Kilosmorning africa06:23
elacheche_anisMorning Kilos :)06:38
Kiloshows elacheche_anis  today06:38
elacheche_anisAM good thanks :) The map update test was good last night.. I just have some problems with the actual script, I'll hack it and fix the problems.. But first I'll wait for ahoneybun to conform if he wants to work on this with me on not..06:40
Kiloscool, i didnt see him last night06:41
elacheche_anisHe hesitate about it.. I told him to test the tutorial than answer me.. You know that am lazy and can't make things done by myself :D :p need someone to help me :) :D06:41
Kilosoh did you chat to him?06:42
elacheche_anisI contacted him via Hangouts, he have a fresh install and he forgot to join many channels06:42
Kilosoh i see06:42
Kilosthats why its good to backup /home06:42
Kilosdid you see if you need authorization to be able to work on it?06:44
elacheche_anisTechnically I need nothing at all :D He hosted the map on his people.ubuntu.com sftp account :) Since I got the membership I was asking myself how can I use that SFTP for the good of the community :D It's time to use it :)06:46
elacheche_anisDO you know that you have SFTP access too?06:46
Kilosno what is that06:46
elacheche_anisIt's a file hosting space for Ubuntu Members, to just use it for Ubuntu stuff06:47
elacheche_anishttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership#Benefits_of_Membership → SFTP access to a Web-accessible directory on people.ubuntu.com06:47
Kilosoh my06:47
elacheche_anisIt's mentioned on the Memebership Benefits :D → I was hunting those benefits one by one after a week of being a member :D So I know what most of them really are :D06:49
Kiloswell thats good to know06:49
elacheche_anisI said that technically I don't need anything :) But before start really working on hacking those scripts I'll ask him to add some kind of license on them.. So I can know my limits :)06:51
Kiloshe takes long to answer emails06:51
elacheche_anisNo problem :) I can get him somewhere else :)06:51
Kiloshi ariabbas06:51
elacheche_anishi ariabbas :)06:51
elacheche_anisI'm good at hunting people online too :)06:52
ariabbashi elacheche_anis ;-)06:52
ariabbashi all :)06:52
elacheche_anisBut for now I need to do 2 things.. Wait the answer of ahoneybun and go prepare myself to go work :) see you in hours :)06:52
Kilossomewhere we have the head of a varsity or schooling thing in mali thats was going to join us here but i forget who it was06:53
Kilosok go well elacheche_anis06:53
Kilosi think it had something to do with knowing someone in the council08:07
Kiloshi lunapersa  how are you08:07
lunapersahello Kilos08:07
lunapersai'm fine thx08:08
elachecheMorning lunapersa :)08:08
lunapersawhat about you ?08:08
lunapersaGm elacheche  :)08:08
Kilosim fine ty :D08:08
Kilosim happy when my tunisian friens visit here08:08
elachecheHappy for you Kilos :) :D08:09
elachecheo/ Again :D x09:11
elachecheI have many hardware crashs today :'( My phone is dead.. The desktop crashs too.. :(09:13
Kiloswhat crashes on your desktop?09:14
elachecheActually I think that I created a short Circuit using a USB cable :/09:15
elacheche:D x(09:16
Kilosget a new cable and throw that one away09:17
elachecheThe same cable that I usually use to charge my phone.. I crashed my Desktop because of my phone x(09:17
Kiloswb elacheche09:38
Kiloselacheche  you must tell ahoneybun to join the channels again14:06
elachecheHe's not online14:07
Kilosya he comes on at our night14:07
elachecheYep :14:09
Kilostimezone stuff, ai!14:09
philipballewKilos, hey man15:27
Kiloshi philipballew15:27
Kilosariabbas  sorry if i have forgotten, but where are you please18:40
Kilosthere goes kenya again18:40
KilosQA  wb19:19
QAThank you so much Kilos my good friend19:19
KilosQA  start meeting19:23
* QA gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles19:23
KilosQA  I am Miles Sharpe19:23
QAKilos: Alrighty19:23
Kilosinetpro  ^^19:25
Kiloshi philipballew19:25
Kiloswe just testing our bot for our first meet in a few weeks time19:26
inetproQA: help meeting19:26
QAinetpro: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:19:26
QA  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]19:26
QA  I am <True Name>19:26
QA  topic <topic>19:26
QA  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>19:26
QA  minutes so far19:26
QA  meeting title is <title>19:26
inetproKilos: ^^19:26
Kilosyou man19:26
KilosQA  idea we need to have a meeting in the near future19:27
QAIdea recorded: we need to have a meeting in the near future19:27
KilosQA  topic will be official launch of africa group19:27
QACurrent Topic: will be official launch of africa group19:27
inetproQA: you having ameeting with yourself?19:29
QAinetpro: What?19:29
inetproKilos: you having a meeting with yourself?19:29
inetprowhat kinda topic is that? ^^19:29
KilosQA  agreed this is a one man meeting19:30
QAAgreed: this is a one man meeting19:30
KilosQA  minutes so far19:30
QAMinutes available at json: :: txt: :: html:
inetproQA: I am Gustav H Meyer19:30
QAinetpro: Okay19:30
inetproQA: topic find a chairman for the first meeting19:31
QACurrent Topic: find a chairman for the first meeting19:31
inetproKilos: who will be the chair?19:32
KilosQA  inetpro  +119:32
QAKilos: Huh?19:32
* inetpro votes for Kilos19:32
Kilosnono inetpro19:33
inetproQA: agreed Kilos will be the first chairman19:33
QAAgreed: Kilos will be the first chairman19:33
Kilosi dont do meetings19:33
inetproQA: end meeting19:33
QAMeeting Ended19:33
QAMinutes available at json: :: txt: :: html:
inetprothanks you all for attending the short meeting19:33
Kilosinetpro  thanks for sorting the bot19:35
Kilosgo in the source and change19:35
Kiloscracks his knuckles to her knuckles19:35
inetprofind . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l knuckles19:38
inetprothat would probably be ibid/plugins/meetings.py19:38
Kiloshey elacheche  what happened to luna19:39
Kilosthats no good19:39
KilosQA  wb19:51
QAThank you so much Kilos my good friend19:51

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