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jibeldavmor2, I'm on krillin #29, upgraded this morning and the dash is empty. Do you see that?08:20
davmor2jibel: let me have a look08:21
davmor2jibel: was it ota upgrade or fresh install?08:21
popeyjibel: fine here. took a while to start, but I see apps in the app scope08:22
jibeldavmor2, upgrade08:22
popeyjibel: on ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en 29 here08:23
davmor2jibel: no issues here let me try a fresh install, also if you pull down does it refresh if so it might of been the old issue of no net connection08:26
jibeldavmor2, I don't know what's going on with my phone, I'll reflash08:28
jibeldavmor2, I cannot pull anything down, the dash is completely empty08:28
davmor2jibel: did something crash?08:29
jibelah file:///usr/share/unity8/Dash/DashApplication.qml:19:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "Ubuntu.Thumbnailer": Cannot load library /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Thumbnailer.0.1/libthumbnailer-qml.so: (libthumbnailer.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)08:31
jibel     import Ubuntu.Thumbnailer 0.1 // Register support for image://thumbnailer/ and image://albumart/08:31
jibelmaybe the consequence of the upgrade to thumbnailer 2.0 yesterday08:31
jibelit's from unity8-dash.log and the dash failed to load08:32
davmor2jibel: ah it got reverted right so maybe your just got broke, this is why you should never apt upgrade on the phone right ;)08:32
jibeldavmor2, fixed after creating the link to the lib. I'll reflash anyway to come back to a known good state.08:40
davmor2jibel: my fresh install is nearly installed now as a double check08:41
davmor2jibel: all good on a fresh install too08:43
jibeldavmor2, yeah, I was on thumbnailer 2.0 and upgraded to #29 which probably didn't recreate the link to the lib08:44
davmor2jibel: wompwompwomp.com08:45
rvrsil2100: jibel: Confirmed that wizard is now translated in messaging app and dialer app. Also, MMS group chat is disabled by default in proposed #29.10:06
sil2100Ok, so I'll copy the language-packs over to the snapshot PPA, the MMS fix should already be there I suppose10:10
jibelrvr, thanks10:11
sil2100jibel, rvr, davmor2: btw. did we get any news regarding the 2G->3G fix?10:11
rvrsil2100: There is a linked branch in the bug report10:12
sil2100Ah, ok, so it's silo 31 I see10:13
sil2100Not marked as tested yet though10:13
Mirvjgdx: targeted your line to overlay ppa specifically, and assigned silo 00311:15
Mirvjgdx: note u-s-s also in silo 00911:15
jgdxMirv, yap, thanks.11:16
sil2100Damn, my ISP seems to have issues again, I can't reach launchpad at all11:24
sil2100While from my shell it works fine11:25
sil2100Packets get lost around the 5th hop ;/11:25
Mirvmandel: hey! could you look at fixing bug #1463792 - it prevents not only Qt 5.5 but also 5.4.2 since ciborium would need a rebuild11:35
ubot5bug 1463792 in ciborium (Ubuntu) "Ciborium fails to build on wily on all architectures" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146379211:35
nerochiarooSoMoN: commented on the keyboard nav MR and submitted most of your requested changes.11:43
oSoMoNnerochiaro, thanks, I’ll take another look11:43
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* sil2100 off to prepare lunch12:10
Mirvdbarth__: 01912:32
kenvandineseb128, thanks for silo 6!  I just reconfigured it for the overlay ppa12:59
seb128kenvandine, oh? where is that config? do we want that?13:00
kenvandinewe need it for the overlay, yeah13:01
kenvandineit's column L13:01
kenvandineno need to rebuild or anything, i just did a watch only rebuild after the reconfigure so the job is right13:02
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mandelMirv, sure14:01
sil2100awe: hey! Is silo 31 ready for QA testing?14:04
sil2100Since it's not set as testing done yet14:04
awesil2100, I still have some remaining testing to do this morning14:04
aweI hope to be done in the next hour, hour and a half...14:05
jibelbfiller, in silo 8, the icon of the address book changed, is it ok?14:14
bfillerjibel: yes that's the new theme thing, right renatu ?14:14
jibelbfiller, right, bu it's fine to land it now and not the whole theme for the other apps?14:15
renatujibel, bfiller, exactly, the bug is attached to the mr14:15
renatujibel, the icon is individual for each app14:15
bfillerjibel: I think so, others will be landing soon14:15
bfillerjibel: and don't have any releases so think it will be ok14:16
ogra_sil2100, hey ho, could i ask a system-image favour of you ? snappy needs a new channel "ubuntu-core/15.04/alpha" only manual copying will happen into this channel for testing upgrades, i dont really fell comfortable to hack the config myself14:16
seb128bfiller, jibel, is that vivid+overlay?14:16
jibelseb128, vivid + overlay + silo 814:17
seb128we didn't include the new icon for u-s-s there14:17
seb128would be nice to have clarification if new icons are supposed to go in vivid or not14:17
seb128we put it only in wily14:17
sil2100ogra_: hey! You need any special config for it? Since I can create a channel for you no problem, the etc/config part is optional14:17
sil2100We tend to not put manual channels in the config if not requiring any special configuration14:17
sil2100Otherwise the config would be unreadable with the current syntax ;)14:18
ogra_sil2100, no special config, i will always only copy images manually into it (from stable ... then from edge and test the upgrade path between old stable and future stable versions)14:18
jibelpmcgowan, ^^^ should new icons land in vivid or only in wily?14:18
pmcgowanseb128, jibel  yes new icons should land in vivid now14:18
sil2100ogra_: ok, let me create that then14:18
pmcgowanand new theme aiui14:18
* ogra_ hugs sil2100 14:18
* sil2100 hugs ogra_ back14:19
sil2100ogra_: what devices do you need there?14:19
ogra_sil2100, i guess everything thats in stable right now14:19
sil2100Ok :)14:19
sil2100ogra_: ok, the channels are created, next importer run should make them physically appear14:23
ogra_sil2100, thanks a lot !!14:23
* ogra_ makes a stroke next to sil2100's name on the beer board14:23
sil2100Actually, the importer isn't required, it's just that there's always a lag between when s-i exports its contents to the public http14:25
sil2100So those are available now14:25
ogra_yep, i see it14:25
ogra_thanks !14:25
cwayneogra_: if you dont have an actual physical beer board I'm disappointed14:29
Mirvmandel: thanks!14:30
ogra_cwayne, i have a whiteboard with "beer" written on it :)14:30
cwayneogra_: :P14:31
* sil2100 needs kgunn14:35
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bfillersil2100: seems jenkins is not using vivid-updates at all and it should be, all of our browser MR's are failing because it needs the version in vivid-updates (which is in the image)15:18
bfillersil2100: like this one for example https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/webbrowser-app/keyboard-navigation/+merge/26018315:18
bfilleroSoMoN: ^^15:19
sil2100bfiller: the jenkins jobs? That's indeed bad15:19
sil2100bfiller: you'll have to poke the CI team about it15:19
sil2100cihelp: ^15:19
bfillercihelp: here is an example from the log, can't find the correct version of liboxideqt-qmlplugin which is in vivid-updates https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/webbrowser-app-vivid-armhf-ci/623/console15:20
psivaabfiller: taking a look15:25
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psivaabfiller: just an update, we're in a meeting. once that's over i'll go back to looking into it15:36
bfillerpsivaa: thanks alot15:37
balloonsfginther, just a question about core apps jenkins again. Did you try rolling back the version of llvm in vivid? Or does that not matter. Presumably running the old kernel and old llvm would work?16:24
renatuom26er, hey, how I can skip a autopilot test if it is not running on phone?16:29
om26errenatu, you might need to ask in #ubuntu-quality -- I have been away from autopilot for a while, so not really sure what the present recommendation is. 'ubunut-qa' is the keyword there. :)16:31
balloonsrenatu, inside the testcase itself? you can use skipif16:32
balloonssomething like @unittest.skipIf(model() != 'Desktop'16:33
renatuom26er, balloons thanks16:38
balloonsrenatu, model() comes from autopilot.platform in case you are wondering :-)16:40
rvroSoMoN: Approving silo 2016:40
oSoMoNrvr, thanks!16:43
oSoMoNtrainguards: can silo 20 be published, please?16:44
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robruoSoMoN: hm, it's set as an SRU, is that right? not just overlay ppa?16:48
oSoMoNrobru, no that’s not right, it should go to the overlay PPA16:48
robruoSoMoN: ok, I'll change it, one sec16:48
robrutvoss: yeah train uses 'bzr bd -S' to build source packages for uploading into PPAs.16:53
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robrushut up queuebot, you're drunk18:28
robrubrb, lunch18:33
fgintherballoons, no, I never tried installing an older llvm. Not sure it would work, but I'll poke at a few things and see if it's possible18:34
fgintherbfiller, I'm working on a fix for those webbrowswer builds, should be working again soon18:35
bfillerfginther: thanks18:45
davmor2bfiller, jibel, sil2100: apps sync looks good marked it passed should show up here any second19:10
davmor2in fact now19:10
bfillerdavmor2: great19:10
bfillerkgunn: ^^^^19:10
davmor2bfiller: I still have the issue with mms not being received but that is known issue19:11
kgunnbfiller: thanks man!19:11
bfillerdavmor2: yeah, this doesn't change that at all19:11
davmor2bfiller: also are there meant to be icon change for addressbook and not the others that is the  only other thing I wasn't 100% on19:12
bfillerdavmor2: yeah, we haven't landed the change yet for the others, only address book. but will be doing so in the next few days so should be ok19:12
robrumterry: kenvandine: anybody around to do a packaging ack in silo 8?19:13
davmor2bfiller: and as a bonus the new icon is much nicer :)19:13
mterryrobru, could do19:13
robrumterry: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-008-2-publish/ thanks!19:13
mterryrobru, sure seems fine19:19
robrumterry: thanks!19:19
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fgintherbfiller, builds are now using vivid-updates. I've resubmitted the last 7 webbrowser MPs to update the results20:45
bfillerfginther: thanks!20:46
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robrubfiller: silo 820:55
bfillerrobru: thanks20:55
robrubfiller: you're welcome20:56
rvrawe: I had a crash with silo 31, switching the technology of the second SIM21:56
rvrWait, maybe it wasn't the crash21:56
* rvr is always confused when the page goes blank21:57
awethe settings page?21:57
rvrawe: Ok, no crash21:57
rvrawe: Yes, the indicators disappear, etc21:57
rvrawe: Ok, so no crash after all :))21:57
awedo the indicators come back?21:58
rvrawe: Yes21:58
awethat's comforting21:58
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rvrawe: The reconnection issue will be solved in the future, right?22:05
awein *which* scenario?22:05
aweit should re-connect in all scenarios except for Setting which SIM is capable of 3g22:05
awewhich is BQ-specific22:06
awe( and I'm assuming we're talking about a BQ device )22:06
awe( dumb question... you said second SIM already )22:07
rvrawe: Hmm22:29
rvrawe: Yes, krillin22:30
rvrawe: Not sure which scenario but the data connection is not back after a long wait22:30
rvrCurrently: SIM 1 3G, SIM 2 2G22:31
rvrAnd no syslog because drwxrwxr-x 12 root android_input 4096 Jun 10 19:56 log/22:33
rvrandroid_input... wtf22:33
awervr, the scenario is important...23:00
awervr, if a SIM allows you to set 2g->3g or 3g->2g, then the connection should come back23:00
aweif you *change* which SIM can use 3g23:00
awethen the connection will not come back23:00
rvrawe: That's it, then23:01
aweand we know about that, and have accepted that we'll need to wait a little bit longer for that fix23:01
aweI'm working on it as we speak23:01
awehere's the merge proposal associated with the change if you'd like to review our test results: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/network-manager/lp1461593/+merge/26145023:02
renaturobru, could you build messaging-app on silo 8, please?23:13
robrurenatu: do you not have permission?23:13
renatuI do not think so23:13
renaturobru, how I can check it?23:14
robrurenatu: are you a member of https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-users ?23:14
renaturobru, no23:14
robrurenatu: what's your lp id?23:15
robrurenatu: k, I'm adding you23:15
renatunince thanks23:15
robrurenatu: so you can build from here: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-008-1-build/build?delay=0sec (this is linked from the dashboard, which is linked in the channel topic). just specify what package you want in the field there and that should be all you need to do23:16
robrurenatu: you're welcome23:16
robrurenatu: if you ever have questions about the train I'm happy to answer! Documentation is mostly at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/FAQ23:18
renatuI will check that, thanks23:19
robrurenatu: you now have permission to build silos and free (abort) silos, but not assigning or publishing.23:19
renatuit is ok23:19
rvrawe: Approving silo 3123:24
awethanks rvr!23:24
rvrTime to rest, see you tomorrow!23:24
robruawe: I guess cyphermox had permission to ack the packaging diffs for nm? hmmmm23:28
robrukenvandine: still around? need a packaging ack...23:28
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