a terminal, then close the terminal, all the programs that came from that terminal are killed.05:01
knocktwicethere are plenty of exceptions though.  'ps ax' and 'top' come to mind... but once a program is disassociated from the terminal I don't think there's a way to find its history.05:02
yamoonsunClamscan appears to be running in the background, so I just did sudo kill clamscan05:02
yamoonsunStill seems to be running05:02
knocktwicekill needs a pid05:02
yamoonsunI won't recognize the 'command'? I'll try the pid05:03
yamoonsunThat did it, but it's still odd that it didn't close by command05:04
knocktwicelately there's been a nasty bout of people writing programs that respawn when killed.  I think that's poor form.05:04
knocktwicekill -9 should mean 'die now'05:04
robhol"die and, this should really go without saying, freaking STAY dead"05:05
knocktwiceit's called SIGKILL for a reason, after all05:07
snkcldyes but to be killed does not mean to be reaped05:18
orlando_im trying to insall ruby 2.2 on ubuntumate05:26
orlando_using a raspberrypi 205:27
=== rafa is now known as Guest59382
gill6150wafflej0ck: I can't get my date & time to work rightt.05:44
yamoonsungill6150: How do you mean?05:58
yamoonsunAnyone know why Ubuntu is telling me my file size is 20MB larger than it is? http://i.imgur.com/cP4qiWU.jpg05:58
Seveasyamoonsun: MiB (power of 2, 1MiB is 1024 KiB) versus MB (power of 10, 1 MB is 10KB)06:02
tanatosgood night06:02
tanatossomeone currently uses red hat jboss development studio?06:03
Seveasyamoonsun: a stupidity from the "but technically correct is the best correct" camp.06:03
somsiptanatos: probably, but best asked in the RH or jboss channels06:03
tanatossorry i fail, write in the wrong channel06:04
=== Guest83610 is now known as MiMario
Daedalus-xhi to all06:14
Daedalus-xi want some instruction about building a deb package ( .deb ) frome the source code ...06:15
Daedalus-xno one can help me ?06:15
Daedalus-xthanks a lot06:15
NegativeFlareDaedalus-x: https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/build.en.html06:16
NegativeFlareplenty of pages on it06:16
=== soren_ is now known as soren
Daedalus-xi already try myself but i can make it work :X i'm new to this subject ... i want to make a package of Kvirc ( the last revision ) ..06:17
Daedalus-xNegativeFlare:  thanks anyway06:20
NegativeFlareDaedalus-x: look into ppa's06:20
NegativeFlareI need to sleep06:20
Blue1I am having trouble logging into cups (localhost:631) -- it keeps re-prompting for a password, even though I did an lppasswd and ensured that I am a member of lp and lpadmin06:20
guest-hTMWMxHey guys, just installed the nvidia-340, nvidia-settings nvidia-prime.  I am now stuck in a login loop, yet I can log in on the guest account, just not my account.  Ubuntu 15.04 , here is my Xorg.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/11490375/06:20
NegativeFlareBlue1: login with root06:20
NegativeFlareyou'll be fine06:20
NegativeFlarenight guys06:20
Daedalus-xNegativeFlare:  there is some ppa with kvirc ( svn ) ???06:21
NegativeFlareDaedalus-x: apparently not06:21
Blue1NegativeFlare: that also does not work -- i tried that and it keeps re-prompting --06:21
NegativeFlareBlue1: cups isn't setup probably then06:22
NegativeFlareI need sleep06:22
Blue1NegativeFlare: okay I'd do some schlepping - one printer works, the other doesn't06:22
Daedalus-xif i can make this package i make a ppa myself wtf :X NegativeFlare thanks again bye :)06:23
guest-hTMWMxAnyone have any ideas?  Why can I log into guest account but not my account after installing nvidia?06:26
Bilzhi all. easy question. I have matlab installed and i have to navigate to the folder /usr/local/MATLAB/R2014a/bin/ and run ./matlab everytime. How do I can make it so I can run matlab from terminal or alt+f2 any time without having to go tthe directory like this everytime, and what is the name of this technique (i've used it before but can't fidn it!)06:27
hateballguest-hTMWMx: have a look at ~/.xsession-errors.log for the failing user06:27
hateballguest-hTMWMx: that's ~/.xsession-errors06:27
guest-hTMWMxBilz, create a bash shortcut?06:28
Bilzguest-hTMWMx, I guess that's what im looking for06:28
somsipBilz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17536/how-do-i-create-a-permanent-bash-alias06:28
penosBilz, sys link or add directory to PATH06:28
penossorry sym link06:29
Blue1off to bed -- am not solving this tonight --06:32
Bilzthanks penos :)06:32
madangel__I was trying to update using sudo apt-get update but I am getting so errors like :06:40
madangel__E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.06:40
madangel__W: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/partner/i18n/Translation-en  Connection failed [IP: 80]06:41
somsipmadangel__: give it a few minutes. They may just be being updated06:41
madangel__Err http://in.archive.ubuntu.com precise-security/main i386 Packages06:41
madangel__  Connection failed [IP: 80]06:41
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
madangel__somsip: I am trying it from yesterday but still it didnt get updated06:42
somsipmadangel__: second posted URL is a mirror. Maybe the mirror is down06:43
=== denny_ is now known as Guest57926
Guest57926my os is not booting06:43
somsip!details | Guest5792606:44
madangel__somsip: so?06:44
ubottuGuest57926: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:44
somsipmadangel__: check if it is down. Change to a mirror that is availabl06:44
madangel__somsip: I didnt get you06:44
geirhaThe mirror appears to be up. Probably just out of sync06:45
=== jones_ is now known as Nicholascage
madangel__Actually,I was trying to install the git send-email using sudo apt-get install git-email06:46
madangel__then I got an error and was asked to update06:46
somsip!info git-email precise06:46
ubottugit-email (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (email add-on). In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (precise), package size 25 kB, installed size 524 kB06:47
geirhamadangel__: have you tried ''sudo apt-get update'' to make sure the package lists are up to date?06:47
madangel__I tried that I got the above mentioned errors06:47
geirhaerr, right06:48
florianhello i have ubunto on my asus g750 and i have probleme with the sound . it goes out only by the subwoofer06:48
penoswhy u install ubuntu on ur laptop thereby destroying it06:49
geirhamadangel__: There are probably others using that mirror in #ubuntu-in , you could try asking if anyone else is having that problem there. If so, it's the mirror, if not, something's wrong in your end.06:50
cfhowlettpenos, installing ubuntu does NOT destroy hardware.  stop spreading Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.  Stop lying06:50
cfhowlett!fud | penos06:50
ubottupenos: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt06:50
geirhamadangel__: If it's the mirror, you could switch to the main server temporarily06:54
yamoonsunPotentially stupid question, but on windows, when I press the middle button on my mouse, I get a scroll courser. Can I replicate the effect on ubuntu?07:00
x4w3yamoonsun: i think with xinput you can do it07:03
alfatauhello all. I added an expresscard to my laptop to get an USB3 hub. Storage performances are really far from expected. Is there a way to know if the expresscard is connected to a PCIe 1.0 or to PCIe 2.0? Also, any other idea about debugging low expresscard performances?07:04
x4w3yamoonsun: edit xorg.conf with EmulateWheelButton07:05
ttalanyone know of a free way to have a static external ip?07:12
Blue1oh free, no I don;t07:13
somsipttal: noip.org used to, as did dyndns07:13
ttalBlue1: somsip: thanks guys. Yeah noip looks as though it shows ads07:14
Blue1ttal: i think I pay $20 or $25/year for dyndns -- it works07:15
tom______hi, can someone please tell what is the best and most simple pgp encryption tool for ubuntu?07:16
prakashpaste.ubuntu.com/11470714  can anyone help me with this one07:17
prakashi have installed ubuntu 14.04 in lenovo b575 and it just wont bootup from ubuntu07:17
Xodiac13I have ubuntu 14.04 bluetooth was working and now i cant get it running again even going to system settings and turning it on doesnt work and its check marked to show on the task bar07:19
x4w3Xodiac13: start bluetooth service and check if it run properly to chkconfig it07:27
x4w3Xodiac13: check if rfkill list in terminal is ok07:28
x4w3and not forget check configuration too cat /etc/bluetooth/main.conf07:29
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
Xodiac13x4w3: It shows the device id under cat /etc/bluetooth/main.conf07:31
Xodiac13x4w3: its wierd cause it was working yesterday07:32
x4w3Xodiac13:  yes sorry, check others hcid.conf input.conf main.conf there is /etc/default/bluetooth07:34
genkgoif i installed a package with "dpkg --ignore-depends=package -i package.deb", then how can i make sure that i can install other packages afterwards with "apt-get install".07:34
x4w3where there is bluetooth_enabled= 107:34
Xodiac13x4w3: when i did the cat command i didnt see bluetooth_enabled= 107:36
x4w3and you have /etc/default/bluetooth=?07:36
Xodiac13x4w3: what the heck its not shown07:38
Xodiac13x4w3: can it be due to upgrading the kernel07:38
x4w3check if module is integrated in lsmod07:39
x4w3but normally in system preferences its enough to configurate it07:39
x4w3i dont remember if new ubuntu version desactivate by default /etc/default/bluetooth07:39
x4w3try to create it and put only line bluetooth_enabled= 107:40
x4w3check it online in google to be sure wirting07:40
x4w3writting, and sorry dont help u correctly :)07:40
Zeranthi all, i installed ubuntu 15.04 yesterday and got a problem that the internal dns isnt working and the external just partially07:45
logan___wtf is internal dns and external dns?07:50
Zerantlogan___, dont know how to put it, if i ping my storage server via name it wont resolve but if i ping the ip it works, if i ping google.com it works perfectly, but if i ping an server from a friend it wont work07:53
Zerantif i ping the ip from the server it works07:53
somsipZerant: what 'names' are you using for the pings that wont work?07:54
Zeranti tried some things ... just the hostname or hostname.domain07:56
somsipZerant: what have you done to create hostname->IP entries anywhere?07:56
Zerantsomsip, its generated in the router and i have the router as an dns server07:57
somsipZerant: From what you've ansered so far, it doesn't look like you understand how these things really work. What is your end goal?07:58
Zeranti want to reach my homeserver via name not ip07:59
somsipZerant: from...where? The whole internet?07:59
somsipZerant: from other computers connected to the same router?08:00
Zerantsomsip, just from lan... it works if i use ubuntu 14.04 with 15.04 it dont work08:00
Zerantsomsip, from this one08:00
Zerantsomsip, all other pcs are working ... Mac, Windows08:01
=== Spr0cket- is now known as Spr0cket
=== Daedalus-x is now known as BlackDevil
=== insanity54_ is now known as insanity54
zbbix2Is there a way to tell init.d script to respawn the process if it was terminated without using any external tools such as daemontools etc..?08:11
=== BlackDevil is now known as Daedalus-x
MichaelTiebeslhi there everybody, installed 15.04 with kernel 4.0.0-040000 and with ppa:mamarley nvidia 349.16 installed. nvidia is correctly installed i can see it only dont show up in extra software programms?08:17
MichaelTiebeslin extra software programms is showing nouveau08:17
k1l_MichaelTiebesl: did you install the headers, too? they are needed to build the modules for that 3rd party kernel08:19
MichaelTiebeslanybody an idea?08:19
MichaelTiebeslyes also the headers08:20
MichaelTiebesli saw 2 of them08:20
k1l_so see the logs if the nvidia modules were build successfully when isntalling the 3rd aprty nvidia package08:20
MichaelTiebeslin nvidia settings i can see they are also installed the 349.1608:21
=== esc_type is now known as type_a
NindustriesHi guys, trying to add a key from keyserver.ubuntu.com. I have a proxy configured in /etc/apt/apt.conf that allows 80 and 443. > apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys EEA14886  still gives me connection refused. Ideas?08:29
=== gr33n7007h is now known as al2o3-cr
=== vincent is now known as Guest11742
wCPOHow can I change the keyboard layout with a live cd?08:39
wCPOconsole-setup/layoutcode only seems to work with X1108:40
Rory_Could anybody confirm if the version of package "ntp" 1:4.2.6.p3+dfsg-1ubuntu3.4, contains the fix for the vulnerability detailed here http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2449-1/08:42
Rory_or if I have to be specifically on the version mentioned in that link      ntp 1:4.2.6.p3+dfsg-1ubuntu3.208:44
Rory_I would assume yes, since it's a higher version number08:44
madangel__When I try sending a patch using git send-email I am getting an error after the question "Send this error?" And the error is:08:47
robbanpSo got this problem; cannot press "enter" in ssh; it gives me ^M08:47
madangel__Unable to initialize SMTP properly. Check config and use --smtp-debug. VALUES: server=localhost encryption= hello=localhost.localdomain at /usr/lib/git-core/git-send-email line 1110.08:48
=== Luke is now known as Guest90530
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=== enchilado is now known as aeonchild
rejnsi have this error09:04
rejnshow can i resolve this09:04
rejnsi cannot reinstall gitlab09:04
=== nano_ is now known as citroniks
JaserShould I use ubuntu desktop or server for vmware workstation? personal use only09:09
Masked-ManServer is only more lightweight.09:10
JaserI see, because I need to minimize process as much as possible09:11
Masked-ManServer just comes without GUI and some programs.09:11
JaserI see, not so much difference between process?09:12
Masked-ManIf you care most about optimizing i would suggest Ubuntu net minimal, But it takes some tinkering.09:13
somsipJaser: install minimal and build up from there if you want really basic install at the start09:13
JaserI see 2 download options in desktop the LTS and other one. which one would you recommend?09:13
Masked-ManIt's more basic.09:13
somsip!LTS (not more basic, just supported for longer)09:13
ubottusomsip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:13
somsip!LTS  | Jaser (not more basic, just supported for longer)09:14
ubottuJaser (not more basic, just supported for longer): LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)09:14
Masked-ManLTS is more stable. Basically non-LTS is testing.09:14
JaserUbuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr" <--- minimal right?09:15
=== luminance_137 is now known as JonSnow
somsipJaser: no, 14.04 is 14.04, then there are packaged versions for Desktop, Server or Minimal (and the other flavours too)09:16
Masked-ManOh he thought Trusty was minimal?09:17
Masked-ManGo to the Minimal section.09:17
somsipMasked-Man: re-reading it, not so sure now. Either way he probably needs this for 14.04 minimal, which is a good recommendation IMHO https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:17
Jaserexact page I went09:19
JaserI think I'll just install desktop LTS09:20
philcoHello Ubuntu-ers09:20
Jaserkinda new to linux sorry09:20
Ben64you don't have to be sorry09:20
philcoNoob here too09:20
ahopHi!     Have you ever had a $ ls     => Segmentation fault    ? :D09:22
philcohi ahop - i'm a noob...sorry09:23
Masked-ManThat's okay Jaser but it will not be very optimized.09:23
somsipphilco: appreciate you wanting to be friendly, but if you say that in response to every question, it's not really adding much help. If you dont know the answer, just let someone else response.09:24
=== Guest294 is now known as ost
philcook - sorry09:24
Masked-ManSuch as a optimized setup would be Base, X11 and VMware.09:24
turambarhi. i am trying to write a bash one liner09:25
ahopSeveas: any idea?09:25
bojanI have applied ACL permission for many files and folders...Now i want to know how to take backup with the same permission and i want the backup to restore with the same ACL permission applied09:25
Jaserthanks guys09:25
turambarfor i in $(echo {a-d}); do xfs_repair /dev/sd$i1; done09:25
madangel__How to config smtp to send patches09:26
philcoi just got ubuntu and i cannot seem to install maxthon browser - everything else is working fine09:26
turambarbut xfs says /dev/sd no such file or directories09:26
Jaseri hope i can run atleast 3 vm machines :)09:26
turambarwhy does /dev/sd$i1 not work?09:26
Ben64turambar: you may want to ask ##bash09:26
bojanBAckup tool name??09:27
bazhang!sbackup | bojan09:28
ubottubojan: sbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe09:28
bojanbazhang:Will it backup with the same permissions applied also??09:29
bazhangbojan, need more details09:29
bojanbazhang:I want to backup the files and folders with the same permission as they have and the same permission should be automatically applied in its restore also09:30
bazhangbojan, you want to create a restore point iso, like that?09:31
bazhang!backup | bojan have a read here and decide09:33
ubottubojan have a read here and decide: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:33
bojanI have some directories and files mounted on /mnt with some permissions applied on that folders..I want to take backup of that /mnt , if i restore the files the same permission for the files should also applied09:33
somsipturambar: for i in {a..d}; do echo /dev/sd${i}1; done (replace echo with your command)09:35
turambarsomsip: thanks, #bash already helped me09:35
somsipturambar: k09:36
mral3nHi, I'm running Ubuntu Mate 14.04 64 bit. For some reason my webcam (microsoft lifecam studio) only works on skype and nowhere else. I've tried multiple apps.. cheese, xeoma and some other recommended online and nothing.. only with skype. It worked before on this same distro and version but I formatted and reinstalled for my own reasons.. I've done a lot of googling and haven't come up with a solution, any ideas anyone?09:37
Masked-ManMicrosoft must hide the drivers.09:38
Masked-ManAnd only make it compatible with skype.09:38
=== CrackerJack is now known as Dreaman
mral3nlol worked before I reinstalled the sys09:38
=== Dreaman is now known as CrackerJack
=== CrackerJack is now known as Dreaman
Masked-ManWhat are you trying to use it with that is not skype?09:40
Masked-ManYou might have to configure the webcam with it.09:40
mral3nanything lol.. I've tried a number of things like vlc, cheese xeoma ..etc09:41
Guest47962how to change my name09:50
acetakwas_ /nick newName09:51
SkizuAnyone installed multiple certs?09:51
=== acetakwas_ is now known as acetakwas
Daedalus-x./chanstats chanstats10:01
Daedalus-x.chanstats chanstats10:01
vivek_templehi ameya10:09
ameya_templevivek: hi10:09
ameya_templevivek_temple: hi10:09
vivek_templeameya_temple: hi10:10
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wCPOWhat script is performing the fsck check?10:47
=== shiznix_ is now known as shiznix
Jaserhi guys, I need help with my ubuntu desktop11:00
=== Jandre is now known as Guest73223
JaserI just installed it, and when I installed an update can't seem to connect to internet now11:01
Jaserthe IP settings is still the same before install11:01
=== DoraTheDodo is now known as goofyOxymoron
FleuvJaser: are you able to ping a external ip/domain?11:07
Jaserall un reachable11:09
Jaserit happens to me everytime I install an update11:09
Jasereven in lubuntu, I thought lubuntu was just buggy yet still happens to me in ubuntu11:10
FleuvJaser: how is your network configured?11:11
JaserIt was working before I installed the update11:13
Jaserthat is why I received an downloaded the update anyway.11:13
Jaserjust so weird11:14
IceBot3000Jaser: Have you looked in dmesg when you try to connect?11:14
mgolischdid you install any drives for your networking gear manualy?11:15
Jasernah i didn't11:16
Jaserit says i'm connected lol11:16
JaserI think I will have to reinstall, I messed up with partitions anyway11:17
JaserI can't create partition to, I have 1tb HDD but it says it is using 930gb -_-11:18
Jaserand only 44 MiB unused11:18
JaserI feel like an idiot -_- new to this OS11:18
wCPOCan't it boot a live cd with a custom virtuel console keyboard layout?11:24
=== RoBo_V1 is now known as RoBo_V
DigistrasHi guys...just like to ask if it is advisable to go for vivid now or wait for the LTE?11:35
Ben64Digistras: up to you, next LTS is 16.0411:36
=== luny` is now known as luny
borisetoIs there a way to make the icons that wiggle for attention in the Unity DE to do that until clicked (focused)?11:44
BluesKajHiyas all11:44
tokenWhat's the best note-taking app for ubuntu 15.04 ?11:45
k1lboriseto: dont they do that until the focus is on that app?11:46
madangel__When I am trying to send a linux-kernel patch I am getting the following errors:11:48
borisetok1l, they stay lit or something, but don't wiggle all the time. Just occasionally I guess.11:48
madangel__Unable to initialize SMTP properly. Check config and use --smtp-debug. VALUES: server=localhost encryption= hello=localhost.localdomain at /usr/lib/git-core/git-send-email line 1110.11:48
pitchblackI have a question about GObject.mainloop, can anyone help me out?11:49
somsippitchblack: this is a specfic programming language question?11:51
somsip!pm | pitchblack11:52
ubottupitchblack: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:52
mgolischpitchblack: iam sure the gnome developer portal can11:52
pitchblack!pm somsip11:53
pitchblackI need help with GObject.MainLoop.11:56
mgolischpitchblack: whats exactly is your problem with that?11:57
reliabilityDoes the ubuntu installer dvd come with openjdk package?12:00
k1lboriseto: see unity-tweak-tool for settings on that12:01
reliabilityI might need to install ubuntu on non-internet-connected laptops and I need openjdk.12:01
reliabilityOr is there even a live-dvd which has openjdk installed?12:02
Jaserwhat type of partition should be is /home?12:03
Ben64ext4 ?12:03
hateballreliability: you could apt-get download the packages and keep on a thumbdrive for offline install. It is optional, so not included on any install media12:03
Jaserext3 is also ok?12:04
Jaserbecause I put ext4 / and ext3 /home12:04
JaserI just assumed, I'm new to this12:05
JaserI assumed that I can't put 2 ext412:05
Jaserso it should be ext4?12:05
hateballJaser: Yes12:05
Ben64ext4 is better12:05
Jaserswap, ext4 /, ext4 /home <---- am I missing anything?12:06
Ben64looks good12:06
Jaserhow about if I need a free partition like D drive in windows what should I put?12:07
Ben64you could mount it anywhere12:08
Jaserbecause I plan on installing virtual machine I want to put it on different partition12:08
Ben64normally /home would be the largest and where you keep stuff12:08
Ben64its not necessary to have that on a separate partition12:08
JaserI see, so it's alright to save it on /home? the virtual machines12:09
JaserThanks a lot man, I'm new to linux so I don't know this stuff12:10
JaserI'm planning to install virtual machines in linux since it consumes less resource than windows12:11
Ben64you might want to look into virtualbox12:11
borisetok1l, thanks for the suggestion, there was no option in the tweak tool for that.12:11
=== clown is now known as Guest76587
Jaserwhich is better? virtual box or vmware workstation?12:13
Ben64i've never had a problem with virtualbox, and it's much easier to install12:14
xarquid^ Virtualbox is also very lightweight.12:14
Jasercan I install multiple VM in it? like 3 or 4 windows 712:15
xarquid...and free ;)12:15
Ben64yeah you can12:15
Jaservirtualbox then :)12:15
Ben64if you have the rams for it...12:15
xarquidMost of it comes down to performance -- check out http://www.storagecraft.com/blog/battle-of-free-virtualization-tools-vmware-vs-virtualbox/12:15
JaserI got 16gb RAM12:15
Jaseri7 processor12:16
Jaseri hope that is enough12:16
Jaseror else i need to buy additional RAM12:16
Ben64depends what you're doing, so... maybe?12:17
Jaserif you know bluestacks12:18
JaserI'm planning to run it simmultanously12:18
Jaseron each VM I can create12:18
Ben64Jaser: running an emulator on a virtual system? : /12:20
Jaseryah, that is the plan12:21
damaHi, can i install windows on ubuntu12:22
Ben64in virtualbox, sure12:22
JaserI have 2 virtual machines on windows 7 running bluestacks already, but they eat my i5 with process12:23
Ben64run virtualbox, make a new.... virtual box? use your windows install media to install12:23
ishtiaquehey guys12:23
ishtiaquei'm wonering why kernel 3.16 recognises my touchpad and kernel 3.19 doesn't12:24
mgolischand you think thats going to be better with linux?12:24
damaThanks Ben6412:25
ishtiaqueanyone with an answer to my question plz?12:25
mgolischi mean i dont thinik virtualbox performs any better on linux than on windows12:25
mgolischatleast not realy12:25
Jaseryah, I think since linux consume lower resource than windows12:25
ishtiaquepeople could u help my out with my synaptics touchpad problem?12:26
Ben64!patience | ishtiaque12:27
ubottuishtiaque: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:27
JaserMy point is I want almost all my resource go to virtual machines not the host OS12:27
ishtiaqueactually i have done some searching all day and i still don't know what would cause a later version of kernel not recognise my touchpad :(12:27
fribhi.  when i connect hdmi ubuntu doesn't recognize the audio device automatically and i'm forced to restart.  how can i fix that?  thanks12:31
mgolischthe auto interface should allways be there12:31
otjurain unity is there any way to remove menu item or do I still need alacarte?12:36
telematicadesde bmanga santander para el mundo entero que en este mismo instante usa mi canal en xchat 10.0412:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:45
NegativeFlarelabtelematica: let's not12:47
DJoneslabtelematica: Do you have an ubuntu support question (in English)?12:47
BluesKajlabtelematica, no need for ther caps lock12:48
* NegativeFlare sighs12:52
pbxerror messages in the status bar icon for software updater always seem to have to do with Wine. is that just the way it is?13:04
pbxubuntu 14.04, wine 1.6.213:04
genii!info wine trusty13:05
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)13:05
Ad1_RNsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y13:05
Ad1_RNsudo apt-get install -f13:05
Ad1_RNto repair packages13:06
cypher-neopbx: What are the error message? Example, please?13:09
ubuntunwbhello everyone. I'm having the strangest issue with one of my machines. I'm running 11.10 and since this weekend, everything is running ridiculously slow13:10
ubuntunwbits acting as a webserver, so we rarely reboot or shut it down13:11
ubuntunwbI tried to reboot the machine but now I cant even load GRUB13:11
ubuntunwbI'm holding shift after POST. The message "GRUB Loading" appears but it just doesn't load. And then I'm stuck at the "purple screen"13:12
ubuntunwbI checked all the hardware but it seems everything is ok13:13
ubuntunwbany clues on what could be happening?13:13
fellipehi all. How to set isc-dhcp-server to only bind/leases from wlan0 and never from eth0 ?13:15
ikoniaset the bind address13:16
fellipeikonia: hi. at dhcpd.conf?13:16
ikoniain reality it will only offer IP's if the subnet is on that card too13:16
fowlwhat would make audio skip in youtube13:16
fowlis ubuntu broke13:16
ikoniafowl: nope13:17
fowlaudio is broke then13:17
fowlor its a feature?13:17
ikoniafellipe: it's an  init option13:17
ikoniafellipe: just pass the interface name as a startup argument13:18
fellipeikonia:  DHCPDARGS=eth1 ?13:18
ikoniafellipe: that works13:18
fellipeikonia: I would like to set something inside dhcpd.conf13:18
ikoniafellipe: you can't13:18
fellipeikonia: what can I do inside this file?13:18
fowlis this the official ubuntu channel13:19
ikoniafowl: yes13:19
ikoniafellipe: in reality if your scope is on an interface that can't "see" that network, it won't offer addresses anyway13:19
ubuntunwbwhat would cause GRUB not to boot? i'm clueless :\13:20
ikoniaubuntunwb: define "not to boot"13:20
fellipeikonia: so, if I have eth0 a.b.c.d/24 and wlan0 x.y.z.w/24 , and my range is x.y.z.0/24, so it will be restricted to wlan0, right?13:21
ikoniafellipe: yes,13:21
hateballubuntunwb: if it's been "very slow etc", have you checked the HDD? if you run 11.10 I am guessing it is not very new hardware13:21
ikoniawho said 11.10 ?13:21
fellipeikonia: so many thanks13:21
ubuntunwbafter POST, i'm stuck at a "purple screen" - srry i dont know the name of it13:21
rylieferi'm currently running on x.org x server-nouveau display driver...i have a nvidia 720M and would like to switch to it..help please?13:21
ubuntunwbalso, GRUB isn't loading at all13:22
ikoniaubuntunwb: if it's started to boot - grub has already loaded13:22
ubuntunwball I'm seeing is a message stating: "GRUB loading"13:22
ubuntunwbthen i'm stuck at that screen13:22
ikoniaubuntunwb: you said you hahd a purple screen a minute ago13:23
ikoniawhich is it ?13:23
ubuntunwbits just purple. nothing in it. Right after the message saying that GRUB was loading13:24
ubuntunwbalthough the message and the screen are 15minutes apart13:24
ikoniaubuntunwb: grub has already loaded and it started to boot13:25
=== nobrak_ is now known as nobrak
ubuntunwbim astonished it takes so long. i have the machine powered on right now and its been around 30 minutes and im still at the same screen.13:26
ubuntunwbthis picture isnt mine -> http://www.gubatron.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/ubuntu_blank_screen_updating_to_11.10_screenshot_solution_1.jpg13:26
ubuntunwbbut i'm seeing the same, except its not a VM13:27
ikoniaubuntunwb: are you using ubuntu 11.10 ?13:27
ubuntunwbyes I am13:29
ikoniaubuntunwb: ok - you need to get to a supported release13:29
BluesKaj!eol | ubuntunwb13:31
ubottuubuntunwb: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:31
fowlwhere do i put this, ~/.profile? eval $(ssh-agent) && ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa13:32
ubuntunwbthanks but that wont do. at least for the time being. thanks for the hints. gonna try and swap the hdds.13:32
BluesKajoh well, you can lead a horse to water......13:34
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=== michaelni_ is now known as michaelni
yclingidHi Guys13:53
yclingidI just installed lamp on my ubuntu terminal13:53
yclingid've been pulling out my hair, try to figure this out13:54
yclingidhttp://myipaddress/info.php ----> Not Found13:54
spectrum256someone knows what happened to the spotchat server?13:55
Digistrashi....how do I turn off the firewall permanently13:56
spectrum256the server is every time down13:58
jpdsDigistras: It's not on by default.13:58
jpdsDigistras: How did you turn it on?13:58
DigistrasI assumed it was on14:00
Digistrashow do i check if it is on or not?14:00
cn28h_ufw status14:01
=== cn28h_ is now known as cn28h
=== mkv is now known as m4v
jpdsDigistras: sudo iptables-save14:01
=== balleroctopus is now known as eletious
RazzdollI know this isnt #cairo-dock, but does anyone have experience with it? I cannot edit it and customize it with certain program icons, etc.14:14
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mrjhey guys, what’s the terminal emulator that continues a session if you get disconnected?14:26
mrjnot screen or anything14:26
xarquidmrj: You can use autossh or mosh14:26
mrjthanks. ill forget the name in another 2 months14:26
MACscri have a system running on a small 8gb flash drive and its now 100% full. Seems my /var/cache folder has 3.3gb of data. Can i safely delete files from it? I cant even run apt-get autoclean, etc because the disk is full14:28
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=== crash is now known as Guest32179
pryordadumb question of the day14:35
pryordahow do i save my iptables rules and have them applied at boot?14:35
ikoniaiptables-save > file.out14:36
pryordaikonia: if only14:36
ikoniawhat do you mean "if only" thats how you back them up14:36
ikoniathen if you look at the init script it reads the file from a location, just put that file in that location14:36
pryordayes, now how to i have them applied at boot14:36
ikoniaeven better, use the ufw interface14:36
pryordano iptables.service/init/init.d14:36
pryordaand ubuntu-server14:37
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=== kyle_ is now known as kyle__
ikoniapryorda: is it called as a dependencies, and init.d is for systemv/upstart scripts14:41
ikoniaif you are using 15.04 it will be using upstart service blocks14:42
pryordanot understanding. there is no upstart/systemd/init.d scripts14:43
pryordai could create one14:43
pryordajust not sure if that was the "way"14:43
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=== pepigno75 is now known as devuser
dStructquick question for you guys relating to SSH, I have a -L local port forward I use and I fully understand I could simply script something up in say Bash to shorten my command string up, however is there a way I could automatically setup a port forward when the user logs in, say using command= in my authorized_hosts perhaps?14:46
SchrodingersScatdStruct: could that be something for cron? or may be other startup script methods14:48
dStructSchrodingersScat: I guess my question is more, how can you "add" a port forward to an existing SSH session?  is there some command line magic to make that happen?14:49
SchrodingersScatdStruct: oh, not afaik after it's connected14:49
dStructSchrodingersScat: maybe my question is better asked in #OpenSSH as the only way I can find to initiate a port forwarding is via initial command line from the client connecting in14:50
=== gct is now known as rochelimit
ioriadStruct, maybe ssh  -l myuserid  -L 7777:work:22  gate  cat - (http://www.rzg.mpg.de/services/network/secure-shell/ssh-tunnelling-port-forwarding)14:53
somsipdStruct: there is a man ssh_config entry to reuse existing connections that might be worth looking up14:54
dStructsomsip: hmm interesting, i'll have to check into that..14:54
somsipdStruct: ControlMaster14:55
dStructioria: I don't believe that would work for my topology, I have basically a public server with firewalled ports, and I use SSH tunnelling to gain access from various clients across the interwebs from somewhat random IPs14:55
ioriadStruct, i see14:56
dStructioria: unless you can see a way to do what your link suggests without 3 hosts..14:56
jpdsdStruct: Heard of https://github.com/apenwarr/sshuttle ?14:57
dStructsomsip: is ControlMaster similar to AutoSSH?14:57
dStructjpds: no I have not14:57
voiterhow do i install gtodo? https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/gtodo/14:58
somsipdStruct: I've used it for multiple connections before I discovered tmux. So I'd connect to a server, slowly through negotiation. Second ssh to same server would be instant. No idea if it helps you on your query any14:58
dStructsomsip: sorta, basically I just want when I SSH into this server once I'm authenticated it will automatically build my tunnel/port forward, essentially just simplifying my ssh user@host -i /what/ever/key14:59
somsipdStruct: I understand, but have no idea if it will work like that which is why I pointed at the man page14:59
jpdsdStruct: You want to SSH to a host, via another host?14:59
dStructjpds: I ssh from a cygwin term into a Ubuntu 14.x box which hosts services I would like to access that are firewalled from the public15:00
DigistrasHi guys...15:01
Digistrasbetween sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, whcih should be used first?15:02
somsipDigistras: update15:02
x4w3update of course :P15:02
Digistrasor rather in which particular order should they be used?15:02
somsipDigistras: update, upgrade, dist-upgrade if upgrade tells you need it15:03
x4w3or full upgrade but its the same15:03
jpdsdStruct: Yeah, try sshuttle.15:03
dStructjpds: ok, thanks i'll check it out15:04
dStructjpds: I may just write a dumb bash script to just simplify it, that would essentially do what I'm wanting, it's just not nearly as cool as if SSH would let me do it server-side :D15:04
RazzdollOk sorry I just got back, did anyone know the answer to my question?15:07
somsipRazzdoll: can you repeat it?>15:07
Razzdollsomsip; sure, I had asked if anyone knew anything about the cairo-dock. I do understand this isn't #cairo-dock, but I can't seem to get anything out of those guys for a few days, and cairo won't let me add icons/programs.15:08
mgolischRazzdoll: what error do you get?15:10
Razzdollmglisch, no error; but, when i goto add a custom launcher, it asks for a image or 'path' name. I hit the /usr/bin/<whatever-its-called>, but the image is still a bubble question mark, and doesn't operate or perform15:13
mgolischdid you select an image?15:13
mgolischapplication images are usualy in /usr/share/pixmaps/15:14
Razzdollmgolisch, I selected the program in /usr/bin itself. Cairo will only let me select one command line (image or application path).15:14
Razzdollmgolisch, I am mistaken. I just looked, it says image path, and then command to launch on click. Whatever that meams15:15
mgolischand it doenst work without the image?15:15
acro458Does anyone have any idea if there is a linux program similar to this: http://www.seattlelab.com/slnet_about/15:15
mgolischis this something that doenst has a launcher allready? if not just use the existing launcher15:16
Razzdollmgolisch,  yes it is a custom, no launcher, I add to Cairo using Custom Luancher settin15:16
noobUserI have setup SFTP and it seems to be working just fine.  I am wondering how i can see who is currenly logged in to it and who is transferring what and at what speed15:16
MonkeyDustacro458  there's also #ubuntu-server15:17
=== type_a is now known as esc_type
mgolischnoobUser: you can enable logging for the sftp subsystem in your sshd_config15:19
mgolischbut there is no general statistics overview or something15:21
noobUserok thank you..i was hoping that wasn't the case, but i appreciate it15:21
wCPOA question.. What program read the casper preseed value?15:31
wCPOikonia: okay, im trying to create a ubuntu custom live cd with a signage box. Capser isn't enough?15:37
gfshIf I submit changes to ubuntu under the CLA, does it mean I have to give up copyright on code to Canonical to be able to contribute?15:38
OerHeksgfsh, submitting changes will get the current License ofthat package, so yes?15:40
reisiogfsh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contributor_License_Agreement#Canonical15:41
reisiojcarlosp_: shalom15:41
jcarlosp_reisio Hola15:41
jcarlosp_hola markux15:42
MarkUXno hablo espagnole15:42
MarkUXim from slovakia15:42
jcarlosp_No se si alguien me pueda dar el email de Mark el dueño de ubuntu15:42
MarkUXdont understand15:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:43
jcarlosp_the e-mail of Mark the owner of UBUNTU15:43
yeukhonnot sure if this is the right group, but does anyone know how ntpd decides to handle the upcoming leap second? From what I understand ntpd operates by polling at designated interval, but what can I do to ensure leap second is handled properly? There is always network latency, clock always have +- offset…15:43
OerHeksjcarlosp_, you can find it @ http://www.markshuttleworth.com/15:44
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jcarlosp_OerHeks Thanks very much15:48
tokenWhat's the best note-taking app for ubuntu 15.04 ?15:55
itryHello Everybody! fancontrol says it reads from hwmon2/temp2_input - is it possible to read that manually and see what it provides?15:57
fowlhi i'm on 15.04 and my sound is skipping all the time15:58
deadmundfowl: look at the output of top  is something taking a lot of resources??16:01
deadmundfowl: mmmmm, does this help?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting16:03
HanumaanI want to get the source of a package which is generally apt-get source postgresql-9.4 but it does not work however sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.4 does work .. what is that I am doing wrong?16:03
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest1733
mgolischHanumaan: whats the error you get?16:05
Hanumaanmgolisch: this is the error "E: Unable to find a source package for postgresql-9.4"16:07
OerHeksHanumaan, did you enable src sources in your sourceslist? softwarecenter > edit > sources16:08
mgolischHanumaan: did you enable the source code sources for that repository?16:08
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sp0onhi, I use gnome-flashback and I can not use more than one workspace. Any ideas?16:14
whallzhow can i preserve grep colors when piping to less ?16:16
hplchow to get a yellow circle around mousepointer? for claritys sake for us with less than good eyesight?16:18
FleuvHey, I can't save my SSH password following: http://www.linuxproblem.org/art_9.html16:20
FleuvThis always worked for me but now I removed my .ssh directory and now it won't work anymore.16:21
tokenWhat's the best note-taking app for ubuntu 15.04 ?16:21
pbxtoken, say more about your requirements, what you think a "note taking app" needs to do.16:22
whallztoken: try vim16:22
zerowaitstatewhallz: grep --color=always <regex> <path> | less -R16:22
SchrodingersScatFleuv: right, you removed .ssh16:22
whallzzerowaitstate: yup, i just changed my grep alias and worked, thanks16:23
FleuvSchrodingersScat, it's a mistake what never will happen again16:23
whallzFleuv: just create a new ssh key16:23
FleuvYou guys are seriously very intelligent people, thanks a lot! :D16:25
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HanumaanOerHeks, is there a way to enable with command line, because I use gnome desktop and probably it is not working16:26
MonkeyDusthplc  you're right, that mouse option is no longer available in the system settings, that's odd16:27
=== jackierobinson42 is now known as linuxuz3r
tokenpbx, i was thinking something where it lets me sync with everything... my phone, ubuntu and possibly windows16:33
tokenevernote came on my radar, and perhaps that is the only solution16:35
tokenthe reason i asked, was everpad is a bit buggy for me... sometimes the note window pops up, sometimes it doesn't16:36
eggbeatera complete uninstall-reinstall helps....sometimes16:36
pbxtoken, text files in dropbox is another cross-platform option16:38
SchrodingersScatowncloud + notes app?16:38
mgolischhm evernote works perfectly for me in wine16:41
=== IdleOne- is now known as IdleOne
wafflejocktoken, Google Keep is a nice option I think too16:46
henry8989hello i was trying to get my nvidia 6150 onboard graphics to work with ubuntu 14.04 bu am having no luck it just boots up at present black screen with a cursor even if I install the proprietary nvidia drivers or the open source nvidia drivers16:53
henry8989i was thinking that maybe if i instal the ubuntu gnome edition that doesn't have the unity 3d that it might work since the unity 3d is causing the issue is that true?16:54
=== tcpman is now known as Guest903
blackflowGuys, why is Steam not available through Ubuntu Software Center? I type in "Steam" in the search bar, and it doesn't give me something to install (yes, I know I can use command line apt-get).17:00
blackflowThis is on 15.0417:00
OerHeks!find steam17:02
ubottuFound: steam, W:, W:, W:17:03
OerHeksit is in the multiverse repo17:03
blackflowOerHeks: I have that enabled17:04
OerHeksmaybe the partner/nonfree ?17:05
blackflowOerHeks: I do get the icon in the Ubuntu Software Center when I searh for Steam, but when I click it I only get a "More Info" button, no install.17:06
blackflowand IIRC it was fully installable like that when I tried it last time in 14.04, I wonder what changed. I see I can download and start the launcher from steampowered.com17:06
OerHeksthe steam package is just a installer of the steam.deb from their website. that deb installs a package and adds a repo to your sources17:07
OerHeksso if you take the one from the website, it is fine17:07
eduardo__any knows this command for what can be used ?? find <part> -xdev -type f \(-perm -4002 -o -perm -2000\)- followed by print chmod o-w <fitxer> ????17:11
henry8989or what about kubuntu will kubuntu work with nvidia geforce 6150 onboard graphics?17:13
R13oseHow do I make the mic louder so people can hear others or is this not going to happen because of my hardware?17:13
bekkshenry8989: Sure, why wouldnt it?17:14
henry8989because the regular ubuntu does nto work not matter what driver i install17:14
bekkshenry8989: Define "does not work".17:14
henry8989the regular ubuntu shows a black screen with mouse cursor17:14
henry8989i tried the latest opensource and latest proprietary drivers and both no luck17:16
bekkshenry8989: How did you install them?17:16
henry8989i tired to install the fanous 173 drivers that are suppose to fix the problem but they won't isntall when i use apt-get it says no available17:16
bishopsHi everyone, I urgently need help, my webcam used to work on laptop with ubuntu 14.04, but once I have re-installed OS, the webcam is not working. Any way I can make my system detect the webcam through a command line or something?17:16
RazzdollHow come I have no sound at all anymore, but last night I did on a youtube video. Can anyone help me diagnose? and also, when I play a video now (youtube), on FireFox Web brower, it tells me an error has occured.17:16
henry8989i installed them through the unity interface under additional drivers by using the nomodeset command at startup to force a 640x480 resolution unity desktop17:17
=== corey_ is now known as test432111
test432111hi is there anyway to move the close minimize and maximize buttons to the right on ubuntu 15.04?17:17
henry8989however now that i have the driver install i can't access the unity desktop even with the nomodeset command at startup17:17
NoNickCan I use the intel graphics update utility on ubuntu 12.04?17:19
eduardo__ny knows this command for what can be used ?? find <part> -xdev -type f \(-perm -4002 -o -perm -2000\)- followed by print chmod o-w <file> ????17:19
eduardo__or this find Popcorntime0.4/ -xdev -type d -perm -0002 -uid +500 -print17:20
bishopsHi everyone, my webcam used to work on laptop with ubuntu 14.04, but once I have re-installed OS, the webcam is not working. Any way I can make my system detect the webcam through a command line or something?17:20
mgolischNoNick: if thats a supported distribution for the utility, if not probably not17:20
NoNickmgolisch: yep its not officially there17:20
mgolischbishops: so no app detects the camera?17:20
mgolischNoNick: then probably not17:21
mgolischNoNick: whats the reason you think you need that?17:21
bishopsmgolisch: Yes no app, well at least neither skype nor cheese17:21
R13oseany thoughts on my question?17:21
henry8989i just need to setup the pc as an internet browsing pc and document writing pc in my office don't need no fancy 3d graphics17:22
henry8989if thats hekps you et my dispaly working17:22
NoNickmgolisch: nothing just wanted to stay up to date17:22
henry8989if thats helps you get my display working17:22
mgolischbishops: whats the cam?17:22
bishopsmgolisch: not sure the specification. I'm using a lenovo x1 carbon, and it used to work so I'm not sure what's wrong17:23
RazzdollDoes anyone know how to fix a no sound problem?17:24
henry8989my pc is a 9500 amd phenom processor and has 3 gb ram 160 gb hard rive17:24
GabbyIs it working?17:24
RazzdollGabby, me?17:25
NoNickI installed almost all the 560 updates in one go on 12.04.. Sound from my speakers stopped coming. I resetted, it came back fine.. Is there any way to force to use the current audio drivers and not update? I knew there was but couldnt recall17:25
R13oseRazzdoll: http://www.unixmen.com/2012003-howto-resolve-nosound-problem-on-ubuntu/17:25
mgolischbishops: hm odd, is this a cold boot?17:26
Gabbyis this really working?17:26
bishopsmgolisch: what's a cold boot :)?17:26
Gabbynobody's answering me. :D17:27
mgolischbishops: like you booted from off to ubuntu, rebooting from other os or so17:27
mgolischbut usualy cameras are usb connected, shouldnt realy be a problem17:27
bishopsmgolisch: I don't know maybe when I reinstalled ubuntu on it, for some reason it did not detect it automatically?17:27
bishopsmgolisch: no I only have ubuntu on the laptop17:28
mgolischoh i see17:28
grumpycat__Hello everyone!17:28
GabbyHi grumpycat17:28
RazzdollR13ose, <317:28
GabbyCan you read that?17:28
mgolischGabby: no we cant17:28
GabbySay HI please17:28
Gabbyhaha, i thought you were bot17:29
bishopsmgolisch: When I do lsusb in the terminal I get 3  things. Oh and by the way one of my USB ports is not working for some reason too!17:30
GabbyI have a problem with my laptop's resolution, who can help me here?17:30
NoNickI installed almost all the 560 updates in one go on 12.04.. Sound from my speakers stopped coming. I resetted, it came back fine.. Is there any way to force to use the current audio drivers and not update? I knew there was but couldnt recall17:30
GabbyMy resolution is stuck at 1024 x 600 resolution17:30
tiblockHi. Can i install ubuntu 14.04 desktop using 900mb flash drive? I tryed network installer, but it installed server version.17:31
dasjoetiblock: you can turn your server version into Ubuntu Desktop, just run "sudo tasksel" and select "Ubuntu Desktop" to get the default desktop17:31
mgolischGabby: whats graphics hardware do you have?17:32
bishopsIsn't there like a standard command line to manually detect hardware?17:32
RazzdollR13ose, it isnt working on firefox, but yet it works on VLC, and my system, just not firefox17:32
R13oseno thoughts on my question?17:32
mgolischbishops: so do you see the camera device?17:33
wafflejocktiblock, what are you actually trying to install on is it just a flash drive or some microcontroller?17:33
mgolischbishops: lsusb -v should give more info17:33
RazzdollR13ose, I didnt see a question from you, im sorry?17:33
R13oseRazzdoll: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/fix-common-audio-and-video-issues17:33
R13oseHow do I make the mic louder so people can hear others or is this not going to happen because of my hardware?17:34
wafflejocktiblock, regular full ubuntu-desktop meta package will install everything listed here which is probably over 900 http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-desktop17:34
camoufl4g3hello everybody17:34
mgolischR13ose: tried to increase the mic volume in sound settings?17:35
bishopsmgolisch: gee this is all gibberish to me :) what to do?17:35
R13osemgolisch: I did that when using the mic, no luck.17:35
bishopsmgolisch: i do actually get a message at some point saying that a certain Bus 001 Device 001 could not be opened and some information is missing..17:37
wafflejockbishops, what hardware?17:38
wafflejockbishops, what are you trying to get it to "Detect"17:38
camoufl4g3how i can install skype on ubuntu ?17:38
shurtagulOh I just had a similar question17:38
wafflejockcamoufl4g3, sudo apt-get install skype (in a terminal), or use the software center17:39
camoufl4g3thanks wafflejock17:39
wafflejockcamoufl4g3, np17:39
shurtagulIs 4.3 on skypes website the latest version? It was released for ubuntu 12.0417:39
bishopswafflejock: I'm just trying to figure out why my webcam is not working. less important but still cool if fixed, one usb port also is not working17:39
bishopswafflejock: when i run lsusb i'm not sure what is what though17:39
wafflejockbishops, hmm yeah so you can paste.ubuntu.com the lsusb output, (or sudo apt-get install pastebinit, then run lsbusb|pastebinit)17:40
mgolischwhat devices does it show?17:40
wafflejockbishops, I should be able to pick out the camera I imagine17:40
=== MrHeavy__ is now known as MrHeavy
wafflejockbishops, then it'll have the device id and we can look up any issues17:40
bishopswafflejock: that would be great thank you! should I paste lsusb -v ? or just lsusb?17:41
wafflejockbishops, use the -v flag, actually the -k flag is good to so we get to see any driver/kernel module that's active for the devices too17:41
nicomachushi guys, I was trying to upgrade to 15.04 (from 14.10) but got a warning that there was not enough available space in /boot. I can't re-partition right now, so need some help deciding to clear out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11501282/17:42
mgolischand please use a nopaste service17:42
henry8989anyway to force install the old nvdia 173 drivers manually in ubuntu 14.04?17:42
Scriptonauthey guys, so when I installed my OS, I remember setting swap to 4GB or something like that. However, when I htop, it shows that I have 0 swap. I've been occasionally getting crashes that I suspect are caused by running out of memory (only 2GB of ram). Anyone know how I can set swap again?17:42
wafflejockScriptonaut, run free -m to see the swap space you have17:43
bishopswafflejock: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11501299/17:43
wafflejockScriptonaut, check the swapon and swapoff commands for activating or deactivating the swap space17:43
bishopswafflejock: I couldn't do lsusb -k doesn't seem to exist17:44
Scriptonautthanks wafflejock17:44
wafflejockbishops, ah my bad was thinking of lspci17:44
bishopswafflejock: no worries, should I do that?17:45
wafflejockbishops, nope for usb connected devices lsusb should have it17:46
mgolischno webcams are not connected using pci usualy17:46
wafflejockbishops, lspci is just gonna be for like video card and the USB hub controller (chips on the board in a laptop or on expansion boards in a desktop)17:46
ivan_on_tracbecause it does not work in Ubuntu? sudo service network restart17:47
bishopswafflejock: Ah ok, yes was reading what it gave it seems more connected to Audio and VGA, but it does mention usb controller17:47
wafflejockbishops, weird lists mine 00:1d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller #1 (rev 04) just FYI in this listing the number on the far left with the : in between 8 characters is the device id and you can typically look up bugs or fixes using that id17:48
wafflejocker rather 417:48
shurtagulIs 4.3 on skypes website the latest version? It was released for ubuntu 12.0417:49
EriC^^!info skype | precise17:49
ubottuprecise: Package skype does not exist in vivid17:49
EriC^^!info skype precise17:49
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in precise17:50
nicomachusAny help on removing old kernels from /boot? output of ls /boot17:50
R13oseRazzdoll: fixed?17:50
=== YamakasY is now known as squibby69
shurtagulIm going to go with yes then17:51
EriC^^shurtagul: type apt-cache policy skype17:51
=== squibby69 is now known as YamakasY
EriC^^it'll tell you what version apt has17:52
=== abdul is now known as Guest45381
bishopswafflejock: so you think there are solutions?17:53
shurtagulThanks EriC^^, it seems to be the same one as the deb, but installing the deb says theres an older version in the software channel17:53
wafflejockbishops, did you do a big update to the system recently including any kernel updates you're aware of or might have happened since last rebooting or is this a persistent problem?17:54
wafflejockbishops, it seems we may have lost the top part of your intended paste as well but the missing USB device got me to a thread where the issue was solved by a reboot and was due to some kernel updates that hadn't fully taken effect17:55
bishopswafflejock: I've just ran an update that mentions some socket thing17:55
bishopswafflejock: but otherwise have been updating very often17:56
bishopsi can try to restart my system and see17:56
wafflejockbishops, has this been a problem between reboots though as well? like tried hooking the camera up after rebooting17:56
wafflejockif not give it a go it's an easy check17:56
bishopswafflejock: it has been a problem ever since I re-installed ubuntu 14.04 from scratch on the laptop17:56
wafflejockbishops, also can you paste up the lsusb without the -v so we just get the short list17:56
bishopshere we go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11501555/17:57
EriC^^shurtagul: can you paste apt-cache policy skype and the error you're getting in paste.ubuntu.com ?17:58
camoufl4g3how I can see listenin ports on terminal ?17:59
EriC^^camoufl4g3: netstat -tuln17:59
wafflejockbishops, hmm okay so not getting anything from that really... do you have the device model can try to search based on that18:00
bishopswafflejock: sorry for the hassle, but how do i get the device model?18:01
mgolischits the builtin webcam of the laptop18:01
mgolischdid you disable it somehow?18:01
wafflejockbishops, wait is this a built in webcam or a USB attached webcam?18:02
bishopswafflejock: no built in18:02
wafflejockah okay yeah I think lspci is the right place to look then18:02
bishopswafflejock: here we go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11501653/18:03
=== pcsee is now known as Guest22842
mgolischinternal webcams are usualy connected via usb18:04
mgolischif it doenst show up its either disabled or broken/damaged18:05
bishopsmgolisch: if disabled how to know/check18:05
mgolischbios/uefi settings?18:05
Delta706If I resize a partition with gparted, does it take into account the fact that kernel images should not move?18:05
bishopsmgolisch: how to check bios/uefi settings?18:06
mgolischbishops: usualy pressing some key while booting up, F2 or del or something, check your laptops handbook18:07
Delta706F2 works for me18:07
bishopsmgolisch: ah ok that bios, but once in it how to look for webcam being disabled?18:07
mgolischdunno checks if theres something about the webcam somewhere18:08
bishopsmgolisch: Ok thanks!18:08
wafflejockmgolisch, bishops yeah you are correct sir18:10
wafflejockmgolisch, just checked with my built in web cam18:10
wafflejockmgolisch, bishops it was disabled with the function key for enabling/disabling the web cam18:10
bishopswafflejock: ok will check bios and see if I can find something to enable18:10
wafflejockdoesn't show up in lsusb, enabled it and then was able to lsusb and see it and use it in guvcview18:11
bishopsWill be back!18:11
gghhgghey i can't figure this out.. how do you install ubuntu 14.04.2 without using wubi???18:11
wafflejock!wubi | gghhgg18:12
ubottugghhgg: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.18:12
wafflejockgghhgg, you should just follow the regular installation method essentially either burn a DVD or make a bootable USB18:13
wafflejock!install > gghhgg18:13
ubottugghhgg, please see my private message18:13
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=== vip3r is now known as v1per
dupingpingwhat is it?18:26
superbuntuhi, The Ubuntu installer / fdisk from Ubuntu live installer doesn't detect partitions on my ssd. There are partitions on this SSD (ext2 /boot, extended partition with lvm ext4 Ubuntu system) install into a laptop. I'm front of big issue with installer detect my partitions and with install grub2 on the disk. I have try some 20 or 30 times and it's absolutely impossible to install grub (working with boot repair after installation wi18:29
superbuntuthout boatloader) but it's working well with the disk into my laptop.18:29
camoufl4g3why I cannot send any message to other channel ?18:32
superbuntuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11502155/ this is insane and make me crazy... I have also tried to install fedora 22 and debian 8 with the same issue. It's possible to boot when installed with my laptop. but I can't install grub with installer except from boot repair.18:33
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
bishopsmgolisch: I actually found in my bios that some usb was disabled so i enabled it. but still the webcam is not working. anything else I should do you think>18:35
lambduhey guys, I have an encrypted Windows machine with a corrupted boot sector. Can I live boot into ubuntu and fix the boot? I'd rather not pay $1000 to have the data recovered18:37
superbuntulambdu, it's  possible I think because of the boot sector can't be encrypted. You should try  boot repair  http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/boot-repair18:41
mgolischbishops: like whoever that was suggested try the fn keys on the laptop18:41
mgolischbishops: one might enabled the webcam18:42
lambdusuperbuntu, sweet! Thanks a lot!18:42
bishopsmgolisch: mm but the fn don't seem to apply to a webcam.18:43
bishopsmgolisch: the interesting thing is that I still have a usb port not working.18:44
bishopsmgolisch: it's ok i despaired.. need to go, so will try later, but thanks for the help18:45
lambdusuperbuntu, will this work too? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootSectorFix18:48
superbuntulambdu, well I hope yes18:50
sor_when a window is maximized how do i get it over the launcher?18:52
EriC^^sor_: what do you mean by over the launcher/18:53
EriC^^you mean minimize it?18:53
MonkeyDustsor_  you can hide the launcher, in system settings18:53
EriC^^oh ok18:54
sor_MonkeyDust, is that an auto hide feature? i just want it when it's maximized18:54
MonkeyDustsor_  system settings, appearance, behavior18:55
MonkeyDustsor_  not sure if that can be done, maybe with !ccsm18:55
EriC^^you can make a keyboard shortcut to minimize it, or better yet like MonkeyDust said use ccsm to hide it when a window is minimized18:56
ubuntuidiotwhen i do uname -m it says i686_64... which citrix receiver should i download?18:56
=== harrison1 is now known as hcavalle
ubuntuidiotactually it says x86_6418:56
sor_MonkeyDust, thanks also what is more current fglrx or fglrx-updates18:56
ubuntuidiotwhen i do uname -m it says x86_64... which citrix receiver should i download? there are lots to choose from18:58
MonkeyDustsor_  haven't tried either, maybe someone else knows18:58
sor_MonkeyDust, thanks18:58
sor_What is more current fglrx or fglrx-updates18:58
EriC^^sor_: fglrx-updates has newer drivers18:58
wafflejockubuntuidiot, just means you have a 64-bit processor, on the citrix receiver of the options on the site would get the .deb file one since it'll be easiest to install with dpkg -i, keep in mind this won't get updates unless their deb file adds a repo to your sources.list19:00
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sheapis there a way to check which init system is being used as default in the installation process?19:03
lambduCan you even access the bios of an encrypted machine?19:07
EriC^^of course19:07
superbuntulambdu, yes you can access to the bios of encrypted machine.19:07
lambduThis was for my girlfriends mom.19:07
lambduShe told me about it too late.19:08
lambduShe sent it to a company that is charging her $1500...19:08
superbuntulambdu, the encrypted machine is only the hard disk drive19:08
EriC^^lambdu: for what?19:08
lambdu$65 for assessment, $1000 for fixing it, and $500 for priority. I really with she came to me first19:08
lambduTo either fix her boot partition or recover her encrypted data.19:08
EriC^^recover her encrypted data?19:09
lambduShe has the password.19:09
superbuntulambdu, even if the machine can't boot about boot sector damaged, you can plug the hard disk drive into another computer and unlock the encrypted partition (if you know the passphrase) and save your data on another disk19:09
Ben64should report them as a scam19:09
Johnny_Linuxbig time scam19:09
bray90820If i did --delete with rsync and the drive was down would it delete every file or not delete anything19:10
superbuntubray90820, I think rsync delete your files after coping them. So if the rsync command has finished, your data was deleted. I think so...19:10
lambduI'm really shaken by this.... $1500... sadness 100%19:11
MonkeyDustbray90820  what superbuntu says is correct, i use that option too19:11
superbuntuMonkeyDust, thanks about confirm ;-)19:12
MonkeyDustbray90820  more precisely: if a file no longer exists on the source, it's delete in the destination too19:12
lambduIt's a 30 minute process! No one should be paid $1500-$3000 per hour!19:13
MonkeyDustlambdu  stick to support questions19:13
bray90820MonkeyDust: Yes but if the source can't be found would it delete it from the destination?19:13
lambduAlright, thanks for the help guys :)19:13
MonkeyDustbray90820  yes19:14
bray90820MonkeyDust: What I want is for the source and destination to be a mirror of each other but not delete anything if the drive goes down if that's possible19:15
tgm4883bray90820: then you need to craft your rsync command/script to ensure the drive is up19:15
OerHeksbray90820, don't touch the --delete option then19:16
tgm4883bray90820: either A) put it in a script that checks if the drive is up first (maybe it looks for something that is always there), or B) (untested) you have the content of the drive be a folder deep on the drive, then if the folder doesn't exist (because the drive isn't mounted) rsync should (in theory) just error out19:17
superbuntubray90820,  add a test condition before executing your rsync command is another way?19:17
tgm4883I've have to test option B though19:17
santzzzzzyo yo19:20
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santzzzzzcmmmon man19:21
santzzzzzany one19:21
santzzzzzshit you all19:21
bray90820MonkeyDust: tgm4883: OerHeks superbuntu Thanks19:21
* bitpimp I have a server being DDoS'd; I need to limit 19:23
MonkeyDustbray90820  if you're not sure, don't use it19:23
bitpimptraffic per IP; what's the best place to start?19:23
bitpimpiptables, clearly, but I remember ufw, or the like.19:23
lotuspsychjebitpimp: anti ddos iptable19:23
Ben64nothing can really stop a ddos from software19:24
bray90820MonkeyDust: I'm learning right now everyones gotta start somewhere19:24
bitpimprunning iptables commands on the server is producing 'command not found'19:25
=== cz2 is now known as cz50
bitpimpdoes ubuntu hide iptables behind something?19:25
MonkeyDustbray90820  start with something harmless, create a test folder you can rsync with options... see what happens19:25
lotuspsychje!iptables | bitpimp19:25
ubottubitpimp: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo19:25
Ben64bitpimp: iptables isn't going to stop a ddos19:26
popeybitpimp: bitpimp is the "iptables" package installed?19:26
popeybitpimp: the binary is /sbin/iptables - maybe it's not in your path?19:26
bitpimpI thought about limiting connections per IP, as each IP is generating a lot of traffic.19:26
bitpimppopey: it's not, but I thought it was a default element.19:26
lotuspsychjeif the attack is large, nothing much you can do indeed19:26
bitpimppopey: nothing in sbin19:26
bray90820MonkeyDust: That's exactly what I am doing once I get the options right I will use it for production19:26
bitpimpso it's not installed, but I thought I'd do a sanity check here before installing it19:27
popeybitpimp: is this your own server, or a server you rent from someone else - like a VPS?19:27
popeybecause if the latter then it may be a custom install19:27
bitpimppopey: it's a VPS19:27
popeythere you go then19:27
popeyblame the provider :)19:27
corvelle_this is the Kolab room, right?19:28
lotuspsychjecorvelle_: the ubuntu support channel19:29
corvelle_fuck kolab lol19:29
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lotuspsychjesomeone knows if there is an ubuntu promo video somewhere, to use on a store computer?19:35
ioriai remember one with Nelson Mandela.....19:36
ioriait was on Maverick, i think19:36
lotuspsychjeioria: nelson mandela and ubuntu..?19:37
RDX4OOioria, XDDD19:37
lotuspsychjelemme search that19:37
ioriait mean humanity19:37
ioriain some south afrivan dialect19:37
lotuspsychjeioria: funny :p19:37
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  a boring 1 hour monologue by shutlleworth?19:37
OerHeks2006 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQ4WiDsEBQ19:38
lotuspsychjewell ubuntu touch has one19:38
EriC^^sometimes there are stuff in /usr/share/example-content19:38
bitpimpwhat's a good way to diagnose that I am in fact under a DDoS from the cli?19:39
bitpimpmight as well be sure before I try to mitigate it.19:39
iorialotuspsychje,  something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HED4h00xPPA19:40
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: thats cool!19:40
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: how fast.ogg19:40
iorialotuspsychje,  ah... you emant technical promo ?19:40
bitpimpwe bumped up workers, but they're getting consumed regularly.19:40
EriC^^yeah, it doesn't apply to 15.04 i guess :P19:40
lotuspsychjeioria: yeah promotional ubuntu video to play on store (to showoff Os)19:41
lotuspsychjeioria: check the video EriC^^ sugested19:41
iorialotuspsychje,  sure19:41
lotuspsychjeioria: something like that, but longer with desktop showoff19:41
bitpimphow do I see active sockets?19:41
ioriai see19:42
wiricusHi friends. I recently upgraded to 14.04 and having issues with pgraphics / text . can yall/somone here assist? thanks19:43
lotuspsychjeioria: found an 11.10 one: http://design.canonical.com/2011/10/so-youve-decided-to-make-an-ubuntu-promotional-video/19:44
lotuspsychjewiricus: from wich version did you upgrade?19:45
wiricusmm 12.xx19:45
lotuspsychjewiricus: graphics card chipset and driver loaded?19:45
lotuspsychjewiricus: can you explain what happens exactly?19:47
iorialotuspsychje,  that's good... but don't forget one for Lubuntu, for poor people :þ19:47
wiricuslotuspsychje,  Not sure about card chipset (or what that is). I downloaded Intel Graphics Installer for driver update, but get error that Distribution is not supported19:47
wiricuslotuspsychje, Have screenshot, figuring out where to upload19:48
lotuspsychjewiricus: you can check sudo lshw -C video19:48
lotuspsychjewiricus: imgur or tinypic19:48
lotuspsychjeioria: :p19:48
wiricuslotuspsychje,  http://postimg.org/image/j59mi7gir/19:49
CowboyPrideHas anyone installed Munin on Ubuntu 15?19:49
lotuspsychjewiricus: that looks like grafix distortion19:49
CowboyPrideTrying to restart munin server but it is masked, and systemctl enable munin doesn't help19:49
CowboyPridesystemctl unmask munin doesn't help either.19:50
gartral|2hey all, how do i get rid of this highly irritating 'feature' of Unity magnetizing my pointer to the the edges of my monitor?19:50
wiricuslotuspsychje,  yes its only in nautilis text and actually this textbox I am typing in. Chrome is fone19:50
lotuspsychjewiricus: did the intel driver dont work for you at first?19:51
wiricusIt worked fine before i upgraded to 14.0419:51
lotuspsychjewiricus: but you just tols us, you tryed to install intel drivers?19:51
lotuspsychjewiricus: sudo lshw -C video please to pastebin19:52
sor_ok i open files in launcher right click gives no menu? how do i make a folder?19:53
aragonitehi! I am trying to monitor about a dozen log files that are on windows servers, about 1.5mb each. They are mounted via cifs. Is there a package I should be using? Preferably web interface, I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I thought about setting up shinken, but it seems like an overkill19:53
sor_other then mkdir19:53
h3x89sor_ cp other dir and erase it :)19:54
wiricuslotuspsychje,  http://pastebin.com/7j7UjFvQ   Did that work?19:54
ioriaCowboyPride, sudo /etc/init.d/munin-node force-reload ... not working ?19:54
sor_h3x89, should it not be able to right click?19:55
lotuspsychjewiricus: you have 2 screens?19:55
sor_h3x89, can't right click on desktopn either19:56
lotuspsychjewiricus: driver seems good for display 019:56
lotuspsychjewiricus: maybe you need a fresh install 14.0419:56
lotuspsychjegartral|2: play with ccsm for unity plugins/settings19:57
CowboyPrideioria: I thought there was a munin server and a munin-node19:57
sor_ok better question should I be able to right click to make a dir in files on launcher or on desktop?19:57
CowboyPridemunin-node works19:58
CowboyPridebut doesn't munin "server" need to be running too?19:58
gartral|2lotuspsychje: I had a better idea, get rid of Unity all together19:58
lotuspsychjegartral|2: unity runs nicely here19:59
CowboyPrideTrying to figure it out because I've added some other systems but they aren't showing up on munin graphs after waiting two days19:59
ioriaCowboyPride, if you edited /etc/munin/munin.conf  the command is that, i remember19:59
Bashing-omsor_: I am not on unity, but I would expect that in order to make s new file That one would have to have the file manager open . Then in the menu choose "new file" (??) .19:59
CowboyPrideOkay, I'll go back and re-read documentation and make sure I have it setup correctly.20:00
gartral|2argh... gpu crashed20:04
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gartraluuugh... ok, not using unity was a bad idea... so... how do I get a non-composited Unity?20:18
sebastien__does anyone speak french? or could hel me, in english at least? i have an issue with my computer20:18
lotuspsychje!fr | sebastien__20:19
ubottusebastien__: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:19
lotuspsychjesebastien__: whats your issue?20:19
Bashing-omsebastien__: IF you state your issue, someone may have a response to the question .20:19
sebastien__thank you20:20
sebastien__i cant log in my session20:20
sebastien__i mean graphically20:20
lotuspsychjesebastien__: ubuntu version?20:20
sebastien__(i don't even know if i'm using the good word with graphically...)20:20
lotuspsychjesebastien__: you mean you stuck at login prompt?20:21
sebastien__10.14 i guess20:21
lotuspsychjesebastien__: you mean 14.04 perhaps?20:21
sebastien__when i type my pass word, the screen turns black for few seconds20:21
lotuspsychjesebastien__: or 14.10?20:21
sebastien__and then, back tu the login screen20:21
Bashing-omsebastien__: Do terminal commnad ' cat /etc/issue ' to know what relase you are on .20:21
gartral!fr | Sebastien__20:22
ubottuSebastien__: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:22
sebastien__14.10, sorry20:22
lotuspsychjesebastien__: you can try recoverymode/fix broken packages20:22
lotuspsychjesebastien__: but as 14.10 support will end soon, i advise you to clean install 14.04 or 15.0420:23
sebastien__i looked on the internet, they said to remove .XAuthority20:23
sebastien__i did it, nothing changed20:23
sebastien__bashing, i type you command, gimme a sec20:24
EriC^^sebastien__: did recently edit ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc ?20:24
Bashing-omsebastien__: We often see 2 causes. 1) loss of authorization to access /home; 2) a broken proprietary graphics driver . Do you own and have permiision ? See the output of 'ls -al /home , ls -al /home/<sebastien> ' where sebastien__ is your username on your system .20:25
sebastien__i don't think so eric. i didn't opend my session for a long time. my roommate only loged in the (invited?) session20:26
lotuspsychjeceibal: can we help you?20:27
EriC^^sebastien__: if the invited session works, it's a config issue for your user20:27
EriC^^sebastien__: can you type cat ~/.profile ~/.bashrc | nc termbin.com 9999 and give us the link it gives?20:27
sebastien__bashing, what do you need to see in my home/<sebastien>?20:28
sebastien__eric, let type it ^^20:29
sebastien__ok, it says "http///termbin.com/sd63"20:31
Bashing-omsebastien__: You are in good hands with EriC^^ ... to many cooks spoils the soup .20:31
EriC^^Bashing-om: no, the more the merrier :D20:32
Bashing-omEriC^^: Be assured I look over your shoulder - never can tell what I may learn .20:32
dtigueI've got a file, connections.tar.gz, which has all my company vpn info, about 50+ VPNs. How can I import that into Network-Manager without having to manually set all of them up again.20:33
lotuspsychjescriptor_: welcome, what can we do for you20:33
lotuspsychje!vpn | dtigue20:33
ubottudtigue: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN20:33
EriC^^sebastien__: try cat ~/.xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999920:34
sebastien__thank you guys :)20:34
scriptor_Sorry for lack of protocol ...have not used irc since 2004 but I am having issues with ubuntu20:34
lotuspsychjescriptor_: you can place your quesyion here mate20:34
sebastien__@Eric^^ nothing20:36
scriptor_Every time i come across something online about compiling a bit of software I see something like ( $ ln blah blah) and I get "$: command not found20:36
lotuspsychje!compile | scriptor_20:36
sebastien__EriC^^, nothing, no file of this type20:36
ubottuscriptor_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall20:36
OerHeksscriptor_, building is pretty easy: the error about a package gives a clue what you are missing.20:37
EriC^^sebastien__: try sudo cat ~/var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log | nc termbin.com 999920:38
EriC^^sebastien__: sudo cat /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log | nc termbin.com 999920:38
scriptor_I am tried of read crap about compiling and goggling/yahooing a meaning for why things do not work I do this and thing still do not work ...what is "$"20:38
=== CPUID is now known as Guest91124
sebastien__EriC^^, yes i think it's about lightdm idontknowwhat ^^ i went in cat var/log/auth.log, and it talks about pam kwallet and lightdm20:40
lotuspsychjescriptor_: we dont know what command you tryed?20:40
EriC^^sebastien__: hmm, type sudo adduser <newuser>20:40
EriC^^and see if you can login20:40
scriptor_If "$" is sudo why are people putting "$'" which does not work in ubuntu instead of sudo?20:41
EriC^^scriptor_: $ is the shell prompt20:41
EriC^^like X:\> in windows20:42
OerHeks$ is user, and # is root20:42
sebastien__EriC^^, done, new user added20:42
EriC^^sebastien__: try to login20:42
sebastien__not in the terminal? but in the desktop20:43
scriptor_if there are instructions for say ...compiling unreal why do people make it more complicated by having useless commands?20:43
sebastien__EriC^^, same thing. the screen turns black for a seconde, and then, back to the login screen20:43
scriptor_I am speaking of terminal use20:44
EriC^^sebastien__: oh, it's maybe a pam issue or something20:45
sebastien__EriC^^, yes that's something like that20:46
sebastien__EriC^^, do you want me to tell you exactly what says the cat auth.log in var/log?20:46
EriC^^sebastien__: sure20:47
sebastien__EriC^^, pam unable to dlopen (pam_kwallet.so)20:49
EriC^^sebastien__: did you try rebooting?20:49
sebastien__EriC^^, /lib/security/pam_kwallet.so20:50
sebastien__EriC^^, cannot open shared object, no such file or directory20:50
EriC^^!find pam_kwallet.so20:50
sebastien__EriC^^, of course i tried many times20:50
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:20:51
EriC^^sebastien__: type ls -ld /lib/security/pam_kwallet.so20:51
EriC^^sebastien__: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall pam-kwallet20:51
EriC^^nevermind the last command20:52
sebastien__EriC^^, no acces to blablabla, no such file or directory20:52
sebastien__EriC^^, i'm trying the apt-get20:53
sebastien__EriC^^, E: impossible to find the paquet pam_kwallet20:54
EriC^^sebastien__: nevermind, i don't have it installed either20:55
EriC^^sebastien__: try this workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1309535/comments/1920:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 1309535 in pam (Ubuntu) "Running without pam-kwallet installed issues a warning in auth.log" [Low,Won't fix]20:56
sebastien__EriC^^, workaround?20:58
EriC^^sebastien__: yeah21:00
EriC^^sebastien__: i think it tells it not to use that lib21:00
sebastien__EriC^^, what do i have to do with that link? open it?21:04
EriC^^yeah, follow the instructions21:04
zhangoit works21:05
zhangowhat makes ubuntu better than debian21:05
Bashing-omzhango: If you use irssi, it is very cool . And debate belongs on #ubuntu-offtopic . This channel is support .21:06
EriC^^sebastien__: it says to open /etc/pam.d/lightdm and put comments beforeauth optional pam_kwallet.so and session optional pam_kwallet.so auto_start21:06
EriC^^*before auth21:06
sebastien__zhango, good game ;)21:08
sebastien__EriC^^, ok thanks, i didn't understand ^^21:09
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utu8ocan anyone play videos from this website using Ubuntu? http://www.bnn.ca/Video/player.aspx?vid=62599721:11
nightmare_pimpanyone care to chat with a gay dude from michigan?21:11
sebastien__EriC^^, what command do i use to open the file in the shell please?21:12
EriC^^sebastien__: sudo nano /path/to/file21:13
dtigue Lotuspsychje, had the bot give me the link to the ubuntu VPN wiki, but it is the most unhelpful site for my issue, can some one help...I've got a file, connections.tar.gz, which has all my company vpn info, about 50+ VPNs. How can I import that into Network-Manager without having to manually set all of them up again.21:14
sebastien__EriC^^, thanks21:14
=== Guest17405 is now known as bug
sebastien__EriC^^, nothing changed. i tried to reboot, nothing changed21:20
bughow are u friend?21:20
bug*friends lol21:20
EriC^^sebastien__: are you sure you saved it correctly?21:21
bray90820How would I have a bash script run on a timed basis21:23
EriC^^bray90820: you mean at a specific time?21:23
bray90820Like every 12 hours or something21:24
OerHekscronjobs and conkyscripts were the 2 things i started with, using ubuntu21:24
sebastien__EriC^^, yes, i opened it again, the are the #. b oth of them21:25
EriC^^bray90820: type man 5 crontab21:25
EriC^^sebastien__: did you try updating the system?21:27
EriC^^sebastien__: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:27
ock_Hi guy, can anyone help me with my Installing Problem please? (Ubuntu 14.04.2)21:28
sebastien__EriC^^, i tried, but after, when i logged in again, it still said 400 paquets ready to be installed21:29
Bashing-omock_: State the situation. Is this an UEFI system ?21:30
EriC^^sebastien__: try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:30
utu8oso can anyone play videos from this website using Ubuntu? http://www.bnn.ca/Video/player.aspx?vid=62599721:31
ock_Hi Bashing-om , I have a normal Bios system. I followed the instruction guides on the offical website and loaded the iso data on a usb stick(16gb). When i start my system i can choose several options like "try ubunutu" or "install"21:32
pertplushi, is it normal that certain folders in / have an older date than the date i installed the system?21:32
pertplusi.e. the /srv/, /mnt/ and /selinux/ folders have dates from 2012 even though the rest have the date in 2013 i installed the system21:33
ock_The problem is, if i choose install i can choose the language, connect to wifi and choose the installation i want(alongside windows). But i cant clikc Next/continue , only continue by restart.21:33
geniipertplus: That's entirely normal.21:33
ock_and then it all begins from the beginning21:34
reisioutu8o: problem with their website21:34
pertplusgenii: why does it do this? related to when the install cd was prepared, or ?21:34
sebastien__EriC^^, it's updating, i have a bad connection... lol21:34
almarkock_  there should be some partition option stuff afaik21:35
geniipertplus: The files preserve the timestamp of when they were created, which means their original creation date, not when they were copied someplace21:35
geniipertplus: Their timestamps only usually change if they are altered21:35
ock_alamark: yea it should ... that part is missing :/ and i have no clue why21:36
almarkperhaps your installer media is faulty sortof ock_21:37
Bashing-omock_: That is a strange issue. NOT normal ... Maybe we best look at what the hard drive partitoning is presently ? In "try ubuntu" mode activate GParted and show us a screenshot from the utility depicting the hard drive that you will install ubuntu onto .21:38
pertplusgenii : i see, thank you21:39
EriC^^sebastien__: ok21:40
EriC^^sebastien__: try rebooting after it's doneso it boots to the new kernel21:40
ock_Bashing-om: How can i get there? Sorry for my missing Knowledge.21:42
Bashing-omock_: Not to know is not a sin, all were new at one time.21:43
Bashing-om!paste | ock_21:43
ubottuock_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:43
sebastien__EriC^^, yes i hope it will make it21:44
OerHeksock_, for wifi, start a live session first, connect to the AP if your wifi-adapter is supported, then hit the install icon on the desktop21:45
Bashing-omock_: While we are thinking, do you have access to a "wired" connection for this machine ?21:45
ock_Bashing_om: No i dont have a wired connection.21:47
Bashing-omock_: OerHeks' advise ^^ applies .21:47
ock_0erHeks: I have a wifi connection already21:48
Bashing-omock_: Verify the connection with terminal command ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' . Is there a positive response ?21:49
ock_Bashing-om: yes 3 packets transmitted, 3 received21:50
reisioutu8o: try using freshplayer21:50
OerHeksock_, oke then there might be an other problem, you cannot install alongside windows, did you make space for ubuntu? from within windows preferrably21:52
Bashing-omock_: Good, we are back to examining the hard drive, see if we can spot a problem; a screenshot from GParted ( partition editor) is the fastest means to 'see' .21:52
OerHeksyeah, 4 primairy maybe21:52
ock_OerHeks: I did no space for ubuntu, just tried with "alongside windows", but there is enough space on my harddrive21:54
ock_Bashing-om: im going too install it and make a screenshot21:54
Bashing-omock_: IF you are usng a stander desktop install . GParted is included by default. Boot to the desktop, top icon is the dash, click on it and enter serach term "gparted" and activate with the forthcoming icon .22:00
blackflowWhy do native Linux games perform catastrophically worse than their Windows versions? Is it because of xorg? Will things be better with Wayland?22:00
MonkeyDustblackflow  #ubuntu-offtopic for discussion22:01
Bashing-omock_: look'n at your http://imgur.com/JqlJwJI .22:01
ock_Bashing-om: Thank you, already found it :D22:01
OerHeksblackflow, ubuntu is not going for wayland.22:02
blackflowOerHeks: okay, Mir then. Is there something I can do now, in 15.04 to improve the performance?22:02
OerHeksor #ubuntu-discussion :-)22:02
Bashing-omock_: " already found it", means to me that you are aware that the 4 promary partitions available, Windows is using them all ?22:03
ock_Bashing-om: No i meant Gparted, not the problem.22:04
Bashing-omsebastien__: Have not 'seen' you in a bit, how ya doing now ?22:04
OerHekserr cannot suy anything, as we don't have specs of the system and what game and so on22:05
sebastien__Bashing-om, still trying to fix my issue ^^22:06
blackflowOerHeks: understandable. I thought maybe there are some general guidelines, like turn off X, turn on Y, ...22:06
sebastien__Bashing-om, talking with french in ubuntu-fr. a bit easier to me22:06
Bashing-omock_: OK, the problem is that there is a 4 primary partition limit in the bios partitioning shceme. Windows presently occupies all 4 of them . Will have to xfer the data from one of those partitions, and repurpose that partition as an 'extended' partiton and in this container make provision for ubuntu .22:06
sebastien__Bashing-om, still fighting with that pam_kwallet problem22:07
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Bashing-omsebastien__: K, Not in my knowledge base, so I will stand by .22:08
ock_Bashing-om: Thank you very much mate, also thanks to OerHeks. Im going to google how to do that.22:09
Bashing-omock_: OK, It is doable, we are here when you are ready to proceed .22:09
sebastien__Bashing-om, too bad :/ i'll tell you if i can fix it before i got to bed22:10
Bashing-omsebastien__: EriC^^ Has the lead here , I am just trying to keep things tidy .22:11
ock_Bashing-om: Thank you :). Win7 was preinstalled on my pc, that why all 4 partions are used.22:11
sebastien__EriC^^, the updates are done, and still nothing changed :/22:12
EriC^^sebastien__: did you boot into the newer kernel?22:13
EriC^^sebastien__: you could try installing pam-kwallet, it could fix it most likely22:13
danielbwwhat is the best kernel to use for atserisk?22:13
danielbwlowlatency or realtime?22:13
bvHi, I want to increase a value for each found file. I tried: `find . -name "*.ext" -exec echo $i; i=$((i + 1)) \;` but it didn't work. Any suggestions?22:14
Bashing-omock_: Often times the partions are labeled. linux terminal command ' sudo fdisk -lu ' may reveal that there is a "recovery partition" that you could copy off to a DVD. Repurpose that partition for ubuntu . - is but one way .22:15
bvSorry, I tried this" `find . -name "*.ext" -exec bash -c "echo $i && i=$((i + 1))" \;`22:15
EriC^^bv: are you trying to get the number of found files?22:16
bvYes but I'll use in somewhere later22:16
bvIt's not my main goal22:16
EriC^^bv: find ......... | wc -l22:17
bvEriC^^: For example, I will use that value to copy these files like 1.ext, .ext ...22:17
bv2.ext, ...22:18
EriC^^bv: it wasn't working cause you need to use i=$(($i + 1))22:18
sebastien__EriC^^, i rebooted yes. how do i reinstall it? i don't know the exact syntax :o22:18
bvEriC^^: still the same :/22:18
EriC^^bv: there might be another typo or something22:19
EriC^^bv: you might use | while read22:19
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bvEriC^^: It prints just 1 for each file, it doesn't increase22:20
ock_Bashing-om: The problem is that i have no burner...22:20
EriC^^find .... | while read i; do something with $i... ; done22:20
ock_But i could get a license for windows for free (student)22:20
almarkyou can usb stick as well i guess ock_22:21
EriC^^bv: c=0; find ... | while read i; do cp "$i" "/path/to/dir/$i.ext"; i=$(($i+1)); done22:22
EriC^^bv: c=0; find ... | while read i; do cp "$i" "/path/to/dir/$c.ext"; c=$(($c+1)); done22:22
EriC^^bv: test it first22:22
EriC^^bv: c=0; find ... | while read i; do echo cp "$i" "/path/to/dir/$c.ext"; c=$(($c+1)); done22:22
sebastien__EriC^^, i tried "sodu apt-get install lightdm", but it was the last version... so nothing changed22:23
Bashing-omock_: I am looking twice at the gparted output . Not like what I am seeing . Are you attempting a "WUBI" install ?22:23
Bashing-omock_: I am concerned. Can you boot Windows presently ?22:23
bvEriC^^: It worked, thanks22:23
=== WildSoft_ is now known as WildSoft
ock_Bashing-om: Yes i just booted Windows- thinking of taking important files and deleting windows completly :D22:24
EriC^^sebastien__: sudo apt-get install pam-kwallet22:24
Bashing-omock_: Not a good thing to dump Windows for ubuntu, there is culture shock .22:25
ock_Bashing-om: I still have a Laptop with Windows. I spend too much time for gaming anyway... so i would be able to concentrate more on programming and learning.22:27
sebastien__EriC^^, also tried, and then nothing cause "no package pam_kwallet" found22:27
Bashing-omock_: For a 'beginner' you have the right of it . Dual boot Windows and ubuntu . Whne comfortable with ubuntu, then dump Windows .22:27
EriC^^sebastien__: it's pam-kwallet not pam_kwallet22:27
sebastien__EriC^^, really?22:27
almarkBashing-om imo the unity interface is more straigtforward than windows22:28
Bashing-omock_: Outstanding then to use this machine solely for ubuntu and learning ! .. I then have no reservations .22:28
sebastien__EriC^^, oh god... it's done. i check22:28
sebastien__EriC^^, ew, still the same black screen and back to the login22:29
EriC^^sebastien__: check /var/log/auth.log22:29
almarkock_ it's weird to have a complete linux on a ntfs fs though22:29
EriC^^same error?22:29
Bashing-omalmark: ock_ I so have a high degree of appreciation for the unity interface . But does not fit my meager work flow . I boot to terminal myself.22:30
ock_Bashing-om: Hmm when you guys say so its maybe not such a good idea to do that22:30
EriC^^sebastien__: try sudo apt-get install libpam-gnome-keyring22:31
almarkif you really want to get the feeling of unix/linux you shouldn't have ntfs ock_22:32
Bashing-omock_: When I relooked, I did see partitions as NTFS and then I saw " /media/ubuntu/XXXX " Beats me how things are working on this hard drive. ubuntu file system is ext4 by default; Windows is NTFS .22:33
EriC^^that's the live session i think22:33
ock_almark: so thats a against Windows and linux at the same time right? :)22:34
ock_Bashing-om: I have no idea to be honest...22:35
Bashing-omEriC^^: Thanks, IF the liveUSB is 'sda' then that will go a long way in expalining, huh ?22:35
sebastien__EriC^^, nothing new with the libpam22:35
almarkwell you can have a windows ntfs partition and a linux partion if you want22:35
sebastien__and now in the auth.log, the issue has changed22:35
EriC^^Bashing-om: where's the link you guys are talking about?22:35
Bashing-omEriC^^: ock_ http://imgur.com/JqlJwJI .22:36
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sebastien__EriC^^, lightdm : pam_ck_connectore (lightdm-greeter:session): pam_sm_open_session22:36
Bashing-omEriC^^: ock_ Attempting to install ubuntu to hard drive .22:36
EriC^^that looks like the hard disk, from gparted booted in a live session22:37
sebastien__EriC^^, lightdm : pam_ck_connectore (lightdm-greeter:session): pam_kwallet : open_session called without kwallet_key22:37
EriC^^and the hdd's are mounted by the try ubuntu user22:37
EriC^^ock_: do you need any info from windows? if not just install ubuntu as usual22:38
ock_EriC^^: so its normal?22:38
EriC^^ock_: yeah, you still have the ntfs partitions of windows22:38
sebastien__EriC^^, requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user "sebastien"22:38
EriC^^but it looks like you merged your windows install to the "boot"  partition windows has ( just a guess )22:39
ock_EriC^^: I dont need22:39
EriC^^ock_: ok, then just install as usual22:39
EriC^^"wipe hdd and install ubuntu"22:39
EriC^^sebastien__: i think it would be solved if you added your user to autologin22:40
EriC^^as a temporary fix22:40
ock_EriC^^: Sorry , i wanted to say : Win7 was preinstalled on my PC. I would install it as ususal but Bashing-om suggested me not to do it because it will be quite a shock22:40
Bashing-omEriC^^: ock_ That is all true, but IF 'sda' is the hard drive AND all partitions are NTDS, I get concerned seeing the mount points for 3 partitions as "/media/ubuntu" . Not what I had expected to see; for an internal hard drive .22:40
EriC^^sebastien__: it would login by itself without a password when ubuntu starts22:40
gh0striderhey guys i have a weird problem that just started occuring...22:41
EriC^^Bashing-om: those are partitions he's mounted in nautilus i think22:41
gh0striderokay so when i try to log into ubuntu 14.04 from the gui login screen when i enter the password the screen flashes the background changes and then it goes back to login screen22:41
gh0striderit does not say invalid password22:41
EriC^^Bashing-om: he's not installed ubuntu yet, you mean it's odd that he can mount the recovery partition from nautilus?22:42
gh0striderwhat is weird is that i can use the "guest login" and it loads my desktop manager22:42
gh0striderbut for some reason i can't log in as my regular user...22:42
EriC^^gh0strider: type ls -ld ~/.Xauthority after pressing ctrl+alt+f1 and logging in22:42
knocktwicegh0strider: sounds like your window manager is crashing.22:42
Bashing-omEriC^^: Nah, all explained now to my simple mind . I can now understand what I am looking at from your description .22:43
gh0striderknocktwice: okay i just logged in...22:43
nicomachushey guys, I just got done upgrading to 15.04 from 14.10, and rebooted. But now I'm stuck on GRUB22:43
gh0strideri keep getting this message pop up22:43
gh0stridermei_me 0000:00:03.0 timer: connect/disconnect timeout22:44
ock_Bashing-om: EriC^^ i rebooted and made another screenshot: imgur.com/XevK8yp22:44
knocktwicegh0strider: I seem to remember having a similar problem -- something to do with a new kernel module to handle new out-of-band bus interfaces22:45
knocktwicegh0strider: but I don't think that's related to the WM crashing.22:45
gh0striderokay i am going to try to disable that with the blacklist22:45
gh0striderlet me run the command you said first..22:46
Bashing-omock_: Yeah, that is more in-line with what I expect to see. We still have that 4 primary partition limit . Will have to make provisions to install ubuntu .22:46
gh0striderknocktwice: after running the ls =ld ~/.Xauthority22:46
gh0striderhere is the output22:46
knocktwicegh0strider: yeah, I've blacklisted the mei-me module22:47
gh0strider-rw----- 1 root root /home/user/.Xauthority22:47
EriC^^ghostwalker: ok, type sudo chown <your user>: ~/.Xauthority22:47
EriC^^sebastien__: you there?22:48
ock_Bashing-om: Is there a way to delete one Partition (i dont think i need the recovery anymore, because i can get a license) and "get some" storage from another partiton without to delete something? ^22:48
gh0striderknocktwice: do you know how to restart the modprobe file blacklist.conf so i can stop getting those annoying outputs of mei_me22:49
knocktwicegh0strider: not off hand, no.22:49
nicomachus_repeating my question just because I dropped my connection: hey guys, I just got done upgrading to 15.04 from 14.10, and rebooted. But now I'm stuck on GRUB22:50
nicomachus_I think this happened when I upgraded to 14.04. but I don't remember what I did to reload grub22:50
bray90820If I was gonna setup a con job to happen every 12 hours would I have to setyo one for 0:00 and another one for 12:0022:51
knocktwicegh0strider: try modprobe --remove mei-me22:51
Bashing-omock_: Best paractice is to cipy off the "recovery partition" . delete it in Windows, defrag twice, chkisk twice. Then in that unallocatd space in ubuntu installer, install to that unallocated space.22:51
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
gh0striderokay...I just did a restart22:52
gh0striderlets hope this works...22:52
almarki don't like dual boot22:52
EriC^^bray90820: you could use * */12 * * * /path/to/command22:52
gh0striderknocktwice: do you think the .Xauthority file got changed when i did a system upgrade?22:53
bray90820Wouldn't that only happen once a day thi22:53
EriC^^bray90820: no, every 12 hours22:53
almarki keep a very small windows pc for stuff that i use that only runs on xp/722:53
bray90820EriC^^: so it's not what time but how often?22:53
EriC^^bray90820: you can set the time, or use */ which means every , like */4 * * * * means every 4 mins22:54
knocktwicebray90820: man 5 crontab (just 'man crontab' gets you the wrong page)22:54
bray90820I get it now thanks22:54
gh0striderknocktwice: that worked great! thank you so much for your help!22:54
gh0strideri love the open source community...lol =)22:55
knocktwicegh0strider: I dunno about .Xauthority... been too many years since I messed with it.22:55
gh0striderknocktwice: you mostly do console env?22:57
ock_Bashing-om: So i defraged it twice23:00
ock_Bashing-om: what is the other thing you mentioned?chkisk23:00
blackflowHow does one install individual .deb file including the dependencies it declares?23:01
knocktwicegh0strider: I do a lot with console -- it's been the constant companion for many years, after all. WMs come and go.23:02
sebastien__EriC^^, sorry, i was with french in ubuntu-fr23:02
bray90820EriC^^: I just wanna check that this would happen every hour23:02
bray90820"* */1 * * *"23:02
sebastien__EriC^^, how do i do that autologin?23:02
blackflowbray90820: just put the first one to 0, that's 0th minute of any hour23:03
blackflowbray90820: you don't need the */1 then23:03
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bray90820But what I have right now is every hour right?23:03
EriC^^sebastien__: try just adding to nopasswdlogin group first, it might work23:03
EriC^^bray90820: yeah23:03
blackflowbray90820: I guess, it's a weird way to specify it23:04
bray90820I will change it tho23:04
EriC^^sebastien__: sudo usermod -aG nopasswdlogin <your user>23:04
knocktwicegh0strider: not super happy with MATE, but I guess it's working ok for now.  I plan on trying Xfce soon.23:04
bray90820Just so I know it starts at 023:04
bray90820EriC^^: Thanks23:05
Bashing-omock_: I was on smoke break, Yeah in Windows is a "check disk" command 'chkdsk" (?) . Run it twice to make sure Windows partition table is intact .23:06
ock_Bashing-om: Oh okay, found it. automatic correction i guess?23:08
Bashing-omock_: Unable to advise on that, as it has been years since I booted Windows . My memory will fail on Windows commands .23:09
ock_Bashing-om: Okay :) I think it worked, no i have a completly empty drive, ready too use.23:10
Bashing-omock_: Then just "erase disk and install ubuntu' option will work nicely for your use case .23:12
sebastien__EriC^^, instead of my password, there is a "log in" button, but still nothing happen :/23:12
Bashing-omock_: ^^ caveat I am looking at "  completly empty drive " , such that Windows is no longer a consideration .23:14
EriC^^sebastien__: ok, type nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf23:15
ock_Bashing-om: i think i have to take the option "something else"23:16
EriC^^sebastien__: type sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf23:16
EriC^^this is mine, if you don't have one create one and modify it and put your username next to autologin-user=23:17
tom_Hi, can anyone please tell me what is the best wat to PGP encrypt with ubuntu?23:17
EriC^^sebastien__: ^ also you might need to edit the user-session if you're using kubuntu and not unity23:17
tom_is there an application or do you need to do it with the terminal?23:17
bazhang!info seahorse23:17
ubottuseahorse (source: seahorse): GNOME front end for GnuPG. In component main, is optional. Version 3.15.90-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 417 kB, installed size 2376 kB23:17
bazhangtom_, ^23:17
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/11/10/002-HowToCreatePGP.ogv23:18
Bashing-omock_: The option "something else" is valid IF you have pre-partitioned and/or make up unallocated space .23:18
sebastien__EriC^^, what do i do inside it?23:18
EriC^^sebastien__: it is an empty file or there's stuff?23:18
EriC^^did you see the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/11506645/23:18
sebastien__EriC^^, [seatDefaults]23:19
sebastien__EriC^^, greeter-session=unity-greeter23:19
ock_Bashing-om: wont  "erase disk and install ubuntu" uninstall windows?23:20
sebastien__EriC^^, user-session=ubuntu23:20
sebastien__EriC^^, nothing more23:20
EriC^^sebastien__: add the line autologin-user=<your user>23:20
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Bashing-omock_: Most assuredly it woould" BUt you did say " completly empty drive " . I take that to mean that just as you say . An empty drive that Windows no longer exists .23:21
sebastien__EriC^^, done. do i have to reebot?23:22
EriC^^sebastien__: type sudo service lightdm restart23:22
ock_Bashing-om: Yea i said that meaning that there is nothing anymore on D: drive (twige defrag, delete, ) but it was still visible on "Computer"23:23
sebastien__EriC^^, it came back from the shell to the login screen, but still nothing23:24
Bashing-omock_: OK, delete the partition such that it is "unallocated" . and then yes in the ubuntu installer choose "something else" and point the installer to that unallocated space .23:24
sebastien__EriC^^, well it's already half past 1 in the morning overhere, so i'll go to my bed. thank you very much for the help, i'll try it more tomorrow23:26
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Bashing-omock_: When that partition is deleted, and unallocated space ( now only 3 partitions ) then run Windows chkdsk to make sure Windows' partition table is intact .23:31
ock_Bashing-om: No there is another option on "something else" called Free Space :)23:33
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ock_Bashing-om: As was should i use this partition im now creating? Fat16,32 ext4?23:34
Bashing-omock_: How much ? as there was a small amount of 'free space' prior to removing the recovery partition. We do not want to confuse with that 1.00MiB space .23:35
Bashing-omock_: The installer will take care of formatting the partition . The default is ext4 .23:36
ock_Bashing-om: Yea the  freespace is 42949 MB , so it worked. What type of partition should i make? Primary or Logical? And as what should i use it-> Ext4,Ext3...Fat16/Fat32?23:37
ock_Bashing-om: okay ext4.23:39
Bashing-omock_: I do expect the installer to take care of these details, but the partition will be "extended" and in this extended partition will be a minimum of a '/' and 'swap' partitions of type "logical"23:39
gdi2kanyone know the command for changing the fallback output device in pulse audio? I would like to assign a keyboard shortcut to change the fallback device so the volume controls affect the correct device depending on whether I'm listening to headphones (one audio device) or external speakers (another audio device)23:42
Bashing-om!dualboot | ock_23:42
ubottuock_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot23:42
phixhi hi, I upgrades from 14.04 LTS to 14.10, now grub doesn't show up, black screen computer takes a nap23:46
phixSteve_Jobs: Aren't you dead?23:47
dsDestruktivyou cant die when you're a good.23:48
ock_bashing-om: Thanks for that link :D23:48
Bashing-omock_: Just to make sure we are always on the same page :) .23:49
Bashing-omphix: Can you boot to the grub menu ? and from there -> advanced options -> recovery mode ?23:50
phixBashing-om: nope, no grub23:51
ock_Bashing-om: Thanks A LOT!! Installing right now :)23:51
Bashing-omphix: backup a bit, then, and regroup . Is this an UEFI system ?23:51
phixBashing-om: Toshiba L650, it may be an ACPI issue so I am trying to apply an updated BIOS however I cannot find a flashing tool for it that will run off a boot disc / win pe image23:52
phixBashing-om: no23:52
Bashing-omock_: See ya on the other side !23:52
phixBashing-om: 14.04 LTS worked on it23:52
Bashing-omphix: Humm .. Dual booting and both systems are installed onto the same hard drive ?23:53
phixI am not dual booting23:54
phixI installed 14.04 first, it ran fine then I applied the 14.10 update, rebooted and black screen23:54
Bashing-omphix: Let's see if we can get ya to the grub menu . Reboot and as soon as the bios screen clears depress and hold the right shift key -> grub menu . Yes ?23:55
phixBashing-om: I tried using flashrom to update BIOS but it recommends I don't use it23:55
Bashing-omphix: Flashing rom is done from a DOS base . OEMs do not support us in that respect .23:56
phixBashing-om: I don't have a flashing tool23:56
phix(that will work in DOS, the one that Toshiba ships requires windows with VC++ and other unneeded libraries for a flashing tool)23:58
Bashing-omphix: IF ( and you are aware there is hazard in this ) you want to flash your bios there are ways to do it by building a DOS disk to do so .23:58
phixBashing-om: ok where do i get the flash tool from?23:58
ock_Bashing-om: again thanks a lot and good night. youre the real mvp - greeting from europe.23:59

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