ScottKmarble's going to need another upload to fix arm symbols.03:01
Riddell_there's a bunch of packages still to upload04:29
Riddell_the script is increasingly broken04:29
Mirvis there anything that should be done about the kio/kwindowsystem/etc autopkgtest failures preventing proposed migration?04:58
MirvI guess the test failures are real ones since retrying hasn't helped04:59
Riddell_Mirv: hmm I thought they were false when I looked at them07:31
MirvRiddell_: I retried them a few times a couple of days ago.07:36
Mirvnow there are a few more though than then, there were only three on Monday07:36
Mirvbut eg kio claims failing tests testtrash, kiocore-jobtest, kiocore-ktcpsockettest, kiofilewidgets-kfileplacesmodeltest on each run07:38
Riddell_mm, I'll take another look in a month07:49
Riddell_um, in the morning07:49
Riddell_time to go to bed07:49
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santa_Riddell: are you going to work on 5.11.0 soon or are you busy with other stuff?23:11
Riddellsanta_: I'm busy this week23:11
Riddelland still need to tidy up applications23:11
santa_oh, what needs to be done? may I help?23:12
Riddelldunno I've not looked at it, there's a new bluez-qt in it isn't there so that needs sorted out and bluedevil patched23:13
Riddellthen merge in kubuntu_stable and run kubuntu-initial-upload23:13
santa_I mean for applications23:15
santa_regarding 5.11 I can send you some patches which you could apply _before_ running your automation tool, so you would save some time23:16
santa_also I think bluez-qt could be skipped in the first moments23:17
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santa_Riddell: if I send you patches for 5.11, would be ok to skip adding the changelog entry to avoid conflicts? because the changelog may differ whenever you want to apply the changes23:32
santa_allright then, I will finish the work for siduction and send you the changes I needed23:33

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