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dezfulHi everyone. I just updated to Kubuntu 15.04 and something appears not working properly / package missing01:21
dezfulI could not find ktorrent's autoshutdown plugins since I upgrade to 15.0401:22
dezfulthe plugin exists by default on previous versions of kubuntu01:23
dezfuldoes anyone encounter the similar issue?01:23
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Guest71612do noobslab themes work with kubuntu and plasma 501:37
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dezfulit appears nobody responds my issue02:08
joaquin_hi, one question, i had a problem just the file ~/.cache/ksycoca5 was own by root that was making my plasma not to start. anyone else had that issu?02:51
joaquin_it seems i got it from some update since i got the same issu in another installation...02:52
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juacom99hola una consulta, acabo de solucionar un problema en mi kubuntu 15.04 y me gustaria saber si a alguien mas le ha pasado02:58
juacom99al parecer luego de una actualizacion (no se cual) el archivo ~/.cache/ksycoca5 quedo como propiedad de root. esto hacia que el plasma no levantara03:00
juacom99sorry wrong room03:01
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RoeyDDR:  haaaaaaaaaaaai05:14
DDRQuiet channel, eh?05:14
Roeypretty much05:14
Roeyat this hour05:14
Roey1:14 EDT05:14
Roeyanyway I'm going to bed ;) have a good night!  And stick around, someone will answer your question05:15
Roeyjust ask05:15
DDROnly 10 here, plenty of time left for me.05:15
DDRI have so many, but I'll attend to most later.05:15
DDR"Why can't I mount my recently-resized swap partition?" "Why can't I see my TTYs any more after changing the graphics driver? (But at least the computer starts up more than 1 in 3 times now.)" "Why has System Settings been closing when I hit 'overview' lately?" "Why won't my usb HDDs mount automatically?" and so on.05:18
DDR"What is this Wayland thing and will it let me scale my sublime text window to be visible on my high-dpi monitor?"05:18
DDR"Why does akregator have a mysterious entry not in any feed showing as unread?"05:18
DDR"Why can't I rearrange tabs like I use to in Kate?"05:19
DDR"Why won't video play back at native resolution without lagging?"05:19
DDR"Why does my game take 10 minutes to compile, despite ccache being installed?"05:20
DDR"Why are there error messages behind my Amarok visualizer, saying 'could not create requested component: icon'?"05:21
DDR"Why does the system load show all my ram being used, but kSysGuard show only half?"05:22
DDRThe linux is a big, mysterious, and rather frightening place at times.05:22
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BluesKajHiyas all11:30
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dreamer_hi all12:02
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nesciusrecently my front panel stereo jack stopped working, i noticed that this happened on other machines as well.. do you experience the same?14:13
nesciusit detects the headphones and stops playing through back connectors but I cant hear sh*t from the headphones14:14
nesciusok, front sound's f*cked, tested on default blank user, going to report it.14:49
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nescius...where do you guys hide kubuntu bugzilla?14:54
nesciussorry, found it.. apparently google does not know kubuntu bugzilla :)14:56
uliseshola como estan14:57
ulisesbuenos dias14:57
ulisesalguien para platicar14:57
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nesciusmy friend to whom I gave my old laptop told me that stereo jack stopped working recently, I noticed that my pc front jack also stopped working recently, alsamixer correctly finds that the front jack is plugged in but no sound.. when removed then it sounds well through the speakers15:27
nesciusthis is less than month old issue, and it makes me properly angry.15:28
BluesKajnescius, which audio chip?15:43
nesciusATI apparently15:44
nesciusCard: HDA ATI SB; Chip: Realtek ALC88915:45
nesciusḧmm, the notebook is ATI based as well15:45
nesciusI tested this with older kernels as well, checked the history of installation, but not found no difference in older kernels and anything wierd being installed recently.15:48
BluesKajcan you post an alsamixer screenshot, that would help a lot15:49
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BluesKajnescius, which audio setting shows in system settings>multimedia> device preference>music ?16:06
nesciusBuild-in Audio16:08
BluesKajsome audio cards have a line out for the "line" ctl,  others use it as a line in ...wonder which your is, poerhaps turning that up might work.16:10
BluesKajin alsamixer16:10
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BluesKajnescius, also check the system settings>multimedia>music>audio Harware setup tab for the same otput as listed in the devices tab16:17
nesciusthanks, I created a new empty user to test sound there, no sound there either..16:18
TJ-nescius: That sounds to me rather like a mute option for that output is inverted16:22
nesciusit worked correctly untill few weeks ago ..16:23
nesciusok, screw that, going to get rid of it and reinstall16:26
nesciusůů-^      0116:28
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nesciusok, front jack is broken in 15.04 as well17:14
nesciusalso, why is the numlock not on by default?17:15
BluesKajnescius, there are lots of whys on 15.04 , they will be fixed in due course since the integration/upgrade of kde4 apps to plasma 5 is not complete yet.17:23
TJ-nescius: Num Lock initial state is usually set by firmware17:27
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nesciusBluesKaj, TJ- sorry for being such jerk, it was a hw issue with loose contact in the stereo jack, fixed it with scissors.. :)17:56
TJ-nescius: I was going to suggest that originally but as you said that both laptops were affected I thought not17:58
nesciusyeah, the laptop was very old, originally I suspected as much as well.. :D18:00
nesciusbut this box is like month old18:00
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coolio__svedalen hej hopp hej18:21
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Guest5919how do i change the kubuntu theme18:45
Guest5919imnot a fa of the white windows18:45
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Guest5919man this channel is dead18:47
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.18:59
mparilloSystem Settings > Workspace Theme19:00
mparilloAlso Application Style, Fonts, Icons, Color etc.19:01
mparilloBut, I like to simply do the Workspace Theme.19:01
DDRI'm getting this problem. http://askubuntu.com/questions/574296/cannot-enter-password-to-start-ubuntu Anyone have any ideas?19:55
geniiYou probably need to make a new initrd with usbcore and hid drivers loaded19:59
geniiActually I think usbcore is now in kernel. So just hid/keyboard20:00
TJ-DDR: are you using a USB keyboard?20:34
geniiSo probably something like ehci,ohci or xhci driver needs to be put in the /etc/initramfs-tools/modules file and then sudo update-initramfs -u20:36
genii( depending on if it's USB 1, 2, or 3 )20:36
TJ-DDR: OK, then it is worth checking in the PC's BIOS setup the "Legacy USB" support setting. Depending on how you've got the LUKS encryption configured, it could be that the BIOS needs to be handling USB keyboards at that point before the Linux drivers are ready20:37
DDRThank you, I will check next time I restart the machine.20:37
TJ-DDR: a quick way to test that, if the PC supports it, is to use a keyboard connected via a PS2 interface20:38
DDRI'm afraid I don't have one of those any more.20:39
DDRI'm not sure I even have a PS2 port to plug it in to.20:39
TJ-No, many PCs don't these days, which is why making the USB support optional in firmware/BIOS is silly20:41
geniiTJ-: Well, prevents unauthorized people from booting it off a usb stick20:47
hydrogenHi Friends.  How do I upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04?21:46
hydrogennevermind, found the button buried in Muon..21:48
hewhomustI would backup my files and do a fresh install21:49
hydrogennoted, I'll put it on hold until I have more time... looks like the upgrade wants to go sequentially anyways which is probably twice as much downloading as just installing fresh21:51
sithlord48any of you using kubuntu on 4k screens ? if so how has it been?22:29
zenfoxhow do you resolve the problem with Dropbox on Plasma522:56
zenfoxi'm getting "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library " during installation22:57
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zenfoxi'm getting "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library " during Dropbox installation23:16
zenfoxon Plasma523:16
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thelionroarsany suggestions on how to reset kwallet, it didn't migrate settings on the update to 15.04 and it's been driving me nuts for ~ 6 weeks23:46
thelionroarsugh, so frustrating23:51

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