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natefinchniemeyer: you around?02:48
thumperwallyworld: ping02:55
perrito666natefinch: its nearly midnight where he lives02:57
natefinchperrito666: yeah, figured02:58
natefinchperrito666: same where you live though, right?03:03
perrito666natefinch: yup03:04
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mupBug #1463641 opened: lease: data race in tests (again) <juju-core:In Progress by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463641>03:16
mupBug #1463643 opened: worker/provisioner: 9 data races in tests <juju-core:Confirmed for dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463643>03:16
davechen1y % go test03:23
davechen1yOOPS: 91 passed, 7 FAILED03:23
davechen1y--- FAIL: Test (79.72s)03:23
davechen1yexit status 103:23
davechen1yFAIL    github.com/juju/ju03:23
davechen1ywell, gocheck, don't keep it to yourself ...03:23
menn0davechen1y: just reviewing your PR03:26
menn0davechen1y: how did races creep in again?03:26
davechen1ymenn0: i don't know03:28
menn0davechen1y: someone messed up conflict resolution during a merge perhaps03:29
davechen1yno idea, but it got unfixed03:29
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menn0davechen1y: ship it although the test still sucks03:32
menn0davechen1y: but that's not your fault03:32
natefinchdavechen1y: am I right in assuming that if I have an RPC method that doesn't have any return data, I still have to give it an argument, something like this: https://github.com/natefinch/juju/blob/wpt-plugins/procmanager/plugins/api/err.go#L1303:38
davechen1ynatefinch: sorry03:41
davechen1yno idea off hand03:41
natefinchdavechen1y: np03:41
davechen1yi think you can all rpc methods that don't have a return value03:41
davechen1ybut i cannot think of any off hand03:41
menn0davechen1y: the goroutine that's defined in-line in the test seems unnecessary03:44
menn0davechen1y: AFAICS the select at the bottom should be reading directly from the subscription channel03:45
menn0davechen1y: and the way things are now if the lease is never released that goroutine will hang around forever03:45
davechen1yoh no03:48
davechen1ygocheck isn't thread safe03:48
davechen1yi think i need to go and have a lie down03:48
davechen1ymenn0: i'm just applying the old fix from PR 242203:48
menn0davechen1y: yeah I know. i don't expect you to fix it.03:48
davechen1yi don't want to marry the test03:48
menn0davechen1y: i just noticed that it could be better while reviewing your change03:49
davechen1ypatches accepted :thumbsup:03:49
davechen1yin david's britton, any test importing "time" would be shot on sight03:50
thumperdavechen1y: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11686336/04:04
thumperdavechen1y: wondering about the best way to test this04:04
thumperdavechen1y: fails on windows due to OS error message being different04:04
thumperdavechen1y: is there a nice OS agnostic way to do this better?04:04
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davechen1ythumper: does that error fit though os.IsNotExist ? http://golang.org/pkg/os/#IsNotExist04:26
davechen1yif it's been gift wrapped, you might have to write a helper to unwrap it04:27
thumperI'll check04:27
davechen1ydoes anyone remember off the top of their head if it is safe to call c.Fail inside a goroutine ?05:00
davechen1ythis is the same rule as t.Fatal05:00
davechen1yoh no05:00
davechen1yactually this is far worse05:00
davechen1yc.Assert in a goroutine triggers a race05:01
axwwallyworld: I've put up a PR that addresses all the storage relationships I can. there's a bunch more we'll need to do when we support shared storage05:07
mupBug #1463661 opened: worker/provisioner: kvm broker test failure  <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463661>05:07
axwwallyworld: and detaching/attaching  volumes  and filesystems from machines05:07
wallyworldfair enough, ty, will look05:08
thumperalrighty then, I'm done05:26
wallyworldaxw: given in this new pr SetFilesystemInfo ensures any required volume is provisioned, that means that 1.24 could be broken?05:30
axwwallyworld: in theory. it's just a safe guard, the worker should be doing the right thing anyway05:32
axwwallyworld: storageprovisioner waits until the volume is provisioned before trying to provision the filesystem05:33
mupBug #1463643 changed: worker/provisioner: 9 data races in tests <juju-core:Confirmed for dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463643>08:50
dimiternTheMue, standup?09:00
mupBug #1463643 opened: worker/provisioner: 9 data races in tests <juju-core:Confirmed for dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463643>09:11
mupBug #1463643 changed: worker/provisioner: 9 data races in tests <juju-core:Confirmed for dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463643>09:14
* TheMue discovered params.ErrorResults.Combine(), nice11:54
wwitzel3katco: ping11:59
jamfwereade: probably a public issue. I'm trying to run "juju run relation-get" but I'm running into a problem because it is a peer relation12:20
jamspecifically, trying to do "relation-ids" returns an empty list12:20
jamand relation-list et al all tell me I'm using an "unknown relation id"12:21
jamthough if you pass the name of a known-incorrect relation name, it doesn't give an error, so I'm entirely possibly doing it wrong12:23
jamok it was pebkac. I wasn't specifying the endpoint name correctly12:27
fwereadejam, that was not a deliberate http://dilbert.com/strip/1997-11-06 but glad to see it's resolved :)12:40
jamfwereade: heh. So one problem is that finding the relation-id means it is a 2 round trip process12:41
fwereadejamif it's inconvenient to jam the whole script into juju-run, you could just make it part of the charm and juju-run that script12:41
jamfwereade: I'm trying out "relation-get -r $(relation-ids endpoint)" if you assume there is only one, which seems to work12:44
fwereadejam, if it's a peer relation you can be sure12:44
natefinchniemeyer: note the difference between https://godoc.org/github.com/natefinch/juju and http://godoc.org/gopkg.in/natefinch/juju.v012:44
natefinchniedbalski: the latter doesn't show the directories (except the one I manually typed into the url at one point)12:45
natefinchniemeyer:  ^ (sorry niedbalski)12:45
natefinchmorning perrito66612:47
* natefinch found a neat hack to show godoc of his WIP branches... just git tag your branch as v0 and then you can serve it up via godoc: https://godoc.org/gopkg.in/natefinch/juju.v0/procmanager/plugins/api12:47
katcodimitern: this looked like it might be a networking bug (bug 1463480). it's a blocker; has anyone in our half of the world looked at this yet?13:08
mupBug #1463480: Failed upgrade, mixed up HA addresses <blocker> <canonical-bootstack> <ha> <upgrade-juju> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core 1.22:Incomplete> <juju-core 1.24:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463480>13:08
dimiternkatco, I'll have a look13:09
katcodimitern: ty sir13:10
dimiternkatco, it doesn't quite look like a networking issue, more likely something around sorting / picking a private address for the unit13:12
dimiternkatco, I'll add comments13:15
* fwereade off collecting laura again, cath's back this evening, normal service will resume shortly13:15
sinzuidimitern: katco : We need an engineer to comment on bug 1463608. Does modern Juju us pv (paravirtual) types in ec2? That type is going away alone with i386?13:15
mupBug #1463608: Deprecate support for 32-bit and PV AMI's for AWS Images <ec2-provider> <i386> <streams> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-release-tools:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463608>13:15
mgz_sinzui: we have instance types with pv, yeah13:17
mgz_and have had user requests to keep t1.micro working, even though not all aws regions provide it13:19
sinzuimgz_: Yeah. I recalled the request to keep that running, but AWS doesn’t agree. I think this raised the priority of my concern that we are loosing our ability to retest old juju13:20
* sinzui want to stop making i386 agents.13:21
mgz_sinzui: I think in all current supported jujus we can always force the instance type specifically with a constraint13:21
mgz_provided there's at least one instance type that juju knows about that's still available13:22
mupBug #1463826 opened: TestProvisioningDoesNotOccurWithAnInvalidEnvironment fails <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463826>13:23
sinzuimgz_: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/streams/v1/com.ubuntu.cloud:released:aws.json is still dominated by pv. I assume hvm will become the peferred typ13:27
mgz_sinzui: yes, I think we should have a hvm one for each release though?13:28
sinzuimgz_: I think so. Our get_ami prefers pv. I think all ami we provision are pv13:29
mupBug #1458721 changed: lease: data races in tests <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1458721>13:44
mupBug #1459085 changed: worker/logger: data race in tests <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1459085>13:44
mupBug #1461385 changed: apiserver/instancepoller: data race in test <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1461385>13:44
mupBug #1458721 opened: lease: data races in tests <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1458721>13:50
mupBug #1459085 opened: worker/logger: data race in tests <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1459085>13:50
mupBug #1461385 opened: apiserver/instancepoller: data race in test <juju-core:Fix Released by dave-cheney> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1461385>13:50
mupBug # changed: 1456315, 1458721, 1459085, 1461385, 146241213:53
sinzuimgz_: can you review http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/1909/13:55
mgz_sinzui: lgtm13:57
sinzuithank you mgz_13:57
mupBug #1463870 opened: unitSuite teardown fails <ci> <unit-tests> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core jes-cli:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463870>14:51
voidspacedimitern: it's simple15:19
voidspacedimitern: we're not populating the NetworkInfo of StartInstanceResult inside the StartInstance method of the brokers15:19
voidspacedimitern: easy fix15:19
dimiternvoidspace, really? I though we did..15:20
* dimitern is looking at commit history of lxc-broker.go15:20
voidspacedimitern: take a look at the last line of StartInstance in lxc-broker.go15:20
dimiternvoidspace, aw ffs..15:21
dimiternvoidspace, of course :) good catch! I was thinking of args.NetworkInfo being updated after PCII()15:22
voidspacedimitern: at least it's easy to fix :-)15:23
voidspacedimitern: from my debugging, it *will* be propagated all the way up15:23
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, easy fix indeed, but please make a quick live test to make sure populating it won't break anything15:24
voidspacedimitern: sure15:27
voidspacedimitern: it *really* shouldn't15:27
voidspacedimitern: but you never know I guess...15:28
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, it might break some tests around juju status, if it expects no networks to be listed15:29
dimiternvoidspace, as the networks added during SetInstanceInfo will show up there15:30
voidspacedimitern: sure, I'll have to fix test failures15:30
voidspacedimitern: and I'll check any failures to see if they're significant15:30
dimiternvoidspace, cheers!15:33
TheMuethis state.IPAddress <-> network.Address <-> params.Address sometimes drives me crazy.15:41
TheMuewould have liked a dumb type model package with pure structs for our model and and pure function interface to State (or however the persistency layer is called).15:41
TheMueand the api as well as the persistency layer are accepting the dumb model15:42
* TheMue takes a relaxing bike ride home and continues later15:48
voidspacedimitern: ooh, now I have a provisioner error - invalid network name, so it looks like the parameters need a bit of massaging15:48
voidspacedigging in15:48
voidspaceempty network name: ""15:48
dooferladTheMue: Could you do me a review of http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/1910/ ?15:52
dimiternvoidspace, right15:53
dimiternvoidspace, that's because NetworkName should be set on the InterfaceInfo15:54
voidspacedimitern: sure, but I just passed it through from the BridgeNetworkConfig15:56
dimiternvoidspace, for now I'd suggest just turning the empty name into a warning log instead of an error in state.AddNetwork15:56
voidspaceor maybe just not add the network15:57
voidspaceor does every interface need to be associated with a network?15:57
voidspaceI'll look15:57
dimiternvoidspace, technically - yes, but it's not used anywhere yet15:57
voidspacedimitern: I can still ssh into the container with "juju ssh"15:58
voidspacedimitern: so it's still created ok15:58
dimiternvoidspace, that's good :)16:01
katcoericsnow: hey reviewing your patch http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/190516:04
ericsnowkatco: thanks16:04
katcoericsnow: you lead in saying it's a refactor, but it looks like there's some new stuff? is that right?16:04
ericsnowkatco: depends on how you look at it :)16:05
katcoericsnow: well for instance, i'm not seeing where the leadership stuff came from?16:05
ericsnowkatco: what leadership stuff?16:06
ericsnowkatco: ah16:06
ericsnowkatco: the old test double didn't have those method explicitly but I added them16:06
katcook, ty, that helps frame things16:07
dimiterndooferlad, you have a review btw16:27
dimiterndooferlad, good work!16:27
dimiterndooferlad, don't forget to move your card ;)16:28
mupBug #1461871 changed: worker/diskmanager sometimes goes into a restart loop due to failing to update state <canonical-bootstack> <storage> <juju-core:Fix Released> <juju-core 1.22:Fix Committed by axwalk> <juju-core 1.24:Fix Released by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1461871>16:30
mupBug #1461871 opened: worker/diskmanager sometimes goes into a restart loop due to failing to update state <canonical-bootstack> <storage> <juju-core:Fix Released> <juju-core 1.22:Fix Committed by axwalk> <juju-core 1.24:Fix Released by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1461871>16:36
mupBug #1461871 changed: worker/diskmanager sometimes goes into a restart loop due to failing to update state <canonical-bootstack> <storage> <juju-core:Fix Released> <juju-core 1.22:Fix Committed by axwalk> <juju-core 1.24:Fix Released by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1461871>16:42
mupBug #1463904 opened: TestReadLeadershipSettings fails <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core jes-cli:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463904>16:42
natefinchericsnow, wwitzel3, katco: I need input on whether my plugin architecture is overkill or not: https://godoc.org/gopkg.in/natefinch/juju.v0/procmanager/plugins/api16:47
ericsnownatefinch: k16:48
natefinchI think that if we never add anything to it, then it is.  But I think the chances that we never add anything to it are small.16:48
katconatefinch: tal16:49
natefinchright now it can all be accomplished with simple CLI input and stdout output with return codes.....16:49
ericsnowkatco: thanks for the review16:55
katcoericsnow: ty for the refactor16:55
katconatefinch: it doesn't seem like overkill to me16:57
katconatefinch: one suggestion: for states: maybe just have 1 "errored" state, and allow juju to query the plugin for more info?16:57
katconatefinch: it could allow for plugin-specific detail w/o having to enumerate all possible states16:58
natefinchkatco: my concern is that I'm making plugin authors write a whole RPC client thingy, when, right now, the requirements are simple enough to allow just printing to stdout and signifying an error via a non-zero exit code.16:59
katconatefinch: that is a good point16:59
katconatefinch: let's look at it practically... what languages will people most likely be writing plugins in?17:00
natefinchkatco: no idea.  It would be trivial for us to make a helper packages for Go and python.... but as I state in my doc, it pretty much precludes bash.17:02
katconatefinch: well not completely, right? bash can just as easily fork out to something that could create the json17:03
natefinchkatco: well, yes.  but it's a lot harder than it is in a real programming language where someone's already written all the json-rpc code.17:03
katconatefinch: well, what i mean to say is: echo $(python my-rpc-generator --id=1 --err="Couldn't start container") or some such17:04
katconatefinch: plugins can look for assistance for the heavy lifting17:05
natefinchI guess the question is - how likely is it that the requirements for these plugins is going to get significantly more complicated?  If it's pretty likely, then I think the current architecture is fine.  If it's not likely to change, then we might want to lower the barrier of entry for third parties writing plugins (that being said, I kinda wonder how many third parties we'll really have writing plugins for this).17:06
katconatefinch: i think you're right to worry about the way juju interacts with containers as something that will evolve over time.17:07
katconatefinch: that's my take. i'd love ericsnow and wwitzel3's17:07
katconatefinch: i think the p(the way juju interacts w/ containers changes) > p(need to support more containers)17:08
mupBug #1463910 opened: Upgrade tests timeout on ppc64 <ci> <gccgo> <intermittent-failure> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.24:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463910>17:12
ericsnownatefinch: it may be too much17:18
ericsnownatefinch: we need 3 commands (launch/status/stop)17:18
ericsnownatefinch: I don't think we need an Info; launch should return the LaunchDetails17:19
natefinchericsnow: info is status17:19
ericsnownatefinch: the status command should return just the status string that makes sense for the plugin17:19
ericsnownatefinch: I could see the status command returning extra volatile status-like data17:20
natefinchericsnow: this is what I have for how juju calls the plugins: https://godoc.org/gopkg.in/natefinch/juju.v2/procmanager/plugins17:21
ericsnownatefinch: having the status command return ProcessInfo means the plugin would have to store all that information (information Juju already has and would ignore)17:21
natefinchericsnow: I was assuming that you're getting information from the plugin, and storing that in state... otherwise, where are you getting that information from17:21
ericsnownatefinch: that is correct17:22
ericsnownatefinch: the plugin is not expected to store that information17:22
natefinchericsnow: I didn't think it would.  Info just returns information about the process... whatever information it thinks is appropriate17:23
ericsnownatefinch: the only thing we need right now would be status17:23
ericsnownatefinch: I'm not sure that extra "Details" field is worth it17:25
ericsnownatefinch: is your branch based on our feature branch?17:26
natefinchericsnow: no...  I could make it so, though17:27
ericsnownatefinch: that may help you17:27
natefinchericsnow: I was referencing it, and the doc... under "info" it has "technology specific details" which I figured must come from the plugin17:28
ericsnownatefinch: those details are a one-time thing at launch time17:28
natefinchericsnow: ok, I didn't realize that17:29
ericsnownatefinch: ah, sorry that wasn't more clear17:29
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mupBug #1463922 opened: Text file busy <bootstrap> <ci> <intermittent-failure> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core feature-proc-mgmt:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463922>17:54
natefinchkatco, ericsnow: ok, so, I think what I'll do is rework the plugins to just be CLI input writing to stdout, and if we later need to make them complicated, we can just create new-style plugins or something.17:55
ericsnownatefinch: k17:55
cholcombeare there certain things that are not available in the leader context?  when leader-elected is run I tried to gather some context info and nothing worked18:04
natefinchcholcombe: should be the same as any other context18:08
cholcombeok then i'm seeing some odd behavior18:08
cholcombein the leader-elected hook JUJU_RELATION_ID and JUJU_RELATION are coming up blank18:08
natefinchI'm not 100% up to speed on the leader election stuff.... but those are relation-specific variables that generally only get set during relation hooks (relation changed, relation joined etc).18:10
cholcombeso what should i be doing in the leader-elected hook?18:11
cholcombei'm not sure i have enough info in that hook to do anything18:11
natefinchcholcombe: that's possible.  you can always run is-leader or leader-get from other hooks to get info about the leader18:13
cholcombeyeah that's what is also strange18:13
cholcombewhen i run is-leader in the other hooks they always return False18:13
cholcombei'm on juju 1.23.318:13
mupBug #1461578 opened: TestKVMProvisionerObservesConfigChange fails <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <juju-core 1.24:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1461578>18:18
natefinchcholcombe: The guy who knows most about the leadership stuff is not here right now, though I think he said he'll be on later.  Look for fwereade.  Unfortunately, I don't know very much about it, since it's a new feature and still in the experimental phase.  It should *function* however...18:19
cholcombeok thanks :)18:19
ericsnowkatco: PTAL: https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/13718:23
* natefinch just got smacked with a "Pull Requests welcome" when filing a bug against godoc.org :/18:28
katcoericsnow: this could use some comments: https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/137/files#diff-c0e084d1eb96781ebe2d307ae3dcebcbR26519:01
katcoericsnow: i'm having a little trouble understanding what that code is trying to do19:01
katcoericsnow: the public method doesn't have a comment either (drive-by fix)19:02
ericsnowkatco: k19:02
ericsnowkatco: feel free to leave comments on the PR19:03
katcoericsnow: sorry, doing so19:04
natefinchericsnow: so you said launch is expected to return an id and some details?19:07
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* perrito666 read lunch19:10
ericsnownatefinch: yep19:11
natefinchericsnow: where details is... like a map or something?19:11
ericsnownatefinch: LaunchDetails in package/plugin.go19:12
natefinchericsnow: did you push?  I don't see it: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/feature-proc-mgmt/process/plugin.go19:15
ericsnownatefinch: oh, it's ProcessDetails19:16
natefinchericsnow: I figured status was what was returned by the Status call19:17
ericsnownatefinch: yep19:18
ericsnownatefinch: it's in ProcessDetails for convenience19:18
natefinchok, so... launch should return the ID of the process and also whatever status on that id would report?19:18
katcoi've been neglectful of my duties. someone needs to be looking at this: bug 146348019:21
mupBug #1463480: Failed upgrade, mixed up HA addresses <blocker> <canonical-bootstack> <ha> <upgrade-juju> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <juju-core 1.24:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1463480>19:21
katco(let ((victims '(wwitzel3 ericsnow perrito666 natefinch cherylj)))19:23
katco  (elt victims (random (length victims))))19:23
katcocherylj you have been selected by my computer's pseudorandomness19:23
natefinchkatco: you need a bot to do that19:24
katconatefinch: since i use emacs, my irc client is the bot :)19:24
natefinchkatco: yes, but if there was a bot then other people with lesser editors could use it, too :)19:25
katcomup: why can't you do this, ya mup.19:25
mupkatco: I apologize, but I'm pretty strict about only responding to known commands.19:25
natefinchmup: help19:26
mupnatefinch: Run "help <cmdname>" for details on: bug, contrib, echo, help, infer, login, poke, register, run, sendraw, sms19:26
katcomup: help infer19:26
mupkatco: infer [-all] <query ...> — Queries the WolframAlpha engine.19:26
mupkatco: If -all is provided, all known information about the query is displayed rather than just the primary results.19:26
cheryljkatco: yeah, I can take a look...19:26
katcomup: infer randomly select between 1 and 419:26
mupkatco: 1.19:26
katcomup: infer randomly select between these options: natefinch wwitzel3 ericsnow and cherylj19:27
mupkatco: Cannot infer much out of this. :-(19:27
katcomup: infer randomly select natefinch wwitzel3 ericsnow cherylj19:27
mupkatco: Cannot infer much out of this. :-(19:27
katcomup: infer RandomChoice{"natefinch"|"wwitzel3"|"ericsnow"|"cherylj"}19:31
mupkatco: Cannot infer much out of this. :-(19:31
katcomup: infer RandomChoice{"natefinch" | "wwitzel3" | "ericsnow" | "cherylj"}19:31
mupkatco: Cannot infer much out of this. :-(19:31
katcoi thought gustavo was using WA for this19:32
katcomup: infer how good is juju?19:32
mupkatco: Cannot infer much out of this. :-(19:32
katcocherylj: sorry, thank you for tal.19:34
perrito666katco: it will be a lot easier to go look for the code19:35
katcocherylj: i was having too much fun with mup19:35
katcoperrito666: RandomChoice works on WA's web interface19:35
perrito666katco: the code of mup19:35
alexisbalright all, I am shutting down to head into town to meet up with canonical pdxers, if you need me while I am not online call my cell19:45
katcoalexlist: tc19:46
natefinch mup: infer RandomChoice[{'wwitzel', 'ericsnow', 'natefinch', 'cherylj'}]19:49
katconatefinch: mup straight up just doesn't like you19:50
natefinchmup: infer RandomChoice[{'wwitzel', 'ericsnow', 'natefinch', 'cherylj'}]19:50
mupnatefinch: natefinch.19:50
natefinchmup: infer RandomChoice[{'wwitzel', 'ericsnow', 'natefinch', 'cherylj'}]19:50
mupnatefinch: cherylj.19:50
natefinchthere ya go19:50
katcoconfirmed. doesn't like you.19:50
natefinchericsnow: so... when I launch a process, should launch return both the id and whatever status(id) would return?  Or is there special data that is expected to be returned only at launch time?19:56
ericsnownatefinch: yeah, there may be extra data19:57
natefinchericsnow: ok, so I'm going to return a string id and a map[string]interface{} that'll be whatever yaml garbage launch wants to spit out19:58
ericsnownatefinch: yep19:58
* natefinch assumes we'll want it to be yaml because that's the Juju way, even though yaml is terrible ;)19:58
natefinchkatco, ericsnow: new plugins - https://godoc.org/gopkg.in/natefinch/juju.v3/process/plugin21:01
natefinchout for dinner, back in a few hours21:01
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thumpermramm: I'm in our hangout a bit early if you are free21:24
=== kadams54_ is now known as kadams54-away
thumperdavecheney: would https://github.com/go-check/check/pull/35/files fix our problem?22:45
thumpertrivial review for someone: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/1911/diff/#23:15
thumperif we had a trivial tag, I'd just land it :-)23:16

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