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Odd_Blokeharlowja: Oh, hm, it looks non-trivial to change it to be configurable.06:56
Odd_BlokeI'll just hack it in my IRC client. ^_^06:57
openstackgerritClaudiu Popa proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Add the data source base classes and the HTTP OpenStack implementation  https://review.openstack.org/18832713:42
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: Add the layout for a couple of Windows OS utils, especially networking  https://review.openstack.org/18836113:51
Odd_BlokeWoohoo, my client hacking worked.13:53
smoserclaudiupopa, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config-datasources.txt is example datasource config14:02
Odd_Blokesmoser: For clarity, when you say JSONP you mean http://jsonpatch.com/ rather than https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSONP, right?14:25
smoseri did say jsonp14:27
smoserwhich yeah, i say those wrong14:27
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Odd_Blokeclaudiupopa: ICYMI: ^14:32
smoserclaudiupopa, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/util.py#L33514:36
smoseri think actuall 'read_conf_with_confd' is what is used...14:36
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ByPasSHi everyone, quick question here : I'm trying to get password injection working with centos image atm. I have enabled root (disable_root 0). So the passwd is injected to root but in the /etc/shadow file I still have the double bang infront of the passwd so I'm not able to login in the console14:43
ByPasSam i missing something ?14:43
Odd_BlokeByPasS: How are you injecting the password?14:44
ByPasSwith metadata (using kvm hypervisor)14:44
ByPasSeventually id rather inject it to the defined user for security purposes14:45
Odd_BlokeByPasS: Well, if you want security, use SSH keys. ;)14:47
Odd_BlokeByPasS: Could you paste the metadata you're using?14:47
ByPasSagreed but my cEO wants a way for dumb ppl to login :)14:49
ByPasSgimme a min need to help a fellow co worker14:50
Odd_Bloke(I'm in a meeting in 10 minutes so if I start ignoring you then, that's the reason :p)14:50
ByPasSnp we can catch up later :D14:51
Odd_BlokeByPasS: Drop that metadata in a paste, and I'll take a look at it once I'm out.14:55
Odd_Bloke(No point waiting until we're both not busy ;)14:55
larsksHello all.  Curious if there are any thoughts on https://code.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init/fix-systemd-detection/+merge/260885...merge-able? Needs more work?15:01
Odd_Blokelarsks: I missed that you'd added tests!  I'll try to get to it later today.15:08
larsksOdd_Bloke: awesome, thanks.15:08
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Odd_BlokeI was about to say I wouldn't be able to merge it, but I can now. \o/15:22
Odd_Blokeharlowja: You're listed as a reviewer on https://code.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init/fix-systemd-detection/+merge/260885; do you want to review it, or are you happy for me to merge based on my Approve review?15:42
smoserOdd_Bloke, what do you think about https://code.launchpad.net/~bbaude/cloud-init/rh_subscription/+merge/259159 right now ?16:12
smoserrangerpbzzzz, ^ i havne't forgotten about you16:13
Odd_Blokesmoser: I'm happy with it; shall I merge?16:14
smoserlarsks, and you signed contributors agreement ?16:15
smoserOdd_Bloke, i'll pull it. going to pull larsks too16:15
Odd_Blokesmoser: Would you mind if I do one, to get the hang of it?16:15
gchristensenHi, I'm looking to use the public hostname from the ec2 metadata service in a cloudinit file. it doesn't seem to be making it available, as it is only querying a few metadata endpoints:,,, and16:17
smoserOdd_Bloke, ok.16:17
gchristensenhttp:// is there a way to instruct cloud-init to query :// as well? my expectation was using $public_hostname would "just do it" but that odoesn't seem to be the case.16:17
smoserplease update the ChangeLog when you do.16:17
larskssmoser: pretty sure I did, yes.16:17
smoserdid we already ahve this conversation ?16:17
smosergchristensen, sadly it doesnt do that.16:18
Odd_Blokesmoser: Let me know once you've done one, and I'll do the other.16:18
gchristensensmoser: ok, and no way to (easily) extend it to do that?16:19
smoserwell, it'd take a code change.16:19
smoseroh. i'm sorry.16:19
smoser"in a cloudinit file"16:19
gchristensenyeah, I think that is my only interface I can use here.16:20
smoseri kind of assumed you meant /etc/hosts or rendered file.16:20
gchristensenoh, yeah, in a cloudinit file16:20
smoserlarsks, i have to and see if you have :-(16:20
smosersince you're not in https://launchpad.net/~contributor-agreement-canonical/+members#active it means eiterh you didn't do it, or someone hasn't put you in that group16:21
larsksWell, will go do that now.  I was pretty sure I had previously signed the canonical cla, but maybe I'm mis remembering.16:22
larskssmoser: You would be the "project contact"?16:23
smoserlarsks, sure.16:24
smoserOdd_Bloke, merged larsks's change.16:31
Odd_Blokesmoser: I've merged the other one; can you give it a once-over to confirm I've done it properly?16:36
Odd_Bloke(lol bzr etc.)16:36
smoseri like 74 character width limit16:36
smoseryou didn't update ChangeLog16:37
Odd_BlokeOh, FFS.16:37
smoserwhich i wish there was a sane way to do..16:37
Odd_BlokeI wish I could follow simple instructions. :p16:38
smoseri guess at some point if we're requiring nice git style messages , then we can make a tool that did that.16:38
smoserhumans suck16:38
smoserthey are completely incapable of doing anything well consistently16:38
Odd_Blokesmoser: Shall I push up a commit adding the ChangeLog entry?16:39
smoserand give rangerpb credit in that style there.16:40
Odd_BlokeDone and pushed.16:42
harlowjaOdd_Bloke whats this launchpad review thing u talk about, all i know is review.openstack.org :-P16:47
smoserlook at harlowja being funny and stuff.16:59
harlowjaclaudiupopa will tweak that review in a sec17:06
harlowjamy mac is acting really slow for some reason17:06
harlowjadamn apple, lol17:06
claudiupopano problem.17:07
smoserif only there were an operating system that was pretty and easy to use that did not come from steve jobs.17:07
harlowjai use that one @ home :-P17:07
harlowjaxubuntu though, not the main-line one17:07
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openstackgerritJoshua Harlow proposed stackforge/cloud-init: Bring over the 'url_helper' module from bzr  https://review.openstack.org/17024218:11
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: Bring over the 'url_helper' module from bzr  https://review.openstack.org/17024218:27
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: Add tox targets for coverage testing.  https://review.openstack.org/18873918:28
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: Add tox targets for coverage testing.  https://review.openstack.org/18873918:28
a-talhey. i'm trying to get cloud-init going with a private cloud, the meta-data service isn't serving 2009-04-04 data, but it is using latest, what's the config key for that?22:38
a-tali see it mentioned here (http://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/datasources.html#ec2) but I don't see how it's set22:39
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