ochosiyou should have push-rights anyway, not sure why i created a team for that repo now :)00:00
ochosiinteresting feature of github, that it shows the subfolder directly when there's only one00:01
ochosinever noticed that before00:01
ochosibluesabre: you can push the debian packaging to the branch as well, i don't mind00:03
ochosibut in that case, we might have to push the icons back to a subfolder00:04
bluesabreochosi: no, I'll restructure if I need to00:04
bluesabreI might get this together tonight even, we'll see ;)00:05
ochosieven though it has 1700 icons, you can cut that in half, because 2 sizes00:06
ochosithat leaves you with about 800 icons, of which only ~150 people really see on a regular basis00:06
ochosiso it's sort of manageable i think00:06
ochosiand naturally i'm starting with the most ugly, but also most low-hanging fruit00:07
bluesabrefair enough00:08
bluesabredinner time, bbabl00:08
ochosibon appetit00:11
ochosii'll head to bed00:11
ochosinight everyone!00:11
pleia2elfy: re: surveys - it's up to you, I kind of lost enthusiasm for the surveys (still need to go through last survey info, and follow up w/ people who said they wanted info about getting involved...) and we've already made some decisions for 15.10 about defaults that I think will make sense00:23
knomeyeah... there are dozens who wanted to be contacted/more information00:30
pleia2should just draft up a generic email and Bcc: it to folks00:32
knomebah :)00:33
knomegeneric emails suck00:33
pleia2but time00:36
knomebut in the end it's not too much00:36
knomethe official part can be the same for everybody00:37
pleia2mostly just personalize with name then?00:37
knomemaybe, or sth like that00:37
* pleia2 nods00:37
knomethere's a tb extension that does that automagically00:37
knomeoff to bed00:53
knomeand nighty :)00:53
Unit193ochosi: Elementary had an opinion on core?  Well hey, awesome.00:58
bluesabreochosi: with https://github.com/shimmerproject/libreoffice-style-elementary you now have a makefile... a bad makefile, but functional enough02:09
bluesabremake; make install; make uninstall; make clean02:09
Unit193PREFIX and DESTDIR?02:11
bluesabreUnit193: never said it was a good makefile, just flubbed one together :p03:46
bluesabreand LO seems very particular about icon theme locations03:47
bluesabrebed time, bbl03:47
elfypleia2: works for me - I decided there's no need ...06:12
ochosibluesabre: nice that you could hack something together so quickly! works nicely06:52
ochosielfy: just fyi, i've commenced work on the LO icon theme for xubuntu, it's already easily/readily testable, but we'll likely get it in a PPA at some point in the near future06:52
ochosiso in case you wanna take a sneak peek or anything, lemme know06:53
elfyochosi: yep - read enough backlog to catch the drift of that :)06:53
ochosigood good :)06:53
ochosijust felt since it involves testing i better tell you ;)06:53
Unit193That makefile will need to be patched by the packager. :P06:54
elfyheh 06:54
ochosiUnit193: hehe, sure sure, but for the moment it does its job ;)06:54
elfyochosi: and there in LO now 06:58
ochosistill quite a few icons missing though06:58
ochosithis was just my first rage against the LO icon mess06:58
elfyno matter - I can just follow and check for ellipses as things change :p06:59
ochosipartly it's a bit about checking whether there are icons that really look misplaced06:59
ochosilike orange folder icons or the like06:59
ochosiso yeah, i think that sort of testing is a perfect match for you!07:00
elfyha ha ha 07:00
elfyochosi: I guess you were always "Oh god ... icons :(" when the LO/abiword discussion started again :)07:04
ochosibut then i buckled up and got to work ;)07:05
ochosiodd, the libreoffice icons don't work on my old 14.04 install @office10:26
knomeold LO version acting up?10:26
ochosicould be10:28
ochosii have
ochosihmm, i really wonder whether 4.2 -> 4.4 makes such a difference there10:30
knomewell, if the same stuff works on 4.4...10:30
ochosiyeah hum, not sure10:31
ochosiodd thing is, the other icon packs' deb packages look the same as in vivid10:32
ochosiso no idea what's not working10:33
ochosibluesabre: one thing i notice is that the makefile sets the wrong file permissions. the zip shouldn't really have the executable byte set10:34
knomepebkac? (:10:34
bluesabreochosi: update the permissions in the makefile ;)10:39
bluesabreor, what should the perms be?10:39
ochosii don't think that's really causing the issue though10:40
ochosimust be something else, no clue what10:40
bluesabrethere's a libreoffice ppa, fwiw10:40
ochosiyeah, i'm asking the devs and then i'll check10:41
ochosichmod 644 i guess10:41
bluesabreochosi: fixed10:48
ochosiyeah, no change, still not showing up10:49
ochosiguess i could try the PPA to see whether it's really version-related10:49
ochosii presume the icons work for yu?10:49
ochosihm, if anyone else has a chance to test this on 14.04, it would be a "nice to have" to get the theme working there too11:08
bluesabreI think I've almost got the packaging ready11:21
bluesabreochosi: I have some basic packaging working now... I'll drop it into the shimmer daily ppa tonight11:34
ochosii'll continue the updating of the icons as i go11:35
ochosibut it should already be a noticeable improvement11:35
ochosiif you notice any missing or annoyingly bad icons, just submit an issue on the github tracker11:35
ochosi(same goes for anyone who uses/tests this)11:35
ochosii might even make this public soonish, so that we get more feedback about important missing icons11:36
knomeochosi, oh, you don't want me to just fix/push? (;11:36
ochosihah, well you should do that ofc11:36
knomenah, i'm just teasing11:36
knomeof course i won't do that!11:36
knomeseriously speaking, i might give a look at LO with what you have done so far at some point11:37
knomeif you create a list of icons you want to revamp, that would be helpful too11:37
ochosiactually with many icons it's hard to know what context they'll appear in11:38
ochosithat's why i want users to look11:38
ochosithe whole icon theme dirs are a huge mess11:38
knomebut if you see an icon in context11:38
knomeand think it's crap11:38
ochosiso it's hard to keep an overview11:39
knomebut don't have the time to fix it...11:39
ochosiyeah, *if*11:39
knomei'll look for at least the icons i use constantly11:39
knomeeven if they aren't crap, i could try to push and make those consistent11:39
ochosiyup, that's all i want actually11:39
ochosireplacing all crappy icons would be far too much work11:39
ochosii want the ones that matter the most11:39
knomefor us or for regular users :)11:39
ochosiif/when you do that, please check the resolution of the originals11:40
knomefwiw, some of this might be useful for huego11:40
ochosisome have weirdo resolutions like 26x2611:40
knomefor use with inkscape/gimp11:40
ochosiyeah, there are many icons that would be shared11:40
ochosibut i'm not even thinking that far yet11:40
knomesure, no hurry with that11:40
ochosi(also, i don't use any node-based graphics editing in LO, so don't care)11:40
knomeme neither11:41
knomethen again, i use that in inkscape, so either way...11:41
ochosiyeah, if you're motivated to work on that, sure thing11:41
knomei'd love to see the new icons11:42
knomebut motivated... likely not enough to just do it11:42
ochosithe things that could be improved because prominent are things like "bold, underlined, italic" etc11:42
knomeanother thing you could write down is the style you are thinking11:42
knomeor some guidelines11:42
ochosithey don't look totally misplaced though, so not even those are high on my list11:42
ochosistyle is elementary, that's all11:42
ochosishould work well with that11:42
knomeaha ok11:43
ochosifor now it's a copy-paste job11:43
ochosiand even that was enough work11:43
ochosiknome: if you feel like working on some real improvements, these would be very much appreciated: http://i.imgur.com/BKFSmzW.png13:59
GridCube._. my proffessor cancelled today's class... because his son died on the weekend 14:22
GridCubeoops i though this was ot14:23
knomepleia2, ping20:04
knomeochosi, ^ did you see that already?20:58
knomeochosi, my first reaction confirmed by lyʒ - "they can't do that"20:59
knomealso, making a blanket statement that xubuntu is "GPL"...21:00
ochosiknome: right, i didn't even know about the piqo21:06
knomeme neither21:06
knomewell until i bumped into it last week21:06
ochosiit would have been nice of those folks to get in touch with us, for starters21:06
knomei can't even remember how21:06
pleia2knome: pong21:25
knomepleia2, can you dump sume css to extras.css?21:26
knomeoh wait21:26
knomewe have a repository21:26
knomei'll prepare that21:26
knomepleia2, lp:xubuntu-website/static-assets is prepared for you21:32
Unit193knome: docs.x.o going to have translations?21:33
knomeUnit193, ask pleia2?21:33
Unit193Aha, newer one does then.21:34
pleia2yeah, just 15.0421:34
Unit193http://docs.xubuntu.org/1404/hardware-devices.html#restricted-drivers is that supposed to look like that?21:35
knomelikely not..21:35
pleia2knome: new extras.css is installed21:36
* knome bows21:36
knomeUnit193, nope, but i can see that's a problem the new dir structure created21:36
knomeit removed the files the old docs were pointing to21:36
knome(filenames changed at some point)21:36
knomexubuntu-book.css -> style.css21:36
Unit193Eh, vivid looks fine and has translations, so I'm good.21:36
pleia2I can stash them back, just need to remember21:36
knomepleia2, symlinking what i just said should be fine21:37
knomein libs/21:37
ochosibtw, a LO 5.0 release is coming up and will land in wily21:39
knomepleia2, great, it even works21:39
ochosijust as a notice for something we might have to look out for21:39
ochosielfy: ^21:39
knomeochosi, maybe notice it in some blueprint(s)21:39
ochosiok, added to -dev21:40
pleia2knome: did you add the laptop+desktop drawings to the main site recently?21:41
pleia2so cute!21:41
knomepleia2, yep21:41
knomepleia2, planning on adding more of the same style, glad you like it21:42
pleia2looks a bit dude-y21:42
knomei've been thinking to add a gal-ey one on the right21:43
drcoooo...Xubuntu, the distro of choice for Guys and Dolls :)22:14
Unit193Better than doodie..22:38
* drc looks for the soap....22:40

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