rsalvetisergiusens: did you delete the build recipe for goget-ubuntu-touch?00:45
sergiusensrsalveti: yes, as we now have proper releases for wily02:00
sergiusensrsalveti: it was a stop gap02:00
rsalvetisergiusens: got it02:00
rsalvetisergiusens: the released images are all including webdm, right?02:01
sergiusensrsalveti: wrt to click-ubuntu-policy asac was going with desperate measures and that's why I'm on trusty today ;-)02:01
rsalvetihaha, got it02:01
rsalvetisergiusens: that's cool, you can validate the tools ppa tomorrow then02:01
rsalvetisending one email now with the remaining tasks we need for the release, and one is testing that https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/tools is useful on trusty02:02
rsalvetiwill deprecate beta02:02
sergiusensrsalveti: yay!02:04
sergiusensrsalveti: not tonight though :-)02:04
rsalvetisergiusens: nops, tomorrow02:04
rsalvetisergiusens: ubuntu-device-flash is actually failing for me =\02:30
rsalveti$ sudo ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 --channel edge --enable-ssh --device generic_amd64 --output ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64-generic.img02:30
rsalvetiDetermining oem configuration02:30
rsalvetigeneric-amd64 failed to install: Unexpected status code 50202:30
rsalvetinot sure if a problem with the store02:31
mikenYeah, there is a problem with the store (downloads) which ops are working on right now.02:33
mikenrsalveti: ^02:33
rsalvetimiken: oh, alright then :-)02:34
rsalvetiguess that's the time to go to sleep02:34
sergiusensrsalveti: I think the store is down02:44
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, perfect timing02:45
sergiusensrsalveti: I see those errors in click-sync too02:45
rsalvetisergiusens: before you get off, what is the right way to sideload webm?02:45
rsalvetithere is the --install option but it says it's deprecated02:45
rsalvetiand it also failed here02:45
sergiusensrsalveti: --install02:48
sergiusensrsalveti: or eventually the oem package would list webdm02:48
sergiusensrsalveti: but they would all fail the same way if the store is down02:48
rsalvetisergiusens: right02:49
rsalvetisergiusens: can I run that from my host even when creating the bbb image?02:49
rsalvetisince it's a different arch02:49
sergiusensrsalveti: if you leave this for tomorrow morning I'll create oem package that include webdm02:49
rsalvetidon't know the internals02:49
sergiusensrsalveti: yes you can; we pick the architecture to install from from the architecture entry in the oem package02:49
sergiusensrsalveti: given fat packages, it's ofter irrelevant02:50
rsalvetigreat, was more worried if we had to execute something at the target arch02:50
sergiusensrsalveti: nah, it's all the same, it's an unpack, symlinks and the apparmor stuff is on first boot02:50
rsalvetiawesome :-)02:50
sergiusensok, going to bed now :-)02:51
sergiusensgood night!02:51
rsalvetisergiusens: have a good night!02:51
rsalvetisergiusens: for you, for tomorrow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11685208/02:52
mikenrsalveti, sergiusens: downloads from the store should be working consistently now (thanks blahdeblah )03:50
rsalvetimiken: thanks!03:50
pittirsalveti: right, live-build or vmdebootstrap are convenient starting points for building images04:22
fgimenez_good morning07:11
=== tvoss|dinner is now known as tvoss
seb128hey there07:25
seb128slangasek, hey, still up? any suggestion on how to get the personnal image on the system-image channels?07:25
* seb128 replied to emails before going to bed in case that would help to have things going during the european night but doesn't see a follow up in the morning :-/07:26
davmor2Moe's Inn, mo'in the lawn, doing impressions of cows.....oh Morning Chipaca08:36
* Chipaca ignores the inane remarks, and considers seppuku, or more coffee08:37
davmor2Chipaca: I'm only part way through my first coffee is my excuse and I'm sticking to it08:38
* Chipaca growls back08:39
davmor2Chipaca: I know that feeling my back growls too, it's old age my friend ;)08:40
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Ball Point Pen Day! 😃09:03
mvoChipaca: sorry, no seppuku for you, you are way too important! coffee it is09:31
john-mcaleelyI have a noob question. reading: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/porting/09:54
john-mcaleelyI think it states that the kernel needs to support:  multiv7_defconfig09:54
john-mcaleelyniave browsing of the kernel tree suggests to me that's exisited (for arm) in versions 3.7 and higher of the kernel09:55
ogra_well, it needs to use the same options09:55
john-mcaleelydoes that mean I can say 'I need 3.7 or higher for easy porting with snappy'?09:55
john-mcaleelyogra_, that makes sense09:55
john-mcaleelyok, so am I right in thinking snappy uses the ubuntu vivid kernels today?09:55
Chipacajohn-mcaleely: very09:56
john-mcaleelywhich looks like it might be 3.19 ?09:57
plorenzhi - i've got a problem with updating snaps that are installed manually. i've installed my app's snap version 0.1 (containing a custom apparmor profile) and then used "snappy install <my package in version 0.2>" to update to a new version. the files and directories seem to be correct, but the daemon process won't start anymore with this error: "aa_change_onexec failed with -1. errmsg: No such file or directory"09:59
Chipacaplorenz: that sounds like a bug09:59
Chipacaplorenz: in us09:59
Chipacaplorenz: are you on rollin'?09:59
plorenzChipaca: i'm on ogra_'s RPi2 image10:00
Chipacaogra_: was that cut from rolling?10:00
ogra_Chipaca, 15.04 edge10:00
Chipacahmm, that shouldn't have my "don't build apparmor" bug10:01
ogra_well, i know that apparmor doesnt regenerate the profile if youo dont bump the version ... but that doesnt seem to be the case here10:01
ogra_but i guess the two packages use different namespaces10:02
ogra_(.sidleoad vs .$developer)10:02
plorenzinterestingly, i can see a file "/sys/kernel/security/apparmor/policy/profiles/rda-watchdog.sideload_rda-watchdog_0.1.5" - but i guess this should rather be 0.2 ?10:02
plorenzogra_: they are both .sideload10:02
Chipacaplorenz: what does 'snappy list' say?10:02
plorenzChipaca: "rda-watchdog 2015-06-10 0.2     sideload"10:03
Chipacaplorenz: find /var/lib/apparmor -ls10:05
plorenzChipaca: http://pastebin.com/J29TzWwr10:05
Chipacaplorenz: could you pastebin the systemd unit?10:08
plorenzChipaca: you mean the file /etc/systemd/system/rda-watchdog_rda-watchdog_0.2.service ?10:09
Chipacaplorenz: yes10:09
plorenzsure- http://pastebin.com/AHusnvfm10:09
Chipaca/usr/bin/ubuntu-core-launcher rda-watchdog.sideload rda-watchdog.sideload_rda-watchdog_0.2 /apps/rda-watchdog.sideload/0.2/bin/rda-watchdog10:11
Chipacathat seems correct to me10:11
Chipacathe args are: qualified appname, apparmor profile, binary10:11
Chipacaplorenz: can you run that by hand and report back?10:11
plorenzChipaca: maybe the wrong profile was loaded? in dmesg i see this after installing the updated snap: "operation="profile_replace" profile="unconfined" name="rda-watchdog.sideload_rda-watchdog_0.1""10:11
plorenz(so version 0.1)10:12
plorenzrunning it by hand gives the same error as above10:12
Chipacaand i should have seen it the first time you said it, about the 0.1.510:12
plorenz(aa_change_onexec failed with -1. errmsg: No such file or directory)10:12
Chipacaplorenz: try: sudo aa-clichook -f10:13
Chipacanot clichook10:13
Chipacasorry :)10:13
plorenzChipaca: no problem, i figured that one out ;) but i still get the same error10:14
Chipacadarn, and it's stupid-o'clock for most apparmor-savvy folks10:15
plorenzhehe :)10:16
Chipacaplorenz: pastebin "sudo apparmor_status" please10:16
Chipacai'm working from the manpages here :)10:16
plorenzChipaca: no problem :) as long as i can help10:17
Chipacaplorenz: sudo apparmor_profile -a /apps/rda-watchdog.sideload/0.2/meta/rda-watchdog.apparmor10:18
plorenzChipaca: that gives me a command not found error :/10:19
Chipacabecause it's apparmor_parser10:19
Chipacanot apparmor_profile10:19
Chipacasorry :)10:19
plorenzChipaca: hehe - okay, it says "Unable to add "rda-watchdog.sideload_rda-watchdog_0.1".  Profile already exists"10:19
plorenzChipaca: wait a second... i have my own apparmor profile included - maybe there's 0.1 somewhere10:20
Chipacalooks like the profile is wrong10:20
plorenzChipaca: aaargh - yes, it is :( sorry!10:20
Chipacaheh! no worries. TIL.10:21
plorenzthank you for your help :)10:21
plorenzit's working with version 0.3 now10:23
fgimenezhello everyone, quick question, can u-d-f be used to create images for bbb from the edge channel, 15.04 release?10:31
fgimenezi'm using this sudo ubuntu-device-flash --verbose core 15.04 -o my-snappy.img --size 4 --channel edge --oem beagleblack --enable-ssh --device-part=./device.tar.xz10:32
fgimenezbut it doesn't boot (and no serial cable yet...)10:33
Chipacafgimenez: aiui that should work10:40
Chipacawell, except the device part thing10:40
Chipacanever used that10:40
Chipacafgimenez: want me to try with mine?10:42
fgimenezChipaca, i've been following https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/porting/, the image generated for the stable channel works fine10:42
fgimenezChipaca, if you can give it a try it would be very helpful :) is there a log of the failed boots? i feel blind without this serial cable...10:44
rickspencer3is there any documentation on how to use snappy configure or how to set up my snaps so it works?11:27
Chipacarickspencer3: did you read config.md?11:32
rickspencer3Chipaca, can you tell me more?11:32
Chipaca1 sec11:33
Chipacarickspencer3: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy/snappy/view/head:/docs/config.md11:33
Chipacait's probably also on developer.u.c but dunno where. dholbach?11:33
fgimenezChipaca, after trying again it's booting just fine with edge, perhaps i missed before a sync command, thanks!11:34
Chipacafgimenez: ah, good! because my sd card seems to have dieded11:34
Chipacafgimenez: or maybe my sd reader. or maybe i need to reboot.11:34
rickspencer3Chipaca, so I write a program that takes standard input and outputs a yaml file?11:35
Chipacarickspencer3: yep11:35
rickspencer3then snappy restarts the service, which presumably reads the new yaml and goes?11:35
rickspencer3Chipaca, seems like we could make a simple Go app for the handler, at least as a sample to get folks started11:35
rickspencer3or is there something available already to get me started?11:36
rickspencer3(maybe an example shell script?)11:36
ogra_i think sergiusens had one11:36
ogra_but it is essentially that ... create a yaml file snappy reads then11:37
ogra_(pretty awful if you ask me)11:37
* ogra_ would like to see "snappy config <package> <key>=<value>" instead11:38
rickspencer3ogra_, oh, that is not how the command works?11:39
ogra_no, you need to pipe the yaml into it iirc11:39
ogra_or point it to the file11:39
* ogra_ tries to find the example11:39
dholbachChipaca, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/config-command/11:41
rickspencer3dholbach, I saw that11:41
rickspencer3but there is no example of the user using the command11:41
rickspencer3nor any source code to show how to implement the hook11:41
ogra_snappy config <package> /path/to/yaml11:42
rickspencer3ogra_, right, and it looks like you can supply the yaml by just typing it on standard in11:42
rickspencer3I need clearer explanations and samples to do the correct implementation myself11:43
rickspencer3ogra_, so it looks like my hook needs to be a program that configures the snap11:43
rickspencer3in my case, my snap is configured with a yaml file11:44
rickspencer3so I need a hook that parses the yaml file, then updates it with the new content that the user specified with the snapppy config command11:44
rickspencer3I know how to do this in Go, but what would you suggest for writing this?11:44
rickspencer3Go worries me because then I would have to compile the hook, and then deal with multi-arch11:45
* ogra_ hasnt rolled packages with config hooks yet ... but i would use shell and parse the yaml 11:49
Chipacaogra_: you'd parse yaml with sh?11:49
ogra_i'd parse everything non-binary with shell :)11:50
rickspencer3I'm not too great with sh :/11:53
rickspencer3far from my forte11:53
ogra_well, then use whatever else you like ... but ship the interpreter if its an interpreter lang11:54
rickspencer3ogra_, no, I can try sh11:54
rickspencer3I want to do the best example implementation that I can11:54
rickspencer3it seems like reading a yaml file and updating it and then rewriting it should be doable11:55
Chipacarickspencer3: note you'll be given your current config as stdin11:58
Chipacarickspencer3: so if it's a simple transformation, maybe you can express it with sed11:59
mvorickspencer3: is the rest of your app written in go as well?11:59
rickspencer3mvo, yes11:59
rickspencer3but, I would rather have a re-usable component11:59
ogra_well, then you need to handle the multiarch bit anyway11:59
ogra_as well as the compiling12:00
ogra_so shell wouldnt really be an advantage12:00
rickspencer3ogra_, well, I won't necessarily write all my apps with Go12:00
sergiusensrickspencer3: the reusable component part is complicated12:00
sergiusensrickspencer3: the external interface is yaml, but internally it can be anything12:00
ogra_rickspencer3, sure, but for a go app i would also use go for the config12:01
rickspencer3sergiusens, right, I get that12:01
mvorickspencer3: TBH the yaml config and the lack of sh based tools bother me as well, I wrote a python based xpath like yaml thing in one of the config examples, but its really not great12:01
rickspencer3my app reads a yaml file on startup12:01
ogra_the only advantage of shell is that you dont need to compile anything and it is always available12:01
rickspencer3so, I assumed the hook would write out that file12:01
sergiusensrickspencer3: e.g.; https://github.com/sergiusens/camlistore.snap/blob/master/meta/hooks/config12:01
sergiusensbut that might not work in the future :-)12:01
mvorickspencer3: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-examples/files/head:/config-example-bash/meta/hooks/ but you probably saw this already12:02
rickspencer3mvo, I did not, but ... I thought using Python without including your own Python?12:03
dholbachmvo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1463804 is the bug you asked me to file12:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 1463804 in Snappy "Convert click manifest to package.yaml automatically" [Undecided,New]12:04
sergiusensrickspencer3: python is 15.04 material, guaranteed to stick12:04
* ogra_ would still not recommend using the system one ... 12:04
ogra_to keep your apps future proof12:05
rsalvetisergiusens: not sure it is guaranteed to stick12:05
rsalvetiwho knows what is ahead of us :-)12:05
sergiusensrsalveti: on 15.04 yes12:05
sergiusenson rolling no12:05
Chipacasergiusens: mvo: rsalveti: what if we added support to the core launcher so that, if told to exec a directory, we exec directory/$arch ?12:05
sergiusensrsalveti: we said once something was released, everything on there would stick12:05
rsalvetisergiusens: right, I get that, but last time I asked about python nobody was completely sure12:06
rsalvetibut I get your point12:06
rsalvetiwould still recommend not using the system one though, to avoid it being only compatible with 15.0412:06
sergiusensrsalveti: oh, but that's a developer choice12:07
sergiusensrsalveti: and that means we need to remove half of our example packages ;-)12:07
rickspencer3yeah, but I don't want to repackage everything for 16.04 if things change, so I'll probably go with sh12:07
rsalvetisergiusens: that might be a good idea, yeah12:07
sergiusenspython3 in the apparmor allowance, so it's fine for 15.0412:07
rsalvetionce ogra_ is done with the next python tutorial that includes the interpreter12:08
ogra_yeah, need to talk to ricmm today about that :)12:08
* Chipaca should make an example using micropython12:08
mvorickspencer3: yeah, I'm cheap and I know it will continue to work on 15.04. but 16.04+ its all up in the air12:10
rickspencer3mvo, I just want to make sure that when I write stuff, it is the "right" stuff12:10
rsalvetifgimenez: you don't need to use --device-part=./device.tar.xz when creating the beagle image12:11
rsalvetiunless you want to force your local device tarball12:11
mvoChipaca: I'm in favour for auto-magic for multi-arch, i.e. find the right binary, setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH - there is even a branch for that12:11
rsalveti--oem beagleblack should already take care of all the dependencies12:11
Chipacamvo: what blocks it?12:12
mvorickspencer3: yeah, that is indeed the better approach :) I wonder if we should provide a go based helper for sh ?12:12
mvoChipaca: I blame sergiusens https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/snappy/snappy-binary-ld-library-path-wrapper/+merge/25256012:12
Chipacamvo: *always* blame sergiusens12:12
fgimenezrsalveti, ok, much better, i'll update the notes in the pad12:13
Chipacamvo: you'll have better-than-random chance of being right12:13
ogra_rsalveti, fgimenez waas trying ou the porting guide ...12:13
mvorickspencer3: I mean, something that helps you extract your config a bit like this python-yaml-helper but as part of the system. wdyt?12:13
sergiusensmvo: Chipaca wat did i do?12:13
ogra_(device tarball makes sens then i guess)12:13
mvoChipaca: heh :)12:13
rickspencer3mvo, I think that I should be able to use a standard place/name for the snap configuration yaml12:14
Chipacasergiusens: mvo: i think we should put together a branch that did this, and put it up for discussion12:14
rickspencer3and then snappy automatically does config for me12:14
sergiusensmvo: Chipaca oh; well it is unanswered ;-)12:14
sergiusensand WiP12:14
rickspencer3I don't see why I have to write a hook if I am not doing something custom12:14
Chipacasergiusens: still blaming you12:14
sergiusensChipaca: heh, this at least needs to be accompanied by proper documentation ;-)12:15
Chipacarickspencer3: me, i think we should have "snappy set $package config=key:value" work12:15
fgimenezogra_, i was taking it as a reference for creating bbb images with u-d-f, it's the only place in the guides where i find this mentioned12:16
rsalvetiogra_: right, if trying from the porting guide it's fine :-)12:16
rsalvetiindeed, we don't have anywhere showing how to use ubuntu-device-flash12:16
ogra_fgimenez, for "just creating" you dont need the device bit12:16
ogra_it will simply pull it from the system-image server12:17
fgimenezogra_, ok thx12:18
mvorickspencer3: that is a good point12:19
mvorickspencer3: looks like when we designed this we optimized for the uncomon case :/ for the sake of flexibility. let me try to draft something12:20
rickspencer3mvo, I think I can simulate it in the meantime by writing sh script that "just works" in the meantime12:20
rickspencer3where "just works" == if you name your yaml file in a certain way, the script will handle reading and writing to it12:21
sergiusensrickspencer3: well, you can't guarantee shell scripting would be accesible in the future either12:21
rickspencer3(and interacting with the snappy config command, o course)12:21
* sergiusens is trying to make a point12:21
rickspencer3sergiusens, really?12:21
rickspencer3sh may stop working?12:21
sergiusensrickspencer3: that is the mantra of rolling, anything, anything can stop working12:22
rickspencer3wow, I have trouble envisioning such a system and how it would work12:22
sergiusensrickspencer3: what I'm saying is that it's hard to plan for something that hasn't been released12:22
rickspencer3sergiusens, I think there are some things that we can predict better than others12:22
rickspencer3I think "you might have to package your own Python" is more likely than "you have to package your own sh"12:22
rickspencer3but, that said, noted12:22
sergiusensrickspencer3: right, but you might get something lesser than dash12:23
* rickspencer3 nods12:23
sergiusensnot compatible with whatever you script12:23
rickspencer3right,  I get it12:23
ogra_sergiusens, i think you can be sure that all shells we ever ship will be POSIX compliant at least12:24
ogra_ash, dash or busybox will all work with proper POSIX script12:24
Chipacaogra_: depends how you configure busybox12:25
Chipacathe smallest busybox shell was not very posix12:26
ogra_yeah, that might be12:26
* Chipaca wins at pedantic12:26
ogra_indeed i assume the busybox binaries you can currently find in ubuntu12:26
Chipacayou could shave *kilobytes* by having it not support background processes, if i remember correctly12:27
ogra_gigantic !12:27
sergiusensmvo: btw, thanks for the reviews!!!!12:28
mvosergiusens: your welcome12:30
mvorickspencer3: how does http://snappy.asac.ws:9001/p/snappy-config-simplify look? as a straw-man - feel free to remove my germanism in there (and/or improve the entire approach :)12:30
rickspencer3mvo, I'll look right after this call12:30
* sergiusens wonders who the green dude is12:37
Chipacathat's rickspencer3 i think12:39
Chipacathe "restart your snap" makes me think so :)12:39
rickspencer3mvo, I did myt best to express myself12:39
rickspencer3sergiusens, Chipaca, yeah, that was me12:39
rickspencer3how did you know I was a dude?12:40
Chipacarickspencer3: you have very masculine handwriting12:40
rickspencer3anyway, this is how I think the developer should be12:40
rickspencer3I think that we have the custom case implemented, but not documented holistically yet12:40
rickspencer3I *think* that I can write a walk through that teaches how to do it, though12:41
sergiusensI thought dude was gender neutral these days :-)12:42
ogra_what would be the female variant of dude ? dudette ?12:43
rickspencer3anywhoooo ...12:43
Chipacasergiusens: ogra_: depends where you are; some places it's neuter; other places, yes, dudette12:43
* rickspencer3 moves on before a sjw shows up12:43
* ogra_ sighs about his laptop doing another emergency shutdown due to overheating :( 12:44
rickspencer3I wonder if we need to design an end to end tutorial that includes all of the conventional ways of building an app for snappy?12:44
ogra_crappy vivid :(((12:44
rickspencer3^ dates me, but I always liked that they had that12:44
* sergiusens installs vb612:45
ogra_rickspencer3, what are the "conventional ways" ?12:46
sergiusensheh, maybe I should get back to work instead :-P12:46
ogra_you have so many possibilitied12:46
rickspencer3ogra_, indeed, but ...12:46
rickspencer3there are conventions also12:46
sergiusensthe conventional way is the no brainer snapcraft way ;-)12:46
rickspencer3I should be able to ask "what is the best way to do x"12:46
rickspencer3and  there should be an answer12:46
ogra_yeah, snapcraft for everyone !12:46
rickspencer3for a greenfield12:46
rickspencer3I think that we need to support two forks of developers12:47
rickspencer3and we are smartly focused on fork 1 now ... people who have apps that need to be converted to snaps12:47
rickspencer3but, even there, there are probably conventions12:47
rickspencer3and snapcraft will be the tool for those conventions :)12:48
ogra_we are literally just inventing these conventions12:48
rickspencer3but, I am in fork 2, I want to write new apps for IoT12:48
rickspencer3ogra_, I know12:48
ogra_once we have them we will indeed document them12:48
rickspencer3but, there is a lot of implicit knowledge in the development team now12:48
rickspencer3most of my questions do have answers, it's just really really hard to get them written down, especially when 60% of it could easily change in a week ;)12:49
mvorickspencer3: +1 on better end-to-end tutorial12:53
mvorickspencer3: ehh, s/better/an/ - 'cause there is none yet :)12:54
rickspencer3mvo, I have written a file uploader program that uses a yaml file for configuration12:54
rickspencer3I'll change it to use snappy config12:54
rickspencer3then I can write a tutorial :)12:55
mvorickspencer3: as for the config - does it sound acceptable if I change (2) so that your app reads from a SNAP_CONFIG_FILE environment? the reason I ask is that ideally /apps/$pkg/$ver/ is a bit of a read-only space and we want to verify that its unaltered on disk. so separating the config into a different dir would be nice. also its useful to keep the original config around for a 3-way merge (but that could be done in different ways of course)12:55
mvorickspencer3: nice project12:56
rickspencer3mvo, sure12:56
rickspencer3all I want is that I can not worry about implementing snappy config12:56
rickspencer3if I follow the rules, I want snappy config to do the work for me12:56
* mvo nods12:57
mvorickspencer3: I created a trello card for your suggestion so that it won't get lost https://trello.com/c/XHloYivT - I think its a really good idea to make this simpler13:02
rickspencer3thanks mvo13:02
rickspencer3meanwhile, I work on a walkthrough for the "custom" solution13:02
* mvo nods13:02
rickspencer3since we should at least explain that since it really works13:02
rickspencer3I need to do this for my home IoT Gateway, anyway13:03
sergiusensmvo: can you check https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/snappy/upload/+merge/261563 again please?13:39
mvosergiusens: sure13:39
mvosergiusens: very impressive!13:40
rickspencer3mvo, so I am not actually sure where to put my file-upload.yaml13:41
rickspencer3do I put it next to the executable?13:41
rickspencer3i.e. in /bin/whateverarch/file-upload.yaml13:41
mvorickspencer3: you mean right now with the current mechanism? the recommended place is in $SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH13:42
rickspencer3mvo, can you show me what that would like in the shell, i.e. appname/?13:43
sergiusensmvo: thanks13:44
mvorickspencer3: something like "printf "key: value" > ${SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH}/myconfig.yaml" you mean?13:45
mvorickspencer3: hope I did not misunderstand the question13:45
rickspencer3mvo, sorry, my question is even more basic13:45
rickspencer3my snap package has bin and meta, right?13:46
rickspencer3so, is there a place in there that is normal for yaml to go?13:46
rickspencer3my bin is laid out with bin/amd64, bin/Arm13:46
mvoaha, just create a dir for that, config/ or etc/ or cfg/ or data/13:46
mvoand put your base config in there13:47
sergiusenskyrofa: how about a quick hangout?13:47
rickspencer3mvo, at the top level, so it is bin/ meta/ cfg/ ?13:47
mvoI think thats a sensible layout13:47
rsalvetimvo: thanks for starting the release notes :-)13:49
rsalvetimvo: elopio: fgimenez: sergiusens: ogra_: so it seems we're good to go, right?13:49
rsalvetiogra_: care to promote 82 into stable?13:50
rsalvetimvo: sergiusens: do you guys also know what needs to be done for promotion?13:50
sergiusensrsalveti: I tested with u-d-f but only last night, nothing today13:50
kyrofasergiusens, I've got standup in a few minutes. Can I ping you after?13:51
ogra_rsalveti, after i rebuilt it with the changes we just discussed and tested it13:51
ogra_rsalveti, oh, you talk about the official image ?13:51
sergiusensrsalveti: prebuilts or promotion?13:51
mvorsalveti: I don't know, I think there is a mail from steve somewhere how that works, but documenting it would be good I think13:51
sergiusensfor prebuilts, after promotion13:51
=== joet is now known as josepht
sergiusenskyrofa sure13:56
sergiusensmvo: promotion is as on the phone, I bet ogra_ knows the flow13:57
rsalvetisergiusens: ogra_: not prebuitls, promotion itself14:01
rsalvetilike we do for the phones14:01
rsalvetiwe basically need to promote 82 into stable14:01
ogra_right, thats just a call to copy-image but i need the exact channel names14:01
rsalvetiand then I can create the pre-built images14:01
rsalvetiyeah, would be nice to document that14:02
rsalvetiI created the card https://trello.com/c/PUpWXouz/89-stable-release-checkpoints to be a placeholder for release related things14:02
fgimenezrsalveti, tested the full suite in kvm, "long" upgrade path (stable -> edge -1 -> edge), rollback and failed boot in bbb, no new issues14:04
ogra_rsalveti, mvo, do we promote whatever cruft is in 15.04/edge/generic_arm64 ?14:05
* jdstrand wonders how plorenz had a version in "his own apparmor profile". Maybe he is using "security-policy" and didn't write the profile with the correct variables to be expanded via aa-profile-hook...14:05
* jdstrand shrugs14:05
ogra_and do we promote azure images too ?14:05
mvofgimenez: what does no *new* issues mean, do we have existing ones (sorry if this is a silly question)14:06
mvoogra_: arm64? I doubt this even works :/ no idea why its there in the first place14:06
ogra_well, something gets regularly imported into edge :)14:07
ogra_whatever that is14:07
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti mvo what do you think of http://snappy.asac.ws:9001/p/promotion14:07
fgimenezmvo, i mean that nothing new has arisen, sorry if it wasn't clear enough :)14:07
ogra_sergiusens, what is alpha ?14:08
sergiusensogra_: a channel14:08
ogra_sergiusens, any why do we need it ?14:08
mvofgimenez: cool, nothing new and nothing old so no known issues, thats  great, thanks a lot for the testing14:08
ogra_we test from edge14:08
sergiusensogra_: to make sure the upgrade from what is in stable to what goes to edge is going to work14:08
ogra_well, creating channels is a slangasek thing i guess ...14:09
ogra_(i could poke around in the config but i have never added a new channel and would feel more comfortable if someone does that who has experience)14:09
rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: right, we don't have an alpha at the moment14:09
rsalvetiwe can promote from edge to stable now and then work on creating the alpha14:10
sergiusensrsalveti: I know we don't, but it's an easy way to test the upgrade path as a final step14:10
rsalvetifor now having alpha won't change anything, right?14:10
rsalvetisergiusens: how different that would be from stable -> edge?14:10
sergiusensrsalveti: doing a channel change triggers a full image update14:10
rsalvetisergiusens: right14:10
ogra_you have one test channel where you can try out automated upgrades fir4st14:11
ogra_makes sense14:11
rsalvetithen we'd need to create it :-)14:11
elopiobuenos días14:12
fgimenezelopio, hey! good to see those "i" with accent around :)14:15
elopiofgimenez: :) how are you today?14:17
elopiodavidcalle: I want to make some small changes on the guides that are not in the snappy branch. How can I edit those docs?14:17
sergiusensjdstrand: not sure it's my image, but is ReleaseName allowed? [ 3993.417227] audit: type=1107 audit(1433945875.311:61): pid=604 uid=100 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 msg='apparmor="DENIED" operation="dbus_method_call"  bus="system" path="/org/freedesktop/DBus" interface="org.freedesktop.DBus" member="ReleaseName" mask="send" name="org.freedesktop.DBus" pid=1439 label="hello-dbus-fwk_srv_1.0.0" peer_label="unconfined"14:19
davidcalleelopio, you can have editor access on the website with the lp team: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntudeveloperportal-editors14:20
elopiodpm: can you please approve my membership there? ^14:20
elopiodavidcalle: what's the review process? I would like you or somebody else to check what I change before it goes live.14:21
fgimenezelopio, fine, getting to know this bbb thing :)14:21
jdstrandmvo: hi! with the mtime patch from jjohansen, do we still need to have the meeting today?14:22
davidcalleelopio, when you edit a page, you are in "draft" mode, other editors have access to it, just ping me when you are done :)14:22
dpmelopio, done14:22
elopiodavidcalle: dpm: thanks.14:22
mvojdstrand: I thought I replied by mail, as far as I'm concerned we are fine and I don't need the meeting14:22
rickspencer3can anyone advise me on the best way to refer to a file path in Go code in a snap?14:22
mvojdstrand: his patch is the outcome I had hoped for from the meeting14:22
rickspencer3is just using "../../data/" considered ok, or is there a better, more reliable way?14:23
davidcalleelopio, I have to run for ~1h , dpm or dholbach, do you mind sending the editors guide link to elopio?14:23
dpmdavidcalle, already done :)14:23
davidcalledpm :)14:23
jdstrandmvo: oh you did-- I'm still going through my inbox and I filtered on 'cache', but the subject said 'caching'14:23
jdstrandmvo: ok-- we may want to revisit this in the future, but I'll cancel the meeting for now14:23
mvorickspencer3: its probably better to use "dir := os.Getenv("SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH")" (or any of the other ones)14:23
mvojdstrand: revisit for a different approach like using hashes? as long as the functionatlity remians  I don't mind how its implemented :)14:24
rickspencer3thanks mvo14:24
ogra_sergiusens, rsalveti, alpha channel has been created (will show up with the next importer run)14:24
jdstrandmvo: no, I more meant make sure we are satisfying all of snappy's needs14:26
ogra_and there it is14:26
jdstrandrsalveti: I think you scheduled the apparmor caching meeting-- can you remove it?14:26
mvojdstrand: ok14:26
rsalvetiogra_: and are we importing the current stable images in there?14:26
rsalvetijdstrand: sure14:26
ogra_rsalveti, it is a completely dead channel, only for manual copying14:27
ogra_rsalveti, but yes, i'm doing exactly that right now14:27
rsalvetiogra_: awesome14:27
davidcalleelopio, good luck! Feel free to ping me when I'm back if you have issues with the edition, some aspects of the cms can seem tricky the first time14:27
elopiodavidcalle: will do.14:27
ogra_and i see, stable only has armhf and amd6414:28
mvoyes, thats ok14:28
mvowe never released a stable i386 yet14:28
ogra_ok, "alpha" now has the stable image 2 in it14:29
ogra_now everyone needs to install that ... and i can copy the latest from edge14:30
rsalvetihttp://www.ronpaul.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/its-happening.jpg \o/14:36
ogra_using --enable-ssh instead of --developer-mode refuses to use my oem snap14:43
gatispHi. I was wondering if there is a snappy command for selecting older core image version? I have freshly flashed device with a latest version, so there is nothing to rollback to, but maybe there are another ways to get older version? This part does not seem to be documented anywhere. Thanks.14:43
ogra_gatisp, ubuntu-device-flash has a --revision option that you could use to create an older image14:44
gatispah ok, will check. Did not know about that tool, I just downloaded the *.img file and dd-ed to Rpi214:45
ogra_sergiusens, hulp ... how do i create an image without having my personal ssh key inside when i use a local oem snap ?14:45
ogra_Determining oem configuration14:46
ogra_2015-06-10 14:45:29 ERROR snappy logger.go:199 pi2_0.13_all.snap failed to install: Signature verification failed with exit status 1014:46
ogra_pi2_0.13_all.snap failed to install: Signature verification failed with exit status 1014:46
ogra_(for details)14:46
sergiusensogra_: ah, you can't14:48
sergiusensogra_: sort of to avoid random non signed pkgs distributed14:49
ogra_sure, i get the reason14:49
sergiusensogra_: well, build it from a user with no keys I guess14:49
sergiusensogra_: that's a workaround :-P14:49
sergiusensogra_: also, why not put your rpi snap into the store?14:49
ogra_will it then just give me a normal usr/password login ?14:49
ogra_yes, i was planning that14:49
sergiusensah, you need to override anyways due to the device part14:50
ogra_i just have never done an oem snap :)14:50
mvoogra_: fwiw, I created amd64/armhf image from the alpha channel now, so let me know once they can/should be upgraded14:50
ogra_sure, but it makes sense to eventually update the store one14:50
sergiusensogra_: it should just work (random user no keys and --developer-mode)14:50
ogra_mvo, i wanted to make a call in the standup and once everyone who participates is ready i'll just copy edge on top and upgrades should magically happen14:51
ogra_sergiusens, ok, i'll try that14:51
* ogra_ guesses just moving ~/.ssh out of the way should be enough14:51
sergiusensbeuno: if I have snappy pakage N available for release X and X+1, upload N+1 and only tag it for X+1, what happens to N that was on X14:51
sergiusensbeuno: I'm asking because the channels document mentions this is working already, but I don't think it is14:52
beunosergiusens, not what it should14:52
beunothere's oversight there14:52
beunowhere we need 2 versions of the app available at the same time for different releases14:52
sergiusensbeuno: shouldn't it work though?14:52
beunosergiusens, the newest version is the only one that will be available14:53
beunoso that's something we need to fi14:53
sergiusensmore so since we are diverging 15.04 and rolling as days pass14:53
beunosergiusens, can you file a bug pretty please?14:53
sergiusensbeuno: ack14:54
* sergiusens just uploaded the last * release compatible webdm14:54
ogra_Enabling developer mode...14:55
ogra_failed to obtain a public key for developer mode: open /home/ogra/.ssh: no such file or directory: no pub ssh key found, run ssh-keygen first14:55
ogra_that looks good then14:55
ogra_(but now i'm not sure which webdm i got :P)14:55
sergiusensbeuno: bug 146387214:56
ubottubug 1463872 in Software Center Agent "Support a version to live published per release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146387214:56
sergiusensogra_: you might want 0.914:57
ogra_sergiusens, i know what i want14:57
ogra_i just dont know what i got :)14:57
ogra_u-d-f doesnt tell me the version14:57
* ogra_ will re-create after the meeting ... by then 0.9 should surely have promoted i guess14:57
beunonessita, FYI bug 146387214:58
ubottubug 1463872 in Software Center Agent "Support a version to live published per release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146387214:58
nessitabeuno, checking14:58
sergiusensbeuno: also, your input on this is welcomed https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/2822/feedback/14:58
kyrofasergiusens, alright, I'm out of meetings now. You available?14:58
sergiusenskyrofa: that was a long standup!14:59
sergiusenskyrofa: I now have mine :P14:59
beunosergiusens, done14:59
kyrofasergiusens, we have it every day, and for some reason today my uncaffeinated mind thought it was a half hour earlier :P15:01
kyrofasergiusens, I sat around wondering why people were so late for a while15:02
kyrofasergiusens, anyway, the rest of my day is free. Just ping me when you've got some free time :)15:03
sergiusenskyrofa: ok, I'll ping after lunch if that's fine; what your timezone btw?15:06
kyrofaEST-- I'm in Virginia15:07
nessitasergiusens, beuno we don't support different version per releases, I think that will be possible with channels. Without channels, a package can have only one "live and valid" upload at a time15:10
nessitathis is the same behavior as with frameworkds15:10
nessitabeuno, the goal was to avoid developers neglecting older version in older frameworks15:10
beunonessita, yes15:11
beunoI think releases are different15:11
beunobecause they are built to co-exist15:11
beunoso we'll need to think about that15:11
sergiusensthere is overlap with releases15:11
sergiusensas in support timeframe15:11
nessitabeuno, right, currently releases are the same a frameworks with other name15:11
nessitabeuno, so this new requirement combined with channels will be super extra interesting to design and implement15:12
beunonessita, don't need to combine them15:12
beunojust FYI15:12
nessita"fun" fabian says15:12
beunowe'll figure out priorities15:12
nessitabeuno, combined at code level, I mean :-)15:12
beunonessita, this is why people become managers15:13
nessitabeuno, to think about when priotitizing: are we allowing targetting different releases in each upload in each channel?15:15
nessitaI mean, the index will soon start returning results for a specific channel only15:16
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
beunonessita, we will need to allow uploading different binaries to different releases to different channels15:18
Chipacamvo: https://github.com/google/gxui/blob/master/samples/progress_bar/main.go :-p15:19
longsleepsergiusens: If possible we can discuss OEM snap submissiong name scheme here as well (regarding ODROID snap sumission feedback on app 2822).15:19
nessitabeuno, exactly, so, "boom in heads and in source code", but of course, always doable15:19
nessitabeuno, let me add this to the backlog15:19
beunonessita, thanks, sorry15:20
mvoChipaca: oh? is that a new/different progress bar? I was too lazy to be honest to look for a different one than the "gb" i was using15:20
elopioutlemming: do you have some time today to talk about the testing your team does for the snappy cloud images?15:22
mvosergiusens: re cache> one option might be to do what python-httplib2 is doing and cache transparently by storing the http headers (i.e. valid-until etc) plus the content and simply use that to check if the net needs to hit at all etc. that was used in s-c-agent15:26
sergiusensmvo: right, that was my last idea; transparent caching proxy, would solve all scopes in general15:28
mvosergiusens: yeah, I used it quite successfuly in the past15:29
Chipacawe can construct a unique version number, thus: 2^(kernel #) + 3^(device #) + 5^(os #) + ... + prime_n^(# of part_n)15:36
mvoChipaca: heh, indeed15:37
ogra_*********** I give everyone another 30mins to install an alpha image and in 30min i will copy over the edge image into the channel **************15:37
Chipacamvo: wrt progress bars, i was kidding about gxui (it's too green yet). That program, when run, looks something like http://i.imgur.com/ta4AE1Q.gif15:37
sergiusensogra_: so heavy15:37
ogra_(speak up if thats to short)15:37
* Chipaca goes to get some tea15:37
ogra_sergiusens, i'm a drama queen ;)15:38
* Chipaca didn't know we supported alphas, goes to dig his out of the attic15:38
mvoChipaca: I don't even know what gxui is15:38
ogra_sergiusens, is webdm 0.9 published ?15:38
sergiusensogra_: it should be, let me check15:38
sergiusensogra_: search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/package/webdm15:39
sergiusensit is15:39
Chipacamvo: google's experimental green-as-a-Nezara-viridula cross-platform ui library15:39
ogra_sergiusens, awesome, thanks !15:39
* ogra_ re-rolls the pi image15:39
sergiusenselopio: is the selftest stuff documented?15:42
ogra_no webdm ... and cloud-init spills errors on my new pi image :(15:49
ogra_�[  235.955313] cloud-init[832]: 2015-06-10 15:49:14,086 - url_helper.py[WARNING]: Calling '' failed [50/120s]: request error [HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=80): Max retries exceeded with url: /latest/meta-data/instance-id (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x75e0b530>, 'Connection to timed out. (connect timeout=50.0)'))]15:49
ogra_not sure why it wants to do a web request to my firewall15:49
ogra_seems it also never reaches the login prompt :/15:50
ogra_it prints that error for 10min now15:50
Chipacaogra_: we're talking “ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 --channel alpha -o 15.04-alpha.img --developer-mode”, yes?15:50
ogra_Chipaca, for the test ? yeah15:51
ogra_aha, now webdm started15:51
ogra_this delay is awful :/15:51
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab/rpi$ ssh ubuntu@webdm.local15:52
ogra_ssh: connect to host webdm.local port 22: Connection refused15:52
ogra_sergiusens, so there seems to be no sshd running now15:56
ogra_and i cant log in on serial console either15:57
sergiusensogra_: that's worrisome15:57
ogra_localhost login: ubuntu15:57
ogra_Login incorrect15:57
ogra_thats what i get on serial15:57
sergiusensogra_: it's broken here too...15:58
sergiusenspreinstalled webdm that is15:58
ogra_well, webdm started eventually15:58
ogra_just took pretty long15:58
ogra_no login is more worrysome i think15:58
sergiusensaa_change_onexec failed15:59
sergiusensChipaca: ^15:59
sergiusensdo you know?15:59
sergiusensChipaca: created with sudo ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 --channel alpha --install webdm --output amd64-webdm.img15:59
Chipacasergiusens: unless something is built against snappy trunk from last week, no16:00
* Chipaca tries installing hello-world16:00
Chipacathings installed with snappy directly work16:01
Chipacanow to try webdm16:01
* ogra_ notices that the icons for an installed snap vanish from the webdm UI 16:01
ogra_(showing the generic icon only)16:01
ogra_hmm, no16:01
ogra_snake is fine, only chatroom changes the icon after install16:02
ogra_so how do i get my login back now :(16:02
ogra_seems i need some random ssh key ?16:02
ogra_(since without any ssh key it doesnt seem to work at all)16:03
Chipacasergiusens: confirmed, things installed with webdm are missing apparmor16:03
Chipacasergiusens: meaning you've built it against snappy trunk16:04
Chipacasergiusens: before the mangle branch landed16:04
Chipacasergiusens: tut, tut16:04
Chipacasergiusens: also, sorry :-/16:04
sergiusensChipaca: well, it's u-d-f, not webdm16:06
ogra_0.10 is a nicer version number anyway16:06
Chipacasergiusens: what is?16:06
sergiusensChipaca: I'm not suing snappy trunk for webdm16:06
Chipacasergiusens: ah, you get that from the installed webdm?16:06
sergiusensChipaca: yes16:06
Chipacasergiusens: because i get that from packets installed from webdm16:06
sergiusensChipaca: webdm is locked to launchpad.net/snappy    bzr     snappy_tarmac-20150507103214-pgd90adryua6v6wi   44416:07
sergiusensChipaca: but this error is from webdm itself16:07
Chipacaand indeed i see the apparmor files16:07
Chipacathen why am i getting this error?16:07
Chipacaah, it's because i can't read16:08
sergiusensChipaca: hmm, no symlinks in /var/lib/apparmor16:08
Chipacarsalveti: a reminder that i'm away friday and monday16:08
Chipacarsalveti: clearly you won't lose much :-/16:09
sergiusensrsalveti: we need a new snappy release and a u-d-f rebuild ^16:09
Chipacasergiusens: why a snappy release?16:09
sergiusensChipaca: u-d-f builds from snappy packages16:09
sergiusensChipaca: if the apparmor stuff is broken in lp:snappy, we need a new snappy release to rebuild u-d-f16:10
Chipacathe error i see is about /tmp being wrong16:10
sergiusensChipaca: so core launcher?16:10
Chipacasergiusens: the apparmor stuff *was* broken in lp:snappy, but is now fixed16:10
Chipacasergiusens: but this is in pre-update alpha channel16:10
sergiusensChipaca: don't confuse me16:10
Chipacasergiusens: so it's the known one16:10
sergiusensChipaca: oh, right!16:10
sergiusensso confusing :-P16:10
sergiusensChipaca: sorry16:11
sergiusensrollback rsalveti16:11
* sergiusens goes for lunch16:11
* Chipaca can't remember what the old rsalveti looked like16:11
ogra_more beardy16:11
ogra_sergiusens, so all is fine ?16:12
ogra_so even with a randomly generated key i cant get an ssh login now16:15
ogra_aha, IP works ... webdm.local doesnt16:16
ogra_funny, since it works in the browser16:16
ogra_************** copying edge over to alpha *NOW* .... ****************16:17
ogra_you should see a version 3 now16:17
ogra_happy upgrading then :)'16:20
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab/rpi$ ping webdm.local16:22
ogra_PING webdm.local ( 56(84) bytes of data.16:22
ogra_WOAH !16:22
ogra_seems it is hopping between and ... how can .local ever resolve to a real address ?!?16:23
conyooam i doing something wrong?16:24
conyoosudo snappy rollback webdm16:24
conyoopanic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference16:24
conyoo[signal 0xb code=0x1 addr=0x20 pc=0x5ca3b1]16:24
ogra_Jun 10 16:26:52 localhost kernel: [  859.165000] audit: type=1400 audit(1433953612.650:14): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_load" profile="unconfined" name="chatroom.ogra_chatroom_0.1-8" pid=2159 comm="apparmor_parser"16:27
conyoosnappy list -v16:27
conyoowebdm          2015-06-07 0.816:27
conyoowebdm          2015-06-10 0.9        *16:27
ogra_why is that unconfined ?16:27
Chipacaconyoo: noice16:28
Chipacaconyoo: how did you get to that?16:28
Chipacaconyoo: in answer to your question though, maybe, but the panic is ours to fix16:29
ogra_well, would be interesting to know what HW that happens on16:29
conyooChipaca, i don't really know what i'm doing :)) i am just playing with snappy but i get this error when trying the rollback command. i was wandering if i'm using it wrong or it's just a bug :))16:31
Chipacaconyoo: it's a bug. steps to reproduce would be very helpful.16:31
Chipacaincluding, as ogra_ says, what hw this is16:32
* rsalveti checking backlog16:32
rsalvetiChipaca: of course we're going to miss you :-)16:32
rsalvetiChipaca: but sure, please just add that in your calendar16:32
Chipacarsalveti: i mean, because it seems i'm not tracking things properly at this point :-/16:33
rsalvetisergiusens: hm, still didn't check everything, but why do we need a release?16:33
rsalvetiwhich bug did we find?16:33
ogra_rsalveti, an old one ... it was the wrong image16:33
ogra_(as i understand)16:33
ogra_(i.e. old stable)16:34
Chipacaseparate issues16:34
Chipacaas i understood it at least (but see: tracking)16:34
Chipacarsalveti: u-d-f is built against a snappy that has a bug16:34
Chipacarsalveti: fails to do the apparmor hooks16:34
Chipacarsalveti: that's u-d-f trunk (tools ppa?)16:34
Chipacaconfirm with sergiusens tho16:35
rsalvetiChipaca: yeah, tools ppa and wily archive16:35
conyooChipaca, i just installed snappy with KVM using this tutorial https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/ and then sudo snappy install webdm sudo snappy update sudo snappy rollback webdm (i have the image installed since last week maybe, so i had webdm 0.7? 0.8 and now 0.9)16:35
Chipacaconyoo: could you confirm that after 'sudo snappy update' you have two webdms in the output of 'snappy list'?16:35
Chipacaone with .sideload, one without16:36
ogra_Chipaca, see above16:36
ogra_<conyoo> webdm          2015-06-07 0.816:36
ogra_<conyoo> webdm          2015-06-10 0.9        *16:36
conyooChipaca, yep snappy list -v16:36
conyooName           Date       Version    Developer16:36
conyooubuntu-core    2015-04-23 2          ubuntu*16:36
conyooconfig-example 2015-05-16 1.0.6      canonical*16:36
conyoomc             2015-06-09 3-4.8.13-3 sideload*16:36
conyoosnake          2015-05-29 0.0.5      mectors*16:36
conyoowebdm          2015-06-07 0.816:36
conyoowebdm          2015-06-10 0.9        *16:36
conyoogeneric-amd64  2015-04-23 1.116:36
conyoogeneric-amd64  2015-05-10 1.1.1      *16:36
Chipacaconyoo: no, without -v16:37
conyooChipaca, snappy list16:38
conyooName           Date       Version    Developer16:38
conyooubuntu-core    2015-04-23 2          ubuntu16:38
conyooconfig-example 2015-05-16 1.0.6      canonical16:38
conyoomc             2015-06-09 3-4.8.13-3 sideload16:38
conyoosnake          2015-05-29 0.0.5      mectors16:38
conyoowebdm          2015-06-10 0.916:38
conyoogeneric-amd64  2015-05-10 1.1.116:38
elopiosergiusens: what do you mean with selftest stuff? mvo wrote some things on the README.16:41
elopioare you after something more than that?16:41
elopiodpm: should I ask davidcalle for reviews on the docs, or anybody from the community team?16:42
elopioor maybe just wait for somebody to go through the docs in draft.16:42
slangasekseb128: we just need to agree a name for the channel16:44
rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: Chipaca: I'm still confused if we need to rebuild udf or not (and if that will affect the image)16:46
rsalveti(sorry, also in a call)16:46
rsalvetiogra_: did you find out why you had the ssh/login/cloud-init issues?16:49
ogra_rsalveti, well, it seems unhappy with no key at all16:49
ogra_rsalveti, i generated a fake key and it works now16:49
rsalvetihm, alright16:50
ogra_i also added the promotion info to http://snappy.asac.ws:9001/p/promotion for the moment16:50
ogra_(i guess we need some proper place for that later)16:50
rsalvetiogra_: awesome16:51
rsalvetiyeah, I can move things around16:51
elopiozyga_: could we use checkbox to record all the inputs and outputs to the terminal?16:52
dpmelopio, primarily davidcalle, but feel free to ask myself of dholbach too16:52
* ogra_ goes downstairs, dont try to catch me on the other server :)16:52
conyooChipaca, and after that error, webdm stops working even if i restart. the only way to recover is to remove webdm and reinstall16:54
zyga_elopio: outputs, yes, inputs no (but it's easy if you'd really want to)17:05
zyga_elopio: we don't give you a pty though17:05
zyga_elopio: but it's all doable17:05
zyga_elopio: and as a bonus, we record timings17:06
zyga_elopio: so you can replay a session as it happened17:06
zyga_elopio: with realistic timings between events17:06
elopiozyga_: I'm not sure if I really want to. Just thinking here.17:06
zyga_elopio: what are you trying to build/achieve?17:06
elopiozyga_: it might be nice a snap that records an exploratory testing session.17:06
zyga_elopio: for that, I'd use off-the-shelf asci/terminal recorders17:07
zyga_elopio: though if you want to automate that :)17:07
zyga_elopio: or to let devs see replays of each test17:07
zyga_elopio: plainbox can help you with that17:07
plarsanyone have issues trying to use snappy-remote on a device rather than over qemu? with an rpi I'm getting 'ssh: could not resolve hostname : Name or service not known", but there's not a lot of context for the error... I've even tried setting up my key in authorized_keys on the device.17:08
ogra_plars, what rpi image is that ?17:09
elopiozyga_: I might also want the thing to suggest areas to test. Not quite sure about this either.17:09
plarsogra_: it's the one from you :)17:09
elopiozyga_: just ideas. Do you know a good recorder I can try?17:09
plarsogra_: from http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/raspberrypi2/17:09
zyga_plars: does ssh over the raw ip work?17:09
plarszyga_: yes17:09
ogra_plars, well, that was initially generated using my ssh key ... send me the snap and i can install it for you :P17:09
zyga_elopio: I used a few in the past17:09
zyga_elopio: though I don't know if they're foss17:09
* zyga_ looks17:09
plarsogra_: it's not enough to just add my key?17:10
zyga_elopio: https://asciinema.org/17:10
ogra_plars, the next image is generated with a fake key ... (but that will likely not fix this issue)17:10
zyga_elopio: (random google)17:10
ogra_plars, yeah, you should be able to put your key in place and use the --pub-key option for snappy-remote i guess17:11
plarsogra_: I still get that error even with --pub-key17:11
plarsogra_: I also tried giving it a hostname, because the default seems to be "localhost"17:12
plarsstill no luck17:12
elopiothis looks shiny :)17:12
zyga_snappy-remote --url=ssh://$(deploy_target) install ./$(snap_pkg)17:13
zyga_plars: ^^ that's how I deploy my snap17:13
plarszyga_: that's exactly what I'm doing17:13
zyga_plars: I can also ssh to bb1.lan directly17:14
zyga_plars: (ssh config is setup)17:14
* zyga_ wonders if he has two irssi sessions :P17:14
ogra_plars, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11691282/17:14
ogra_plars, use ubuntu@ ..17:15
plarsogra_: yes, tried that too... I wish I knew where it was trying to look up a hostname and which hostname it was trying to look up17:16
ogra_ogra@styx:~$ ping webdm.local17:16
ogra_PING webdm.local ( 56(84) bytes of data.17:16
ogra_i really dont get how it can return such an IP17:16
ogra_plars, well, it definitely works for me using the IP and ubuntu@17:20
plarsogra_: ok, I'll keep messing with it. I really wish snappy-remote had a --please-give-me-a-useful-error-message flag though17:21
ogra_lol, yeah17:21
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ogra_sergiusens, hmm, while i have the open/manage button in webdm now, the description is still the wrong one17:48
sergiusensogra_: well the description is the one from the package, not the store; they are supposed to be unique17:48
sergiusensonce installed that is17:48
ogra_from where in the package ? it doesnt come from readme.md it seems17:48
sergiusensogra_: is tis ogra's chatroom one?17:49
ogra_the icon is also broken :/17:49
ogra_there are related errors in syslog for the icon though17:49
ogra_(that might be my fault)17:49
sergiusensogra_: did you push the edge to alpha already?17:50
ogra_sergiusens, yep17:50
sergiusensogra_: neat, revno 3, right?17:50
sergiusensogra_: autopilot worked at least :-)17:51
ogra_btw, i think promoting from alpha to stable might not be clever ... it might result in a different delta ... i'll do the final promotion from edge17:51
sergiusensogra_: I guess that's fine, not sure why the delta would be different though17:53
ogra_yeah,. me neither ... just a gut feeling17:53
rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: so how is alpha looking? it seems to work fine here at my kvm image17:55
rsalvetiwhat else do we need to do before promoting it to stable?17:55
ogra_nothing i guess17:55
ogra_i'd like to hear feedback for a BBB from someone though17:56
ogra_elopio, ^^ ?17:56
rsalvetiyeah, elopio, can you give us a hand with that?17:56
rsalvetiI'm still waiting for mine17:56
* ogra_ wonders if we have any avahi specialist in the company ... 17:57
ogra_i'm really confused that webdm.local for me resolves to some public address17:57
ogra_that shouoldnt be possible17:57
elopioogra_: let me flash it.17:57
ogra_elopio, flash #2 ... we want to test the upgrade (which is why i held back #3 for 1h)17:58
ogra_(in the alpha channel)17:58
elopiosudo ubuntu-device-flash --revision=2 --verbose core --output=snappy.img --developer-mode --channel=alpha 15.04 --oem=beagleblack17:58
elopioogra_: looks good? ^17:59
ogra_pitti, hey, you know stuff about avahi, right ?17:59
ogra_elopio, yeahm that looks fine17:59
ogra_autopilot should offer you an upgrade relatively quick17:59
sergiusensogra_: what's wrong with avahi?18:01
ogra_ogra@styx:~$ ping webdm.local18:02
ogra_PING webdm.local ( 56(84) bytes of data.18:02
ogra_sergiusens, ^^18:02
sergiusensogra_: is that your IP?18:02
ogra_(the device has ... )18:02
ogra_sergiusens, the external one ? hmm18:02
sergiusensogra_: are there more interfaces?18:02
ogra_my external one is
sergiusensogra_: I'm trying to nail down a possible bug report ;-)18:03
ogra_no, there shouldnt be any other interfaces18:03
ogra_sometimes i actually get the right IP18:03
sergiusensogra_: anything in sudo journalctl --no-pager -u webdm_snappyd_0.9.service |pastebinit.mvo18:04
rsalvetithat's super weird18:04
ogra_and webdm.local works well in the browser18:04
rsalvetitry tracing the routing tables18:04
sergiusensogra_: more than one device?18:04
ogra_well, i suspect rather my network than the webdm install18:04
ogra_sergiusens, not that i know of18:04
rsalvetimaybe your isp router is also called webdm :P18:04
ogra_only the Pi should run18:04
rsalvetiis the store that slow for you guys as well?18:05
rsalvetihard for me to get more than 40kb/s18:05
rsalvetiunless kvm is doing something18:05
ogra_sergiusens, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11691505/18:06
ogra_installing pastebinit was pretty fast for me just now18:07
ogra_Installing pastebinit.mvo18:07
ogra_Starting download of pastebinit.mvo18:07
ogra_52.57 KB / 52.57 KB [=========================================================================================] 100.00 % 235.30 KB/s18:07
sergiusensrsalveti: I switched to slower network this weekend and it is a bit slower, but not too slow18:10
rsalvetimight be my network18:10
rsalvetisergiusens: no fiber anymore?18:10
sergiusensrsalveti: ah, store is slow 45.58 KB/s18:10
sergiusensrsalveti: vdsl18:10
rsalvetiright, that's what I'm getting18:10
ogra_must be your continent :)18:11
sergiusensrsalveti: I have fibertel (fiber) which is unplugged now; hired to services to deal with outages18:11
rsalvetiwhere is the server located?18:11
rsalvetiwould guess europe as well18:11
ogra_london ?18:11
rsalvetisergiusens: got it18:11
rsalvetiogra_: there is a pi2 snap from lool, do you know what that is?18:12
ogra_rsalveti, his first try i guess18:13
ogra_i'll have to find out how to replace that18:13
sergiusensogra_: I don't see anything strange in the paste; except maybe ::1 is not a good idea18:13
ogra_(since it is namespaced)18:13
rsalvetiogra_: right, yeah, it's just showing as an app snap it seems18:14
ogra_sergiusens, well, only if you use v618:14
ogra_a simple ping on cmdline should only use v418:14
rsalveti ERROR: pi2.lool failed to install: package name with namespace not supported18:14
rsalvetilool: ^^18:15
sergiusensogra_: that is localhost, so if anyone gets it they get the wrong thing :P18:15
sergiusensrsalveti: lool's package should be wiped18:15
ogra_sergiusens, sure, but that shouldnt cause such weird behavior18:15
sergiusensogra_: no, not the one you see18:15
rsalvetisergiusens: who can do that besides lool ?18:15
ogra_the store-master :)18:15
ogra_zuul :)18:15
sergiusensrsalveti: you see that in the store?18:16
rsalvetiguess beuno then18:16
sergiusensbeuno: it is18:16
rsalvetisergiusens: webdm18:16
ogra_it is in the store, yes18:16
sergiusenseither that or create an alias18:16
sergiusensbut the alias of pi2 is not easily taken ;-)18:16
beunowut wut?18:17
ogra_all your fault !18:17
* beuno throws gasoline everyone18:17
beunoyou won't be able to prove it18:17
ogra_beuno, we want to get rid of the pi2 package from the store18:18
beunoI can do that18:18
beunodo you just want the alias, or to kill the app all together?18:18
ogra_i guess kill it for now ... not sure it should be in the store at all (you need a device tarball anyway atm)18:19
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^?18:19
sergiusensunpublish or untick 15.04-core and rolling-core ;-)18:19
rsalvetiogra_: beuno: yeah, just kill it18:21
beunosergiusens, ogra_, rsalveti, unpublished18:21
mvolast minute issues?18:22
rsalvetibeuno: thanks18:22
rsalvetinow I guess you can publish the rpi2 oem18:22
rsalvetimvo: nops, just waiting elopio to validate the bbb image18:22
beunotips not included18:22
rsalvetiwith the alpha channel18:22
mvoaha, cool18:24
sergiusensChipaca: mvo rsalveti I grabbed latest image, built with "sudo ubuntu-device-flash core 15.04 --channel alpha --install webdm --output amd64-webdm.img"18:26
sergiusensand I see webdm not being able to launch due to aa_change_onexec -> no such file or directory18:26
ogra_weird, works for me on the RPi18:27
rsalvetiworks fine after installing webdm, guess the problem is with the sideload part then?18:27
sergiusensogra_: I'm on trusty18:27
rsalvetilet me try reproducing that18:27
ogra_sergiusens, me too18:27
rsalvetiogra_: are you using the tools ppa?18:27
rsalvetiand did you update to the latest udf?18:27
* sergiusens is on the tools ppa18:27
ogra_0.21-1+173~ubuntu15.04.1build1 ...18:29
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, not the one from the tools ppa18:29
rsalvetiwhich is why it might be working for you18:29
sergiusensI think we need to release the latest ubuntu-snappy into wily and rebuild u-d-f with that...18:29
ogra_yeah, outdated .. apt-cache policy says 0.23-0ubuntu1 is the candidate18:29
rsalvetisergiusens: is fix already in trunk?18:30
rsalvetiif so I can release and upload18:30
sergiusensrsalveti: if you can reproduce18:30
rsalvetiyeah, trying18:30
sergiusensrsalveti: well Chipaca implied that earlier, but I was confused with the alpha thing18:30
rsalvetialright, was able to at least create the image with --instlal now18:30
rsalvetisergiusens: Jun 10 18:30:42 localhost systemd[1]: webdm_snappyd_0.9.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE18:31
rsalvetiwhere can I get the logs for webdm?18:31
* sergiusens runs /lastlog journal18:32
sergiusensrsalveti:  sudo journalctl --no-pager -u webdm_snappyd_0.9.service18:32
rsalvetiJun 10 18:30:42 localhost.localdomain ubuntu-core-launcher[834]: aa_change_onexec failed with -118:32
rsalvetiJun 10 18:30:42 localhost.localdomain ubuntu-core-launcher[834]: . errmsg: No such file or directory18:32
sergiusensyeah, same18:32
sergiusensrsalveti: let me locally build u-d-f here with the latest snappy18:33
rsalvetisergiusens: great18:33
rsalvetiif that works we can just upload and do the release dance18:33
ogra_hmm, i guess i need to re-gen the Pi image then18:34
elopiohow can I reduce the timer for the autopilot? I don't want to wait 25 minutes.18:35
sergiusenselopio: edit the systemd job and refresh18:37
elopiosergiusens: but then I would have to make the partition writable. Shouldn't it be possible to configure it?18:41
davidcalleelopio, hey, it was longer than expected :) Any issues with the edit?18:41
sergiusenselopio: making it configurable wasn't a requirement18:42
elopiodavidcalle: no. I just updated the version number in https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/appliance-builder-guide-webcam18:42
elopiocould you please review it?18:42
davidcalleelopio, sure18:43
elopiosergiusens: it's a requirement for automation. But we can discuss about it if/when we write end-to-end tests for autopilot.18:43
davidcalleelopio, at first glance, I only see 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 changes, that's right?18:46
sergiusensrsalveti: please release the latest ubuntu-snappy :-D18:47
rsalvetisergiusens: alright, all good then?18:49
davidcalleelopio, in any case, I don't see any issues, feel free to push the publish button :)18:49
elopiodavidcalle: that's right. I thought I couldn't push the publish button myself...18:50
davidcalleelopio :)18:50
davidcalleelopio, you have my permission :p18:50
elopiodavidcalle: I hate it that you can't search on the editor.18:51
elopiooh, you can. Scratch that.18:51
elopioI just had to move to the source view.18:51
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah18:52
davidcalleelopio, the wysiwyg editor itself is... ok-ish, I tend not to use it18:53
slangasekseb128: the channel name that sergiusens proposed on the list was ubuntu-personal/rolling/edge.  This looks reasonable to me from the server side; but who should ack the name product-wise? willcooke?18:59
* mvo added a is dd target already mounted sanity check to godd and calls it a day19:16
loolrsalveti: yeah, that's one of the things that needs to be changed while rebuilding: dropping the namespace; actually snappy should support them in 15.10 eventually, but in 15.04 it didn't19:21
loolsergiusens: shall I unpublish my package or something?19:21
rsalvetilool: already removed by the store master19:22
rsalvetisergiusens: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-snappy/1.1.1-0ubuntu119:28
rsalvetiwill do another upload for udf once it gets published in proposed19:28
rsalvetiand powerpc is indeed fine again it seems19:29
elopioogra_: I'm in alpha #3. Do you want me to check something special in here?19:39
ogra_elopio, if the upgrade worked we're all fine19:41
rsalvetielopio: if nothing exploded it is already a good sign19:43
elopiorsalveti: I only explode things on tuesdays.19:43
rsalvetisergiusens: it seems you forgot to push the release tag/commit for goget-ubuntu-touch19:45
rsalvetiguess just needs to change from UNRELEASED to wily and then call debcommit -r19:45
rsalvetisergiusens: I can do that now19:46
sergiusensrsalveti: hmm, sure, thanks19:46
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tedgmterry, Okay, I've got one. What about devpacks that include the same dependencies?20:04
tedgmterry, Like for instance a Ubuntu SDK devpack would include Qt, but potentially there could be a Qt Devpack. What if the build.yaml specified both.20:04
mterrytedg, ok...20:05
tedgAnd, worse case, what if they have different versions of Qt in them.20:05
mterrytedg, so devpacks need some smarts, right?  to detect if they've already installed a dependency before20:05
mterrytedg, if they are keeping Qt in the same place, they may notice that they don't have to do anything20:05
mterrytedg, if they aren't, we have two copies of Qt20:05
mterryAlthough one could compile it differently from the other, even if they install in same place20:06
tedgmterry, I guess this might be enough of an edge case that we let the developer handle it.20:06
tedgYeah, for instance they might be the same version, but with a small patch.20:06
mterrytedg, I'm leery of crafting an enormous dependency resolution system20:06
tedgMe too20:06
tedgPerhaps it just generates an error.20:07
tedg"Can't install libraries: file conflicts"20:07
mterrytedg, and we'd detect that?20:08
tedgmterry, No the devpack itself would20:09
mterrytedg, but how would it know it was another devpack that installed it, vs just a previous install of Qt that it did20:09
tedgmterry, It wouldn't, and we wouldn't, we'd just have to generate an error that we can't copy the file(s).20:09
mterrytedg, but we want to allow using dirty build envs (where the devpack has previously installed qt).  Otherwise every time you build, you have to freshly install qt20:10
tedgmterry, I don't think we can track which files in the buildenv go to which devpack.20:10
mterrytedg, so the devpack has to be tolerant if Qt is already there, it wouldn't know it was from another devpack necessarily20:10
tedgI guess it could *assume* as it's unlikely to be anything other than another devpack putting it there :-)20:11
tedgBut it certainly wouldn't know which one.20:11
mterrytedg, or have best practices for devpacks to install Qt under a namespace20:11
mterrytedg, but then if two want to install it, it gets done twice20:11
mterrytedg, but in either case, we couldn't say something like "Can't install libraries: file conflicts"20:12
tedgYeah, okay. Crazy idea: what if we generated a hashes.yaml after every devpack operation. Then we *could* track who the owner of the file was, and could make the error better.20:12
tedgWe'd have to hash the entire buildenv each time to see if the files changed.20:13
tedgOn the scale of: eating Nutella to volcano surfing, how crazy is that?20:13
mterrytedg, or have devpacks be able to resolve dependencies via other devpacks (or at least the core devpack?)  -- i.e the Ubuntu SDK would say "tell the core devpack to install Qt" and a Python module that needs Qt would do same thing?20:14
mterrytedg, wouldn't solve all problems...  but most?20:14
mterrytedg, I guess I don't know if the core devpack would be able to receive a "install Qt" command20:15
mterrythat seems complicated20:15
tedgYeah, it seems like we start building a dependency system. It would be nice if devpacks had the same ethos as the rest of snappy.20:15
tedgSo they're basically bundling everything they need.20:15
mterrytedg, right, monolithic20:15
mterrytedg, which makes me think that each devpack would install its own namespaced version of Qt20:16
mterry(if there were two Qt devpacks)20:16
tedgYeah, I think that makes sense. You could in theory want that, perhaps not for Qt, but something like OpenSSL.20:16
tedgThen it becomes critical for devpacks to be able to modify the runtime environment to do things like ensuring their version ends up in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH20:18
tedgI don't think we want each devpack adding its own shell wrapper :-)20:19
rsalvetithe problem with dependencies is that the makes everything harder when reproducing the builds20:28
rsalvetiand handling such conflicts20:28
rsalvetibecause it becomes a combination of things20:28
rsalvetimaybe we could have a qt devpack, but the ubuntu one whould ship its own qt as part of it20:28
rsalvetiguess we can just try some smarter thing to identify possible conflicts20:29
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tedgYeah, curious if we couldn't deduplicate there. Like notice that I'm hardlinking all the same file.20:36
rsalvetibuild env size is cheap right?20:40
rsalvetiguess the major issue is understanding what the linker/compiler will use20:40
tedgYeah, and if it tries to link two versions of the *almost* same lib bad things may happen.20:44
tedgNot sure it's a problem we can solve for folks though.20:44
tedg(without building a full dependency system)20:44
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ogra_rsalveti, i'll go afk now, leave me a note about the promotion and i'll do it tomorrow morning (if nobody does it at night)20:47
rsalvetiogra_: I'll try to do in a few20:48
rsalvetiogra_: your notes should be good I guess20:48
rsalvetilet me quickly check20:48
ogra_i didnt add the actual promotion like ... you should copy from edge to stable in the last step20:48
rsalveticdimage@nusakan:~$ /srv/system-image.ubuntu.com/bin/copy-image ubuntu-core/15.04/edge ubuntu-core/15.04/edge generic_amd64 8220:49
rsalveticdimage@nusakan:~$ /srv/system-image.ubuntu.com/bin/copy-image ubuntu-core/15.04/edge ubuntu-core/15.04/edge generic_armhf 8220:49
rsalvetiogra_: right?20:49
ogra_close :)20:49
rsalveticdimage@nusakan:~$ /srv/system-image.ubuntu.com/bin/copy-image ubuntu-core/15.04/edge ubuntu-core/15.04/stable generic_amd64 8220:49
rsalveticdimage@nusakan:~$ /srv/system-image.ubuntu.com/bin/copy-image ubuntu-core/15.04/edge ubuntu-core/15.04/stable generic_armhf 8220:49
rsalvetiogra_: what is the -k?20:49
ogra_i thought you'd build a new one20:49
ogra_-k means "keep the version number"20:49
rsalvetiyeah, then this should be good20:50
rsalvetiogra_: we're just waiting udf to publish20:50
ogra_i wanted the initial version for the upgrade test to be identical to whats in stable20:50
rsalvetithe image should still be good20:50
rsalvetigot it, cool20:50
ogra_so i kept the 220:50
rsalvetithen yeah, should have everything under control20:50
rsalvetiogra_: thanks so much20:50
rsalvetienjoy :-)20:50
ogra_pfft, i didnt do anything20:50
ogra_(and just saw an awful football game :P )20:51
ogra_(GER - USA ... 1:2 )20:51
rsalvetioh, usa got a strong team this year as well20:58
rsalvetiwe won yesterday20:58
rsalvetisergiusens: elopio: ogra_: I think we're good to go, new tools available at https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/tools21:40
rsalveticreated an image with --install=webdm and worked fine21:40
rsalvetiwill brb, but I guess we can finally release it21:41
bladernr_Hey, where should I file bugs about the snappy docs at developer.ubuntu.com?22:06
bladernr_https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/tutorials/using-snappy/ specifically, snappy list results in an error as the snappy command doesn't support list22:07
bladernr_when someone gets around: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/146402122:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 1464021 in Snappy "certificates problem causes snappy to traceback when accessing store" [Undecided,New]22:20
elopiobladernr_: hum, snappy list works for me.23:20
elopiowhat version are you using?23:21
elopioI suppose it's an old one, because when I do snappy versions it tells me it's deprecated and I should use list.23:22

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