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dweaverI'm having a problem in MAAS 1.7.5+bzr3369-0ubuntu1~trusty1 enlisting a Dell poweredge R630 that reports there to be no valid network device during ifconfig and hence can't mount the root device over the network.09:56
dweaverThe machine presents NICs as em1, em2 rather than eth0,eth1.09:56
dweaverScreenshots here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/478290/tmp/Photo%2010-06-2015%2010%2034%2016.jpg09:57
dweaverand https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/478290/tmp/Photo%2010-06-2015%2010%2034%2034.jpg09:57
dweaveranyone got any idea what is happening here?09:57
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dweaverTraced it to the intel i40e card and a problem with loading the driver.  Looks like the firmware needs an update.11:58
dweaverHowever, diging into this I saw that the enlistment preseed has a hard coded ethernet interface (eth0) which may or may not be the case, e.g. em1,em2 etc.  shouldn't the NIC device be detected rather than assume eth0?11:59
kikoheya dweaver!12:51
kikogreat to see you around12:51
kikodweaver, yes, and that strikes me as a bit odd as I think we work with other NIC names12:51
kikodweaver, can you point me to the preseed code so I can get somebody to look at it?12:51
roaksoaxdweaver: good cathc. That's an old piece of code that was used to auto-determine the DNS of the machine, but in fact, now it is deprecated. That being said, it should not affect the enlistment process at all. Do you have console logs?13:27
roaksoaxdweaver: a good test would be for you to remove that line of code (and set ip="") and see whether the machine enlists or not13:27
roaksoaxdweaver: in fact, you can simply delete the whole ip=XYZ13:28
kikoroaksoax, will you file a bug or drive-by?13:48
kikoroaksoax, also, I think dweaver traced the issue to a firmware bug13:48
dweaverkiko, Yep, traced it to a firmware bug, I think, rather than a problem with the preseed.  I found the code in the preseed because I was looking for any references to eth0 in the /etc/maas directory, but as roaksoax says it is unused code now, so no need to raise a bug unless we determine a different cause.13:50
kikodweaver, the bug should be raised to kill that code I think :)13:51
dweaverOK, then, I'll raise a bug then ;)13:51
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roaksoaxdweaver: please do!14:01
dweaverroaksoax, thank you for the help14:02
roaksoaxdweaver: thank you for spotting that one14:03
MmikeHi, guys. How do I change apt-cache information that curtin puts into 90curtin-aptproxy? I don't want to use MAAS provided squiddeb but want to use my local apt mirror.19:16
Mmikethat is in relation to https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/146015119:23
kikoMmike, hmm19:28
Mmikekiko, I'm looking for some template file or something, inside /etc/maas, to change, but I'm not finding any...19:29
kikoMmike, that's a weird bug, but we should definitely make sure we don't step on each other19:39
kikoMmike, do you have a proxy configured in maas' settings?19:40
Mmikesec, let me see19:42
kikoMmike, also, do you have maas-proxy installed?19:44
Mmikekiko, in fact I do (have configued http proxy in maas' settings)19:45
Mmikeyup, I have maas-proxy, 1.7.2+bzr3355-0ubuntu1~trusty119:45
kikoMmike, I am just wondering if you could remove that config and possibly remove the maas-proxy package19:46
kikoMmike, if you could and it resolves your issue, it's a valid workaround19:46
kikoMmike, maybe do one and then the other, if that makes sense19:46
Mmikekiko, I'll sping up local maas server and try it out19:49
Mmikewill let you know19:49
Mmikejust need to get rid of damn btrfs, it's unusable for kvm images19:49
kikoMmike, what kernel version are you having btrfs issues with, just curious?22:21
kikoMmike, I use it too22:27

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