dpmgood morning all07:00
popeycar in garage. expecting bills08:19
dholbachdpm, I'm done with the user stories, just so you know11:03
dpmawesome, thanks dholbach!11:08
dholbachno worries11:09
dholbachall right, I'm going to be out for the rest of the week in a bit13:45
dholbachhave a good one everyone!13:45
czajkowskidholbach: tooldes13:50
czajkowskiusually cant say goodbye as dholbach goes soo fast13:50
czajkowskipopey: how's the vroom vroom beep beep13:50
popeydunno, not heard13:51
popeydropped off at 8am, no phone calls yet13:51
czajkowskilong mot13:51
popeyyou leave it there and they do it whenever13:52
czajkowskiahhh handy13:53
dholbachbig hugs everyone!13:55
popeyczajkowski: failed :S14:14
czajkowskipopey: feck14:20
czajkowskipopey: hopefully not tood bad14:41
popeytwo minor things, one possibly significant14:42
popeyblue light when you have high beam on, doesn't light up14:42
popeymeans the entire dashboard is probably broken (again)14:42
czajkowskiah but you know how to solve that one14:44
czajkowskiwhich is good14:44
jonodpm, all set?15:58
jonodpm, trying to call you on HO16:01
jonodpm, looks like you are not online on google+16:01
dpmhm, let me see16:02
dpmcalled myself now16:02
=== ejat is now known as ejat-

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