nesciushello, I'd like to report a bug but I have no clue which component could be the problem - front sound jack does not output sound when plugged, when unplugged, then sound works though reporo connected to back..15:38
nesciusthis has been reproduced on kubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 on desktop pc and notebook with freshly created user with empty home dir15:40
hggdhnescius: chances are it is either kernel, or pulseaudio15:48
nesciusthanks, I tested older kernels with same result, didn't see any recent updates of pulseaudio in apt-get history15:49
hggdhso i sounds like hardware-related (if other kernels failed the same)15:49
hggdhnescius: please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Hardware_bug_reports_.28linux_kernel.2C_xorg.2C_sound.2C_etc..2915:51
hggdhnescius: actually the whole page may help you find your way (yes, it is long, but such is life)15:51
nesciushggdh: thanks, but i dont think this applies to me.. only front jack does not work, i am quite sure that bios is not included in this one15:55
hggdhmay not be bios. But, still, it seems like hardware not identified15:57
nesciusit works... except for the output, i am already bothering Blueskaj from #kubuntu15:58
nesciusso the alsa recognises that the front jack is in, mutes the output to my 5.1 speakers and outputs nothing to front stereo16:00

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